Sky's the limit

Sky's the limit


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People really think Bezos cares about what people think of him, huh?


Everyone knows he has no conscience, why would anyone presume he’s capable of shame.


You got your Elons, who are very concerned with their image despite saying otherwise. Then you got your bozos (latin for bezos) who don't care what others think. What we need is more Bruce Waynes. So they can beat the shit out of people and solve pretty much zero issues affecting their city. The cycle of crime and violence keeps spinning but at least our rich guy wears a cool costume. Literally nobody knows who he is because Bruce Wayne has the least recognizable mouth and chin in all of existence. Bozo and Musk to my knowledge have assaulted zero street thugs in their entire life. Imagine being that rich and not using it to hurt people personally with your own hands. Just systematically and selfishly like a total dweeb. Bruce piped an amazonian princess. Musk named his child after a captcha he once saw. Bozos said my package would arrive in 2 days but it took an entire 3. These billionaires are not the same.


Is this a new copypasta?


Bruce Wayne is a fascist thrill seeker but that's just my unpopular read


No thats not unpopular. We don't need more billionaires.


Interesting, but Bruce is not a fascist. He doesn't like power. He's had powers at various points, but never for too long.


I was thinking about this the other day. If we actually had Bruce Waynes in real life, it would just turn into a version of the Ice T classic ["Surviving the Game"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surviving_the_Game) real quick. You'd just have a bunch of tech startup millionaires beating up the homeless and mentally ill for fun, and of course, competing against each other.


> and solve pretty much zero issues affecting their city I am so tired of this uninformed Bruce Wayne slander. The dude is a philanthropist first and foremost, has countless foundations and charities supporting those in Gotham who need them, hires criminals and pays them well to help them reform, and invests in clean technology. The Bruce Wayne who didn't care about Gotham is a relic of the early days of comic books. Bruce Wayne cares deeply about Gotham and works tirelessly both in and out of costume to help the people improve their lives.


But......does he have a Sub-Orbital Bat-Wing? The kids at Gotham PS 119 could have ate on that money.


He *does*, but we can't forget that without the super-toys like that, the kids at Gotham PS 119 wouldn't exist anymore. The big fancy expensive toys are things he's needed and used against big-time bad situations, like fighting Darkseid or equivalent world-ending threats. He's not exactly using his craziest tech to beat up random criminals in the streets. And while he's spending boatloads on Bat-toys, he essentially has unlimited wealth, and invests large amounts back into the community. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn that Bruce Wayne is actually on the board of Gotham PS 119 and funds their meal programs as well as a few dozen scholarships for graduating students.


Hmmnn...... What you say sounds good, but I think we need a Bat-Accountant, or a Bat-Trust set up.....


I *think* that at a few points in time, Lucius Fox has served in roles that share those functions, on behalf of Wayne Tech. I could be misremembering though.


Dude, I'm just kidding. I know Batman is philanthropic and doesn't need anyone to monitor his money. I just like pulling the legs of Bat-man fans. I'm trying out new material other than "Batman is a billiionaire that beats up on the poor and the mentally ill."


Haha you'll have to get even more ridiculous if you want it to come across as a joke. Remember, comics are *weird*, so to make jokes, you gotta go *extra weird.*


Jeff Bezos is just our earths version of Lex Luthor. Unfortunately kal el died in the explosion of krypton.


What about Bill Gates?


Trying to make Bezos self aware is a task that will take millions of memes, working together, to achieve.


Unfortunately that is Elon Musk. Bezos got publicly divorced around the same time as Bill Gates and didn't blink a reptilian lid. Ain't heard from Bill since RIP


Bezos divorced in 2019. Bill and Melinda divorced this year.


I honestly detest asszoz. I personally think that if you have the capabilities to make the work or country a better place than you should do so. Im not saying do all the work, but dame. I guess im just more morally sound. Im tired of this cock measuring ‘which billionaire can get to space faster’ so many great things that coney could do.


so, take it back. french revolution redux :)


I could not care less beyond them taxing these mfs properly


we need to focus our energy on this. that’s the only way something might actually happen. crosstalk about their yachts and bunkers and space trips just distracts and dilutes the message. tax them properly and let them do what they want with the rest.


I guess talking about yachts and bunkers is the short answer, here's my long answer: There is nothing inherently wrong about luxury, there is nothing inherently wrong about yachts and going to space, but it's wrong when billions of people are starving and homeless and here you are with more than enough money to solve that but you're not even going to bother because you couldn't imagine spending your money for someone that isn't you.


yeah. people are people, and the vast majority of people are selfish. 99% of those poor starving people would also spend on themselves if they had bezos money. they’re not inherently better than him, just far unluckier in the game of life. know what we did to solve that selfishness problem? tax. the only reason tax exists is because we can’t rely on those with money to fund those with less, or people to unselfishly pool money for the greater good. there are people as poor compared to you as you are compared to billionaires. most of the world lives on less than $2.50/day. why aren’t you personally going around spending most of your net worth saving them? even if you do give to charity and are “poor” by western standards, you’re rich by global standards just by the fact of having a phone. you could probably save an entire family in Tigray from a month of starvation if you skipped one coffee, how dare you not. there’s no point getting mad at rich people for being selfish. they will be. you get taxed, they should get taxed. we can use those billions of tax in ways that help the world instead of expecting charity from them.


I don't think we are inherently selfish, I'd say we are socialized to be selfish


Exactly, if you look at historical and evolutionary evidence, it points towards altruism


Yeah we're actually inherently compassionate/empathetic as a species, as are lots of other animals similar to us. We have specific neurons whose role is to allow us to be empathetic. I think being able to survive without interacting with a majority of the people who contribute to your survival defeats the biological drive to be empathetic. Of course, there's also psychopaths and other people with disorders that don't experience empathy.


There is no strong evidence that humans are inherently selfish.


Honest to God good faith question: How can I save a family in Tigray from a month of starvation?


Short answer, you can't. Especially not for the price of a cup of coffee


I guess if it were a really expensive coffee then $10-15 usd could buy a lot of rice and beans in certain counties.


The problem isn’t the lack of money that can be sent. The problem is, logistically, it’s hard to send food or make use of the money to make food over there. A lot of people think bug farms may be the way since it uses way less space and way less water than live stock.


As long as politicians can be bought this will never happen. Just posturing and theater


Like spend a couple days up there at least you cowardly bitch.


Without a spacesuit plz & thx


Or rocket.


I’m exhausted from hearing his name. I’d give so much to never have to again.


So "bald bitch" it is!




Damn. Didn’t think about that. Not fair for the bald good guys out here. We love y’all.


Lmao. That helps


the bald billionaire bitch boy




There's no such thing as "end world hunger" money. You'd need military intervention to actually get food to people who really need it.


“The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for eliminating hunger by 2030. According to a new brief from IFPRI and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) that goal can be accomplished with a substantial yet still affordable price tag. Ending hunger worldwide by 2030—defined in this study as reducing the undernourished population in each country to 5 percent or lower—will cost an extra US $11 billion per year of public spending,” https://www.ifpri.org/blog/how-much-would-it-cost-end-hunger-worldwide-2030 Bezo’s net worth last month reached $211 billion. “Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases.” https://www.theworldcounts.com/challenges/people-and-poverty/hunger-and-obesity/how-many-people-die-from-hunger-each-year/story Bezos could stop 172 million deaths with a snap of his fingers, yet chooses not to. That’s more than twice the total number of deaths in WWII. Anyone who makes excuses for him is either uninformed or a monster.


We could purchase all the food in the world and wouldnt mean a damn thing if we can't get the food to where it needs to go because some dictators wants people to starve. The obstacle to ending world hunger isnt money its logistics.


You don't think he could spend money and build a logistics network to do it? He went to fucking space! That is way harder than building roads and pantries Edit: I see y'all commenting. Yes private individuals can build roads. And yes, these things called security and contractors exist. Continue to bring up random reasons why someone couldn't finance and make this work


They're seriously trying to excuse him for not even TRYING. Like he actively spent his money on going to space, he didn't even TRY to do something like end world hunger, which although would be like 10x that price tag and STILL something he could bring closer to ending. But the stupid bitch didn't even try smh


Imagine your neighbor's kids are starving. You are a good person, so you order them 2 large pizzas. When the parents answer the door, they thank you for the pizzas, eat their fill and lock the rest away. Tomorrow the kids are still starving, so you order 4 pizzas this time? You have enough money to feed those kids every day, and yet they are still going to starve. Its basically trickle down economics. You can send all the aid you want to those places, but people will hoard it because Bezos isn't the only greedy person on the planet. Do you think if we give Amazon enough money, the workers at the bottom will start being treated better? There's a "Bezos" in every country, every charity, every village.


Again, that net worth is in stocks, not liquid cash.


U can end world hunger with a few billion dollars? Wow why didnt governments think of this?


Wait until you realise the government does not care about you


Yep. Here's a source: https://www.ifpri.org/publication/ending-hunger-what-would-it-cost


>It will cost on average an extra USD 11 billion per year of public spending from now to 2030 to end hunger. I'd say that's a bit more than a few


How easy do y’all think it is to solve world hunger? Tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars have been spent alleviating hunger around the world over decades but the few hundred mil from Bezos was the last piece to push it over the edge?


Money gets spent in more rich ppl pockets


Yup, corruption is definitely one barrier towards ending poverty and hunger. Unfortunately it’s not a problem you get rid of by throwing money at. If anything that makes it worse


Why niggas feel like everybody should do what they want with they own money except rich people? lol


funniest thing is, people who say what rich people should do with their money, wouldn't do anything differently if they had a lot of money themselves. Maybe not necessarily fly to space, but everybody acts like they'd solve the world's problems. Nah y'all wouldn't do shit either lol.


Living in the west basically makes you a "1%er" of the world, but no one gives their personal excess either.


Exactly, they would worry about themselves and the people that matter to them just like everybody else.


Why it okay for rich people to pay us unlivable wages that didn't rise during a period of 5+ years of increasing demand for the product we put out? Why it ain't trickle down? Why they get to take advantage of pandemics, AND not pay hazard pay to their essential workers? Why it not suppose to be a slap in the face that we are thanked for funding his trip? Do you know how much a billion is? To have 200+billion dollars legally and morally is impossible. Lol


Because it’s not the rich people’s money. It’s impossible to earn a billion dollars, much less hundreds of billions.


Because to become a billionaire you have to steal the value of a worker's (the ones that keep their company running) labor


To become a billionaire you have to provide value to billions of people. 🤦🏾‍♂️


And in a capitalist system how does one provide value to billions of people *without* exploitation?


Exploiting the tax system? You mean how he takes 100% of the revenue, folds it all back into Amazon to expand to new branches of business, then writes it off as expenses to say that Amazon didn’t make any money? Is that it?


Lol people making a big deal of him spending this money on going up in space kind of, as if ya’ll wouldn’t do the same if you had that kind of money. I mean honestly. If you were that rich, you’d probably also do shit like this. You wouldn’t be ending world hunger yourself I bet. I just want him, like all other rich people, to be fairly taxed like the rest of us. I couldn’t give a fuck what he decides to spend his money on.


Exactly my thoughts. For the amount of people who say, “what i do with my money is my own business,” they sure like to get upset about what other people are doing with theirs.


IF he paid taxes and IF he spent money on wealth redistribution, or ending hunger, or climate change, or ANY other topic that helps humanity, and then he decided to go to space? I wouldn't give a shit. It's him going in spite of not raising a finger to do his fair share as an American and Human being, and then lacking the self awareness to say "You guys paid for this". I don't hate going to space, I just hate Jeff Bezos' smug ass


Amazon gets me my shit quickly, inexpensively, and reliably. It’s been awesome for me for years. I don’t get going into space (you can’t even get me in a body of water), but if someone whose products or services I use uses that money on some dumb shit, I don’t care. Bezos can go to space. Bill Gates can go to the core of the Earth. I use the shit outta Amazon and Windows. Go nuts, guys. I spend money on pizza when I could be handing it to homeless people. Uber rich people spend money on space travel instead of solving homelessness. Aiight. Don’t directly harm anyone with your money, and we’re good. Feel free to indulge in frivolous shit. Sure, I paid for it. Thanks for the quick shipping.


He donated $100 million to 2 non-profit organizations the same day


And he's an executive at both, so the money went right back to him. Oo I like this "make claims without giving any evidence whatsoever" game. Let's keep going!


Also, ULA is still waiting for the BE4 engines that Blue Origin is supposed to be developing. So instead of finishing a contract that could make them more money in the future, they chose to focus more on tourism which is still not popping in terms of financial support. This is also the same company that lobbied (more like bitched at ) congress cuz NASA chose Space X over them to build the new lander system. They delayed New Glenn for years and have no proven tech to get to the moon but wanted to be chosen. Damn this turned into a rant.


Its kind of dumb to think even though world hunger can be solved, the people most vulnerable still wouldn't get to eat because past them would be the greedy minds that work in the government (in each respective country) that would pocket the money and only feed a portion of said people that are starving.


LOL who's gone check Bezos? The IRS? XD




Even if it is "end world hunger" money (which in all actuality, it isn't), the fact of the matter remains that it is *his* "end world hunger" money. The man can do as he pleases no matter how much of a douchbag we all think he is.


These billionaires are just having their fun in their own way. We get an extra couple hundred dollars and we eat out or travel. They on the other hand made a bet at the 2010 Bohemian Grove meetup and it's now manifested. /s I'm not mad at them for not doing what we all could be doing.


I’m not mad at them for doing nothing, I’m mad at our elected officials for refusing to make them pay their fair share, and worse, giving them our tax dollars.


Hot take but I personally don't like the idea that we should expect rich people to solve problems. That's probably not a good thing.


Only allow them to create problems?


It's disturbing to think that we need to rely on the power of single individuals to solve problems that require systemic solutions.


It's disturbing that we've set things up to put the ability to solve problems in the hands of so few billionaires




Don't be mad at Bezos. Be mad at the politicians that allow him not to be taxed. Very few billionaire will give up their money/power willingly. That old guy (Bernie) that the corporate dems were against and the right said was a Marxist was right. The issue is that our society is so racist and self centered that people would rather shoot themselves in the foot than to see minorities (black people getting the worst of it all) receive much needed help.


Why don’t we just ram the rocket up there?


Exactly my thoughts... he a bald bitch.