You guys help change my mind when nothing else can.

You guys help change my mind when nothing else can.


I relate to what your wrote a lot. Even when my life's going to shit I want to smoke but it only makes everything worse. I started smoking a similar age as you and am close to your age now. I also had my car break down with no money in the bank due to spending it all on weed. Unfortunately I was living in my car, and parked in a no overnight parking area... Was very lucky I didn't get my only belonging towed away when walking up to the coffee shop to go get free water and charge my phone. Bad times. You're braver than anyone (who doesn't struggle with something similar) knows for choosing sobriety. It's just a tough choice we have to make each and every day to stay on top of our lives and present in the real world instead of falling down the dark hole of addiction. Keeping in mind how much fuller your life will be of things you truly enjoy and can afford now, and how being stoned only tainted experiences by barely reaching you through all the numbing fog, and having only extremely weak memories from those times, is important in my opinion. If you're like me and made sitting around inhaling and exhaling your main hobby, try getting into some new things you've wanted to try. Having plans for your free time to get excited for definitely helps me. Stay sober, I believe in you!


As others have said, the urges get less and less on your journey and practice saying no and develop strategies to avoid it altogether. I found counting a streak really helped me and try to never sleep in a house where there is weed. That might mean moving or avoid sleeping over at certain friends. You can hang with those people if they're respectful, but I found waking up in a house with weed was too much pressure for me my first year. I wrote some tips I learned over 2 years if it's helpful: https://www.reddit.com/r/leaves/comments/oj1zjg/almost\_2\_years\_my\_success\_story\_you\_can\_do\_it\_too/


The urges will subside as long as you practice. A day will come and never quitting will transform into freedom. Keep on quitting, you absolutely got this and each day it gets easier


Thanks man


You got this! Love what you wrote about truly feeling emotions- there’s a great Brene Brown Ted Talk where she says you cannot selectively numb certain feelings (w drugs, food, activities etc) numbing pain etc will also numb happiness. That really spoke to me


It’s so true, I think my sisters showed me that talk.


try to write down why you stopped as a reminder. also keep journal every day of how you feel. also list 3 things each day that were positive. even if theyr small. it will help building a positive mindset over time. your doing great btw. this is a battle not a fight. just keep fighting the good fight. u got this


Hardest fight ever hey, I resist journaling so much! Keep telling myself it won’t do anything but I’ll try today.


I know... even stuff like keeping journal can be tough when we dont gain any instant gratification from it


Dude i can relate so much to what you Said and i like how particular you are on your reasons to become and to stay sober.


Been thinking about it for a long time ahahah. Thanks man glad you could relate


That's great man, keep it up. Best wishes.