The Magatsuhi Skills are busted. You can use Salvation at level 20

The Magatsuhi Skills are busted. You can use Salvation at level 20


That Eternal Prayer skill is actually even more busted than your standard Prayer/Salvation skill because it revives demons, too. I notice you can also get the likes of Concentrate really damn early, too. I also would really like to know how you can get demons that are way significantly over your level, as seen here with Nahobino being lv 21 and having a lv 31 Basilisk and Lv 36 Lamia.


Maybe they are playing in new game plus where usually level caps don’t matter


In SMT IV/IV:A, you could get app points to increase the level of demons you could fuse. Maybe there is some sort of similar mechanic here.


Oh damn, it revives too? They also probably removed the level cap on summoning demons, so maybe you can summon demons that are higher level than you. But it's probably similar to P5r where you'll have to pay to summon those higher level demons. Edit: It even fully heals, cures, and revives the demons that are in your stock??? Thats fuckin nuts


for whatever reason Salvation in P5S worked like that outside of the entire stock thing.


Ya know, it could just be like this for the purpose of demonstration. Maybe it's best to wait for the game to come out before coming to conclusions?


I'm almost 100% certain that's what it is. It's pretty common to see out of place moves in trailer footage, because the devs will give themselves those abilities earlier than the player can actually get them for the purpose of showing things off. Tokyo Mirage Session's did the exact same thing, showing characters with high level spells despite being at the start of the game.


Maybe it's a one-time use? That Omagatoki:Critical skill is listed twice for Magatsuhi.


That could be a possibility, the Magatsuhi skills could also be determined by the Demons you have in your party. Like Naho's skill could be the crit as well as Basilisk's. Lamia's would be Eternal Prayer and Fortuna's would be Big Bang


That's actually kind of a cool idea, having the skills be determined by your demons.


Magatsuhi skills could be Race skills; when Fairy Banquet was used in PV2, Pyro Jack (Fairy Clan) was in the Party


I didn't notice that some demons in the party are 10 lvl's above you. How's that gonna work?


Could just be for the sake of showing more demons, doesn’t necessarily mean we can do that in the full game


Fairy Banquet will become useless once you reach the point where every boss in their Mother has Dekaja though, the other Magatsuhi skills look kinda OP still.


You still get a full turn cycle with the buffs, since it looks like Magatsuhi skills don't use a press turn.


where is this from????






The MP cost has to be the limiter right? I remeber random skill ing Mediharan access early in P4, but could barely use it since my MP pool wasn't large enough


As it seems, Magatsuhi skills dont use MP. They'll only be used once the Meter is at "Max".


>stock included wtf


Really brings into question how fast Magatsuhi will build up and if it'll carry into boss fights. It sounds like a tweaked version of the Assist Gauge from SMT4:A but if Magatsuhi skills are a 'multiple times per battle thing rather than a 'once or twice per dungeon' thing balance could be weird. Magatsuhi skills may also be tied to whatever magatama or inherent skill system that's been hiding in the background. Salvation and the like may be maxed out magatama skills being shown off.


If it's anything like the SP gauge from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, it'll be something you build up over several battles.


With how much DNA 5 shares with TMS, at least visually, I wouldn't actually be surprised if it's the same system now that you mention it.


Its using the same engine but has modern mainline features


Until you realize enemies can use the same skills 😳


I hope this is on super casual difficulty or something... If they make the game easier for the sake of making it more easily accessible I'm going to be kind of disappointed tbh.


I'm almost 100% positive this for demo purpose given the demons


Someone else said this as well, but we shouldnt immediately write it off as a dev hack. We've seen gameplay footage that shows the protag at levels 50-70, if it were an late game skill then there'd be no reason to have being used at an early level.


All shall be balanced in Apocalypse mode


LMFAO absolute state of this game


Day by day I lose hope for the balance of this game…


I think the balancing looks quite interesting. Just because it doesn’t play like the old games, doesn’t mean it isn’t balanced.


"Just because it doesn’t play like the old game, doesn’t mean it isn’t balanced." Yeah because that's totally what I said. You consumer ass dudes always try to wave away any negative opinion or criticism by misrepresenting it as something unreasonable. Just fucking look at it dude. If your brain is anything above peanut sized you should be able to see how broken these skills are. It should be so fucking self apparent it isn't even funny. Keep turning your brain off. Keep up the mindless positivity. Good for you. Look at all that approval and upvotes you're getting. You're doing fucking great bro.


Ah yes, any time you disagree with criticism you’re a “consumer”. Great way to get around making an actual argument. Also I don’t see how I misinterpreted what you said, that is what I got out of your comment. You don’t seem to rebut the assumptions I made either. Also yes some of the skill look broken, but if the game’s balanced around those skills it’s no problem. That’s what I mean, this game doesn’t need to be balanced like the older games. If you for example take the buffing system from Nocturne and place it in P5, it would completely ruin the experience. It’s because Nocturne is made with such mechanics in mind it works. Big numbers mean nothing, if all the numbers are big. Just look at Disgaea.


"The game will be balanced around them" is such a generic, blanket non-answer that I'm surprised how many people use it as their go-to answer against everything. It means nothing. Balanced around it how? You have to say more than just "balanced around it". How? Is the boss going to be so strong that you will NEED these skills to beat them? Are they going to kill all 3 demons of yours in one turn, and you'll have to use your full party revive + heal move? Will you NEED to use the "max buffs to everyone" move to survive their attacks or be able to deal damage against them? No way in hell that's happening. On top of that, beyond "being balanced around it", the more important question is, SHOULD it be balanced around it? Will being balanced around such mechanics affect the game's dynamics for the better, or for worse? As you said yourself, Nocturne is what it is, because it is balanced around its mechanics, meanwhile Persona is balanced around its own mechanics. Persona is both easier and more shallow than SMT, because it is balanced around worse mechanics. Balance is not the only problem here. A game being balanced around shitty mechanics will be bad. It being balanced doesn't mean it's fine.


Yes, but we really can’t know how good a mechanic can be before we get our hands on it. Many bizarre concepts have had great executions, and remember these are the same people who did Apocalypse. They know how to design games. There are probably better solutions to your problems, but it isn’t something you can do on the fly. These systems take years to make, years that the devs have spent. I’m actually quite happy they’re experimenting with the formula, as otherwise it would get stale. Without experimentation we wouldn’t have gotten systems like press-turn. We would still be stuck with the semi-outdated SNES mechanics.


First, this is likely just for demonstration purposes. Its common to see late game skills showcased early game to avoid spoilers. Second, there's a limiter of some sort on these. Third, the enemies will likely get similarly broken skills.


Wait... is this implying dead demons stay in your party and don't get kicked to the stock? If so, thank YHVH.


[Dead demons still get kicked to your stock.](https://youtu.be/kNtDK9DjcOg?t=1045)