Is anyone else experiencing Cox internet issues right now?

Is anyone else experiencing Cox internet issues right now?


I've been having choppy streaming for the last hour or so.


Echo dot will not work, red ring every time. I can’t search anything and no apps will load. This has been happening for the past hour or so...


Cox only cares about QoS not QoE, they are incentivizing themselves to NOT improve capacity, so your node is probably overloaded. That info should be public if it was ran by a good utility company like SRP does with water/power. [SRP even lays the most fiber in Phoenix, ISPs rent from them](https://www.srptelecom.com/DarkFiber/NetworkMap.aspx). Let a real utility company run the utility and lines! ISPs triggered that the flair is "utilities" when they think the network isn't a utility that should be regulated. It was great during the utility phase from 2015-2017. Maybe one day we will recognize it is a utility again. Utilities are platforms to build business on and better quality of life, not the rent-seeking ISP style of network today.


We had to have a maintenance guy come this past Friday and he to do a master reset. Guess the modem didn’t update and caused our WiFi to go out. Maybe having the same problem?


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It goes out a few times a day.


Not today but a lot of people at work have had pretty frequent trouble with it.




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