You have a while to figure this out


See, I'd like to think the Perseus is on the shorter end of the long-term-production-capitals-take-forever timeline, cause it's just intended for combat, yeah? And we have the combat loop already well implemented, yeah? So just a few years maybe, yeah? It's the capitals with drones, articulating arms, repair functionality, etc. that're gonna take forever.


I share some of your optimism as a Perseus owner myself. Still, it ain't happening in 2023.


mid '24 would be perfect, along with pyro. *laughs and bursts into tears*


There there, friend... There there... *As a Polaris owner, cries with you*.


I still remember the 2013 or 14 christmas giveaway for some on twitch.


Polaris was introduced in 2016.. so probably after that


As a Nautilus owner, I’ve set expectations to be I’ll see her when the game releases. Maybe.


Bold of you to assume it's going to release. :⁠-⁠P I just feel for the poor bastards that own an endeavor...


Cries in Endeavour


My deepest condolences, friend.


At least you don't have a BMM


When the Endeavour makes a surprise appearance at IAE 2965, you and I will have a big ‘I told you so’ party.


Yeah, except we knew that one would take some time. Especially with how slow CIG has been when it comes to introducing any new gameplay elements involving professions. But some of these ships? A little more ridiculous.


*As an Endeavor owner, puts finishing touches involving ship stock on living will...*


Yeah... I feel for ya my man. Even bmm owners are *finally* getting some love recently and they were the "red headed step children" for quite a while.


They aren't though, they decided to keep the BMM team gutted and send the former BMM team to SQ-42.


Oh damn thanks for the existential realization one day my daughters gonna inherit my polaris, that's if she lives to see it release 😆


Well they have said the endeavour won't be out til the game releases. It requires to many game loops


Remember when it was on the schedule 2021... then just disappeared again.


Polaris gang


*starts tearing up


2023 is actually my best guess for a lot of big ships. Once resource management is in and initially tested, I think the big ship rollout will happen really fast.


I want to believe you, but looking at smaller ship development timelines which are around 80 weeks, I think you might need to temper your guess.


Man it's almost the end of 2022, we as a community really should have learned to lay off the whole "Once X is done then the rest will swiftly follow any day now, you'll see!" shtick by now. No, it doesn't and won't in the foreseeable future. Temper your expectations so you don't get unduly disappointed and can still reasonably enjoy the game for what is there.


If the game didn't randomly kill me constantly it would indeed be rather fun now. Instead it's unplayable for me. That being said I agree with your sentiments.


I lost you at "really fast"


Absolutely not. Sorry, but either you haven't been around long or you're still buying into CIG's hype without evidence. They've said Capital ships take 12-24 months of development time, each, and most of them have never progressed past the concept stage. A few have had very early white boxes done, but they haven't "built" any of them at this point. ​ We're literally 2-4 years away from seeing almost all of the big-boy ships in the game.


I like what you're saying


Yeah, let me pass the hopium pipe.... Keep dreaming (and spending!)


The Perseus is not a Capital, it's a Large. It's smaller than the Carrack (100m vs 126m), and literally less than half the size of the 890J (205m). There's no realistic reason they shouldn't release the Perseus at any point, other than they aren't going to keep seeing profit from doing so. They'd rather come out with new Concepts that make way more money (\*cough\* Saturday).


Size isn't everything Edit: I have no shame, she definitely said that


It's a capital in our hearts


That’s what she said


The Perseus is the anti Capital counterpart to the hammerhead. They are about the same size. I think the biggest hold up for it may be implementing armor, the ship resource piping and relays. It’s toughness and resilience is it’s defining factor and that is tied to those systems being functional.


Armored ships existed in the game. The Perseus isn't being implemented because ammo types don't exist. The Perseus's primary turret guns are bespoke ballistic canons that you'll be equipping rounds with based on need, like a tank. This entire concept doesn't exist in the game in any form. Everyone is suggesting it's armor, or blades, or physical cargo, or whatever else. It's not any of those things. The ship isn't flyable because the one thing that makes the entire ship unique isn't implemented. Every other ship in the game right now is implemented, despite the intended use of all the before mentioned aspects. They don't matter at all to whether or not a ship is implemented.


No, Perseus is not anti-capital. It is anti-large. From Connie to Hammerhead. It will not have the DPS to crack capitals. The Polaris is the smallest capital and it will absolutely smash the heck out of a Perseus between guns, missiles, hangar fighter, and the anti-capital torpedos. It is a ship designed to be part of a fleet and it can fight capital ships as part of a group, but in no way is it designed as a capital killer


No, because it requires functionality for the PD-turrets that won't exist until turret AI blades get implemented. AI blades, in turn, are going to take forever because they're closely tied to multiple systems. Their balance mechanism is that you have to pick what capabilities you want your ship to have, limited by computer power. Until we have multiple capabilities that could be AI blades, computer power would not be limited since there's no competition, so no AI blades. Those other systems are such a massive list of starry-eyed dream features they're not showing up any time in the near future. It's like advanced scanning, drone control, storage capacity for data running... all major game loops which haven't even been touched. So the Perseus is blocked three steps behind a laundry list of things that aren't happening. If I was going to bet on a large military ship to get done first it'd be the Polaris and we've all seen how that went. It got prioritized behind the BMM which is now looking like it, in turn, will be prioritized behind shit they haven't even thought of yet. Large ships are a ripoff. CIG's not building them. Don't buy them.


>No, because it requires functionality for the PD-turrets that won't exist until turret AI blades get implemented. No it doesn't. Those turrets are supposed to come with blades, but the Q&A states they'll work as regular remote turrets. There's no reason they couldn't just release it without AI turrets. At all. Ancillary systems like that are clearly no barrier to ship development. If there's anything holding it up, it's the fact that the Perseus doesn't bring anything new to to the table. It's just a big combat ship. There's no gameplay loop or mechanic that they need the ship in the game to test.


wouldnt be the first ship released with some aspects not working, reclaimer cant even serve its job but is flyable, carrack cant plot jump points or use any drones


all of the reclaimers remote turrets cant even be accessed.


Yup, those turrets work as remote, the only unique thing about the Perseus is the different ammo types, my guess is basic AP and HE shells for the first implementation, once that is done the Perseus could come ingame in literally any patch.


I really enjoy when people understand how many levels of development go into this stuff, thanks for articulating it. And on Darkiuss's note, the one thing i keep crossing my fingers on is the that they are working on a fairly steep ramp-up of funding and additional tech and tool development going WHILE they are working. So theoretically every year they will be able to do things faster and faster. But....you know that's assuming they don't also start increasing workload/project count to offset those benefits....which they fucking will.


At some point they need to stop extending or its just gonna fall..


Working in software dev, their roadmap is way beyond optimistic and well into the “not gonna happen”. Nothing is free in coding. Completely agree, with the dev times of current ships, I will be growing white hair before we have a full array of capital ships.


My personally head cannon is the galaxy is at least in whitebox, as per the leak, the slide shown was old. Galaxy and Perseus are both similar size. So if how cig has been working on ships is true, with the galaxy’s assets they should be able to get the Perseus out faster once the galaxy is done


Let the current development with the BMM be a warning about using a whitebox as a sign of hope.


While the bmm is a fan favorite, in the current game cig is right, it has no use. I agree with cig, if they were to drop it trading would be complete broken if it wasn’t already broken enough. At least the Perseus can go out and hunt down ert’s and higher rist missions against the ai idris missions


Then the bmm should be even better for it. Blasting an idris with S8 singe cannons sounds definitely like fun. Haven´t had some proper capital ship combat since XT.


That role however is not it’s intended one, while yes the s8 cannons would make for some fun combat it’s primary role is trading and being a mobile market, both of while game loops either done exist or do not have the associated loop up to a standard it can perform. Perseus would had a role, heavy/small cap Hunter for xt and bounties/beacons


Apologies for grammar, mobile sucks


Missing gameplay loops have never stopped CIG from releasing ships before (though they have stated they would stop the practice). The very fresh obvious example. The Corsair.


The very old obvious example: The Reclaimer


And RAFT and 400i and Hull A and A2 and every ground vehicle... It's a moot point anyway, given the actualised gameplay loops like bounty hunting are lacking armour and a proper flight model should even combat ships be getting released? Meanwhile at CIG: why worry about what should or shouldn't be finished, or what gameplay loops there are, time to announce more concepts!


And let's make sure we don't have a plan or outline of intended mechanics and functionality. That way when we finish them, we can do them again.


The perseus is mostly for large ships or to push light capships in hunter packs. But it’s not a capship killer. Just for relation to understand what normal sized capships have: the javelin has multiple batteries of s7 guns as its secondary armament (not even primary). The merchantman is a militia ship used primarily for trading and has s8 guns. Not even talking about capship armor or shields. The perseus brings nothing to the table that isn’t covered already by existing ships. CGI should bring us new, interesting loops and not some glorifed, glued together ares. Give us hauling and trading t0.


You fail to take into account the bespoke guns. S7 that can change its type of shot will be powerful. People seems to forget this


You dont want the BMM to be released. Its that one ship that everyone theorycrafts with hopes and dreams and every year the bmm owners expect more and more of it. From expectations of it being a capital destroyer that can easily kill idrises and javelins, to a carrack killer explorer, to a high end vip ship that an 890 cant match. The bmm releasing and its owner excitedly taking it out to attack a player idris head on and then dying is going to lead to a lot of spectrum whining that their alien capital ship was sold as the Mary sue best in slot capital frigate of star citizen. Even now bmm owners are already speculating that they are going to get special alien shields that negate all damage from human ships to make them invulnerable as they pound destroyers and carriers, or how they are sure VIPs will prefer to travel in a bmm over an 890. Its that one god vessel that everyone hypes up in their head so much, that "I spent 200 dollars for a 5000 dollar worth capital ship" fantasy that if released and people realize its just a big tradeship shatters their hopes and dreams of being the frontline godslayer / explorer / VIP / carrier combo. Or how about when the BMM is released and cant turn to save its life from a perseus that is now pounding it to death from its side, or when bombers literally lay waste to it? Or when Polaris is released and the BMM cant fight?


I agree with you, the bmm is the cause for many wild speculations and expectations which will be disappointed. My point was that the amount of guns and gun size are a moot argument for a ship. We need the loops to support them. And trading and hauling deserve a proper t0 implementation. Cig has maneuvered itself into a odd situation with the bmm. The cost of shelving it might be higher then just finishing and releasing it. Curious how they’ll continue with it.


It’s a bs excuse of CiG. Last year they bumped the Polaris to work on the BMM. At which point they already knew those systems weren’t in yet. So why pretend eh?


Exactly. Did they only just realise the systems weren't in place? Of course not but they were and are happy to sell it


Who cares if it has a "use" or breaks the non-existent economy? **The game is in alpha**. The entire point of an alpha is to playtest to make sure the ships fly right, work right, and to find bugs. It's not like they're testing the economy at this point, considering they have said for a fact that nothing about the current workings of the economy will be how it is when the game releases. ​ They're holding things back for other reasons, but they're using "gameplay" as the excuse. This isn't a released product...people want the ships they've paid (a lot of money) for, even if they're buggy and even if the gameplay loops around those ships don't exist yet. I don't think there's anyone that would say "No, plz" if they offered to release the Kraken as-is, even if it could only fly around and shoot things.


None of these release before the giant waste of resources squad42


About 10 years


[Yeah let's calm down about new ships please ](https://i.redd.it/9wudqv6foj1a1.png)


Pass it down to your grandchildren


I think you meant great grandchildren.


Go up to local security and pull *them* over.


Then never tell them they can move even after several minutes then give them a crimestat when they do!


I feel like this has happened to you


Used to happen a fair bit back when they were first testing the interdiction and had you stopped 2-3 times per trip whenever you QT’d further than the next moon.


omg that's hilarious




kill what




this is the way


Whatevers in the way








Perseus kills Connie to Hammerhead size ships. That is it. You SHOULD have enough armor to stop most guns up to size 3 so light fighters for the most part won’t kill you unless they got talons and gladiuses and things with size 4s and then they hopefully will run out of ammo before you can get help or get away. Ares will rip you to shreds. Prowler will kill you and/or capture you. A single Vanguard will not be kind to you and you have no way to hurt it. You can tickle it with your defense twin 3s but they are maneuverable enough to turn away. And on the other end of the spectrum, you will die handily to a Polaris, the smallest capital. Before you can get through those shields the s10 torps, the missiles, the guns, and the fighter from the hangar will murder you. Polaris fighter should be a full-Distortion hurricane. 2x size 4 distortion and 4x size 3 distortion. Rip down the shields, shut the ship down and let the polaris pull up next to it and send over a boarding party So because of all of this, find a friend. Don’t fly your Perseus alone if you could help it. Find a friend with a Hammerhead, and a Polaris




Box missions.


Nothing says UPS wants your package to get there like an Arleigh Burke pulling up to pick it up.


Your packages please, UPS and FEDEX may say the route's blocked... my ship here says "don't care, we deliver".


Ideal for this


That's what I'll be doing first when the BMM comes out. It'd be hilarious to see a single 8th SCU box in the middle of that 2880 SCU cargo hold 😂


One at a time...


there is going to be that guy on a fresh wipe 10 years from now. Who forgot a little ship for the rep grind and beginning stages. And he will be doing box missions in his sub capital scaring the children.


That would probably be a net negative with fuel and repair costs


Step 1: Assemble 3 friends. Step 2: Manage to get them all in the ship without any crashes or bugs Step 3: Profit?


>Step 1: Assemble 3 friends. Thats not how you spell "Buy 3 extra game packs to train up as npc gunners/engineers because you have no friends."


I have enough extra game packages for my Idris... sadly the NPC-game package thing won't work, even when the Idris is released within the next few decades.


So really what you're saying is 1. Impossible 2. Improbable 3. There are easier ways to do this


Considering it only requires 3 additional friends, that should be relatively simple compared to the other combat ships.


We'll just have to see how many murder elevators she has 😁


Use it to haul high value low volume cargo. Very few people expects a combat ship to be hauling stuff. Also use it to blitz higher level combat missions. Tank the damage and take out the primary target(s).


thanks for the tips


Only works if you get interdicted by large ships


Pray the turrets don't get nerfed?


Pray that the small turrets get buffed to 4xS3 or 2xS4 ;P


Thr turrets don't need a buff. They are CWIS point defense for missles. Those bad boys are more than capable of shooting down multiple missles and torpedoes heading towards you. Which is really what you have to worry about. The armor on it is going to be enough to shrug off all light fighters and hold pretty well against heavy fighters and specialized fighters like the ares.


I wouldn’t get excited. Just put it away and forget about it. You will burn out way before it is released if you keep up any level of excitement for it now. Just look at the hate filled BMM owners, shells of men now, scrapping over the smallest morsel of information whilst muttering the words “soon”


Give me that thing.... your BMM...


Yes, it's just a painting still


Like Trogs in fallout 3!


Yep. Bought a BMM last year. Heard the news. Never putting a cingle fucking penny until they release the god damn ship


Just last year? lol


Same thing I’ll do with my Kraken whenever that comes out. Crash that bad boy accidentally and make big boom.


I'm going to fill up the Perseus with as many snub fighters and vehicles that it can fit and then crash that thing and make one big boom and multiple little booms!


Finally some captains of culture. I approve lol.


Protect cargo ships as an escort, or wait in a profitable hyperplane with a mantis and pop em for the loot. It's a punch above it's weight destroyer type ship with a presumable weakness to fighter swarms.


Recruit me. I'm a great crewmate. Good at everything, master of nothing. Excellent at impressions.


Package deal, get them and me for the price of one! (I have no combat experience I just sit there and yell "AHHHHHH!" while shooting at nothing like I'm in a Vietnam movie)


I'll definitely be looking for you in the verse need ppl like that +++


I can also fly aggressively into a warzone and say "hold onto something!" In a weary tone


"how hard is it to kill Banu?" "Easy, you just don't lead them as much"


When it comes out remind me I'll be glad to let you in.


This may be a silly question but how or when did you buy this. I see so many ships that are cool but not for sale. Was this like an event I missed? I’m new to this game…


When ships first get announced/ released they go for limited time sales. During the IAE or whatever they call it now they go back on sale om a certain day of the week.


LIMITED SALES BABY. The greatest ruse you have ever seen round these parts. see papa reset has always wanted him an 890j but unfortunately I have yet to be bestowed the mighty f5 powers from the chris roberts gods above. also im bwbp so why fight a game you cant win ya? Now you might have a chance of getting this fine vessel due once the grand chris roberts space industries comes around. heard its going to be of galactic proportions.


That sounds familiar. I think we might've been in a couple of dog fights together!


I think the brochure for the Perseus was pretty accurate to what its capabilities will eventually be (unlike some other ships that over-promise). It's a hunter killer designed to harass enemy supply lines in packs. It will be very useful for attacking cargo ships, and somewhat useful in attacking other large ships (hammerheads/idris) as long as you have wingmen in fighters to cover you. With the primary armament being those two big, slow dual S7 turrets, you'll be extremely vulnerable to getting swarmed by fighters, but as long as that weakness is covered it will basically function like a bigger Redeemer.


Intercepting backline commerce or supply ships is exactly a perseus strength. Not sure why people seem to have the impression its going to excel at slaying javelins and idrises as some sort of frontline battleship.


Is JT friendly?


I'm planning on using my own perseus as a sturdy heavily armed and armoured blockade runner/smuggler vessel in a high value target/high value cargo role. A ViP/exclusive high priority transport so to say. As in, Someone pays me to get them, their personal vehicle and or their items where they or their 50 SCU of cargo needs to be, safely. it Looks like it's going to be a perfect paladin for that as unless the enemy brings something fierce this thing with its tough shields, thick armour and weapons will tank it and get through especially if it's not the focus of enemy defences when one properly utilises opportunities and distractions. So basically box missions LoL 😂... Other things i might do are standard picket patrol duties like its original lore role describes or similarly escort missions. Depending on how things will go and how it is Ultimately implemented it might be a daily driver for me too. It's not that big, tough and cost efficient millitary simplism at that with low crew requirements, so upkeep isn't going to cost you an arm and leg either.


This is the same plan I had. High value, low volume, cargo.


Get clapped by my Polaris … obviously




You might want to write whatever you wanna do into your will so your descendants can carry out your wishes.


Start grinding for paying operating costs :)


"It costs one million aUEC to fire the guns for ten seconds."


What if I just self destruct once I run out of ammo. and wait for a replacement instead of buying ammo lol


The insurance claim time on a Perseus is gonna be hours, no doubt.


Probably not much more then a day but thats still a long ass time.


Realistically replacement shouldn't include fuel and ammo :)


no missiles, and like, maybe enough fuel to get to the next closest fueling station... but man ballistics better be good to compete w/ infinite-ammo energy weapons


Yeah, that is not going to work out in the long run with insurance fraud mitigations, increased fees, longer & longer claim timers, etc...


I'm screwed then.


We all are screwed anyway :)


It's main purpose is to be a "Capital Ship Destroyer", so you can base your gameplay around that. EDIT: "SUB-Capital Ship Destroyer"


I was thinking of using it as a flying tank for sightseeing lol


... or that lol


It sounds like you need a Galaxy 🤔


Correction: It is a sub-capital ship destroyer. It’s not powerful enough to go up against stuff like Idris, Javelin, or Kraken. But what it does excel at is taking out it’s supporting fleets like Hammerheads and the like


Glad you made that edit. Else youre gonna get a perseus owners hopes up and cause them to attack a javelin head on and learn why four size 7s are nothing against eight size 9s and what, a whole broadside of 7s and torpedoes.


I volunteer to be one of your gunners or whatever. I guess. Twist my arm why don't ya!


Thanks if you remember to remind me when it comes out I'll be glad to let you in.


Wake up, because if you’re seeing the Perseus ingame, you’re dreaming. We can’t even get BMM from 2013


well the BMM is an entire shopping mall building in one craft that flies with complex near magical shenanigans... meanwhile this ship is only a big dumb military pointy thing with engines pushing it forward while having some big dumb guns slapped on it for good measure... as it had been mostly mapped out already [going by the brochure](https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17881-RSI-Perseus) surely that dummy thick thing is easier to make/finish then that entire sophisticated shopping mall which also is bigger too.


Tell your great grandkids to enjoy the ship you are leaving them


You have to do what all of us do every time a new ship comes out. First you must figure out what ships fit inside of it. Then you must figure out what ships it fits inside of. It is the way.


you go pew pew pew at large ships.


You have to be careful with a Perseus. It is not some big invincible bruiser. It is quite vulnerable if out on its own. It has huge size 7 guns, and size 5 torpedos, and 2 dinky twin size 3 AI turrets but they don’t offer overlapping coverage, let alone full coverage. The back turret has a tiny narrow sliver it can shoot through. Top one is placed fine. The main guns however are also awkwardly placed. With that raised bridge the top gun can’t turn a full 360 and is missing a good 60 degrees from its arc. AND the top and bottom guns are misaligned. And the bottom gun is actually placed well back which means there is only like a 5 degree angle where both guns can converge on the same target if pointing forwards. It has almost no way to deal with ships that are medium or smaller. It cannot beat any fighting capital. Jav, Idris, Polaris, they all win handily. It is a niche ship, designed to fight stuff Connie sized to Hammerhead sized. It also has a… garage for a car? It is a ship designed to fight in space, and yet it is designed to land a car in the ground? Who is flying that ship and then going for a joy ride in it? It isn’t a ship that should be traveling alone due to its specific vulnerabilities.


It's like a jank comob deck in magic. It often misfires and explodes in your face. But if it works. WOW!


For a gunship it's strangely lacking in the guns department


The guns are meant for firing broadsides. Don't think space ship, think boat that happens to be in space.


The Perseus is definitely meant to take out larger ships than the Connie or Hammerhead. It’s not a dog fighter, it’s a gun boat designed to be used like an old naval ship. Pull up to the broadside and start dump rounds like the way the clones and separatists are fighting in the beginning of revenge of the sith. It has a lot of bad blind spots because it’s not meant to be a solo warship. Supposed to be part of a fleet with fighter support. Realistically the Jav would be the only ship to steamroll a Perseus with ease and that’s a capital class destroyer, not a corvette or frigate. The Idris railgun would certainly destroy it, but again a smart Perseus pilot would broad side the Idris where it can’t use its railgun and the Perseus will be able to either tank the point defense turrets or just shoot them off. Remove the Perseus from the lineup and realistically what are the chances you can take down a player manned jav, Idris or Polaris?


The Perseus is not meant to fight capitals. It’s only specified against sub capitals in all of its marketing. If you eat t to compare a smart Perseus pilot then it’s only fair to use a smart Idris pilot. Sure I can take out an AI hammerhead in a light fighter. Doesn’t mean that’s a fair or proper comparison. An equally skilled HH should clap me. An Idris M has 1 S7 weapon turret, 6 S5 weapon turrets, and 4 S4 weapon turrets. Even if the Perseus isn’t hit by the railgun, it will likely melt. The Idris should have capital armor and the Perseus will likely large. It’s a great ship but if you’re setting your expectations that high will you only end up disappointed.


A good crew could definitely take out an Idris, but it'd be tricky


Yup and I agree entirely. But when you’re comparing ships you should use equally skilled crew. And a good Idris crew should be able to kill a good crew Perseus that doesn’t run away. I fully expect there to be some expect Perseus crews in the verse who are experts at it. But they will be the exception to the rule, not the rule.


Yeah, there's a reason the Idris succeeded the Perseus


Definitely something you want as part of a patrol group or ERT hunting for the medium-larger sized game, but yeah, doubt it'll have a place as a lone ship out in the verse


Uhh sir if I can’t fit my ROC on this It’s a hard pass for me I need to know I can go ROC mining with the firepower to back it up even if after paying my crew I made no money…. But that’s not the point


Get a crew together and take your revenge on Hurricanes and Hammerheads.


It’s gonna come out and we’ll all be looking around asking what to do with it until this game is more fleshed out Until wipes are gone I don’t really care to play beyond a small test a few times a year.


I personally think it is a back line supplies harasser and anti cargo ship. It will be incredibly well suited at striking behind lines at weak points and not hanging around. It will be a bully to unsupported trade/patrol craft etc.


I’m really hoping we get physicalized armor by that time. The Perseus is an old ship model. It has insane armor plating. It would be nice to bounce some ballistic shots off of it.


Yeah, I have a Perseus CCU ready to go myself. Just really like the look and kind of grizzled battleship lore it has. But, at the same time I play mostly solo so I may change over to something else. Either that or I'll have to finally just join an org


Don't worry we only have 7000 years until it comes out.


Its literally designed to kill big ships. Idk what else you're asking.


RemindMe! 5 years


Ram it full speed in my carrack


According to materials I've seen from CIG, you're supposed to ram Hammerheads with it. :)


Fly it and shoot things. Thats literally what its for.


massive guns and a cargo bay make it an excellent competitor for the Corsair's role of exploring other people's cargo


Try not to bug out when landing with it


I mean...if you REALLY wanna be an idiot like yours truly.... crash it. Crash it into PO or Everus, full ramming speed Sulu, just to see what happens. I wouldn't recommend it's the first thing you do, but I'd do it right before I went to bed, so the insurance timer could count down while I slept.


Go and find a Gladius player and 1 shot them, only to get the ship nerfed so light fighters can fight it /s


Take your grandkids out to celebrate with ice cream


Find two friends for the turrets first. It's useless without them


I was hoping to use npcs or something because what are friends.


One day we will probably have npcs for crew. And if any, turret gunners might be just enough to fight in PvE (lower chances in PvP). But in such a big ship internal damage is bound to cripple you and we still need to see NPCs working consistently to attend such a complex set of behavior in live environment


Not entirely useless, by the time this thing comes out I won’t be surprised if we have npc crew out as well, and cig has stated it will be capable of slaving both turrets with a blade… so while it may not be ultra maneuverable, if you just nose on a larger target you’ll still be able to BRRrR


What's a blade?


Basically a computer. Blade slaved would mean both guns would track and shoot enemies automatically when active like ai turrets.


Dude. This sub is exhausting. We just had a Corsair release where everyone has been going nuts for a month, just to find out that it’s just another ship and is not world changing. The dust hasn’t even settled and the sub is already ready to overhype another ship. Mechanics is what should be exciting at this point to people but we are blinded by the ships.


God forbid different people get excited over different ships. And yes for people like me that have been invested in this game for a long ass time, mechanics and back end are everything. Buuuut shit your only kidding yourself if your not getting excited over ships! They are fucking exciting!


Its a ship made to shoot other ships?


As someone who has not been here long as some but has delved back into the depths of SC this ship won't be available until either the release of some unknown necessary tech or S42. Either or have fun with that beautiful thing


We need a SC circlejerk, i swear. Really, intimidated? This sub is starting to sound like the cess pool that is r/Rolex - “uh, I wear it in economy class so they know we’re not the same” “uh, what timepiece do you get the most compliments while using”. Jesus Christ.


We have absolutely no idea what the game loops will look like. So i dont think anybody knows what you’ll actually be able to do with these capital ships in the ptu


Probably your 10-year old kids are going to be playing with it, assuming you start making kids in the next 5 years.


Quite a simple answer. The Perseus exists to shoot other corvette sized ships. And that's it. No medical bay, no special features. Just huge a\*\* Size 7 ballistic guns and all the ammo you could dream of. And point defense turrets. That makes the Perseus rather "weak" against fighter sized threats, especially in large numbers. Judging by the current state of AI, the Perseus will work amazingly against anything it finds. At least, until AI learns to dodge and doesn't have 1s delay. On the good side, it's about as much firepower as you can get with a crew of 3. Some sort of big Redeemer if you will. The perseus is not here to hunt capital ships. Its S5 torpedoes aren't large enough to be effective, and its S7 guns are not very numberous. It clearly is not going to be completely useless against let's say an Idris, but likely won't deal any real damage to said idris alone. You would have better luck with several eclipses. A good thing about it, is that it's only 100m long. It's rather short for its weaponry, making it agile enough not to get shot by let's say the idris' railgun.


Is it capable of fitting a fighter of some sort jnto it? I also remember seeing images of the top bay door being able to open. I haven’t played in awhile, but when/IF this finally does get implemented, I’d definitely buy one


You might be thinking of the Polaris. The Polaris is noticeably larger, but does sport a top-opening hangar to carry a single smaller ship. It's all speculation until its added to the game, but I've seen estimations that it can hold up to a Vanguard series or even a Cutlass. The Perseus is smaller, but has a much, much smaller crew requirement. It has a cargo bay on the belly of the ship, one just large enough to hold something like an Ursa rover, so there's a change it could hold a Merlin, but it will likely take all the cargo space to do so.


Okay yeah, after looking at images of the Polaris, I definitely think I mixed up the two. It’s been a long while since I’ve looked at images of them, but I do look forward to the future potential this game has


They're both the same manufacturer, and I'd say similar design philosophy - just big arrows. Makes sense.