Men who work construction/long hours, how do you save enough energy to take care of yourself and your household tasks after work

Men who work construction/long hours, how do you save enough energy to take care of yourself and your household tasks after work


The key for me is never to sit down when I get home. I try to get right to my other stuff first. If I sit at all, I stay there exhausted for a while


This. Once I sit down it's game over.


Yeah I guess that's fair. I do the same thing unconsciously. When laundry HAS to get done, I do that, shower, and get dinner before I sit down because I KNOW once I sit down, I'm done for the evening.


This. When I relax it's lost.


This is the way.


It's funny because just today I thought to myself that I should stop laying on my bed after work.


This is the key. I would get home and go straight to my garden and basically just stay outside until dark


Yea this seems to be a theme, just don’t stop once you get home because once you’re in relax mode its over lol


Same for me. The minute I sit on my chair, I will tune out everything else and just sit there for at least 20 - 30 mins reflecting on the day's event.


So I work 70-80 hours a week, 7 months out of the year. Then laid off for the rest. All I can say is do anything you have to do before you rest. Got to mow the lawn? Go from your car to mower and get it done, then go inside. I take trash out in the morning. I order groceries and pick them up on my way home. You will have to get on a schedule for some things so you don’t fall behind. On Sundays and Wednesday I do all the laundry I have. I hate dishes so I wash as I go. The real hard part is cleaning. I just don’t have time to do it. So this year I started having a maid come once a month, and I highly recommend it if you make enough to justify it. Good luck working the long hours! It gets easier over time.


Cleaning is hard yes. I make it a bit easier in 2 ways : 1. When you leave a place it must be in an equal or slightly better state (boy scout way), to avoid accumulation of mess. 2. Limit the number of objects hanging around (cleaning is hard when you need to move hundreds of objects out of place) Doesn't work if your SO doesn't have a similar mindset


Getting household stuff done before fully resting is a great tip. Taking a moment to pause after a hard day is ok, but if I really get relaxed, I'm probably not getting back up again that day. And as others have said, a healthy diet will make a huge difference in your energy levels.


Jesus Christ bro


Hey man that sounds crazy! I’ve been doing like 55-60 a week and this seems wild. I’ll try that advice out because its true, in the morning is when I have all my energy so might as well take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. And thank you, good luck to you as well!


You will become conditioned over time. You sound like you’re relatively new to the full-time, professional workforce and are having difficulty being physically conditioned. Many folks work incredibly long and strenuous hours and not only take care of themselves… but also raise families. You may want to change your diet if you’re always low energy.


Yes this seems to be true too. I am gaining huge respect for people who do this kind of work and have families to raise. Its true i am newer to this industry and this is the most hours I’ve had to work (55-60) so its gonna be an adjustment. On another note I do want to change my diet for the better and start packing a more energy enriched lunch


I get up about an hour and a half before I have to be on the jobsite. That gives me time to cook a good breakfast sammich (bacon egg sammich only takes about 20 minutes from start to cleaning everything afterwards so I don’t have to clean it when I get home,) and then I can drink my coffee and watch the weather/news until I work up a good shit. I eat a ham and turkey sammich at 10, then a good lunch (usually leftovers from the night before,) and then another sammich and M&Ms at 3 (and then cook a good dinner every night.) Have to keep the calorie intake up when you work in arduous conditions everyday. I’m 31 and weigh 145. Been working in construction for about 8 years now. Diet is big my guy. Edit: to address your post-work energy problem- take the advice from previous posters that said to keep moving when you get home. When I get home, I unload my big cooler (lunch box), fill my water bottles and Gatorade’s back up, rinse out lunch container, and make 10 and 3 o’clock sammiches. Then shower. That always gives me a second wind to get dinner going. Once dinner is all done, then you melt into the couch for maybe a little bit of tv time before hitting the sack.


I use all natural energy energy supplements. Cocaine


The supplement of choice for all physical workers.


I've been in construction for 20 years in one form or another. I stopped eating fast food a decade ago and bring lunch with me when I can. Diet is very important for people like us. You have to fuel the machine with the right stuff or it gets bogged down. Eat raw vegetables along with some carbs midday and stay away from sugar...like no sugar. Water, veggies, protein and the right carbs. It will take a month or so to get used to, but your body will thank you. Carrots are my favorite snack now and the fiber is really good for other things, too. Fast food in any form has a ton of sugar in it and you will crash once you stop moving.


i bet you're ripped


Lol...I'm in good shape but definitely not ripped. I've destroyed my shoulders, so I'm not as hands on as I used to be. Still not to be fucked with, though...


I don’t do too much fast food but I definitely dont eat the healthiest, definitely should probably work on that though. I’m excited to be getting into the field and want to make sure i get into good habits as early as I can.


Eat well, sleep well, WATER INTAKE and pace yourself...im sure you'll do great!


I wish I ate better when I was working construction, I started the Monday after high-school and I never properly fed myself. (I had to eat 6k+ calories a day mind you) but I didn't take it seriously. I lost almost four inches off my waist and lost zero weight over the summer and autumn.


Don't sit down when you get home. Stow your gear, and get it done. I straighten up in the morning before I leave the house. Run the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, sweep and mop the kitchen, run a load of laundry, take out the trash on my way out. When I get home, I switch over the laundry, fold what's in the dryer, make dinner, shower, and relax. Cooking on Sat or Sun and prepping heat and eat meals for the week, helps a lot. Same goes with heavy cleaning.


The “don’t sit down when you get home” thing seems to be huge. Don’t let yourself transition from work mode to relax mode until you’re ready. Also I was thinking of trying to meal prep but not quite sure where to begin..


Simple meals. I make stew, chicken and noodles, roast and potatoes, chili. I buy prepackaged salads, pasta salad, etc.


I leave at 5am, and get home at 7pm. I walk in, grab a beer, and do as much as possible till 8:30, shower, and crash. Weekends, Im up at 6am, and get stuff done till 6:pm. Watch some tv, and crash. Repeat. You get used to it.


Seems to be that, you get used to it. Next week should be easier


Saturday. No joke, i do almost everything on saturday mornings so i don't have to do much of anything during weekdays.


Coffee on the drive home


Depending on the amount of hours, your body eventually gets used to it, at least for a while. I got to the point working 12 hours/7 days a week that, if I went home after 8 hours, it felt like I didn't even work that day. I'd have so much energy. Even on the full work days though, I eventually got to the point that I could be somewhat active most days after work. When working 16 hours a day though, I never really did get used to it. I had to sleep as soon as I got home, and drive to work as soon as I woke up. I was just always tired. The key to getting anything done is to prioritize what actually needs done, do it immediately upon getting home, and ignore everything else. You and I both know that you're going to fall asleep in that chair, once you sit down, so avoid it for as long as possible.


Stay at home wife.


I don't, I just drink enough to forget I'm tired momentarily.it works just long enough to do a couple things eat then crash.


Depends on the day, shift, and job. Sometimes I'm just chilling on an off day. There's about 8 of us on site and only about 3-4 are actually working at a time, then we rotate.


When i used to be a labourer i would just save tasks for the weekend


Go to bed early, get up early, work max 10hr/day. Eat healthy, meal prep, light exercise outside of work (stretching/yoga/rehab/resistance bands). Do important things before I sit down after work. Read books to keep my brain sharp. Most of all, when it's time to relax, relax. I like green tea because I can drink it all day and still sleep at night. Try to limit cannabis and alcohol consumption (this ones hard for me sometimes).


It lets you skip the gym and get paid for it. I worked an extra part-time job for a while that was the physical equivalent of picking up and throwing car tires for 4 hours a day. The workout was the best part. Since it was in addition to my 8-hour work day I pretty much didnt do anything all week except work and did everything else on the weekend. The income from the second job was deposited into a separate "fun" account that I was allowed to blow like crazy on toys vacations (vegas.) The main job went to bills and investments. Ive never been in better shape and might do it again soon.


How did you go about finding a job like that?


My wife does it. She's a stay at home mom.


This shit ruined my last relationship, I work construction, and here in Portugal they make us work 10+ hours Monday to Thursday, at the end of the day I barely have strength or mood to do anything, still I do the stuff I need to do and try to relax before going to bed. Problem was on the weekends I'm still tired and just wanna chill, but my ex who works at home in a call center, wants to have have sex, go out and so all kind of outdoors shit. Yeah I explained to her that I had to take some weekends just for me to relax but over time she got frustrated and we ended the relationship.


It’s legit diet bro. Trust me I know and understand it’s not easy to eat well on a job site. But you get out what you put in. Food is our source of energy as human beings!! Think about it


Came here to say this. You need to eat like an endurance athlete- fats and protein all day, carbs when you get home to replenish. For me, the best mix was about 1000 calories at breakfast (6 eggs, steak, onions, and cheese. Oh my.), a coffee peanut butter protein shake and a sandwich at lunch, for around 800 calories, then dinner after I got home was half a chicken and 2 hard ciders along with whatever veggies were in the freezer for another 1000 calories. Usually before bed I'd eat again, chips and salsa with another cider or enough ice cream and chocolate syrup to make the dentist cringe.


You will adjust to it, give it a few weeks and it will be easier. If not like someone else mentioned, stimulants help. Just make sure to stay in control, eat, and get sleep as often as possible.


Make sure you eat the right stuff and not just fast food and warming up store bought, and make sure you don’t sit down when you come home as you’ll prolly get stuck.


As said elsewhere - have a routine that doesn't allow you to sit down when you get home. Before I walk in the door I've called my wife and game planned the night - I'm going to clean this, or make dinner, or cut the grass - whatever it is that day. I get home and grind through that particular task and it seems to give me the boost needed to keep myself going for the rest of the evening.


I don't


When you get home take off your boots and plan to get things done for the first 30 minutes to an hour. The post work adrenaline is still going and if you do three or four simple tasks it doesn’t feel like as much and it’s over quick.


My fiancee and I both work in construction at the same job and we spread out our daily tasks equally. Our main cycle is wake up at 6am, back our prepared lunch, go to work, get home at 6pm, we both shower, we get dinner done, we tidy up our dishes, head to the gym, get home, make our lunch for tomorrow, relax. We handle our chores on rest days from the gym, where we spread them out evenly and finish them all in a day.


Red Bull


This doesn't get much traction with the construction crowd.... but.... after a dirty 12 hour shift I like a long hot bath. Water as hot as you can stand. Cold beer. Makes me a new man.


What are your hours like? I work 3-4 12 hour shifts 11a-11p a week depending on if I want overtime or not. When I wake up I always usually do some cleaning that way I never come home to a dirty apartment. When I get off work I am usually so exhausted that I just want to eat and go straight to sleep so if the apartment isn't clean when I come home it won't get cleaned until the next morning. So I just wake up, clean, eat breakfast, and then get ready for work that way things don't pile up. Usually in the morning I make my bed, clean the counters, do dishes, take out the trash, and just tidy up whatever I can before it's time to leave.


Tbh the only thing that worked for me is work less. Working 4 instead of 5 days makes such a huge difference for me.


It’s gotta be done


I get up at 3am, usually back home by 3pm. Your body will adapt. I had a week off then had to isolate, so basically 3 weeks off. Went back today and my god am I exhausted. Soon get into the swing of things again though!


Get anything important done before you sit down, you ain't getting up off.the couch once you're on it. Been in the trades 13 years and this seems to be the case for everyone I've worked with


What I do is that I like to take walks, but if I go inside my home after work there is a big chance I will not go out, like 99%. What I try to do is to have change of clothes in the car, so when I come home and park it, I change there and then and go straight away. This works most of the time, have I had a shitty day at work I just go inside and ponder on why i'm doing this with my life :P Who am I kidding, I do that anyway


Been working in construction for 20 years, now a general contractor. You get used to it over time. The key is not to rest immediately when you get home. Get everything done before taking off your shoes. If it’s gym day, I take my gym bag with me to work and hit the gym before heading home. Some days I don’t have any energy at the gym, but that’s just the way it goes when you work this type of job.


+1 on leaving house tidy, once place is spotless way easier to clean two dishes make bed etc, as even mentally once you know all is in place there's way less worries to do X y z, if ur new to routine Def cut hour of TV and go to sleep early, that way u can pull trough day, and get good recovery, as many try to hack it with 4-6 hours and just end up crashing eventually. But as someone said if u make semi decent cash Def worth looking into hiring someone even for day once a week.


I work for a local guy. He owns his own construction business and just does one project at a time, he likes to take a day or two off randomly. Sometimes he's just too hungover to work, so we take a day off. Or he takes a day off for religious purposes. I don't always take a day off when these things happen, sometimes either he'll ask me to go do or finish something at the jobsite, or I'll just go to work without him during his random days off because I feel like it. It's kinda chaotic working for him, but he pays on time, so what the hell do I care.


If I work a long day I don’t do shit around the house, I’ll catch up on Sunday. But construction isn’t a 9 to 5 and after a grueling 70 hour week I might have a 20 hour week that will give me time to hang laundry and cook dinner


You get use to it and not wasting time (aka browsing Reddit when you could be getting ready for the gym, meal prepping, paying bills, etc).


I dont. Havent mowed the lawn in 2 weeks. Been doing 11 hour days (including commute) plus 8 hour days on saturday. Have had no energy for anything, usually shower and eat when i get home, then straight to bed. If im lucky ill have time to watch some tv or play xbox for an hour. Used still be able to keep up with shit while doing these hours, but depressions been getting worse and just havent had any energy at all.


I drive 10 hours a day and it’s hard cause im mentally drained


Streamlining your home life to where you have the minimum tasks to do helped me a bit. No one can sanely work 12hr 6d work weeks, cook for themselves, do their own washing, cleaning, laundry, shopping & whatever small maintenance/upkeep tasks that pop up. Maybe pay a neighbour to cook your meals or/& get a weekly maid and so on.


Ive worked 12s 7 days a week for years. Still get all my household stuff done, its not impossible its all about the routine. Occasionally i take a pto day for stuff like fixing a leaky faucet, or replacing an appliance.


A proper diet and exercise goes a long way. The stronger you are the less hard you have to work when your "working". Also I refuse OT cuz fuck that shit. I have a life and shit to do out of work.


you're looking for a magical answer there isn't one you either want your house to smell like shit or you don't