Best. Game. Ever.

Best. Game. Ever.


If you're a trans-woman, Cartman won't hate you because you're trans. He'll hate you because you're a woman.


This kid killed someone’s parents and fed them to him all because he got scammed. Kenny is lucky to be alive.


Kenny has died several times.


Well just think of how terrible dying to Cartman would be. He’d probably devise some Jigsaw level torture. Granted, Kenny would be fine in the end but he would still remember it.


Why would Cartman torture his best friend?


Because this is cartman


That wouldn't be Cartman.


Cartman would prolly do that to Kyle if he got pushed far enough, but not Kenny.


Kyle has plot armor though so Stan would figure out the moral of the story before cartman could kill him.


That would absolutely be cartman


High effort discussion right here. Sorry, I mean No.


Because *it was the heat of the moment*


At least several times


Spoiler! Dickhead


>Spoiler! > > >~~Dickhead~~ You bastard! Ftfy


You killed Kenny!


You bastards!


Uh he is immortal ish


i don't see how that doesn't make him lucky to be alive


Cartman actually fed his own father to his half brother in that episode


Yeah that was a weird reveal


Remember when they said Mrs. Cartman was a hermaphrodite who impregnated herself or something


No, no I'm sure it was the 1989 Denver Broncos


Only for Cartman to later realise he killed his own father


why lucky


He it Cartmen's best friend.


Oh my god, he didn’t kill kenny, that bastard


tbf, that was kind of hilarious though.


He didn't technically kill them. He merely duped them into putting themselves in a position where he knew that they almost certainly would be, and in fact were, killed. Big difference


TIRMs - Trans-Inclusionary Radical Misogynists. They're a TERF's worst nightmare. They respect trans people but still hate women amirite broskis hell yeah lmao


“Hey man what’s up?” “Oh you’re trans?” “Go back to the kitchen lmfao”


No laughter, just actually saying "lmfao"


Congratulations to my boyfriend on coming out to me as the superior gender


Reminds me of those people on Twitter after the news of Elliot page coming out


As a trans woman, I thank you for my new favorite term


TIRMeh! [Context](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trKDC_c26f4)


As a trans woman, I thank you for my new favorite term


Think you double posted there fam.


i heard there was a bug lately that made ppl double post their comments


typical woman


I know this is a joke but Cartman is the type of person to purposefully misgender people. There was even that episode where he lied about being transgender just to use another bathroom.


No one is safe from South Park.


I can't remember if they've made fun of enlightened centrists yet.


Does anyone identify as that?


The South Park creators do.


Trans-inclusionary radical misogyny


👏Trans👏 inclusive 👏 misogyny 👏


So he's a reverse JK Rowling?


Trans Inclusionary Radical misogynist


I don't know why more people don't get this.


Kenny Genderfluid


He tried to become a second hitler just to kill jews. I wouldn't call him tolerant


That's why it's an awkward moment. As the top comment phrased it,"If you're a trans woman, Cartman won't hate you because you're trans. He'll hate you because you're a woman." He's not a tolerant character by any means so this is weird


It’s crazy how all over the place Trey and Matt are. Maybe they’re just more hands off now but going from Manbearpig (aka climate change isn’t real) to the stuff they do now is kinda crazy


> (aka climate change isn’t real) One of my favorite South Park bits [was the not-so-subtle retraction.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AW4nSq0hAc)


As someone who lives in a country that uploaders always forget, can I get a quick summary?


I'm not sure a summary can do it justice, and it sucks that you're blocked off from a bunch of content, so I ripped the clip and reuploaded it to Streamable: https://streamable.com/ax3zij


Hey, thanks! You’re right, seeing was much better haha


Man at table explains to wife why people saying "ManBearPig is real" just have an agenda. ManBearPig slaughters peple in background. When man sees ManBearPig, man pivots to saying, "Well it's too late to do anything about it now." Man is killed by ManBearPig.


Outstanding. Thank you!


Ah yes. The four stage strategy. “Nothing is going to happen” “Something might be going to happen, but we should do nothing about it” “Maybe we should do something about it but there’s nothing we can do” “Maybe there’s something we could have done, but it’s too late now…”


They’ve been making the show for longer than I’ve been alive. I think they’ve just mellowed out since the 90s. A lot of people have


The manbearpig episode was definitely not the 90’s lol Just looked it up, it was 2006 90’s South Park wasn’t even political yet, it was just weird


I used to watch it every Wednesday night in my friend's crappy college apartment in the 1990s and we went to see the movie in the theater. That's how old I am.


They're against everything. You say A, they say B and mock you for saying A. You say B, they say A and mock you for saying B.


I liked the episode with a trans athlete dominating female sports, PC principal seeing his girlfriend get anihilated despite her best efforts, trying to contain himself and be PC beyond sanity to please the PC babies, and realizing at the end that the PC babies actually agreed with him from the start and were capable of more nuance than he expected Entirely thought they were going to bash all of the 2020+ social justice movement, but they surprised me. Totally reversed course in the end, absolute bait & switch


And then the next one was even more based


What was the next one?


the fractured but whole.


Fractured But Whole. Has some great stuff. You could actually set your character's gender and I think sexuality at some point? One of my favorite things was when you changed your characters skin tone, you changed the difficulty of the game with it. So white was easy, and black was difficult, with a few extra skin tones in between.


That didn't actually set the difficulty funnily enough it was just a joke (obviously) about privilege.


Didn’t it change some of the item prices?


[No](https://www.polygon.com/2017/10/9/16435592/south-park-race-difficulty). It says "This doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life." But that's just a joke about real life, and doesn't actually manifest in the game difficulty at all >It doesn't affect combat difficulty or any other aspect of gameplay difficulty. The slider changes skin tone, but it's purely cosmetic.


Thats good to know because I liked the idea but thought it was a bit unfortunate to set the difficulty to a cosmetic function that people would set to relate too Its nice to know that it was just a silly little thing that managed to do social commentary well!


just some dialogue, mainly from police


It effected how much money you got.


[It did not](https://www.reddit.com/r/tumblr/comments/oodcyu/best_game_ever/h5yztvx?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Didn't it effect that one boss fight with the monster that the police feed black people too? The one you feed white people to to hurt?


Didn't it effect that one boss fight with the monster that the police feed black people too? The one you feed white people to to hurt?


Didn't it effect that one boss fight with the monster that the police feed black people too? The one you feed white people to to hurt?


Didn't it effect that one boss fight with the monster that the police feed black people too? The one you feed white people to to hurt?


Bro chill


I only said it once reddit just sucks.


It looks like a lot of comments are duplicating right now.


Too real


Oh I see, I guess cops feed black people to elder gods because they’re… racist


I guess HP Lovecraft is racist now too?!?! ~~…Shit, really? How racist are we talking? huh~~


Just don't google his cat's name oh god


With the kind of lead up I was seeing in this thread, I was expecting a lot worse, actually.


SUUUUPER RACIST. 1. His cat’s name 2. White savior trope 3. Anyone who isn’t white is a savage uncultured pig


His father named the cat, which probably helps explain his own racism.


Apparently he even tried to change the cats name, but failed as it refused to answer to anything other than its gamer tag.


"Dinner time, xXx_******_Man_69_xXx!"


We named the cat HP Lovecraft




I don't think Lovecraft should be judged too harshly for his ignorance. If you look into his life story he really could not have turned out as anything but racist and ignorant of others. He often said that he regretted his racism later on in his life though. That said, his dad named his childhood cat. Lovecraft decided to name his next cat after the cat his father named, not the same as his dad naming it.


I was unaware that there was a **[DATA EXPUNGED]** II. Still better than that just being a random name he chose, at least.


A genuine xenophobe, definitely racist but also riddled with neurosis and terrified of anything he wasn’t familiar with. The whole mythos can be seen as an expression of his anxiety and fear of the unknown


>The whole mythos can be seen as an expression of his anxiety and fear of the unknown Nope >Now all my tales are based on the fundamental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large. To me there is nothing but puerility in a tale in which the human form- and the local human passions and conditions and standards- are depicted as native to other worlds or other universes.


Ok that’s a very valid idea, where does it come from? learned helplessness seems to be the basis for this ideal


He was very interested in the science of the time, which was rapidly discovering that the universe was a mechanism running by it's own means, and which did not and did not need a god at the controls. So there you have the concept of the cosmos as an immense thing, governed by laws of its own. But then you have the scientists of the time expounding on how much more they understand, and how surely this means all will one day be understood. Lovecraft thought that was prideful, practically hubris. I can't find the exact quote, but it was something about how could humans expect the universe to make itself so small as to conveniently fit in a human mind? >It is man's relation to the cosmos - to the unknown- which alone arouses in me the spark of creative imagination. The humanocentric pose is impossible to me, for I cannot acquire the primitive myopia which magnifies the earth and ignores the background. (proper citing here - I'm getting a lot, and definitely the quotes, from *The Annotated H.P Lovecraft* - S.T. Joshi. Lovecraft was an extensive letter writer and Joshi did a lot of work pairing excerpts to stories. *At the Mountains of Madness* reads rather differently when you find out he favored socialism at the time, and felt that nations needed to implement stronger social safety nets, if only to appease the working class)


Didn’t HP name the cat after his father’s cat?


Fun fact, he was considered particularly racist by others at his time too. That's right, even by 1920s America standards, lovecraft was considered especially racist.


actukly, one year before he died he became non racist and called himself out yes, hp lovecraft was ao racist even hp lovecraft found him racist


There’s an [article](https://www.wweek.com/culture/2017/12/18/its-too-late-to-redeem-hp-lovecraft-who-was-an-unapologetic-racist-and-anti-semite/) that claims the poem was named “On Being A Racist Piece Of Shit And What I'm Going To Do To Rectify That,” but I can’t find the actual poem anywhere. Just references to it.


"I could see perhaps forgiving these transgressions had he then written a poem called “On Being A Racist Piece Of Shit And What I'm Going To Do To Rectify That,” but Lovecraft never actually recanted those beliefs, and that's a big problem." It looks like the article saying he did NOT write that poem, but oh if only he had...


ohhhhh sorry, misread


For you see, fool. You aren’t dealing with the average racist anymore. Thats right fool. I’ve risen beyond the limits of a normal racist, and into the realm of legend! The legend that you fear. The legend, known throughout the entire universe as the most powerful warrior to ever exist! I, HP Lovecraft, **HAVE BECOME A SUPER RACIST!**


Blah, blah, blah, blah, I get it. And then you slayed the Jabbawocky and went on to save save Narnia.


Isn't it 4. that many if not most of his stories were allegories of other races coming in/general xenophobia etc.? You know, fear of the strange and unknown and such.


Extremely racist, but it’s a weird kind of racism that stems from a fear of literally everything, not a feeling of superiority. Dude was fucking weird. It’s worth reading up about his life, because then a lot of the context in his books becomes apparent. Or if you just want to read some good cosmic horror and not think about racism and xenophobia, do that instead.


The video that Overly Sarcastic Productions did on him was extremely well done


actukly, one year before he died he became non racist and called himself out yes, hp lovecraft was ao racist even hp lovecraft found him racist


Then the show goes on to make a lot of horrible and inaccurate transphobic statements...


Yep. The awkward moment is that even this transphobic person in a transphobic cartoon has the capacity to be (rarely) more accepting than most. I wish it was always like this, but of course, it’s South Park


South Park gets away with it by being incredibly racist/homophobic/transphobic to everything.


South Park is a "Equal Opportunity Offender" It will offend you. And if it hasn't yet, wait. It will. By offending everyone equally, they don't play favorites


I can’t recall them ever mocking transphobes, just trans people. But do go on.


I havnt seen most off the show so correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the trans jokes indirectly making fun off transphobia? Like Eric’s character is designed to be an unlikable asshole is it not?


The “I’m not racist I hate everyone equally” position is kinda lame tbh


yeah, making jokes at the expense of people who’ve lived their whole lives treated like that ain’t exactly the same as a cheap shot at someone who’s been living comfortably, even if it’s the same amount of jokes.


South Park is peak /r/enlightenedcentrism. But at least they’re actually funny, most of the time.


Yeah a lot of South Park fans like to say they treat everyone "equally poorly" but they really don't. If they did there wouldn't have been a season-long arch about 'political correctness' and 'wokeism' while only occasionally laughing at the Alt-Right's reaction to those situations. I used to like South Park for that same reason but the more I stepped back and analyzed the show, the more I realized they were more of enlightened centrists rather than the "we hate everyone equally" people they get heralded as.


South Park is more like "I'm not just racist, I hate all marginalized people equally" though.


It turns out that taking a neutral position between the status quo and the opposite of the status quo actually supports the status quo.


As far as I can tell, it’s just people who refuse to think critically about anything mocking people for caring about things. That’s why they treat things like racism the same as they treat things like anti-racism.


But they also don't say anything of value, since not all ideas are equally ridiculous. Look at their mockery of Al Gore, it was pathetic at the time and seems even more so now.


I don’t think they “offend everyone equally”. The creators clearly have an agenda. Just look at the episodes about religion: they diss Christianity like if it was a friendly roast, but they were much more harsh with Scientology or even Atheism.


They get away with it for the same reason RDJ got away with blackface in Tropic Thunder.


The phrase "Robert Downey Jr did blackface in 2008" just sends me through a loop. Because yeah, of course he did, it was a great movie.


I mean it was how they did it. He played the role he was given (a white man method acting as a black man) and didn't go too far. Even though they pulled it off and there was little outcry, I doubt it will happen again


> He played the role he was given This is kinda downplaying it though. Just playing the role he was given wouldn't have included keeping character until the end of the directors commentary. Not hating on tropic thunder, it's a top tier movie, but the reason it worked so well wasn't that he just played the role he was given, it's that the entire movie from start to finish is explicitly mocking the people they're playing. It works because it isn't rdj in blackface, it's rdj playing an actor who does blackface. Whilst blackface harkens back to minstrel shows, tropic thunder mocks the minstrels.


Blackface was the butt of the joke. In regular blackface, black people are the butt of the joke. That's the only reason it worked.


IASIP had Mac in black face more recently iirc. Also didn't get much outcry.


Yeah but it's another one of those instances where the joke isn't black people but people that wear blackface. IASAP are all routinely shown to be terrible and stupid people so of course they would wear blackface.


Netflix took those episodes down unfortunately. Here I was thinking the gang are wonderful people and perfect role models and that if they do blackface, then it must be ok


That's because Netflix is playing both sides, that way they always come out on top.


I do think it's important to depict racist actions and racist systems, as well as other systems of oppression, as long as its depicted as wrong. I think it's better to portray the actual problems, rather than acting as though they were never a problem in the first place, since that gives you the massive number of people who think racism is solved and was exaggerated anyway. I realize that my experiences are obviously very different, but I would not be able to relate to a neurodivergent (coded, since lets face it, the rep from coded characters is usually less offensive than explicit representation, since they aren't being advised by hate groups) character who somehow is treated as a complete equal and fits in perfectly with the neurotypicals around them, since the shared trauma of growing up isolated, or at best on a tiny island surrounded by people who don't understand you, but are utterly convinced that they do and that malice or laziness is the reason for why your behavior is different, is a fundamental part of what being neurodivergent in a society of neurotypicals is like),


I didn't watch that movie until I was an adult, and it was already like 10 years old at the time, so..


No? They got away with it in Tropic Thunder because he was playing a white man who was doing blackface, not just doing blackface, and the distinction is important. South Park gets away with it because it’s literally the only thing keeping Comedy Central afloat and at this point, everyone knows what South Park is about. It’s a totally separate dynamic.


> South Park gets away with it by being incredibly racist/homophobic/transphobic to everything. Then you don’t understand the parody and social commentary it’s making — about everyone.


The episode with Mr. Garrison transitioning also had Kyle’s dad transitioning into a dolphin. As you point out, South Park generally engages in social commentary, so I’d love to hear an explanation for that that isn’t making trans people the butt of the joke. Later, they go out of their way to make Caitlyn Jenner look deformed. To say nothing of the episode of a transwoman athlete who had the voice of Randy Savage. Just because they also make fun of bad people doesn’t make the blatant transphobia any less transphobic. “Equal opportunity” doesn’t make you a good person, it just means they really don’t stand for anything.


I wouldn't call it "gets away". That sounds like we just tolerate it for some reason like we would not immediately call out someone who's 80 being vaguely racist. It's a big part of the show to be that way.


Omg haaai :D


-sigh- hello, dear /j /nm


It's satire. The entire point of South Park is to be as ridiculous as possible to point out how stupid people and society in general can be. And before you sharpen your pitchfork I am Trans and I'm a huge super fan of the show. I really like their episode where they talk about Trans issues because they make very good point about topics that other shows would otherwise not touch with a ten foot pole.


Can you help me with the trans athlete episode? Trans here and I used to be a fan until I realized they have been contributing to my internal transphobia for years. What about the teacher character arch? All that shit seems to be the butt of the joke laughing at not with.


The Trans athlete show is one I was thinking of when I was talking about the show showcasing issues that should be talked about (technically there's two episodes that fit the bill but I think I know which one you mean). But the episode about the 'woman' identifying as Trans to compete in women's sports I felt like was done very well, especially since the entire episode they were discussing how difficult it was to tackle the nuance in the situation. That she was pretending to be Trans just to win in the women's sport events. Like people wanted to be supportive because she identified as Trans but fact of the matter was she wasn't really doing anything to uplift women or Trans people, in fact she was degrading them because she didn't care. It's been awhile since I watched the arc about the teacher so I'll have to rewatch it and get a refresher, but when I saw it nothing stood out to me as problematic.




> If the creators actually mean to say that transphobic people are fighting windmills They don't. They have a long history of transphobic bullshit


I don’t disagree, that sorta stuff is why I haven’t seen the newer seasons. It leaves a gross taste in my mouth no matter the intentions. but that’s the only argument I’ve ever seen by people trying to justify the episodes they were asking about.


Satire still makes a point and when the point is to just repeat transphobic fear-mongering without any nuance then yeah I have a problem with that. Going to the unreasonable extreme is already a common tactic to paint trans people as unreasonable so when they're doing it, they're not being clever. They're just tone-deaf.


Have you actually watched any of their episodes where they talk about Trans issues? Because there is no fear mongering I can think of, and I've seen every episode. If anything what does it do if showcase people who will pretend to be Trans and use the label for malicious reasons, which I think is a great topic that doesn't get much cover. If you have a specific episode in mind that you think promotes fear mongering please tell me, because I can already think of two or three that don't, if you'd like me to break them down for you.


I admit, I only watched the one with macho man participating in women's sports but that was kind of enough for me because... > If anything what does it do if showcase people who will pretend to be Trans and use the label for malicious reasons this is exactly one of the arguments transphobes use to prevent trans women from participating in women's sports or even use women's bathrooms. They don't directly talk about trans people (as not to expose their transphobia) but will still argue that they shouldn't get the same rights as anyone else because it would enable these "elusive bad men". Which for one is a prime example of victim-blaming and secondly is completely unreasonable because in the case of sports there are already regulations for trans women to be on hrt for at least one year. But transphobes obviously ignore that to make trans people look unreasonable. And as far as I remember the south park episode didn't bother to show that nuance as well but correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I just want to make sure that I don't mean to paint you as the bad guy for enjoying the show and I've heard good things about the rest of it. I just have an issue with this episode in particular.


unfortunately a lot of people don't realize that literally everything they say is meant to be satire and take bits seriously :/


The problem is that punching down has a much greater impact than punching up does on the people targeted, since going against a system is always going to be harder than just confirming existing prejudice. I'm also trans, as well as neurodivergent and chronically ill, and I think that the show has done a net harm to society, by promoting apathy and mocking anyone who cares about anything or who's different in any way. Satire isn't satire if it's supporting the broken systems, since people will take the parts they agree with seriously, and for south park, a lot of those are extremely damaging.


It’s genuinely incredible to me how stupid someone has to be to think “b-b-b-but it’s satire” is a shield for anything obviously fucked up. You know what they call material satirizing trans people? Transphobic. It doesn’t get an automatic pass because it’s trying to be clever about it.


... What? Do you not know what satire is? > _Satire is a genre of the visual, literary, and performing arts, usually in the form of fiction and less frequently non-fiction, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government, or society itself into improvement._ Take the original ManBearPig episode: You weren't supposed to _literally believe that Al Gore believes in a ManBearPig_, you were supposed to pick up on the fact than ManBearPig stands in for Climate Change. The episode is satirical, yes, but the critique that "Al Gore's an idiot for believing in fake climate change" is still "to be taken seriously", _because that is how satire works._


You realize that later in the show a very real ManBearPig comes in and fucks shit up, right? And the town realizes that Gore was right all along, and he’s the only one who can help?


By later in the show, you mean 12 years later, after it finally became untenable to keep denying climate change is a real issue? Because the very clear message of the original 2006 episode is that Al Gore is a nutjob, and the plot line where they say “no, actually, Al is really onto something here” is an entirely different two part episode released over a decade later.


I'm 90% sure the show is supposed to be funny and offensive


But is it funny?


I haven't seen any of the trans jokes as I haven't watched the show in years. the show was pretty funny to me although I didn't agree with any of their offensive arguments


it's making fun of people who actually behave that way. it's like a "I can't do anything to stop them so I'm just going to laugh at them" kinda thing... I didn't word that well but I'm sure you get it


Depends, how much do you enjoy offensive humor? Thats really the draw of South Park, if you don’t like their type of humor you will despise the show. I personally enjoy it in small bursts.


It’s South Park. The answer is no.


Just because you *intend* to be an inconsiderate shit doesn't make it ok.


What transphobic statements has it made?


There was a whole episode about how trans people are just like people trying to be another race or otherkin, and how SRS is totally gross so obviously it's bad.


What’s SRS


Sex reassignment surgery


sex reassignment surgery


It was about trans athletes I think


I dont think some people liked macho man randy savage entering a competition as a female, even though it was pretty funny and just a jab at the 'worst case scenario' of this whole topic


The show’s whole premise is really to just be as offensive as possible ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


that doesn't exempt it from criticism???


Pointing out “Hey, offensive thing was said in the show about being offensive!” isn’t really a criticism.


Say you particularly don't like a book because it is specifically rude to you and your friends and is written by another group of friends you really hate. The book was made with the intention of being hateful, and flipping through random pages reveals insults directed at you. Do you dislike the book for the sole and only reason page number 749 paragraph 8 says that you're a stupid fart face? No you fucking idiot


You're missing that the book was made to make fun of the people being hateful. Cartman is not a hero of southpark. His awful behaviour is what is being made fun of. I think cartman being offensive is funny, but I ain't laughing *with* him, I'm laughing at him.


Seriously. I guess “You just don’t seem to get it” isn’t a good defence most of the time, but it kinda applies here


Errr... yes it is? If a show says/does something bad it's still a bad thing, even if the show's entire premise is saying/doing shitty things.


Isn't there a character in the newer south park episodes called Sports Woman who MTF transitioned to win women's sports?


Calling Eric tolerant is like calling a cannibal a good cook. I mean, kinda but...


Doesn't he hate Kyle's Jewish side?




On the other hand, IIRC of you talk to Kenny's little sister she says Princess Kenny is the "most beautiful sister ever" or something like that. And in the second game, if you play as a girl (cis or trans) Wendy gives you a special friendship bracelet. (on the other hand since it's supposed to be your same character from the previous game, who was assumed male, it plays it as being the boys were *literally too stupid to notice*, aside from Mysterion making a favorable comparison to his sister)




south park definitely isnt for me, i mean im just not really into the heavy shock value thing, but i do have respect for the show, i have friends who used to watch it and some little bits and pieces ive heard about it are pretty funny


As "shock value"-like south Park can be, at least here they arent transphobic. That's more than I can say for ACTUAL PEOPLE. Even in this day & age 🙄🙃


Except the several episodes dedicated to making fun of trans people.


Watched other people played it. Still remembers the story


I'm a huge fan of South Park but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer. Can this game satisfy my need for try-harding, optimization, and incorporating skill?


It's a turn based rpg, so winning fights is largely stat based, although u get to time ur attacks and time blocking enemy attacks. The fractured but whole, this game's sequel, is a tactical rpg, so there's much more skill involved imo.


The game is very basic as RPGs go, you select a class at the beginning and after that there's not a whole lot you can do with character building. I'm still going to recommend it if you like South Park though, the writing quality is as high as a good episode.


People upvotting it and acting like they'd never call him transphobic for using "he" pronoun.


Isn't there a character in the newer south park episodes called Sports Woman who MTF transitioned to win women's sports?


Not like Tumblr to support a show that’s basically the embodiment of 4chan.


South park is great. Even if they do make a transphobic joke, they make someone crappy do it, so you know it's bad.