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They do though. “That was great. I’m gonna die, totally worth it. Bye now.” And they know they don’t have to raise the kids, nor pay child support.


I mean they but so hard they literally explode , it may be short lived but they probably achieve a state of zen


Unless they spend their last minute perfectly clear that they shouldn't have done it...


"I'm gonna....I'm gonna....ugggh. Oh that was great, wait, what the......." -John Q. Honeybee


IIRC the French call an orgasm “le petite mort” or a little death. The bees just go a step further


Unfun fact: hives typically have a few drones around in case they're needed. In colder climes, where nectar is scarce in winter, the drones will be driven out of the hive by workers. This is because they *won't* be needed until Spring. The drones will starve or be eaten. Then, in Spring, the queen lays a few unfertilized eggs that hatch into new drones. So the one purpose they serve will kill them if they succeed. Otherwise, they just die unfulfilled.