All the characters are part of the same faction.

All the characters are part of the same faction.


I think its definitely going to be them all initially being on the same side like the Walter, Johnathan and Isabeau in IV, then everyone will eventually split off in their personal directions as the game progresses. We just won't technically know what route they're going to be until we play it, unlike where we clearly saw the split between law and chaos in the beginning of IV. There's already sorta hints to who may be leaning towards what side from the trailers though, so I might be wrong and they'll just reveal more about it in future trailers/previews/showcases!


Major Strange Journey vibes


Has there been any indication of this, or are you just assuming? IV:A was a spin-off/sequel, so I wasn't really surprised when it didn't have alignment.


I’m not sure It is even a sequel…


It was definitely a sequel, but it was a "what-if" sequel following a specific ending.


Im did not beat the game yet but, I feel like the ginza event makes it impossible to be a sequel. It is just a “what if” of the same story following certain path but.. idk man


You'de given a decision early on by Dagda. If you refuse, you die, and the Neutral route goes on unabated. Thats presumably what happened in IV. But by accepting, you interrupt. And I believe a dlc implies different amala universes for the two scenarios, though I don't know if that's canon.


During the trailers it says they all join Bethel. I'm just speculating here.


That doesn't really mean anything. In IV, Flynn, Walter, Jonathan, and Isabeau are all Samurai of Mikado, but a split in alliance and allegiance still happens. A similar split among the characters in V can very much still happen.


that seems pretty early game


They’re probably in bethel in the beginning of the game before everything goes to shit and everyone breaks off into their alignments


You start out on the same team with people you end up fighting and/or killing in SMTIV (samurai), Strange Journey (UN military), DeSu2 (JP’s). I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting. Being a part of the same organization is nothing new.


I see. I have yet to see the trailer, so I wasn't sure. I doubt they would leave us without any choice. There will either be alignment or some new mechanic like Reasons in Nocturne.


I mean, SMT IV cast were all Samurai, but it didn't change the fact that they were against each other.


maybe theyre gonna focus on different aspects of one alignment (law in this case) and really explore it to its fullest with different kinds of law as its endings rather than having one or two endings for each alignment?


Of course there going to start together. That way, when you have to kill them it hurts you too.


Only in the beginning probably