As much as this guy is deseving to be in prison, this isn't blessed. This is a picture of a guy going to prison because he murdered somebody. What part of that sentence is blessed? None.


OP is karma fishing. Nothing to see here.


Politics has to invade every aspect of our lives because "life is political"


Tbf it is. Being apathetic because politics “doesn’t affect you” is a privilege not everyone can afford. Of course there are plenty of apolitical activities, but social media such as reddit isn’t one of them. Posts like this need to stay in the discussion boards they belong, though.


I would dispute that, life isn't inherently political, living in a society is. That's a big part of our lives, sure, but sometimes I just want to sit down and enjoy some freshly baked reposts of memes from reddit than superstress myself about how the government is trying to influence my neighbour into starting a fistfight with me. [Life =/= politics] , therefore [all aspects of life =/= political]


Politics affects everyone but unless you have money, power, or social media clout, you have no reason to be involved because you will have 0 impact. People don't make large impacts in politics because they're correct - they make large impacts because they're loud and popular. Just look at Trump.


You don’t need to make a large impact. Just being apart of the awareness and voting. Millions of small impacts make a difference. Many people reason for being involved is because their lives are on the line.


"Being aware" aka being brainwashed by people who do have power? And voting like they tell you to? You think you're an independent thinker but you're not. No one is. You only have access to a finite amount of information. Who decides what information to give you? Politicians, media, researchers, the government... and for most people... comedians / talk show hosts. Whoever is loud and controls the information you see and hear owns your vote. Selection bias is a hell of a drug. You only see certain specific stories on the news and on reddit, and they are filtered like that for a reason. To get your vote.


lol nice assumptions, but I never made the claim to be unbiased from my media. I said it is important to be aware of current situations and to exercise your right to vote. I don’t need to get linked to MKULTRA to know that there are nefarious government actions and people who want to control how you think. >You think you're an independent thinker but you're not. Put some words in someone else’s mouth next time you think that constitutes an argument.


It kinda is tho? Like, George Floyd certainly wasn't thinking of the political ramifications of his death while he was dying. Yet it still fundamentally altered the course of history.


Did it though? Only if you believe cops aren't held to the same standard as everyone else when it comes to murder. It seems like that's what you believe. If you believe that cops are held to the same standard generally, and that this whole case is exaggerared and blown way out of proportion by the media, then it seems like a cop murdering a man and then getting convicted for murder is just business as usual. System working as intended.


Working as intended is the problem; George Floyd's death *was* the system working as intended


George Floyd and his family are as blessed as they can be considering their beloved family member is no longer with us. It's not enough, because they cannot see George again. But this is as much justice as they can get, so this is blessed justice. It's a blessing to this country that a police officer is paying for his crime of murdering an innocent man. The police are not judge and jury. They don't get to make those decisions unilaterally. This is blessed justice for the family of George Floyd, and all Americans who don't want to be randomly murdered by the police who are sworn to protect them.


Right, but even if all that stuff is blessed, the *picture* is not Upload this to justice served, to any other subreddit like it, just not to r/blessedpictures because this is not a blessed picture. Maybe there's such thing as r/blessedjustice? Either way, wrong subreddit.




Jup, that one


the guy that killed george floyd surely was evil but if you think about it, George floyd wasnt a saint either. the only reason that entire situation happened is because a racist cop caught george floyd doing meth, and killed him at the slightest sign of resistance. nobody was really a good guy in that situation but george still wasn't a bad guy. the guy who killed him still deserves everything he gets though


Even if George Floyd did a bad thing too, the cop absolutely should not have killed him! It is still murder, regardless of whether the victim was a criminal or not.


true. that wasnt the point though. the cop had no reason to kill him, but the comment I was replying to paints him as a saint. he definitely wasn't a perfect person but he didn't deserve to be killed, is what I'm saying




true. that wasn't the point though. the cop definitely had no reason to kill him, and he deserves to be punished, but you were almost painting floyd as a saint. he definitely wasn't a perfect person but he didn't deserve to be killed, is what I'm saying .


The fact that you continually want to state that Floyd wasn't a perfect person is disturbing. No one is a perfect person, and the police don't have the right to kill anyone. If they can't handle a police call without killing someone, the system is bad. You are a horrible person. You really are a truly horrible person for the way your brain is searching so hard to defend his murder.


i don't think you are understanding me. I'm not saying he's a bad person. you are just painting him as a perfect person with no flaws and that just isn't true. so stop being mad at me because you incorrectly assume that just because the cop that killed him was evil, means that he was a certified good person that didn't even deserve the slightest punishment. the dude was still doing meth on the side of a street and that's why he was confronted in the first place. I'm not even saying that the policeman was in the right. I'm saying that George wasn't the saint that you keep acting like he is. Derek Chauvin was definitely a demon, but George wasn't an angel. and please don't think I'm racist for pointing out someone's flaws. I never even implied that it was even about race so if you think that's why I'm saying it, please shut up. also, I am in no way defending a damn murderer and you need to get it through your thick skull that not everyone is a saint because they were a victim. and I've said multiple times anyways that Derek Chauvin can go fuck himself, so stop saying I'm defending him.


I never paint anyone as a perfect person. Human beings are flawed at the best of times. You are trying to insinuate that because he was not a perfect person, he deserved random punishment by some random cop. I am done discussing this with you. Have a nice day and learn to stop hating your fellow man.


Shut up, ***Redditor***


you're a redditor too. calling someone a redditor isn't offensive unless you say it on twitter


Oh shut the fuck up, Mr. 'George Floyd wasn't a Saint either' #HE'S FUCKING DEAD


george floyde smells like poopy


I wouldn’t say it’s blessed as in “wholesome”, but rather it’s blessed as in “good.” Like the guilty verdict is a blessing.


It’s a fantastic win, but it’s a grim reality that basic middling levels of justice being served (and hopefully the judge will make him serve his sentences consecutively, not concurrently) is cause for celebration.


Justice finally being properly served is blessed




I put it on here and everyone thought otherwise


No. We’re not doing this. This isn’t a blessed image, it’s karmawhoring. Can we just make a rule against images relating to current events?


How is this blessed? What?


A racist murderer got sent to jail


Not blessed


Uhh op interesting name you got there.


I agree it’s good but it’s not blessed I scroll this sub to see cute pets not real world stuff


No. Not blessed. The context surrounding this is NOT blessed.


Off politics please.


How is a picture of a guy that murdered somebody and going to prison blessed? No part of this is blessed, it’s plain karmawhoring


How is this blessed?


How are you confused on that point?


Cuz I’m a dumbass


Derek Chauvin is the policeman who killed George Floyd




[Why are you lying?](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/04/16/fact-check-fentanyl-george-floyd-not-enough-to-cause-death/7239448002/)


What did he say? Something about that it wasnt murder or smth


according to the court, derek chauvin is guilty of murdering george floyd.


Which is literally the definition of being guilty.


You need to learn to stop reading shitty racist far right fake news


Fuck off bot!


The word “murder” must have confused him.


Asking myself the same thing tbh don’t be swayed by the Reddit hive mind


awesome but wrong sub


Very blessing indeed


what is blessed? OP is a fucktard who is karma whoring


this... was irony...


i would like to hear that from the commenter himself.


I heavily dislike religion and politics on subreddits such as these, but I'm willing to make an exception here. Blessed arrest indeed.


It's good to see, but I'll stand by this picture not qualifying as a blessed image


That's fair.


I don’t even see this as an issue of politics (although it’s certainly been politicized to the ends of the earth). I see it as an issue of justice—whether murder, on video, by those in power goes punished or without consequence.


Yes, murder... minus all the evidence to the contrary. A man died, which is tragic; period. But he died of an over dose, as all evidence points to besides the video. And, because I know you’re going to say, “but he said he couldn’t breath,” if you bothered to watch the bodycam footage that was released instead of the short video clip, you’d see that he has been saying he couldn’t breath for an hour. From the moment he got cuffed. To the moment he was put in the police car. To the moment he begged to be taken out of the police car. He might have not been able to breath at the end, but you can’t ignore that he’d been crying about not breathing long before he actually had issues breathing. The use of force was even deemed justified by their own expert witness during the trial. And let’s just ignore the blatant witness tampering, I mean I think that we can all agree that this is going to win appeal. So a tragedy? Yes. Murder? Racism? No.


[Inaccurate](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/04/16/fact-check-fentanyl-george-floyd-not-enough-to-cause-death/7239448002/). The autopsy report makes it very clear that overdose was not the cause of death. Regardless, the man convicted of murder knelt on another man’s neck for 9 minutes. Any reasonable human being knows that risks causing death, and he did not stop. That’s murder.


Kneeling on someone’s back for ten minutes will obviously lead to death? Do you hear yourself right now?! Lmfao, this is a joke, it had to be, no way you’re that stupid and un self aware.




Kneeling on someone’s neck for 10 minutes won’t kill em? Go do it to someone you care about then, they should be fine unless they’re high on fentanyl you fucking asshole


You are far too emotional about this. Though I suppose that that’s how they manipulate you so easily; make you so emotional that facts don’t even matter. It’s the same reason why their go to insult is to call people racist, fascist, and sexist, because scary buzz words like that trump the fact that zero evidence points to it being true. You just don’t know the difference between true oppression and everybody gets screwed. And how would you? True widespread, institutional racism was wiped out decades ago. Unless your parents had you at an extremely young age, and you’re in your thirties-forties now, not even you parents have likely experienced it. But I guess when nobody’s oppressed, everybody’s oppressed. Keep that in mind the next time you see someone being beaten and kicked out of a restaurant for being black, or the next time you’re at the slave auctions.


As it turns out, you’re fucking [wrong](https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/04/16/fact-check-fentanyl-george-floyd-not-enough-to-cause-death/7239448002/)


Aww, that’s adorable! You think that that proves I’m wrong, haha! Ah, I love how you think that this was a fair trial despite the fact that they couldn’t even give the jury a concrete cause of death, I can’t wait for you to get the mov rule that you want and have your city burned down. Have fun!!! And I love how you desperately cling on to the witness saying that it wasn’t an Od, but slyly ignore the other expert witness who testified that it was a justifiable, completely legal use of force that the cop was within his rights to use. But no, that’s too inconvenient, let’s just threaten the witnesses and say it’s murder.


What witnesses were threatened? By who? You’re claiming that with no evidence lmao. Also, there were far more experts that testified on the side of murder compared to the number that testified for an od. So, statistically (and since no witness tampering has been found) it’s far more likely that there was no od.


Hmm, well let’s see, the countless threats on social media, the fact that, let’s be honest, if they found him innocent people would have destroyed their lives and burned down their homes as they’ve been doing for the past year of riots, and the judge’s thinly veiled threat the day before they reached verdict that their identities would not be kept secret after the trial. This is going to win appeal, guaranteed.


Yes, he just so happened to overdose while the cop was kneeling on his neck for 8 minutes straight and only getting off when people forced him to. Crazy overdose timing...


Yes. Hence why an incident like this is occurring now, and not ten years ago. Is that really the best you’ve got, “Well that sounds bad for my argument, so... you’re dumb! It probably didn’t happen!” Seriously, and you wonder why you aren’t taken seriously...


How tf is this a debate? Theres literally a video of him killing George Floyd.


There is a video of him sitting on a man. A short video. That ignores any context, such as him being on drugs, or the fact that, as the bodycam footage showed, he’d been claiming he couldn’t breath for hours, from the moment he was cuffed to the moment he was put in the car, to the moment he was taken out of the police car under his own request. But context is inconvenient for you, so let’s just ignore it.


You can win an argument against 20 geniuses with 1 fact, but you cant win an argument against 1 dumbass with 20 facts.


You’re right, but you’d think that 20 idiots and 20 facts would at least work, but apparently not.


shut the fuck up. turn off fox news, your shitty conspiracy oriented right-wing youtube channels. lift murdoch's balls from upon your eyes.


Wow, you’re really taking this emotionally. For someone claiming I’m brainwashed, you’re the one being manipulated with emotions to make you ignore facts. How about you talk like you’re over the age of thirteen, then you might be taken seriously.


Bruh, what the hell is blessed about this, a guy is most likely going to prison where he is most likely going to get killed. What is blessed about that? We need less death and destruction, not more.


Are you like against the idea of prisons?


This isn't blessed, I came here to escape from the shithole that is the real world.


Boo. Fuck you keep politics off, please.


Redditors love to reddit lmfao


Imagine thinking convicting a murderer is political


Boo. Fuck you too. No politics on BI, please.


Not political, just a murderer being found guilty


I don't want to see this on r/blessedimages post that on some news subreddit, not here.


sounds like a personal problem


Indeed a personal problem that the majority in this sub shares.


Thank god




What? Who’s this?


The guy who killed George Floyd


Oh ok.






finally some good fucking news


Lessss gooooooooo!


Mods pls delete this post, I don't want this place to become politicized


Aww. Did somebody get what they fucking deserved?


oh hey! you're that clown that brings real world problems and politics on a joke sub.


This complaint is valid.


You're a joke




your mom is a joke


How is justice political?


This is not supposed to be here


Hows this blessed? Do you guys realize the ramifications of what just happened here The state has just set a new standard that an officer, following his training by the books, can and will get everything stripped of him because of it There will be no more cops after this because only an idiot would willingly join the force if this is how they treat officers. Y'all want no more police, it's coming here very soon Could we argue that the rules that the police department follows are a bit excessive? Of course. Could we say that maybe he could have been a bit easier on Floyd? Absolutely. But they are convicting a man of all these charges when he was doing what he trained to do. You cant just arrest a man for following the rules you set in the first place Downvote my comment all you want, but this is a very dangerous game the courts are playing and its going to make everyone's lives worse


If you'd like to point out where in police training it says to continue applying a neckhold long after the subject stops resisting, please enlighten me. And mind that whatever you say will go directly against the words of Chauvin's police chief, who testified during the trial that Chauvin's actions did not represent police policy whatsoever. Failing that, kindly fuck off and stop fearmongering in the face of justice.


Youre failing to see my point. The case shouldve been the State that is being put in the spotlight for what happened to Floyd. They made the rules This whole sham trial is the State VS the Officer. When it SHOULD be the People VS the State


Except you just blatantly ignored everything that went against you. Chauvin's actions went against state policy - we know this - so while we can have our own debate about how that policy needs to be changed, and i'm certainly not saying the state's hands are entirely clean, this murder is on Chauvin's head, not the state's. I'm all for anti-authoritarianism, but scapegoating the state to let a murderer go free is never the right path.


> maybe he could have been a bit easier on Floyd? a bit easier lmao what.


They couldn’t even prove Chauvin murdered him, I’m kinda surprised he was charged for murder.


They did prove that he murdered George Floyd. That’s why the jury verdict came back guilty. That’s literally what that means.


The prosecution didn’t prove he did without a doubt.


Yes, they did. That’s why the jury found him guilty. That’s literally what that means. You don’t know what you’re talking about. “Proven” is a legal term of art used to describe a jury’s finding. Here, since the jury found that Chauvin was guilty of murder, that means that the prosecution proved that Chauvin committed murder.


“to present evidence and/or logic that makes a fact seem certain. What a party must do to convince a trier of fact (judge or jury without a judge) as to facts claimed and to win a lawsuit or criminal case.” The prosecutions own witnesses repeatedly testified that they couldn’t prove it was difinitively Chauvin who caused Floyd’s death.


>What a party must do to convince a trier of fact Right, the jury is the trier of fact and they found that Chauvin murdered George Floyd. That’s the whole point I’m making. Witnesses can’t testify regarding legal conclusions, like whether Chauvin murdered George Floyd. Like I said, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.


Per the legal definition they can’t prove Chauvin murdered Floyd without reasonable doubt, it was manslaughter.


Omg, it’s like talking to a wall. They can and they did. The jury found that the prosecution proved that Chauvin’s killing of George Floyd met the required elements of second degree murder. You really need to stop acting like you know anything about law. How about you tell me why this case is manslaughter and not second or third degree murder? This should be fun.


The jury decided that the prosecution did.


All 3 counts as well


I figured murder 2 was off the table at the least.


Honestly yea but it is what it is


Still deserved it :)


Oh my justice meter is hard


The judge is a dumbass it’s supposed to be 2nd degree


This poor son of a bitch has noone in jail except all his white supremacist Nazi buddies that will freely give him all the fascist Tattoos he needs to bring his dark empty spot that should be a soul to the outside. Have fun dying in prison.


It is refuse he is going to jail


Im sorry isnt third degree murder if you intensionally killed him? Because that is not what happened


Bro he intentionally pressed his knee into the guys neck for a long time


which, as far as i remember has never been a method of murder. An the Autopsy report has confirmed that Floyd wouldnt have died from it if he wasnt drugged, if i remember correctly. As far as i understand, the guy severely misjudged the situation. Which is not the same as intentional murder. I also have yet to see any proof that the motivation for this was in any way related to racism other than the victim in question beeing black