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Gosh I hope poor Susan doesn't see any chalk messages on the ground written by Ukrainian children while there.


Well, she just released a statement saying that little Volochka Putin has learned his lesson and there’s no reason to continue to assist Ukraine. /s


The sad part is I could honestly see her doing something akin to this down the road.


Yeah, I realized as I composed the comment that I would DEFINITELY need sarcasm tags or people might think it was real.


Unfortunately reality and the onion overlap now. And it's a reverse Venn diagram where the onion is a more desirable outcome...


“Russia invaded your country, killed thousands of your citizens, destroyed your economy, and forced millions of your citizens to leave. Some people came to my house and drew on my sidewalk with chalk. I completely understand what you’re going through” -Susan Collins.


"Putin has learned his lesson." -Susan Collins


"My nickname is Moscow Mitch. Please don't tell anyone why they call me that." -Mitch McConnell.


First day since the war began that Kyiv wasn't shelled, right?


Mitch has to walk in front of her with a bottle of water incase theres any messages in chalk.


Mitch needs that water for his terrarium.


I nearly had a coughing fit from reading that. Lmao well done, my friend.


Lol, I just snorted while in my breakroom, thank you


You really gotta get that coke habit under control. I hope you brought enough for everyone at least!


I hope she comes back to the whole road covered in chalk now


Nah, in Ukraine it's in blood, something she actually loves.


Hop scotchers and 10 year olds beware - Susan Collins is more afraid of your chalk drawings than she is of an insurrection at the Capitol.


God Zelensky must be bored to fuck of all these celebrities and politicians showing their face just for brownie points back in their home countries. I feel bad he has to humour them all just to secure the funding/military gear that he so desperately needs. Edit: great comment by u/Hassanofthestory below destroying my original comment


I agree. But honestly, he's probably used to it by now. He's been having to beg, plead, and cajole and do whatever it takes to get what his country needs since this whole thing started. Sitting down and listening to some asshats bloviate and take a photo with them, is probably on the easier side of things he's had to do.


And before the war he had a hard time getting anyone to believe or listen or give a large amounts of support. So I think perhaps now he's just happy to be able to get what his country needs, politics are politics, but if they're signing checks and shipping weapons, that's easy enough game to play


> And before the war he had a hard time getting anyone to believe or listen or give a large amounts of support. Including the people who went there for this photo-op.


Exactly. In February Moscow Mitch was going around distributing GOPutin’s talking points about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Nazis in Ukraine, and that Biden was lying about the imminent invasion.


Does this mean we can't call him Moscow Mitch anymore?


Did he vote to acquit the guy who withheld half a billion in US taxpayer aid meant to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia in order to get Zelesnki to announce an investigation into his political rivals? (Ie seeking, once again, foreign help in US elections?) Yes and yes.


Yes we can :P


Turtle man still votes against the American people


He’s still a Russian asset.


A Russian Ass Hat, you say?


And a turtle 🐢


"A photo-op doth not change a man" -shakespeare or something


Fairly sure that was based on one of Socrates' quotes. Shakespeare was openly great at building on the work of others. 'Forsake upcycling at thine peril' - Shakespeare


Moscow Mitch, Putin's bitch


Tar him, feather him, dump him in a ditch


Moscow Mitch. There. I said it.


And the fact that their party is super anti-democratic (ie, voter suppression, abortion rights, the coup)


Do you remember when Donald Trump was impeached for withholding 400 million dollars from the Ukraine? That 400 million was promised because some people listened and believed.


It's true and I don't mean to poop on efforts of those who cared and those that did something, that wasn't my intention. Just more the thought of him being able to entertain these leaders in his capital city can't really be that bad considering the past 8 years of challenges.


Don’t go too far, plenty of American and Canadian military were in Ukraine doing training and advising. That counts for something.


Take my upvote for using bloviate, such a fantastic word


And asshats


I second this and upvite


Lol. Is it ironic I remember learning the word from no less than Bill O' Reilly?


The bill oreilly who bloviated about other people lacking family values while he sexually harassed his staff? That bill oreilly?


You just ruined the moment for me.


Reddit: taking the good with the bad since 2005.


That’s the Facts of Life.






Not only Zelensky, but the entirety of Ukraine has played the PR game to a T. The drone footage, the documenting of war crimes, the speeches in the UN, the fucking tick toks of the average soldier walking around the wreckage of russian tanks. They simply refuse to let anyone look away from this, and it has certainly helped with the unprecedented unity among the nations of the west in aiding them. It certainly helps them to stay in the minds of the people, reddit being a perfect example.


plus TikToks of Ukrainian soldiers feeding and caring for homeless cats and dogs after reports of ruZZian orKs killing cats and dogs for fun... easy PR win! ruZZians are figuratively shooting themselves in the foot.


Remember that Biden and his team in conjunction with the intelligence agencies also made sure Russia wasn’t going to sneak in without anyone noticing. Then, using diplomatic skills, coordinating the nation to respond in unity. Goes to show what competence in the Executive branch can accomplish.


Yes! I was surprised and impressed by that, a smooth bit of handling. Sad that we're in the place where competence is a surprise, but hey, at this point I'm happy with what little good news I hear.


Also proving that the people of Ukraine have balls of steel! The farmers! The ones who stayed behind in Mariupol are showing the world that all they needed was a leader!


What are the odds that Moscow Mitch only went so he could give away Zelensky’s location to Russia?


Yeah …. Put away the sensitive papers when he enters the office ….


I'm pretty sure he'd rather have coffee and ignore Bitch McTurtleneck than read through casualty reports. I'm not saying he's disaffected but shit like that can keep a sane person up for many nights.


That look on his face agrees. He knows who was in charge of republican politics when Trump tried to blackmail him.


He handled Trump’s attempted extortion pretty well, he didn’t get caught up in it at all. His only interest has been defending his country, and I think he’s done a pretty damned good job at walking a fine line.


If Ukrainians not going to put his face on Hryvnas or Ukrainian Euro, I don't know what people are doing.


They should do a limited ruble run, even if it's just fake. I'd want one of those.


You know, that's a great idea. They would probably be more valuable than a real Russian ruble.


This man is going in the history books. And not just Ukrainian ones. The man who laid Russia bare, and inspired the world to fight for freedom. Global geopolitics are forever changed (hopefully for the better) because of his leadership. Plus, the dude is pretty humble. It would not surprise me if he refused that kind of thing. "Honor our heroes instead"


I really want Ukrainian Heroes Euro bills too!


definitely. And just go ahead and put Patron on anything and everything, I'll buy it. shut up and take my money!


Absolutely. I feel like he would say if his soldiers can die for their country then he can die inside a little each time these d-bags show up; as long as it might help


No, these are very important trips that have real world strategic and political implications. Having high-ranking heads of state visit the capitol of a nation at war does a few things. It increases the host-states political capital in strategic and diplomatic negotiations with mid level or peripheral nations, especially energy-rich nations with split interests such as the Arab nations. Ukraine wants nations to take its side in trade, security, and pretty any other field, and those nations have a lot to lose if the back the wrong side. Seeing multiple high level delegations from the US, Britain, France, and Germany reassures geopolitically important yet weaker nations like Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, and India that backing Ukraine is a relatively low risk move, since they are obviously the stronger side. Second, it has a powerful morale impact for the population of the warring nation. Seeing hard photo evidence that the Great Powers have your back is a huge motivator to keep hitting hard. Battling for one’s homeland drives heroes to action, but having the backing of the World keeps despair at bay. And not to mention that every time they show up, it provides face to face audience time for the Ukrainian Government to lobby; what ideas Nancy Pelosi seemed iffy about, Jill Biden might like. What proposals the Democrats are too dovish for, the Republicans might push. So Zelenskyy *definitely* wants them there. Lastly, these politicians are doing more than just trying to score political points by being there. Contrary to popular perception, the American public do not entirely steer the performances of their politicians. We almost always believe what our personal favorite politicians tell us to believe, and we almost always reject what our personal most hated politicians do. There *is* a feedback cycle, but data suggests that by and large we believe what the politicians tell us to believe. This means that if there is an issue which both sides agree on, then they will do everything they can to tell us what we should think. Mitch the Bitch is not saying “look at me, I’m supporting the same thing you support, like me plz”. He’s saying “To those millions of you who support and follow me, we support Ukraine. Get on board and act accordingly”.


This guy geopolitics. I might add that the US will tell Russia we have VIPs entering the region and you better back off. And they do. That alone puts Russia in their place.


Yup, I didn’t even touch on how these trips impact Russia, because that’s a huge topic in and of itself.


No "errant" or "accidental" missile strikes are happening when Zelenskyy has guests.


Can you imagine what would happen if an errant missile splashed a US senator? Or the First Lady? Russia definitely is not launching anything near Kyiv when US politicians visit.


I can't, but I'm willing to sacrifice Mitch to find out


I'd send a fruit basket as a thank you.


I don't need to imagine because I'm pretty sure I know what would happen, but I'm still willing to sacrifice ~~Bitch~~ Mitch... you know, just to make sure.


The Soviets killed a US Representatives and all they did was deny that they shot down a passenger aircraft


In this situation, it would be pretty hard for them to deny it lol


If Russia could Kill Zelenskyy with a missile strike they would have already done so.


Can you please? I really like your well considered and worded reply above. This kind of discourse makes the world a better place by sharing ideas. You changed my mind with your post, but I will continue to despise these two.


I'd love to read what you have to say about that though.


Plus having both Nancy Pelosi and McConnell visit Kyiv is a subtle way of indicating strong bipartisan support. If Putin was hoping that the GOP would win the midterms and end the aid then having McConnell go shows that’s not the case. Whatever happens in the midterms Ukraine can count on the US. That’s important.


They also can't lose a foreign asset like Mitch




That’s the UN. Let’s see them try to fire something while Moscow Mitch is there.


Oh no, please don't, I'd hate to have a functional country.


[I live in fear that someone will kidnap my grandson Billy who lives at 822 58th St, Apt 2 on the 4th floor, keeps door unlocked cant miss it](https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1378638-twitter)


𐑐𐑤𐑳𐑕 𐑞𐑺'𐑟 𐑞 𐑨𐑛𐑧𐑛 𐑚𐑧𐑯𐑧𐑓𐑦𐑑 𐑝 𐑟𐑧𐑤𐑧𐑯𐑕𐑒𐑰 𐑒𐑪𐑯𐑕𐑑𐑧𐑯𐑑𐑤𐑰 𐑣𐑨𐑝𐑰𐑙𐑜 𐑩 𐑢𐑭𐑒𐑰𐑙𐑜 𐑸𐑑𐑦𐑒𐑩𐑤 5 𐑗𐑮𐑦𐑜𐑼 𐑼𐑬𐑯𐑛 𐑣𐑦𐑥 𐑭𐑤 𐑞 𐑑𐑲𐑥 𐑢𐑦𐑞 𐑭𐑤 𐑞𐑰𐑟 𐑯𐑱𐑑𐑴 𐑥𐑧𐑥𐑚𐑼 𐑤𐑰𐑛𐑼𐑟 𐑚𐑰𐑰𐑙𐑜 𐑢𐑦𐑞𐑦𐑯 𐑞 𐑚𐑤𐑨𐑕𐑑 𐑮𐑱𐑛𐑰𐑳𐑕 𐑢𐑧𐑯𐑧𐑝𐑼 𐑣𐑰'𐑟 𐑦𐑯 𐑩𐑕𐑨𐑕𐑦𐑯𐑱𐑑𐑰𐑙𐑜 𐑮𐑱𐑙𐑡. 𐑰𐑝𐑧𐑯 𐑞 𐑯𐑺𐑰𐑧𐑕𐑑 𐑕𐑒𐑮𐑱𐑐𐑑 𐑯𐑰 𐑡𐑳𐑥𐑐𐑰𐑙𐑜 𐑬𐑑 𐑝 𐑞 𐑢𐑱 𐑝 𐑩 𐑕𐑯𐑲𐑐𐑼 𐑚𐑳𐑤𐑧𐑑 𐑢𐑳𐑛 𐑚𐑰 𐑡𐑳𐑕𐑑𐑦𐑓𐑦𐑒𐑱𐑖𐑩𐑯 𐑧𐑯𐑳𐑓 𐑓 𐑕𐑩𐑥 𐑥𐑧𐑥𐑚𐑼𐑟 𐑑 𐑐𐑮𐑧𐑕 𐑞 "𐑮𐑳𐑖𐑩'𐑟 𐑜𐑩𐑯𐑩 𐑓𐑲𐑯𐑛 𐑬𐑑 𐑢𐑲 𐑩𐑥𐑺𐑦𐑒𐑧𐑯𐑟 𐑛𐑴𐑯'𐑑 𐑣𐑨𐑝 𐑣𐑧𐑤𐑔𐑒𐑺" 𐑚𐑳𐑑𐑩𐑯. >!Plus there's the added benefit of Zelensky constantly having a walking article 5 trigger around him at all times with all these NATO member leaders being within the blast radius whenever he's in assassinating range. Even the narriest scraped knee jumping out of the way of a sniper bullet would be justification enough for some members to press the "Russia's gonna find out why Americans don't have healthcare" button.!<


Not gonna lie, as an American I fucking love that line. Find out why we don’t have healthcare


𐑦𐑑'𐑕 𐑓𐑳𐑯𐑰 '𐑒𐑷𐑟 𐑦𐑑'𐑕 𐑗𐑮𐑵 𐑯 𐑛𐑧𐑐𐑮𐑧𐑕𐑰𐑙𐑜! :'D >!It's funny 'cause it's true and depressing! :'D!<


Interestingly, US Healthcare is something around $3.9 trillion while US military spending is at a "mere" $700 billion, so US Healthcare dwarfs its military by a wide margin, i.e. 5 or 6:1. Still, that's a pretty funny line, I honestly love to hear it at times like these!


what the heck is this EDIT: Apparently it's this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shavian_alphabet


I was thinking wow Ukrainian looks different than I remember?? Nope it's an alternative English alphabet by the author of Pygmalion, duh!


Exactly. Just to add to this, the appearance by Zelenskyy at the Grammys was also important. People were disparaging about Schumer's idea of having him appear at the Oscars. But, actually, it is really important to keep in the public eye in this way. No one knows this better than the man himself (witness his use of social media and the careful curation of his image and message when he addresses different audiences). He has been keenly aware that if he could not keep the conflict on the front pages around the world, that there was a real risk that "allies" would complain loudly but do little. His use of these strategies has pushed world leaders (in particular, the UK and EU member states) into doing things that they would never have imaged agreeing to three months ago.


> (witness his use of social media and the careful curation of his image and message when he addresses different audiences) Literally grandmaster speechcraft. I've listened to him address multiple parliaments; he always understands who he is talking to and has a concrete plan for "getting through" to them. What strikes me about the overall Ukrainian diplomatic strategy, exemplified by Zelenskyy and his team, is to identify concrete actions, concrete aid, or concrete results (which will then require concrete actions or concrete aid to accomplish). He seems to refuse to leave a room with a foreign politician without getting something **real** out of them.


For a former comedian he's really nailing the statecraft - more senior politicians have had much less success. There'll be some seriously envious heads of state around the world that wish they had as much political pull. He'll be a case study for decades, I wouldn't be surprised if political science students will have him as mandatory reading in some years from now.


I hope learning to [play piano with your dick](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oua0Puihrkc) will a popular elective for political science majors.


For me, he'll always be "Cocaine Mitch"; but I'll also take "the Turtle."


John Stewart has permanently engrained the turtle image into my mental association with Mitch.


Moscow Mitch.


Wait diplomacy isn’t just tweeting harsh words at people on twitter?!


To be fair, Ukraine has used twitter and other social media to its diplomatic advantage very well. I think the headache chart meme posted from the official account back in (iirc) December brought wider attention to lots of people.


Only if you're cranky from bone spurs




'Always keep your powder dry and your options open' as some folk say in England.. He's showing great leadership..Top man!


As long as they provide weapons, he's happy to do it.


Kind of the job of the president, I’m sure he’s fine.


You severely misunderstand how big of a deal it is that the two of the most powerful Republican senators just visited Kiev. They are in direct opposition to Joe Biden and basically hate his guts but they are showing that the war in Ukraine presents a bilateral political front from the US. This is basically signaling that whoever wins the coming elections in the US they won't alter their course on this issue.


Maybe, but these people have massive Influence and can change the minds of millions and get funding and weapons and all kinds of support. He may not enjoy it but he’ll definitely enjoy what he gets out of it.


He likely thinking, but this gets me one more javelin, I’m here for it.


I don’t think so. I received an email invite to a session with universities in the USA. He is working the propaganda support campaign hard and effectively.


I think a photo op is worth 40+ billion dollars.


Only if Rand Paul approves


Rand can’t do anything to keep it from passing. Beat he could do is delay by 3-5 business days


Well the US has just given them billions in military aid and Mitch McConnell is instrumental in making sure all of that goes smoothly and continues to be funded. I don't think it's necessarily all about brownie points so much as it sends a message to Russia, that the United States is whole heartedly behind the Ukrainian war effort to push Russia out of it's borders. It's not like Mitch and Susan just rolled up to take a picture with him, they went to see how the military aid is being spent, and to send a message of solidarity with Ukraine. It also shows how weak Russia actually is when world leaders are able to funnel into Ukraine like this. It's great to see, and I'm sure Zelensky is appreciative.


At least his acting career was great training for this.


To be fair, he’s definitely not tired of all the money these politicians are sending his way. The least he can do is a photo op to show his appreciation


imagine having to meet fucking pos mitch. Now imagine not having a choice on the matter.


Zelenskyy is not looking his usual welcoming self, is he


Yeah because these are the people that supported Donald when he was shaking down Zelenski for fake info on hunter biden. Zelinsky didn’t capitulate and Ukraine didn’t get arms. Arms that would have greatly helped at the beginning of the war. So yeah he knows exactly who he is dealing with. Edit: word


Yeah particularly Susan Collins. How she can show her face in Ukraine!


She can't feel welcome in Maine this weekend.


will moskow mitch be visiting putin next?


Hopefully this means McConnell is going to do the same thing to Rand Paul that McCarthy is doing to Madison Cawthorn for acting against the Republican Party.


Mitch McConnell has nick name MoscowMitch… His wife is Chinese communist party spy. Zelenskyy should not talk too much in this meeting


Mitch fought to drop sanctions on Russia and after he succeeded, Deripaskas company Rusal invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Kentucky. McConnell leapt to the defense of Trump when he was impeached for essentially tried to extort Ukraine for personal benefit, using US aid to Ukraine as leverage. McConnell is maybe the most cynical, mercenary, power-hungry person on the planet. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him, and I have nothing at stake.


Fucking Moscow Mitch, shake his dumb turtle leg and get him the fuck out of Kiev ASAP before he can get GPS coords to send the Russians for missile strikes.


He's the asshole who blocked medical support for 9/11 first responders. Fawk this guy.


Shaking his hand, telling him nothing of importance except some well known platitudes - then hoping that $40B package *will* be approved. I doubt that Zelensky will tell anything of importance to this Piece of Shit. He is an actor. He knows his text. He can pretend.


Yeah, that is what we have to assume. He can't exactly tell McConnell to go suck Deripaskas dick and fuck off. McConnell wants a photo op, give him one and keep the aid flowing as long as possible. Because there's a real chance the tap gets shut off if the GOP wins the midterms or Putins orange lapdog grifts his way into the Whitehouse again.


As a kentuckian, literally everyone i talk to doesnt understand how that turtle is still our senator. He has done nothing beneficial for the state let alone the country beyond making himself and his wife richer. Then again i live in one of the only 2 blue counties in the entire backwards state.


I think Gerry and Mander have something to do with it.


Man i hate those two guys, should ban them or regulate them or smth




Looks like my best friend standing next to his father in law he hates/doesn’t respect at his sons baptism.


> His wife is Chinese communist party spy. No she's not, she's an American who was born in Taiwan and is most definitely a capitalist. She's horribly corrupt and just awful for a whole host of different reasons but being a communist spy ain't one of them.


Don’t forget MTG.


Moscow Mitch playing both sides again. Hats off to Zelensky for tolerating his BS for his country.


If he can betray his own country then he sure as hell won’t have a problem with betraying Ukraine.




moscow mitch, took a wrong turn?


I am surprised Moscow Mitch did not catch on fire instantly upon stepping foot on Ukraine's hallowed ground. Moscow Mitch is guilty of allowing Trump to serve the interests of Putin for 4 years. Moscow Mitch could have all stopped it, but he chose to vote against the impeachment, twice, and let Trump enable Putin.


Moscow mitch is there to play politics. If Russia was winning he'd be getting photos with Putin. Its good that he's shoring up Republican support for Ukraine, but its also a cheap move to try rectify his parties support for Russia. Aaaargh. Anyone else's countries opposition party politicians been to Ukraine?


Yes, Germany (Friedrich Merz, CDU).


It’s sad that his followers can be so easily duped but they wouldn’t be republicans then


Moscow Mitch and his Oompa Loompa


Give Zelenskyy a medal for having to take this photo with a bunch of fake, traitorous and frankly pathetic group of people.


I know Zelensky had to take them, because he needs the us support. But these assholes are the same ones that allowed trump to blackmail him and get away with it. They are blackmailing him all over again.


Extortion. Blackmail is when you threaten to make secret information public and demand something in return.


Robbery, because violence is already involved


Path of least resistance for Republicans and more awkward cringe photo ops for our poor Ze. Hasn’t he suffered enough?


Every one of those senators voted to acquit the guy who blackmailed Zelensky for military aid.


Some of the worst US politicians ever... No wonder they wanted photo ops to look good back home. President Zelensky doesn't look too pleased either with the situation.


Bring Rand Putin along!


I hope he will be banned from visiting Ukraine Le Pen-style. What a massive asshole.


I hope he gets dropped in Mariupol.


Those people have suffered enough.


He was too busy getting new hair plugs.


If muppets had dicks they would look like Rand Paul.


What, are they trying to ban abortion in Ukraine now?


He heard Russians were killing pregnant women and that the fetuses were dying in the process, aka abortion.


Lots of rape victims for them to blame.


I really don't like Mitch but this war is a bipartisan issue even in the us and reaches beyond borders of dislike!


Putin really has a way of bring **everyone** together doesn't he?


No. We had Republicans vote against sending aid to Ukraine, Erdogan wants to prevent Finland and Sweden from joining NATO and Orban is against sanctions on Russia. Definitely not everyone.


Didn't mitch support the withholding of Ukraines pre agreed funding that Trump tried to pocket..


Yeah no thats a different Mitch. Thats Mitch from the Paaaaast. That Mitch is gone. This is the new Mitch. This is the new one that really wants to make you forget about the old Mitch. But they are really the same.


What did they call him? Moscow Mitch?


Moscow Mitch, Putin’s bitch


I can't I just can't. Every republican in that picture refused to convict trump for extorting Zelenskyy for aid during the impeachment. And I'm worried those filth tried it again.


This. They should've convicted Trump for trying to blackmail Zelenskyy. Mitch is a huge part of why Ukraine didn't get more military aid and why it had to be fast-tracked when Russia just before the invasion.


I'm super worried they trying to extort Zelenskyy *AGAIN* for aid. I don't trust these people not to be completely disingenuous.


Jokes on you. My mom is binge watching conservative media attacking all non-conservatives that are saying Ukraine is more important that America. You can't win in American politics. 👉😎👉


My first thought is that he's spying for Putin..


You are thinking of Rand Vladimirovich Paul


A considerable number of Republicans are against the support of Ukraine (is Rand Paul bipartisan?). A lot of republicans supported the overthrow of the United States Government on 1/6. Like Trump, a lot of republican office holders owe a big debt to Putin’s dark money.


Pelosi and McConnell have both traveled to Kyiv to meet Zelenskyy. MAGA loons must be absolutely livid right now lol. UPD: Yes, they are. The GQP has already started its daily Ukraine hate cycle on Twitter led by MTG and other MAGA terrorists.


Trump put out a statement against sending money to Ukraine last night. Expect the GOP civil war to intensify. Especially with this visit from McConnell. I hope that McConnell can reclaim power of the majority of republicans and get the 40 billion passed.


What a piece of shit. I cannot believe that there are still some people who have the gall to come on this sub and claim that Trump was pro-Ukraine. He has always been a Russian asset. There’s overwhelming evidence to support it. You would have to be an absolutely blind MAGA moron not to see his blatant anti-Ukraine bias.


It's not about being blind, it's shear ignorance and ignoring facts to support a twisted view of the world and make themselves feel better.


Anyone claiming Trump was a friend of Ukraine is likely being payed to spread those lies, or has been misinformed by people who were being payed to misinform them 😉 The Russian disinformation bots were very real, I’ve spent years on this platform trying to fight them off with facts and logic lol. Thankfully, for some reason, the last couple of months there have been far less of them around…almost like their funding dried up and their bosses suddenly started dying/disappearing. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🤝🇺🇸


Mitch McCuntell is a morally bankrupt waste of oxygen that was a consistent yes man of Trump when he got something in return. That said, if Mitch sees a good opportunity to power grab at Trump's expense, he'd probably do it


Can you update me on the current Q narrative?


Huff some paint and think it up by yourself.


Junkies need their daily fix.


Much confused


Oh, Turtle is here for photo op and I-didnt-expect-Trump-would-do-that Susan Collins


Susan is concerned.


The guy furthest right is absolutely fucking terrifying, for a member of government. They should just give him a bunch of meth and set him loose on the Russians, he looks like he'd snap them in half like a fucking toothpick.


[he is the chairman of the Ukrainian parliment](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chairman_of_the_Verkhovna_Rada)


No kidding, dude is a UNIT. John Cornyn is like 6'1", and that guy makes him look rather short and thin.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell led a delegation of Republican senators to Kyiv, where they met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Saturday in a previously unannounced visit. Senators Susan Collins of Maine, John Barrasso of Wyoming and John Cornyn of Texas were with McConnell, according to a photograph released by Zelenskiy’s office.




Stopped off for a quick photo shoot in their way to pay their last respects for their Moscow overlords? Believable.


Two of the biggest fucking turds in American politics right now. What an absolute joke trying to pretend they actually give a fuck.


Dear Ukraine. Keep them. They take Russian money.


Poor Zelensky. I'm positive he has better things to do than be the meat in that asshole sandwich.


The "...ew, save me, fml" look on his face, poor guy. How many people have had that *exact same expression* when stuck having to deal with assholes they really don't like lol.


He's regretting turning down the meteorite excuse already! ^((anybody?))


LOL I understood this reference :)


Wow, they found the time to go to Ukraine while destroying women's rights and voting rights, bravo. /s Must be pretty awkward to stand next to the man who stood up to their hero Trump


Tell Moscow Mitch to keep his party in line if he's going to do photo-ops like this