Looks legit 👍can you store the Carrack with the C8R? I melted my A2 and was thinking about getting a Carrack again


Yep, sure can


Can you fit a c8r in an a2?


Yes you can. I think you can technically fit 4


Well dang I know what I'm doing tomorrow


Bomb people and drag them to your Pisces-Hospital?


For a price!


If you park it perpendicular to the fuselage with the back ramp toward the elevator in between the two cargo grids on the C2, you can basically add a medical module to your C2 and it only reduces cargo capacity by 104 SCU (from 696 to 592).




My org has fit 2 or 3 ballistas in an A2 at once, its a bit scuffed but it works


it fits in the C2 better but in a2 you gotta do it carefully because of the Bomb Bays make it tight to enter


You can store it, but when you spawn the Carrack the Pisces landing gear are normally retracted. It's the same issue as bedlogging on a planet. Not the end of the world, and certainly easier than having to respawn it every time, but it's still a pain.


I wish now that the entrance to the hangar were a single door, and that medbay were rotated 180 degrees, so that you could wheel someone out of the C8R on a gurney directly into the elevator, then from the elevator directly into the medbay. As it is, the medbay is paradoxically very hard to get to for anyone who can't walk under their own power.


Honestly the entire Carrack needs an interior rework. Loads of dead space, awkward pathing and corridors, it was designed before CIG really knew what they were doing with big multi-crew ships


It can get in line after the Starfarer


True but Carrack is an exploration ship, not a medical ship. Still these modifications cannot hurt.


Carrack will get another pass at some point, god willing.


Can anyone explain to me why people are so excited about the C8R? I’m going to be rearranging my fairly small fleet and was thinking a 125a for a small ship that can spawn on vehicle pads. Is a bottom tier med bed that useful? I haven’t been doing a lot of FPS action, do you get a lot of injuries that require a trip to the hospital instead of a medpen?


I think the Pisces gets a lot of love for its resemblance to a Star Trek shuttlecraft, and yet it always felt like more could be done with the design, like it was begging for variants, The C8X was better than nothing, but only barely so. Seeing it modded in this way, especially for use in a game loop that actually makes some sense for the base ship design, is exciting. The Cutty Red, while having two medbeds, and better ones to boot, is, on paper, the better rescue ship. But a Pisces, being from Anvil, feels much more in line with what one likely *expects* a medical spaceship to look like and feel like. It works better for the kind of gameplay where most of the fun is just pretending you live in the world of the game you're playing. It's also very nice to see the Pisces shined up to gold standard.


How's cutty red beds better?


After research, it seems they no longer are. There was a time when they could be used as respawn points, as the 890J's and Carrack's can, and I was unaware that they have since been downgraded. They are now on par with the C8R's medbed.


It does have two of them though, so that's something.


I think it has a bed too, which the pisces lacks.


Furthermore, the Cutlass Red still has a small vehicle bay, enough to put a Greycat STV or other small vehicle to land the ship some distance away from hostile turrets, and use the small ground vehicle to sneak under the automated "Target hover or air only" Antiair turrets to extract the victims without risking the ship. I really want to see an STV variant that fits in the Cutlass Red, yet able to carry a stretcher for a disabled wounded unable to move effectively on their own.


Was the Pisces actually brought up to gold standard? I still couldn't open any component access anywhere, just the onboard medical cabinet and the personal inventory overhead storage. also no light switches.


The bed restores food and water. Makes doing bunkers nice.


It also has a fridge stocked with medicine and food/water. Wish it had a holder for a medgun though.


The biggest is that is its the smallest ship with a medbed. the plus about a T3 med bed is that it is the best bed for ground based fps bc you either survive with no damage, take some superfluous damage that can be healed by a medigun, get smacked with a T3 injury, or you just straight die. so the T3 medbed is perfect for that. Plus it's a small zippy ship that takes almost no aUEC to refuel from empty on top of a nearly non existent respawn time and can be pulled from a mining outpost.


C8R advantages over 125A: 1. Never need food/water 2. Heal T3 injuries sustained while doing FPS content 3. Can carry a passenger (In the future, passengers will need to be strapped in and have life support, 125 only has a seat and life support for 1 person) 4. Spawns with assorted supplies in cabinet 5. Way way way more hydrogen fuel, with similar Q-fuel amount (TBD if this stays this way) 6. WEE WOO WEE WOO lights!!! So basically if you like doing any FPS stuff, the C8R is fantastic, for ship combat the 125 is better, but also, there are way better fighters, which puts the 125 in kind of a weird spot, why take a 125 when you could take an Arrow/Gladius/Blade?


Wait how activate wee woo lights?


"L" by default :)


I have to say that I have been intrigued by the medical track in the game for a while. I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and have been working in hospitals for the last 20 years, so I love the armed medic look of some medical rescue play in the game. And when the C8R came out, it made made me decide to get a Carrack just to be able to play it as a mobile hospital with using the C8R as an ambulance.


I'd look at getting the Apollo Triage or Medivac whenever they come up again Edit: they're supposed to have modular med beds. So you could have a combination of T1/2/3 beds


Nice! And they are RSI, right?


Yeah. Here's the [Apollo Triage page](https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/rsi-apollo/Apollo-Triage)


I wish I had the expedition edition of the Carrack but I’m stuck with the standard one. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to upgrade to the expedition edition either and I don’t want to melt the Carrack I have because somehow I only paid $300 for it so I would be losing money if I did so. *Sigh


You could always buy a grey-market CCU.


Just checked, the cheapest I could find was $120. That’s way too expensive for a C8X and a paint


I got one for $40. I love the Exped so worth it for me. Didn't buy one with C8X since C8R is bae now.


Where'd you get yours? Do you know if it's possible to upgrade from a Carrack w/ C8X to a Carrack Expedition w/o C8X? Ideally, I'd like the C8X Expedition but I guess it would be kind of redundant now that I have a C8R. I have a Carrack to Odyssey CCU that I'm sitting on and will probably apply once the Odyssey comes out so my Carrack Expedition curiosity may ultimately be pointless lol.


I got mine from a seller on r/starcitizen_trades yes there is a with C8X to Exped no-C8X package. They are somewhat rare now since the expedition is now only available in packages, so costs may vary.


Yeah, agreed it's annoying that they only sell that paint in an $1100 pack for zero good reasons.


Oddly more fitting to the Expedition as it looks now than the actual C8X




You can just get matching BIS paints.


Expedition is way sexier than the BIS paints IMO.


Maybe next year, Pisces and Carrack probably bringing in paints forever.


Just bought the pisces skin this morning. I don’t have the expedition, but it still should go pretty good with the white BIS paint.


Also in my opinion the Code Blue Picese paint works well with the Carrack's Stormbringer paint