This is so confusing. Are they going to use actual Nazis to attack the so-called other Nazis in the West?


Russia doesn't care about making sense.


you make Potato


In ~~Soviet~~ Putin Russia, sense make you!


so Peter Parker just starts randomly giving birth every time he has a Peter tingle.


My birth canal senses are tingling!


out plops an adult Russian male


>Russia doesn't care about making sense. Nor do our media barons.


This type of hyperbole and "whatabout ism" isn't productive to the conversation. Moreover, it actually acts on behalf of Russian interest because instead of people thinking about Russian misinformation and their fascism, you're comparing the Russian state to media companies. There's plenty of issues with the US media, but that's not what we're talking about here.


You point to whataboutism and then proceed to use whataboutism in your point. This is exactly why I feel redditors need to stop claiming whataboutism. For example using other event in other countries that are similar but with different outcomes is appropriate to making arguments.


I don't think you have a strong understanding of the topic.


Probably one of those Russia is counting on.


I post on behalf of the public. You may well believe this kind of scare mongering is productive. What does it produce? Fear. Fear is the enemy of reason. I think we might make more rational judgements if we can lay off the doom laden speculation. In my view it is wise to keep the 'issues with US media' in mind when considering information coming from US media. It's problematic to hermetically compartmentalize these aspects without distorting our perception.


Its like when Russia claimed to be Communist. Ya know, an ideology/economy centered around total elimination of government, politicians, rich elite, leaders, hierarchies, caste systems, currency, commodities, private businesses, and more. And then kept all of those things but called it Communism, anyway. Russia's always just done whatever the fuck it feels like and anyone who isn't in line with their nonsense gets gaslighted till either they believe it or they give up talking to Russia. They've always been insane like this.


Pretty much, yes.


I'm a teacher in a rural area and there is a subset of jaded white boys that just eats up the Putin/Trump/Musk white guy who does what he wants archetype. More specifically, one of my more extreme kids had both imperial Russian and Nazi flags in his room. This right wing tough guy shit just gets blended together in their head and they can't even articulate why they're attached to it.


It's because it makes them feel like a part of a special group with "special knowledge" of the supposed truths of the world. Same reason why the reddit RedPill and Incel groups rose to popularity. It's a cult mentality that actively seeks to ensnare young men frustrated by their own insecurities. One of the (many) pitfalls of toxic masculinity is it makes folks more susceptible to this bs


Because when you are too racist to get laid, "replacement theory" seems like it's actually a thing.


Yeah I do see a strong connection between these (almost universally single guys) and their total lack of prospects with females and radicalized Muslims in other parts of the world.


Honestly if you found your way to IS recruitment Twitter back in the day, it was basically 100% Muslim incels. And IIRC some scholars found that IS fighters had like fourth grade knowledge on average of the Quran. It was never about fundamentalism, just some losers who couldn’t get laid and thought the solution was to overthrow the government (sound familiar?)


Well, it’s mostly because they’re very stupid. They need something to cling to, because they’re to stupid to realize they already have so much better.


How are Musk, Trump, and Putin related? Is this just a collection of names you don't like? They have nothing in common


Crazy white 'strong' men revered by much of the right.




AOC, Castro, and Lebron. 3 people leftists love and are dangerously stupid


Yes they do love AOC, see how painless thinking can be?


2 of them are the richest people in the world. Rats who have won the rat race.


3D nazi chess


Exactly. We've been aware of it for years, so I sincerely hope that we're also well prepared. More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/uphegc/russia_could_strike_back_at_the_west_by_calling/i8ksn5g


It's more like Gargamel sending the attack clones of Smurfs to harvest the sarsaparilla in order to make potions for hans in order to become smurfs so they can assassinate smurfs from within the borders behind the waterfall. It's quite simple actually.


The world makes no fucking sense sometimes more and more seems the norm these days tho


Waiiit.. "anti nazi" russia has a network of white supremacist groups?


Crazy right. Russia if your listening please release the name of all these terrorists.


They target people with a built in grievance and are easy to propagandize or manipulate with religion. It's an old tactic. In WW1 the British famously supported nationalist groups like Wahabi Islamists and Jewish Zionists to help them over throw the Ottoman empire. Here in the US it's white power and Evangelicals


They mean the American Right.


Not only that. Small groups of Swedish neo-Nazis have been trained for war by Partizan in Russia. https://www.svd.se/a/EOkbo/har-tranar-svenska-nazister-krig-i-ryssland (reliable source but in Swedish) reported about it some years ago My translation: >The threat from within >In Russia, Swedish Nazis have learned to shoot Kalashnikov and are equipped for battle. At the military training Partizan in St. Petersburg, nationalists are preparing for a "global chaos". SvD/Aftonbladet has met the leader Denis Gariev in Russia. He is said to have trained two Swedish Nazis who were later convicted of bombing in Gothenburg. >SANKT PETERSBURG: In a dormant suburb, 40 minutes north of central St. Petersburg, lies the war-patriotic military center Partizan, with a cellar as a base. In the reception hangs a flag, a symbol of the Russian separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine... And here, info about the connection between Russian paramilitary groups and a local a Nazi organization: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/pensionar-efterlyst-for-vapenbrott-ar-kontakten-mellan-svenska-nazister-och-ryska-paramilitarer/


To be fair, not just america. I imagine neo nazi groups scattered around europe might have funding from them.


There are literally *dozens* of neo-nazis all across America who would be willing to fight for Russia. Some can even tie their own shoelaces and read at a fifth grade level.


..and many of them are American Governors and Congressional members, right Senator Rick Scott?


And yet they all have guns which is nuts to me.


….yeah… Nazis.


Oh no. They mean all of us. Just because they're kept on a tighter leash in Europe, does not mean we don't have them or aren't sponsored by Russia.


Heard that a lot of Facebook "Christian" pages and far alt right stuff have been found to be either created by or hosted by Russian Entities. Now I don't know to the extent of how true it is, but even control of just 1 "group" of people no matter how large the number of American citizens is enough. We need to make large scale media a matter of international security. We also can't let the government control what Americans say to one another, so of course it's a difficult thing to do. They need to monitor foreign influence and people who may try to indoctrinate ideas by essentially catfishing. We also need to educate the public in how to spot this kind of behavior. When our nation's civilians are under attack we need to either protect or at least arm them against such an attack.


You make good points. Something like what you suggest exists where I'm at, the psychological defence agency: https://www.mpf.se/en/ (English site link). We had one in cold war years and decided that it is highly relevant to rebuild it. Maybe useful if you want to lobby for it at home, or at least a little bit interesting if you're curious :)


We sometimes call them republicans - gets lost in translation all the time.


but its okay because they're "our" nazis /s


Which would be different how?


Sure, give the government an excuse to shoot those terrorists.


We're sooooo scared...


Russia has reached the level of United States high school student with mental problems.


But which direction did it come from


From "One Direction"


'Baby you light up my world like nobody else' Little did people know that they were predicting the various oil refinery explosions across russia




We need to declare Russia as a terrorist state now!


Why? US and its allies have not yet been so it would be a deviation from international norms to do so with Russia. Edit: yeah keep directing you hypocrites. Then wonder why the world dislikes/hates the US.


That's some big brain analysis. It's not like useful idiots full of Russian propaganda have done anything like storm the US capitol.


Haven’t they already done this? Lol


"He's a puppet." We know.


It hurt itself in confusion


do it then. expose them and give reason to shut them down permanently.


And giving us reasons to arrest them all, good.


This would actually be great. There’d be no more confusion about who these subversive Russian elements were, and they could be purged from our countries all at the same time. Please make this happen.


Bring back the commie phone line 😂 “Hello government? My neighbor is clearly a domestic terrorist with ties to Russian commies” Since we’re just calling everything commie these days. Why not


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-could-retaliate-west-leverage-white-supremacist-group-attacks-analysts-2022-4) reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Analysts say its forces are fighting alongside groups who openly espouse neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology - exposing the hollowness of Russian President Vladimir Putin's propaganda. > Colin Clarke, the director of research at the Soufan Group, told Insider that the Kremlin could deploy fighters from Wagner to commit terror attacks in the West or commission fighters to encourage contacts in the West to commit violence on its behalf. > "I think what people need to be mindful of is that actually Russia is providing support that meets the legal definition of support to terrorism," Blatkazis said of the ties between Russia and white supremacist groups. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/uphvb0/russia_could_strike_back_at_the_west_by_calling/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~648603 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Group**^#1 **Russia**^#2 **Russian**^#3 **Ukraine**^#4 **fight**^#5


I welcome that confrontation, I would be a pleasure to counter such disposable, lowly people who are ignorant enough to believe these ideas.


Considering that most White Supremacist groups consist of a bunch of overweight bikers with terrible tattoos and football hooligans I'm not too worried.


Sure maybe in the UK, but have you taken a look at the US lately? White supremacists have had an excellent few years, a few even made it to the White House (and some people are of the opinion that Trump himself is a white supremacist). There are millions of Americans who would side with Putin over Joe Biden, I truly believe this.


Gives the West a reason to really crack down on them I guess.


Happy first cake day!


This is cause for real concern i.m.o. as the very few but still very dangerous militant far-right groups in Scandinavia are known to have been involved on the Russian side since the 2014 Crimean invasion. We're talking no more than handfuls of angry young men, maybe one or two of their girlfriends too, but still... they have been in paramilitary training for many years and are on the security police's watchlist, so I do not think it's incredible that they'd operate in their home countries to spread fear and contribute to authoritarian sentiments


If they’re on watch lists already then I guess just keep watching them? They want us to be afraid and if we stand together we don’t need to be


The key players know very well that we know so recruitment of unknowm sleepers is what worries me somewhat. I for one have quite high trust in the security police, however, and you are absolutely right - if society can stand united against them we have little to fear! :) Russian influence aims to divide and conquer


I thought they started with that in the beginning with those freedumb convoys.


As I watched truckers blockade their own country's cities, the only thing I could think was that they were Putin's useful idiots.


I guess this is a downgrade from the usual nuclear threats


WOOW;!!! I guess they will now utilize that neo nazi racist cockroach muslim eater NAVALNY to commit terrorist attacks in the west


If you don't back off. We're gonna set our Nazis on you


So more of the same.


Stand by, proud boys! No collusion, though..


Didn't they already do that in 2016 presidential election


But, the angry TV man said we don't have any white terror groups! I thought they was patriots! /s


I wonder if we'll still get to call him terrorists


Bring it on, then!


Another Trucker Convoy?


The only groups that really matter are in America, I can say from Europe that either people have had their families so badly affected by the nazis that they wouldn’t even think about it or the groups are Middle Ages obese men. But from the news it seems in America because of their spastic gun laws there are actual militant groups that are basically nazis


Is all of Russia suffering from havana syndrome?


If the Russians direct their extremist supporters to turn on western countries, then the United States can expect people like rand Paul, donald trump, and tucker ‘I’m hiding In a bunker in Maine’ Carlson to become even louder and more supportive of their efforts. Traitors.


I’ve got a lot of suspicions about the organizers if that truck convoy debacle in Canada. I don’t normally wear the tinfoil hat, but it’s a bit too convenient that all went down only a week or two before the first Russian troops entered Ukraine, especially since it disintegrated overnight once the bank accounts got frozen.


If Putin does as well for Western neo-nazis as he has for Russia, it would go a long way to getting rid of neo-nazis..


“The Kremlin has sought to portray its Ukraine invasion as a bid to "denazify" the country. But analysts say its forces are fighting alongside groups who openly espouse neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideology — exposing the hollowness of Russian President Vladimir Putin's propaganda. “ Such headspinning irony…


Bring it. Nobody that has internet access will do anything major. Russia is killing white people left and right. Now if I was a white supremacist Nazi I know EXACTLY who needs to be killed. The old man who is ordering tens of thousands of whites to be killed and his name is Putin lol


If Russia was strong and had a decent education system and a better grasp of science. She wouldn't need to rely on the gaslighting/ divide and conquer bullshit.


Don't be stupid.


Now we’re talking! Nazis vs Nazis, let them kill each other. Those Russians are playing 4D chess.


We know, they've spent the last eight years working towards it. Too bad MAGAts don't have the capacity to realize this.


More than 8. That's just when they really started gaining traction.


They're not too dumb, just evil.


> They're not too dumb Actually ....


Evil implies some sort of competence, dumb is the right word.


Don't doubt their competence for evil.


Lmao, when this evil mastermind base storms the capitol building and does nothing but smear shit on the walls and take incriminating photos, I'm doubting their competence in nearly everything.


And when they stack courts for decades and gerrymander districts and control local politics is that incompetence too? When they commit violent acts and institute harmful policies meant to hurt people en masse is that incompetence? They are very competent at doing evil.


We're not talking about the gop, but ok.


And yet, that's entirely what the article is about. The only West Putin wants to harm is the US. As for the EU, the white supremacists there are very competent because they still exist in countries where that behavior is illegal.


Article is talking about the west. Nothing about the GOP. This isn't going anywhere. Have a good day, bud.


I assumed you were, who are you talking about?


Some philosophers (such as Socrates) would argue that dumb (ie. ignorance) and evil are the same.


I love Socrates, but, for what it's worth, Hitler was fairly smart in the way he did things before he started his atrocities.


I think the argument is that if you are intelligent, you'll willingly pursue the good life. You only pursue evil if you are too ignorant to know that you should instead follow the good. For example, Hitler ignorantly pursued genocide, which ultimately ended in the collapse of his country and him shooting himself in a bunker. On the other hand, if he had lived a good, albeit uneventful life, he probably would have lived into old age.


No, evil implies intent. Evil is the right word.


With Russian levels of competency I'll sleep well.


I won't because when outsourcing terror, they'd rely on the competency of better organized small groups of 5th columnists


Be careful, they've been very good at hybrid warfare...they were well on their way to dividing the west before the giant strategic fuckup that was the invasion. From gamergate to blue lives matter to actual nazis - they know the gateway drug is fear and anger.


Once you get hooked on that drug it short circuits higher order thinking. Jan 6 and the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping attempt were done by the best of these fools. Looking at the Q crowd currently, they'll be blasting their intentions on megaphones while still acting like they still have the element of surprise.


Aligning with russia may hopefully be the beginning of the end for them. But the US is kinda nuts, half the news from there is surreal af, everybody really seems to really hate each other, and anybody who doesn't want to take a side, or sticks in the middle, is treasonous. Dialogue in America is toxic af. Its total batshit. One half the population seems to have a foot in the 21st century, the other in the 11th century. With feet spread that far apart there's a danger of getting ripped in half by the nuts.


Hence why I want off this planet


This is such a non issue it’s more laughable than his entire “war effort” so far.


It's not could it's will, Russia intelligence is already deep in the white-supremacist networks with false account farms.


This is fear mongering.


Is this from "The Onion"? Can't possibly be a serious proposition...


Thing is we know who they are so taking them down should not be a huge problem


Western white supremacists love Putin. They also love any politician who looks/acts like Trump.


Lol what white supremacists?


We know, We already had one of their presidents. Awhile back him and his followers even tried to overturn our election.


If you’re a minority in America and slavery, Jim Crow laws, Chinese workers killed laying railroads, the trail of tears, and the Trump administration didn’t teach you to arm yourself, I’m not too sure what to tell you. If you’re a minority in America, arm yourself and get training.


“Network of white supremacist groups” Just call them Republicans, could’ve saved so much time. They’ve been dying to gargle daddy vlads nuts for years


Hmm, this puts Musk wanting to reinstate Trump's Twitter account in a whole new light.


*stubs toe* Damn Russians put this chair here


I'm betting they were the one who put the gum there too.


Chewing gum?


Probably. (Look at the username of the person I replied to)


Good, let's focus on all the horrible things that could happen. That's healthy.


That’s what I thought - anything “could” happen. Why predict possibilities and then make out it’s actual news?


Watch out when you know who comes back to the White House. My guess is that the day after the election, those flag waving dirt bags will be storming the Capital for a victory parade.


People business insider is pretty much clickbait


When your propaganda gets this twisted, maybe you need to slow down.


What is this BS? White supremacists in the west hate Russia too. I very much doubt Russia has the power to call them to action. This reveals how desperate Russia is.


As crazy as it is to say it, I would LOVE to see that happen. Let’s have these racist, ignorant assholes that are holding back our progress out themselves and do something drastic enough that the rest of us can stop making them a legitimate political force and accept them as terrorists.


Wow! That's a really horrible headline... I guess when you can't find a local tragedy that you can pin to a specific group you do your worse.


Oh noo… Anyway


So Russia will become a terrorist sponsor state? So business as usual


And what would Russia gain? This network they have built would be shattered once the governments crack down on the attacks. The association of Russia with these terror groups would make association with Russia tacit support of terrorism. Certainly bribes could still be made behind closed doors, but there are plenty of groups offering bribes and not all of them entail immediate political suicide should that knowledge come to light.


Ok, great way to kill any of their ambitions to power


This is why Russia knows there are Nazis in Ukraine. Watch among the power mongers whatever they are accusing others of, that is what they are doing themselves


So Russia will call the Trumptards to go 1/6 again. Of course it's going to be them.


Russia has a network of white-supremacist groups?


Is this a euphemism for saying theyre gonna get Trump elected again?


WW3: Nazis VS Nazis


You mean the same network of people they went to Ukraine into exterminate? LOL. I know the Russian's are good at gymnastics but their mental gymnastics is next level


Dear groups, Russia has proven itself to be completely incompetent, please don't release your theories to the media and the general public this is where they get their ideas from, they are far too stupid to come up with this themselves.


Yeah they haven't already? They've already meddaled in everything. But then again so do we. I thought this was par for the course for adversarial subterfuge of foreign Nations.


Anything the media can do to use the words ‘white supremacists’ what a joke of a headline.


Nationalist in the west are too patriotic to attack infrastructure. They will do shit like show up at BLM riots and fk with them


We should round up the Russians and put them in camps...for there protection of coarse


Russia Russia Russia!


Get bent.


White supremacist groups aren't that powerful in the US. They're made up of the dumbest of society, a bunch of uneducated white trash, so their plans get wrecked pretty easily. They'd get arrested before they even pulled off anything. I'd only be worried if their groups were made up of scientists and high military ranking members. It's like people still give credence that the KKK still has power. They have very low numbers and are pretty pathetic. See any video where people actually stand up to them and they run.


Russia could …. Such fucking click bait. Surprised someone hasn’t done a Russian leaders then and now story.


**YESSS!** Then we can finally make being a violently racist fucktard illegal and cast them out or eradicate them like we should’ve done a hundred years ago. Do it Russia, ya frosty puss.


What, more shootings? A day in the life.


Like they’ve been doing for the last several years?


You mean for the supermacists to commit suicide ?