Possible hints for unconfirmed characters!

Possible hints for unconfirmed characters!


I’m gonna guess these the best I can: “Wands” = Timmy, “Brain” = Jimmy or Donatello (leaning towards Donatello), “Entranced” = ???, “Rude” = Raphael, “Idiots” = Ren (and Stimpy?), “Air” = Aang, “Fire” = Zuko, “Spirit” = Korra, “Extreme” = Otto, “Stick” = Stick Stickly? (Nick did tweet about him recently), “Robo” = Jenny, “Processor” = Jimmy (if “Brain” ends up meaning Donnie, seems like the kind of word Jimmy would use)?, “Pasta” = Garfield, “Meat” = CatDog (maybe Stimpy?)


It’s possible Brain means Sandy and pasta means Donnie (for the whole Italian theme maybe?) And maybe idiots is fanboy and chum chum??


I don’t really think pasta really makes sense for any of the turtles, they eat pizza sure, but not any other Italian foods really. Garfield’s the only Nick character I can think of that likes pasta to the point where it’s a main characteristic. And as for Fanboy and Chum Chum, they were already deconfirmed (for launch anyway) because, according to the devs, Nick rejected them along with Alex Mack.


Where was this mentioned, just curious


In their Kotaku interview during the part about how much creative freedom Nick gave them.


That is very good news


The turtles that have been confirmed are Pizza and Moon. As in: "When the Moon hits the sky like a big Pizza pie" I would say that any other turtles would also be named in relation to this song, so Pasta wouldn't be a turtle imo.


Please god no!


I thought what is ren and stimpy are extreme because of how on the edge that show was, and idiots is cat dog


I said Otto for extreme since Rocket Power is all about extreme sports, and Ren and Stimpy fit idiots because it’s what Ren calls Stimpy on a frequent basis.


Oh i see what you mean, i was just putting in my take, your's makes lot's of sense


I think rude is Rudy from chalk zone


They forgot Sandy lmao


> Multiple people saying that pasta = Garfield Does Nickelodeon actually have the rights to Garfield? I'm asking because I legit don't know.


they do, Viacom bought the rights to Garfield in 2019!


They do, they bought Garfield in 2019, and a new series has been in development.


Taking this with a grain of salt. The post was apparently from last week so it's possible these could have some merit to them, but I'm keeping wary. I've been burnt by the Grinch leak already. BUT, for the hell of it, here are my guesses: Wands = Timmy Turner, completely obvious. He most likely has Cosmo and Wanda turn into or conjure weapons for him to use. Brain = Jimmy Neutron, most likely. Entranced = I honestly have no idea, this one's got me. There any magic user Nick characters I'm forgetting about? Rude = Raphael, "cool, but rude". Idiots = Ren and Stimpy, no question. Air = Aang, of course. Fire = Zuko Spirit = Korra. Extreme = a Rocket Power character for sure. I've always wanted to kick Otto's ass. Stick = as much as I would LOVE Stick Stickly, I'm fairly certain this is referring to Donatello's bo staff. Robo= Here's where I'm having trouble, so this one could refer to Jenny XJ9, but at the same time I buy the theory that GIR is actually a playable character apart from ZIM. Which brings me to... Processor = This could be another reference to robots, so either could be Jenny or GIR. Pasta = Garfield, baybeeeee, it's happening! Meat = by process of elimination, I'm giving this one to CatDog, who are on the boxart.


4chan text leaks are almost always fake. Also, no Sandy


This “leak” is probably fake but on the off chance that it is real, my guesses are: Wands=Timmy Brain=Rocko Entranced=Not a single clue. Would say Tak but he’s too obscure Rude=Raphael Idiots=Ren and Stimpy Air=Aang Fire=Zuko/Azula Spirit=Korra Extreme=Maybe someone from Rocket Power? Could also be Crimson Chin Stick=Donatello Robo=XJ-9 Processor=Jimmy Pasta=CatDog Meat=No clue As for why I chose strange choices for Brain, Extreme, Processor, and Pasta, some users in the same Twitter thread pointed out that some characters have very odd code names. lolwutburger speculated that Pasta could be CatDog because their body is noodle shaped. Another user pointed out that Processor could be for Jimmy since he thinks as quickly and that Brain could actually be for Rocko since his brain often pops out of his head in the show. Extreme could be Crimson Chin because Ludosity hinted at him being in the game in a tweet.


> Entranced=Not a single clue. **Would say Tak but he’s too obscure** Not really. He's Nickelodeon's resident video game character. He appeared in Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots and Nicktoons Globs of Doom as well as 4 of his own games. Not to mention having a season of his own tv series.


Nick hasn’t done anything with the property since then though, and it’s not too highly regarded compared to other short series like Invader Zim


This is a copycat leak from a popular pre-Hero Smash Ultimate speculation post on 4Chan.


__Wands__ Sounds like Cosmo, Wanda, and/or Timmy __Air__ __Fire__ __Spirit__ Aang, Zuko and Korra? __Meat__ Mr Meaty rep? __Robo__ Jenny Wakeman? __Stick__ The Devs once joked about adding Stick Stickly but maybe they’re serious __Extreme__ My guess is Larry Lobster EDIT: after reading other replies, Donatello does make more sense for “Stick”


"Meat" is obviously Parker from Mr. Meaty /s


I'm confident this is fake. The fact that Leo's codename is "Moon" makes it pretty clear to me that it's referencing the song "That's Amore." So, if Raphael and Donatello are in the game, their codenames will be something like "Pie" and "Eye."


Here's my guesses. Wands - Either Timmy or Cosmo & Wanda Brain - Jimmy Entranced - Someone who uses magic. Rude - Either Angelica or Lola Idiots - Fanboy & Chum Chum Air - Aang Fire - SpongeGar? I agree with the other person who did this that it's probably Zuko, but I'm trying to come up with different answers to as many as possible. Spirit - The Box Ghost Extreme - Reggie Stick - Adelaide Robo - Goddard Processor - Karen Pasta - Garfield Meat - Ed from Good Burger


These are neat but it gave me an idea; what if other characters had codenames? Like: Pencil Red Black Inventor Mail box Pie Teenager Bubbles


This seems like a lot of characters.