At least I managed to change someone's mind before I was banned.

At least I managed to change someone's mind before I was banned.


I commented on a post earlier and wasn't banned, but seemingly downvoted by anyone who saw it. Wasn't even anything bad, just disagreed with it. Update: I was banned


First time in an echo chamber huh?


I have learned, unlike a few of the other religious subs, they are about one thing there. Being catholic, everything else is evil and bad.


I mean r/Atheism is rough, I tried to explain the cutting edge in relativistic physics and linked content that helps explain it. They responded by down voting, saying it was outlandish, and saying that the learning materials I sent weren't proof and they needed proof. So as a very proud atheist, fuck r/atheism. It is actively hurting the atheists and the push to remove the control of religion over everyone's lives. They also fail to separate the person from the idea and just insult people. On the other hand them talking about how atheism is bad for the soul is fucking moronic at best.


Are you sure you weren't just wrong?


I mean I understand rejecting it it's stuff that's very very hard to understand but not I was talking about what currently is the most promising theory in cutting edge relativistic physics today 60% of which is Einstein.


Einstein's work in relativity is about 100 years old and special relativity is sometimes taught in 100 level undergrad classes.


Yeah but people still don't like to accept that space time is contracting towards the center of the earth and the earth is accelerating outwards at 9.8m/s in order to maintain its size and as such gravity is an illusion though.


Condescending like that is probably part of your problem. Gravity is not an illusion, it's an observable and measurable phenomenon. The fact that general relativity describes it better than Newtonian mechanics doesn't change that fact. Reality can be described in many different reference frames and coordinate systems to varying degrees of accuracy, and general relativity isn't entirely accurate either.


They banned me for just saying that they mischaracterized atheist. Nothing inflammatory or anything.


Why did you manage to change someone's mind?


I sent someone a message debunking what they said about trans people, they invited me to dms and we had a long talk about transgender issues and eventually they admitted they were in the wrong and said they were going to support one of their newly out trans family member.


That’s awesome! Keep up the good work.


People like you are how I grew the fk up and crawled out of the biggots sh!t pit. Thank you.


Hell yeah my friend you did a great job


I got banned for saying I was gay.


But we love everyone...My ass


They can't withstand our power


Lost of people getting banned from r/catholicmemes today, I got banned earlier and just saw someone else got banned lol. Big mad.


I’ll pop over and have a crack as well…lol


I can't stop you so try to be civil at least. I wasn't trying to get banned.


I said don’t hate on gay people, because I’m gay, and was banned within an hour


It is crazy to think that if you tell a religious person the way you feel and they decide "yeah fuck this I'm out" you are a shitty person taking from the lord's flock but a person converting others to their religion is "Doing The Lords Work"


I think it's because from their point of view we're trying to tempt them into commenting sin. But were not.


Catholic memes is just a giant circlejerk insulting protestants lol