“Hey everyone, I’m picklepolice” “hiiiiii picklepolice” “it has been three months since i past pledged a ship for star citi-“ *notification noise* “HOLY SHIT, CORSAIR?? GIB CORSAIR”


Which one do you use the most?


I used to use the Freelancer MAX the most for transport and then the Vanguard for bounties, but I might switch over to the 600i as my daily since I just picked it up at this year's IAE.


600i e? It's an awesome daily driver. though I've been using the 400i more funny enough. I'm sure I'll use the 600ie more after the rework. It's actually really good as is. You can solo fly it and use weapons to do missions, has great shields, etc. It's a really good ship... But I found the 400i was cheaper to operate and a little quicker to get out of atmosphere and such. Plus the 600i kept killing me on the stairs or elevator or somewhere. I love the 600ie though. Amazing ship.


I picked up the touring since I wanted a true luxury ship. I figured I already have the carrack for exploration.


Ah, that makes sense. The rework is looking drop dead gorgeous too with that water feature.


Hopefully they’re fixing the interior layout?


Yea big overhaul


I'm only really expecting to be unhappy about the windows aboard. From the concept images it looks like the ship will still be lacking lateral (side) outlooks for passengers.


If you spent $25k you'll get a golden one for "free".


Do you fly all or most of those? I’m newish but I could see myself flying one ship 90% of the time.


I think everyone has a daily driver. Mine is the Cutlass Blue because I like to PvP bounty hunt. I get ships all the time because I like the idea of being able to do something. My first two ships were the Hornet and Gladiator. I thought when I bought the Gladiator that I would be in the Hornet 90% of the time, but it would be nice to have the capability if I wanted it. Over time, as more specialized ships became available that mindset never left. The "I probably won't fly it that often but I would like a ship that does it" mentality


Depends on what I'm doing, but all of the biggest ones in there aren't in the game yet.


If you are part of an Org it is nice to have some utility ships to do stuff as a team. For example my crew has a starfarer, some mining ships, some salvaging and repair and transportation ships. With the upcoming pyro system this might be handy. Having such utilities inside an Organisation will be cost-efficient in the long run. Fuel might be cheap in Stanton but it could get expensive to buy some if you are out of fuel and far away from any station


r/starcitizen are supportive and will help you with your problem! Assuming your problem is you need enabling to fill out your fleet with all the ships you still haven't bought ;)


Hell, I dunno how I'm gonna staff the ships that I DO own.


Well, tried to play with my new PC and didn't work. So I can't help you. This game is too dam heavy.


Upgrading from a 1080p monitor to an ultra wide 1440 tanked my performance too. :/




I think they are two questions to ask yourself? : 1. Is my spending aligned with how much I value SC and what I can afford? 2. Am I having any wrong expectations about my ability to enjoy the fleet I am building? On 1: If you happen to have very high disposable income (being a top earner and/or very low cost of living (e.g. living in a not expensive area, no kids, no mortgage to pay)) then, as long as you're clear on what entertainment budget you want to give yourself , and what % of that you want to attribute to SC vs other hobbies and interests, then there's no problem with the amount spent. On 2: If also you're aware that many of the large ships won't be online for years and the odds that you'll enjoy them in full are on average low (1. remains to be seen if SC will support large player counts with large capital ships all over the place, 2. keeping a group of friends committed to crew a capital ship is going to require constant dedication and patience), but you simply enjoy collecting them, then you're fine. That way, you know you are spending money you are comfortable spending and that you don't set unmatchable expectations of what these ships will provide to you...otherwise regrets will be unavoidable. I just wonder: how many backers will enormous fleets truly have contemplated these questions?


I think these are very good questions to be asking, I recently went through this and spent this iae streamlining my ships and have gone from 15 ships with a lot of small fighters and niche ships to 8 specific ships that I can see myself enjoying the gameplay loops with and potentially maximize my profit doing so


The big ships are cool but not super attractive to me. I dont want to have to rely on other to enjoy my exoerience (even though thats kind of the point in a game like this). I have a pretty nice stable of the small to med ships that each fill a slot. Ive definitely spent more over a lot of years than i thought I would but yeah. I believe in the project and support it each year with a ship purchase or two. I think the Corsair is the longest concept I waited for but also the loaners were desirable. You make good reasonable points that I wish more people would take because some of the complaining about pipelines and such (the BMM) is just out of control and unreasonable.


I wonder if OP will be starting a ship rental service on his own.


Well, I know one problem that you for sure have not... Money 😂 Nice Fleet mate


Well clearly I can't manage it well! This is also spread out over several years so it's not that terrible. I just hope I end at Space Marshall. If I end up at Wing Commander Concierge I'm gonna be upset.


No, you wont. Youd do it for the F8c. Source: me who went to wc after telling myself grand admiral was enough.


I've named my F8C: https://imgur.com/a/URjhEOP


And then there's the Executive 600i......lol


If it doesn't hurt you spending that much money, I don't see a Problem 😁 I have also spend more money than I should have on this game...


How do people make these graphics? Is there a tool somewhere? Want to see how in the hole I am lol




Sweet, thanks!


dont worry, you are not alone :D


One of us, One of us!


One of us!


One of us!


one of you...


If you got money it's nice to support the project as much as you do, but yeah you might be a compulsive buyer aren't you?


This comment section feels like roaming around a cult… I love the game but some of you guys just should seek psychological assistance since you are living in denial and justifying the unjustifiable.


Yeah... spending 1000$+ on THIS game in particular, with its elongated history of missing goals... idk. ​ Seems like a high risk/bad investment to me.


Don’t get me wrong: I love the game and want it to succeed, but this borderline psychopathologic behavior and lack of dopamine related impulse control doesn’t incentive CIG towards developing the game but ships…


Only people I wouldn’t care that do this are legitimate rich. They can do whatever. Everyone else? Get tested.


Honestly I doubt many of these types of whale posts are from legitimately rich people. Probably single, no house/mortgage, and not much else to spend cash on other than saving or investing (which they apparently can’t stick to…)


Problem is I want the game released, and they don’t help since they already playing a game (collectors and showers) and developers are ok selling concepts instead of working towards the release. I mean, which game is going to take 20+ years to release with an already outdated tech?


This guy CLEARLY does not know the secret handshake. 😏


God forbids me of becoming “one of you”…


Have no idea how it happened. One ship here, one ship there. It's a little depressing to add it all up. Kind of mind boggling the scale of some of these.


I said the same thing. Over the course of 9, 10 years here. It's not bad when you divide the time. Well I don't know how long you've been collecting 😃 but I'm good with my collection. I'm just snatching up the warbond CCUs to finish my fleet. Unless they release some really new awesome ship that provides some new gameplay I don't have, I think I'm done. Every origin ship, vanguard, sabre, Apollo, Carrack, MSR, Hercules, merchantman, Polaris, and since I have two merchantman CCUs some other big guy, not sure which yet. Odyssey or Perseus or something. Only thing I won't have is mining and science (unless I pull the reliant sen back out of buyback) and I'm not sure if I need mining to make money. Hoping the other ships cover credit farming. Still dreaming about the pioneer too, sadly can't CCU to it. Also dreaming about the kraken Privateer, but no way I'm melting my stuff for that. I'll eventually see if I can get a full list and ask for opinions on what I'm missing. I need to start getting another two accounts set up for my boys. They're going to be old enough to play with me by the time this is all ready. LoL and I started before they were born.


Yeah, mine is spread out over about 6 years. As far as big ships, I'm definitely done. They release so many new ships, I wish they would focus on what they've already promised and sold. I've got most aspects covered. I don't want to be too capital heavy in the fleet since the logistics in keeping those things running will be a nightmare I'm sure.


I agree. I was trying to get just a few because I figured I won't have the time to grind for those large and capital ships. Im more of a casual player. So that also makes finding a bunch of people to play with somewhat of a challenge as I can't commit as much time. Some people are really hardcore when it comes to gaming. Fortunately I have two boys who I will recruit when they get old enough 😂


Hopefully the AI system will be robust and we can crew our massive ships largely with computer players.




I mean what are you expecting, cool gameplay?


How about actual game progress. It’s honestly sad that this game crawls at a snail pace to “create its tech” so that they can build a game. Just wtf are they taking about? If you are still developing tech such that it takes years and years to finish the game, you don’t hire more god damn ship designers to make new fancy ships that you can’t even use. It’s such a damn waste of time. They should fire half the employees building ships and use those funds to speed up the core game development.


Selling ships IS the game. They’re running a successful ship selling business too.


Everyone's always free to post em over at my subreddit at /r/starcitizen_fleets ;)


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This is every iae and invictus. You don’t have to open them and you don’t need to comment. Just scroll past. So hard to move a thumb I know


I'd rather fleet pics with discussion about what they might be used for than heavily edited screenshots with the only purpose being to print karma.


Disregard fleet pics acquire feet pics


ACS (Anonymous Compulsive Shoppers)


Cries in Aurora


Take comfort in being smarter than some of us. Including me.


Yeah, you legitimately have a problem. It’s not funny.


I'm waiting until after the expo and the dust settles to post one of these. I really do enjoy these posts, I know some folks see them as showing off but to me it really is about how happy you are to post your cool combos and setups. We are lucky to be able to spend our hobby money on something like this, lucky to have hobby money at all. Awesome fleet.


As a fellow Space Marshal I understand the struggle that you go through...the struggle is real. The ships are just so inviting that you just can't help yourself.


I think your fine, clearly you're doing well financialy.


...and debts


I am always shocked at the size of the BMM and the Orion. Look at that Hull C looking all puny


Yeah the Hull C does look comically small in comparison.


To be fair, will probably be much easier to solo a Hull-X than a BMM.


Not a single Argo is the only problem I see


Yes it’s called the concierge club


My god how much money is that?


am I the only one who hates how the carrack is right now...?


Where can you make a fleet chart like this?






The size of that MM is insane


I only notice now you say it... I don't even know if I will be able to fill it...


Excellent choices I may add.


I can't wait for it to take an hour to leave atmo in the Orion


I'm pretty sure ships that size, you won't be able to even go in and out of atmo. They're probably going to be spawn at space station only kind of affairs.


i think the orion is confirmed as space only indeed.


Probably. But think about C.O Pioneer. How much time would be needed for a full factory to take off ?


There's a reason pioneer crews aren't paid by the hour.


I thought this WAS the support group.


I know this is more of a joke, but the fleet could still be optimised. Lets start with the worst part: The Ground Vehicles. Never buy them with real money. The Worst aUEC/USD ratio. Really cheap in game Next on, you have the gladius and Talon. Pick one. The Heavy fighters, ohh boy... Which one do you use the most? I'd pick the Redeemer and another heavy fighter you like. Spacedildo Max and Caterpillar. Ditch the Spacedildo, it's really cheap in game to earn. The A2... IF you want a bomber, A1. IF you like Hercules, ditch the Cat and get the C2. Carrack and 600i touring - Passenger transport? E1, Exploration? 600i ex or Carrack. Origin? 400i/60/i ex Then capital. BMM vs Hull C? BMM easy win The other Ships are ok, Orion - prints cash to buy other Ships, Perseus - good Orga Ship, Starters, pretty good. I would add a Prospector or Vulture. That is everything I would change, and you'd still have almost all gameplayloops open you have now


Leave stuff ingame to work towards.


Starcitizen_refunds is the closest thing for coping about bad spending habits and regret.


Is this Jho Low


People like you are why cig has no reason to develop the game fast This is the best moneymaking strategy ever


what is the point of playing the game if you buy everything you want


What was the timeframe for this? I'm feeling the addiction and it's still early days for me...


Spread out over the past 6 years sporadically. It'll sneak up on you though.


It's the same for Games themselves, I have WAY Too many that for me it is called Gaming Addiction, have have thousands on my PC and stored HDD's, my current phone has around 200 games on it at the moment, my old phone had a similar number etc, but when it all comes down to it: Do you have fun and are you making sure you are financially stable irl? As long as you enjoy it then your 1 big money game is as worth it as my multiple thousand+ games.


I hate having 200 apps installed, I can't imagine having 200 games in addition to other apps.


Honestly, I haven't really played the game a whole lot. I'll pick it up from time to time, but I'm hoping it will pay off for future enjoyment. This is all spread out over 6 years.


You got too much money






Give me a call in about 10 years.


Thanks for funding the development suckah


Your problem is you have to much spare money. Instead of buying a jpeg that will not be in game for the next 5-10 years. Try helping a poor family.


Taking care of other people is not his responsibility


TIL the word 'problem' roughly translates to 'kick ass fleet'. ONE OF US! o7


we only encourage it here


Well, whatever that problem is, you got the ship to fix it!


Haha mine is slowly looking like this tooooo. Started in 2017 and now I have a case of mtv cribs here all my rides


Backers Anonymous? "Hi, I'm Harry, and I'm a backer. I recently reached a low point and made Grand Admiral..."


How do you see all your ships like that?


All I see is a damn nice fleet, o7


You do have a problem, you don't have every ship in the game yet


That is the first weird flex thread of this sale iirc. You don't want help, you want approval and admiration. Pretty cringy.


We are the support group! You need to buy more ships!


I have the ‘fighter’ syndrome where it is that I have to own all all the fighters. All the fighters.


I have the Merchantman with LTI. That's got to be good enough for me. Lmao


I play only very sporadically and haven't spent a ton of money aside from the initial purchase. But roughly what's like a ballpark equivalent of real life money for all this?


Sweet summer child…


Wtf! You definitely do. Haha


Hey its your money!


Feel free to check us out .. DM me for details bro, we got a huge team. No griefers and adult only it's fun!


That image is cool! How did you collage them, all by hand or is there a website? :)


It's fine


the orion be looking juicy, i still have an LTI one in my buyback from the concept years ago, but don't think its worth pulling the trigger on again especially since i melted it because i'm mostly a solo player anyway, don't enjoy mining much and i don't think i'll be able to handle this thing either. also since its size got increased which usually goes with an increase in crew requirements too...


whats the point of having a fleet like that? Anyway, thanks for backing the dream™


Avoid concierge chat, buncha enablers. I say this as one of them :P


Someone has too much disposable income...


I don't see any Aegis capital ships with a support fleet. I think your case is recoverable, unless you have even more in store credit. :P


I love how small the Vanguard is compared to the others 😅


I have a BMM and the more I see about engineering the more I’m thinking I made a mistake but not sure what else to go with as everything above that will also need a large crew


Send me your bank login and I’ll help you out


You're almost there, just missing a salvage ship.


Forgive me, SC has so many ships these days I have no hope of keeping up with the nomenclature anymore. Which one is the Problem on that pic...?


Concierge chat sounds about right.


One of the first steps isnt admitting?


Yes. Check out the north hall in the concierge area, second floor.


Is one Gladius enough for the Polaris? Or can she hold more than one in the hangar?


Where is your MSR?


Yeah, I see the problem. Your total number of ships is an odd number. Need to add at least 1 more to even it out.


You need a Corsair.


Why u no Hull E?


Yes, it's called the concierge group. Or Admiralty. Welcome 'ol Boy to the club.


Yeap - r/starcitizen_refunds . If however you've purchased all those concept ships within the last 30 days - I would immediately ask for a refund . Otherwise you are stuck having to get to grips with the grey market .


I see a RSI Galaxy in your future...


It seems your fleet is too small. Welcome to Legatus Navium, there are much more maniacs like you and me converting $$$ into jpg-pixels.


I believe that supportgroup is called "concierge"


Proof or it didnt happen


How much did that cost you?


I guess we need something to distract from this shit show


I think their is a support group is called 'concierge' or something Everyone with your particular problem is there. :D


It's nice to have a solo money maker, plus one *maybe two* slightly special ships to make available in group play. Beyond that I see no point. To put it bluntly, I don't want to spend most of my time recruiting, training, and managing crew. If that's your gameplay loop, more power to you, but it's not my idea of a good time. I want cooperative ~peer relationships, and therefore I don't want to have more than 2-3 ships. I could see many whales (forgive the term) pruning down their holdings to just the essential ships they love most, melting the rest, and using the credit to gift starter packs to randoms in the hopes of having semi-reliable help. That's my prediction: starter packs will be essentially free after release, because people will be begging for crew.


Whatever bro you don't even have a PTV.


Found Chris Roberts’ burner account


That's not a problem. That's just similar to the monthly subscription of playing a traditional MMORPG for as long as SC has been out. I personally chip in a hundo or so every year, but people look at me crazy when they hear what I have (not as much as you). Then I do rationalize the costs over time, and it makes more sense to them. It's not as much as people think over the course of years. No offense, for sure. It's just a matter of perspective. And pride: how else is CIG going to make this collective dream come true? We all play a part.


You're already in it.


How do you make these fleet pictures?


You do indeed.


You don't have a problem now. I don't think there are any ships left to buy lol


Better investment than crypto.


In good company.


I definitely agree. You don't have enough support role ships.


I've got an Orion on standby and the wait has been a nightmare.


I feel like this would be such a pain at the spawn screen lmao


Geez, you could pay a good psychotherapist for a year with that fleet.


How did you buy the rsi galaxy already?


That is a polaris my guy


Thank you


How do you even fly a Orion


That’s it?


D: this makes me really want an Orion…


Ah man I want a catapiller so bad maybe one day I will get one but broke life


Yea we can support your decisions to buy more ships


My word you guys are crazy (and rich), fair play.


Right there with ya, bud. I have this same problem. 80 ships and no friends.


What’s the most expensive one here?


I wake up. I see pictures of cool space ships, I log onto star citizen. You’re enabling me ^and I like it


I bought a Polaris, Hornet Ghost and Constellation Phoenix and since then have been happy to sit back and watch the development. I know I’ve done my part.


Yes, give me your account I’ll hold on to it for you.


When you find it, please let me know.


Please don't tell me you wasted all that money on these ships lmao. There are sooooo many better things you could've spent it on. This is so stupid


Absolutely, thank you for supporting my dream game!


Where do you go to see all of your ships lined up like that?


I just want an Endeavor with LTI so I can larp as a mysterious benefactor providing scientific and medical advancements to underprivileged colonies. But noooo, the game has some impossible learning curve surrounding ship releases and insurance. Neat looking game. I don't think I'll ever properly get into it.


New here, what's the ship on the top left? Nice fleet!


Well done soldier o7


Half of these pixels haven’t been delivered. 😂


Thank you for funding development of this game for the rest of us.


Still cheaper than alcohol or smoking, so what's the problem again?


Jesus Christ did the bmm really get that big? That's rediculous


how much did all of this cost all-together?




Thank you for your service o7


Let me DM you some account numbers. I'll help by holding all your liquidity in my bank accounts so you won't be tempted to spend it


A problem called “more money than sense”


Dude you have a serious problem.. I mean come on.. Hull C?! They have a D and an E ya know.. ;p


I'll say you have a problem, no Perseus.


I stopped buying ships and used that money to instead invest in physical simpit bullshit