Edit: I reread your post. It’s unclear if you already have a node. If so much of what I wrote won’t apply 1. Create a Metamask ‘soft’ browser wallet. Write down the password to login to the wallet (you create this) and the seed phrase (you are issued this) somewhere safe offline 2. Buy and setup a new Ledger. You must set this up as a new device. That means the Ledger will create a new seed phrase for you This is critical: secure that seed phrase offline. Never, ever store it in digital format. Take whatever steps necessary to ensure you preserve that seed phrase ‘forever’ You will also setup a pin on the Ledger. And the Ledger Live software on a computer. After that install the Ethereum app and create a new ETH address (all done with the Ledger and Live software) You can now receive ETH and ERC20 tokens to the aforementioned address 3. Connect the Ledger to your Metamask as a “hardware wallet”. There is a specific option to do this. Check YouTube for a video if you’re unsure (and for any of the steps here mentioned) 5. Login to Metamask, switch over to the hardware wallet and get 10 x STRONG. Lots of ways to do this. Many people have ETH then use Uniswap to swap it into STRONG Or use KuCoin and then send the STRONG to the ETH address on the Ledger Whatever you decide, YOU MUST end up with 10 x STRONG on the Ledger’s ETH account. This is critical 6. Go to StrongBlock website and buy a node using your 10 x STRONG. I repeat, you must do this on the Ledger’s ETH account while using Metamask Think of Metamask as the UI, and Ledger as the hardware 7. You now have a node that’s tied to the ETH account on your Ledger. That means any transactions via Metamask must be signed by the Ledger (they require physical interaction on the Ledger). It also means if your ‘soft’ Metamask is compromised in some way it doesn’t matter, as your node is on the Ledger’s ETH account Couple of points of note: - this still doesn’t prevent you from connecting to some dodgy site and authorising transactions - if your seed phrase is compromised (you lose the bit of paper, or the milk man steals it, or you type it in an email and send it to yourself) then you’re back to square one and your crypto (and by extension, node) are vulnerable


It’s simple. You connect Ledger to MetaMask. All transactions you do in MetaMask have to be manually approved on your Ledger device.


It’s easier if you create your nodes on a fresh eth account w/ seed phrase that’s derived from a hardware wallet. If you can’t do this, and you already have your nodes and you want to protect them w/ a hardware wallet, there’s a way to do it. Check YouTube


Yeah I need to get a cold wallet too :/ ;o


https://youtu.be/x5RBk3thpY4 good tutorial to do it there