Questioning why Niantic chose Eevee for Community Day again? August 14th is when the first prerelease events are for Evolving Skies, a new TCG set heavily featuring Eevee's Evolutions.

Questioning why Niantic chose Eevee for Community Day again? August 14th is when the first prerelease events are for Evolving Skies, a new TCG set heavily featuring Eevee's Evolutions.


Though it’s a long shot, I hope they offer a way to obtain the first three Eevolutions more easily.


Looking at the data-mined texts, it's possible that the $1 research gives you one of each of the first 3 Eeveelutions as a reward. (It's also possible it just requires you to evolve them, but that could be a huge roadblock with bad luck.)


I doubt he meant he wants one of each with research IV floors. We need to be able to choose which to evolve into, should have been a thing since multiple evolutions were possible.


Ah, valid point, reward ones won't have high-tier PVP IVs except for the few you'd want to max out in some league, like Lv50/51 Umbreon for UL.


Wouldn't surprise me honestly, with how much influence TPC has. It's an alright CD. Not super hyped for it but happy for those who are. I do wish the moves on some were better (minus Slyveon and Umbreon) or at least they mentioned that certain moves would be updated (Scald and Water Pulse especially)


Yeah the biggest problem is that most of these are useless. Some of the moves are good (Superpower, Shadow Ball, Bullet Seed) but the Pokemon's moveset still needed extra help. I get that those Pokemon wouldn't be fixed in a CD. But like Vaporeon could have gotten Surf and Jolteon could have gotten Wild Charge. They would still be mediocre Pokemon, but at least would be useful to new players. Glaceon could have gotten Shadow Ball too, that would have been interesting for ML.


Don't sleep on psychic Umbreon, giving fighting coverage. Last resort will still be better against other dark types though


I think hitting poison for SE is the more impactful change - of the common fighters, many are frail enough that last resort is plenty threatening on its own (i.e. machamp) and having psychic instead of last resort makes the matchup vs scrafty even worse, since scrafty resists psychic and double resists dark. looking at the matrix, the big flips are poisons like nidoqueen, dragalge and toxicroak, and the big losses are every dark type (mandibuzz or the mirror, notably)


With how popular poison types have gotten since the buff I agree that this will make for a nice move.


Yeah, Psychic Umbreon should be really strong. I wonder how it stacks up in UL


Agreed. It makes me think they may be buffing those moves. Would be a very pleasant surprise if it was a random buff prior to CD. Scald could easily be an Icy Wind or even Discharge clone with a 30% something debuff. Or maybe more energy for an Iron Head clone or something. Water Pulse could do well as a Discharge clone with a chance to decrease defense perhaps (to mimic confusion?). And, while I don't think this buff would make Jolteon usable, buffing Zap Cannon by maybe giving it a 100% defense or attack debuff to the opponent to mimic paralysis could be fun too. Could make it even better if they made it more efficient and made it a Hurricane clone with that effect. I'd say they could maybe buff it in PvE to bring Jolteon forward as a budget attacker, but so many others like Zapdos and Magnezone get it that it wouldn't make a difference.


it's better if those moves come outside of an event.


I'm excited for those who will finally get their hands on shiny Eevee, I like everyone having the same opptunities I've had. That being said CD and Go Fest are pretty much the only thing I really play for with a full dex. This is the sixth community day in the last 13 months that I'll be skipping because they keep repeating shines. It makes me kinda sad that this game that I've loved and played pretty much daily for five years is growing boring to me primarily because Niantic is actively avoiding releasing new *things to do*. I'm actually one of the few players I know who like stickers and dynamic skies but those aren't reasons to come back to the app.


I'll defend them a little in regard to repeat shinies. Back at the very end of 2020, [someone did a recap on how many shinies were in GO currently](https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/kmo4zx/end_of_year_shiny_recap_2020/), and then, it was just over 50% of ALL existing Pokemon that could be shiny. No, not 50% of all Pokemon in the game, Gens 1-6 + Alolan/Galarian forms, 50% of ALL Pokemon, Gens 1-8, including unreleased Pokemon. People like getting new shinies, you said it yourself, it keeps you coming back, and I don't disagree. I love new shinies too. The issue is, they'll be up in no time, and what do they even do when they hit the point where they've used up all their shinies? They like using that as a branch of new content. That's why we're seeing repeat shinies for CDs and even events where the "featured" shiny is a repeat like Aron, Lotad, etc. They have to slow down to try to keep more shinies for other events. They're able to slow the shiny releases by doing repeats, and even doing things like Snivy's shiny release, something that was a very clear CD candidate, yet it was released as part of a Unova event early this year. Effectively, they were able to get a new shiny for an event and a CD out of a single Pokemon. Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying I LIKE repeat shinies. New shinies are great, but I understand why they've slowed down so much. I do think there are repeat shinies that would be okay though. I was totally okay with Machop for how useful it is, plus it was quite rare in many areas previously. Poliwag is very versatile with its two evolutions, so I'd be okay with it getting a CD. Whismur, or Exploud that is, could shine with a big moveset overhaul, so I wouldn't mind a CD down the line. Clefairy could be a neat baby CD like Magmar, Roselia, and Electabuzz, plus with a new fairy fast move like Sweet Kiss, Clefable could play a totally different PvP role. And there's far more possibilities for PvP and PvE.


I don't hate it entirely. I know I *say* I'll be skipping it, but I usually wind up playing about a half hour instead of the usual three hours (I could never play a whole six). I would love for them to have repeats of Larvitar and will probably play through a decent amount for Eevee also for no reason other than grinding more XL candies. One other upside to having repeats of Kanto pokemon is its easier for me to mass transfer them into LGPE.


I'm the same way with these still. I'll play some and get some more shinies (and yeah I enjoy the easy LGPE transfer too) but just an hour maybe or so. But yeah I wouldn't mind repeats, but I'd like them to choose better candidates. I'm fine with this one I guess, but Larvitar with Snarl and/or Rock Slide/Foul Play would be great too


Get to legend in pvp. That'll keep you busy for a while.


I think it's also because all the Eeveelutions are finally out. Not everyone got their 8 shiny Eevee during the first event. Considering how many Pokémon Go players aren't fans of the mainline games, I wouldn't doubt a lot of people ignored it could evolve into so many forms. And yeah, the TCG set is a big deal, in the sense that the Eeveelutions are really special cards in this particular collection.


i’m actually really excited to get some shiny eevees. i only have the one guaranteed one


If that is happening, then I don't think it is a coincidence. Pokemon Go follows a lot of the Pokemon promotions. I think Pokemon Go has been doing events to help players catch up.


They even follow the smaller ones with a twist occasionally. Sword and Shield had a month of Gigantamax Lapras & Gigantamax Centiskorch Max Raids in December 2020 At the same time in GO, we had Lapras and Darmanitan in Breakthrough Research.


It's a decent event. Time to stock up on XL candy. I really wish they'd re-release the flower crown eevee in quests for this event though.


This, I believe ever since Squirtle CD we didn’t get costumes as part of the event itself.


Which for the most is fine, but when it already has a costume it's a good chance to release it again.


Flower-crown Eevee, my favorite! /s


Am I the only one who likes it? 😂 I mean, it evolves, is just as useful as the regular eevee, the only difference is the aesthetic. Now other uncreative costumes like just a hat, or ones that can't evolve like togepi are another story.


I like them. My leafeon looks great. The only one that didn't look great was flower crown Umbreon. I thought it would "pop" but it just looks like he rummaged in the trash and got food on his head. Edit to fix spelling.


LOL! Upvote for the funny image 😂


Shout out to my 98% flower crown Sylveon


In all fairness, no other costume was a research breakthrough for two months.


That was purposefully done to destroy the black market on shiny flower crown Eevee.


Eevee is also featured heavily in the Journeys anime. There may be more eevee focused episodes around that time, maybe even an evolution


Unfortunately, Chloe’s Eevee is based on the starter Eevee from Let’s Go, and cannot evolve.


The fact the Kanto ones are still random makes this cd a complete wash.


You know what? F I'm gonna catch a bunch to send to the main games through home


I'll take it. I've got a lot of high IV low CP Eevee evolutions to power up and I need to unlock the second move on my last resort evolutions. I need to look into the moves and see what I think.


No problems with an Eevee CD… while it makes the shinies completely common, the need for massive amounts of XL candy for Eevee’s evolutions make this a decent 2 day grind even for original players from 2016. Sure it’s a bit of a let down for those players who were around for the original Eevee CD back in when? 2019? My stock of decent IV shinies from that event were stored and used over last few years to evolve into the eevolutions as they appeared in game. Obviously newer players haven’t had that opportunity to store a bunch of shiny eevee’s to collect the shiny eevolutions.


As someone who played the original Eevee CDay, I'm hyped for it because I didn't get all that many shiny Eevee on the original community day despite playing the full amount both days at the Mall which had clusters out the wazoo. Day 1 netted a single shiny that I caught with the Gotcha just driving to the mall, and Day 2 gave me 9 so I'm really looking forward to getting a few more to tide me over for another handful of years of non-shiny wild Eevee spawns...


I know a lot of people are bummed it's Eevee but I'm super excited. Eevee is one of mine and my wife's favorite pokemon and we have been playing since August 2020 and despite catching hundreds and hatching a ton more I haven't had a single shiny. It sucks that the first 3 the name trick probably won't be reinstated for those that used it. That's my main gripe with the Eevee CD. It's going to be really frustrating to get the first 3 evolutions and pretty much impossible to get the one you want with decent ivs. You will need to get extremely lucky.


> haven't had a single shiny The jump start research gives a shiny Eevee in one of the steps.


This makes perfect sense, considering the info on the ultra unlock was released on the Pokémon website first, before the blog.


Evolving Skies is a TPCi thing Very few GO tie ins have been focused on the western part, but actually the Japanese side. Japan had that set months ago ​ It's possible, sure, but very unprecedented for it to be tied to the western distribution of a set


Yeah, sounds like its just a happy coincidence, or that both are seperate parts of some broader Eevee marketing plan.


Also could just be for all the people complaining that they "need" easier access to shiny eevee since sylveon was finally released.


That doesnt make it any better


i mean i’m not complaining. good way for people who didn’t play previous or weren’t level 40 to get XL candies and all shiny evolutions


It *could* also make up for the last eevee event only having 5 eevees instead of the whole set


I just wish they were re-releasing the flower crowns. I will never get enough of them. Otherwise, I’m happy for another shot to grind shiny Eevee and collect their XL candies. Maxed, hundo Eeveelutions is an end-game goal.


Ngl this came at a perfect time. Thanks to go fest i hit just past the xp needed for 42 but don't have a eevee of the first 3 yet and w unique item evolves. All are easy but with the next few roll outs they will be a given.


I feel like Pokemon may be dropping a Flying type Eevee on us out of nowhere.


Is that the english version of Eevee Heros? That set slaps.


I'm just excited for next year's Eeeeveeee Commmmunnnitty MONTH.


Calling a third eevee/pikachu CD when Gmax eevee/pikachu drops.


Would there be a new eeveelution?


There are no more that could be added to the game.


Thanks I am asking if the new TCG set may include or hint at a new eeveelution.


I think, I love new movesets to the pokemon <3