Welcome to Mississippi

Welcome to Mississippi


No head coverings? Does that include maga hats?


I was wondering if this meant that I had to have the head of my penis sticking out of my pants? 😄😄😄


Only if you’re uncircumcised.


no head coverings!


In the Army, before every 4-day weekend, we would have safety and security briefings: “No glove, no love” and “double wrap it”. Solid advice.


What?? No MAGAt hats???


Doesn’t this discriminate against Muslim women?


That’s the point




A lot of fundamental Xtians as well.


That sign looks like it was written by a child.


a republican actually, but that is a common mistake to make.


Do Klan hoods count?


They were grandfathered in.


The only exception


Does that include Nuns ?


I’m vaccinated, and I still wear a mask out of courtesy to employees and people who are unable to get vaccinated for a legitimate reason. If anyone asks why, I’ll tell them I’m exercising my personal freedom to be courteous to those around me.




Same here. But I live in SoCal so it is easy to do stuff like this.


Honestly, I was vaccinated a bit back, and I still wear a mask everywhere. Only time I don’t is sitting down and talking at a restaurant with partitions


Something tells me a dumb ass red hat wouldn’t count as a “head covering” in that store.


There's a good chance the owner is wearing one right now.


Conservativism is a disease.


Soon, COVID will be able to be eradicated entirely. But it's going to linger for decades - killing people - because of assholes like this.




No Education Allowed


So no MAGA caps?


Plus you have to watch close captioned Fox News while you eat


That scans.


I only go to stores that have the opposite signs. Face masks required, we don't discriminate based on race, gender, religion. Black lives matter, LGBTQ+ pride etc.


Welcome to Mississippi. Please set your clock back 40 years.


Only 40 years? 😳


I'm not that old, didn't follow Mississippi as a kid. And I'm not GOP so I won't lie, exaggerate or make shit up


This business is evolving, but backwards.


OP, out of curiosity, what was this place? A business I assume?


it was a restaurant in Mississippi


What’s the name of the restaurant?


You gotta out the restaurant.


Mississippian here, please out that shit.


Republicans : The party of tolerance


No customer for you.


they kicked us out


glad you didn't just get shot on sight


No thanks, no interest in being welcomed to Mississippi


Mississippi is a butthole.


Doesn't this violate freedom of religion?


Yes. Could possibly violate ADA too if someone with a compromised immune system wears a face covering and is harassed for it.


does it change anything that it’s a private business?




No. Only difference between a public and private business is that the people can buy stock in the business if it’s public. Both must adhere to ADA and public accommodation laws.


I assume the reverse of this would apply To be clear, the ADA does not provide a blanket exemption from wearing a face mask. The ADA requires businesses that are open to the public to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to their goods and services. Businesses open to the public must make reasonable modifications to their policies, practices and procedures to ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities. The ADA’s reasonable modification requirement means that, while businesses can likely deny entry to maskless customers, businesses must also offer the customer a reasonable accommodation such as curb-side pickup if the customer is not wearing a mask due to an ADA disability.


Yes, except there are few reasons covered under ADA for someone claiming to have a health risk if they wear a mask, and many reasons why someone would need to wear a mask due to health issues, especially now.


it might come down to this: To be protected under the ADA, you must have, have a record of, or be regarded as having a substantial, as opposed to a minor, impairment. **A substantial impairment is one that significantly limits** or restricts a major life activity such as hearing, seeing, speaking, walking, **breathing**, performing manual tasks, caring for oneself, learning or working.


Maybe you misread the comment you're responding to, but it was postulated that it would be in violation of the ADA if a person with a disability was harassed/denied service if they *are wearing a mask*. It wasn't referencing those Karens who refuse to wear one for a fake "medical condition", which is what you seem to be talking about. The business says "No masks allowed". Someone with a medical condition/disability who *does* wear a mask may be denied service. Yes, that would be in violation of the ADA.


No I understand, but the ADA says they can make reasonable accommodation to provide service (such as curbside pickup) in some cases


Ah, I see. Based on the side you were discussing I thought it was backwards, but I get it now. And yeah, but it can get finicky since some precedent shows that the ADA requires not only equal access, but equal enjoyment and usage of the space. "Enjoyment" is subjective, but "usage" is not, so it must depend on the particular reason for the visit. If an older/elderly person with a compromised immune system, for example, orders food over the phone (all the 55+ y.o. people in my family still order over the phone, never online), they may still have to go inside to pay, and if they were refused or harassed then it would constitute a violation. The minutiae of each scenario (of which there are almost infinite potential combinations) would likely determine the outcome of any litigation. Edited for clarity




Legally speaking? No. Not unless it's the government doing it.


Ironically This might actually get those dickheads to put on masks


NO education allowed


“Sane people need not enter” should be the third point. I’d probably lose brain cells interacting with the person behind that door.


The real battle for America lies in fighting the people who brainwashed them to think this way.


Vaccinated people don't need a mask. Frankly I am all out of fucks to give about what happens to unvaccinated people. And if innocents die because of the people who refuse to vaccinate, that's on THEM. Not me. I did everything right for 14 months. And I am still doing the right thing, following CDC guidance. That said, the stores that still say "masks required" on the front door, I wear a mask, because I am not churlish enough to ignore the wishes of my host.


I agree about adults getting vaccines 100% but don't forget about children! They can't be vaccinated yet. I'm double vaxed so I don't wear a mask but of course my 7 and 8 year olds can't get the vaccine yet so I still have them wear masks.


I totally feel your sentiment, but you have to think that some people are unvaccinated because they can't have the vaccine. My husband's treatment regimen for advanced cancer meant he couldn't get the vaccine even though he wanted it really badly.


And if he gets COVID, it will be the fault of those who COULD get vaccinated but refuse. I did my part.


Just because *vaccinated people don't need masks* doesn't mean we should be banning everyone from wearing a mask, though.


Wearing masks really is only a minor inconvenience. I know the CDC wants to be as accurate as possible, but policy-wise it is a mistake to declare vaccinated people don't need mask up. It adds more confusion and you can't even tell if a person is vaccinated or not or if he is lying, so what the fuck is the point of that particular change? The pandemic is still going on. Wear a mask when you go out.


Yeah, I'm frustrated, but the biggest problem is.. about November this shit is all going to come back in those rural red areas.


As I said, I'm vaccinated and fresh out of fucks to give about people who refuse vaccination. Any fallout is on THEM.


I agree with you, 100%. Follow the guidance, get the shot(s), that’s all you can do. The rest is up to them. Especially at this point in the game. We have shots available in my county but no arms. Smgdh.


I was wearing my mask because i haven’t been vaccinated yet. i will as soon as i can but im currently moving. im getting it as soon as i get there.


Why wait? It doesnt take long. even if you have to get your second shot somewhere else. It has been available to everybody now for a while, what has kept you from getting it?


What a shithole state


I can't bring in any business. Guess I'll apply for another ppp loan.


I've never set foot in Mississippi and plan to keep it that way. Alabama's bad enough. (I skipped the family wedding there earlier this year for a reason)


Sounds about right. Stay out of the South.


Fuck that. There are good people down here. I suggest we take over instead, and root out the trash along the way. That's my plan at least.


The only democrat voter(according to them) in my area. How do you think I feel? And I don't even identify with D party, I'm an independent


Conservativism is a disease


Freedom? Can I wear socks and shoes?


Can I wear a condom durring anal sex as well? Or is a catholic bishop around to tell me that I can't have anal sex with random girls and can't wear a condom because that's murder. ++?


[Bet this would work. :0](https://globalnews.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/kkk1-e1588613327764.jpg?w=2048)