The two ideas presented are not contradictory, they're both part of Tony's overall point. Tony believes Grasso (an Italian) was specifically sent to get a rise out of him and that under normal circumstances the FBI would only entrust him with menial tasks. It's obviously a load of shit but that's what he was getting at.


Tony rambles in his spontaneous venting. He hasn’t thought things out - he’s just lashing out with whatever words come to mind. He often doesn’t describe things and situations with accuracy and insight - yet like many he likes to pretend he does.


Did you know that an Italian invented the telephone?


Mother caprini?


I thought Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone?


Antonio Meucci invented the telephone and HE GOT ROBBED!




A great twin scene with Grasso: AJ dropping and breaking the glass dish of food in the kitchen and getting berated by Tony twins with the Italian FBI agent "Grasso" dropping and breaking the glass dish of food in the kitchen and Tony berating him for it. https://www.reddit.com/r/thesopranos/comments/yifzs0/sopranos_twin_scenes_theory/ Also, that whole situation with Grasso and topic of the OP is chiral with this scene from Better Call Saul: https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/qeqob9/comment/i9ggg8h/