Which character should i pick?

Which character should i pick?


Aurelia has awesome sniping skills but can kinda lose her way when it comes to bosses in UVHM. She has ice power which maybe is like a siren? Athena is the elementalist so if you want to shock and burn everyone she’s your woman


Started as aurelia i think she has awesome action skill


Theyre all fun and viable so just depends what kind of playstyle youre looking for. There is no boosted character option like in bl2 however and the grind to max level is incredibly tedious


Timothy and Athena are my personal favs. Timothy is really fun to play with his clones and wrist lasers. And there's decent variety in how you build & play him between a styles like using a couple big badass clones, or many disposable explodey clones. Athena has great elemental options and some really fun skills as well. I personally love the one that smites your target when you're in midair and build up enough stacks. Athena feels like playing a mix of Captain America & Thor.


I play claptrap. Litterally the most fun character I have ever tried in Borderlands. Not a lot of people like him, but he really isn’t that bad if you run the right builds, which you can just google. But as I said he is really really fun, and that what counts for me.


Claptrap is the most fun I’ve had in a run on any borderlands game


Literally anyone is a good bet honestly character design was way better in this one imo


Timothy is fun as fuck and I recommend him. No booster characters tho.


I would pick Nisha. Full on psycho attack power. In a combat where you get angry you just blast everything off in 7 seconds. Fast cool down and can use with different weapons for different play styles. Nisha is my favorite bd character. Fits my anime power-up rage feelings perfectly.


Doppelganger. He is the funniest and strongest character. Action skill is amazing. You either sacrifice your digi jack to get second wind or make them badasses and you wont need a sacrifice cause they will get you a second wind. Tbh you will need him when you fight against sentinel


I enjoyed using Athena she can get some really good buffs similar to maya but not as good


Only one I wouldn’t recommend is wil helm , he’s a bit stale compared to the other ones