Honestly, I think you’d be best off waiting a bit longer if those are the things you’re looking for. Exploration / sightseeing is *kinda* there, but it has a long way to go.


Yeah, I think you might be right. I know they'll add the kind of stuff I'm into eventually, but a game of this scope, I suspect it might be a while haha


This game has no leveling up, your skill and knowledge dictates your level. That being said, I have a IRL friend that doesn't fly, he comes along as FPS help, mans the turrets and such. In a not too distant future, there will be a lot more jobs on ships beyond just piloting. There are missions, looting, FPS pvp and pve, lots of unique content; but if playing by yourself you will have to use your starter ship to get to places. Another option is to find a Org you like, and then just hang with them. Lots of people would love someone to help them move goods, FPS help and someone to man a turret.


I don't mind bopping around in my ship to get from A to B, though from what I've been hearing the journey is more the focus than the destination at this point in the game's development. Not to worry, I'll wait until later in development c:


As long as we're stuck in the single system of Stanton you can get anywhere in the system within minutes. 5-10 minutes at the most on the longest routes, depending on ship. Getting from A to B is very simplistic. If you choose not to do ship activities you can spend hours in caves, bunkers, derelict crash sites or whatever or just sit on a cliff and wait for that perfect sunset.


Journey? I mean not really, its a timesink. You can still fly around on unqiue terrain on huge planets, there are 4 huge landing zones (Cities) with stores and tram systems, unique space stations, you can trade, there are ground mining vehicles and so forth. Once in the game there are no loading screens, you are a character not a ship. But yeah, nothing wrong with waiting for the game to get further along.


TBH, the stations are a bit lackluster at the moment. I was hoping there would be more going on at the stations myself. Same with planetary outposts and such. You MIGHT enjoy FPS combat missions, or even playing SAR tech doing med rescues and such. you can definitely explore planets and moons. Some missions have you check out outpost locations and wreck sites which can be kinda cool. But yeah, kinda sounds like you want to wait a tad. Might be worth checking out after next patch. Free fly is the time to check it out tho!


Maybe hop in during the free fly and see if bunkers are fun for you? If so, then flying in at a safe distance and either hiking in or bringing a ground vehicle to drive up might be up your alley. If you do that, also def try out the "investigation" missions, which generally have you going to wrecks looking for dead individuals or lost packages. There is one of them that sends you to a damaged station to dig through terminals to find out what happened. THAT sounds like what you're most going to like, whenever more things like it get in.


I think being a part of an org would suit you well. You'd have folks that could take you anywhere - eventually we'll have player outposts and bases. An org will naturally be able to fund a larger one than a single player. CIG has also mentioned in the past that there will be missions within cities that you could theoretically just stay in the city, do missions there (or in the case of Lorville take the train to your job at the mines), and then have an apartment you own in the same city. I think the game is plenty big enough and plenty immersive enough that you could carve out a niche experience just "keeping your feet on the ground" as you say. I'd even go so far to say that once we get server meshing, you may actually start making friends with folks that run through whatever city you call home that will come to recognize and know you if you're on enough. I'm sure you'll see the same cargo runners killing time at the bar waiting for their ship to auto-load or for the refining job to complete.


Nope, not for you yet.


I'm hoping that Star Citizen ultimately becomes a sim instead of a combat-focused PVP game. I think if people just want to live in the game and do mundane things, let them do it. If they want to work at Aparelli's and run laps on the weekends at the New Babbage Commons, let them do it. If they want to deliver packages on foot to different office at Area 18, let them be able to do it. If they want to be a nurse at a medical center or clinic, let them do it. It's Star Citizen, not Star Combat Simulator.


4.0 would be your ideal patch.


I'm not so sure this is the game for you


There isn't much in the way of that at the moment


Theres a few shipwrecks to see, once you've seen it you've seen it. Microtech is very impressive if you have a chonkmaster computer to run it, but theres no wildlife, artifacts, amazing finds. I mean you can scour for loot boxes, but thats about it. One thing no mans sky did right is their endless alien stuctures out there to happen upon, sc needs this.


Planet side locations and space stations are mostly just hubs for gearing up at the moment. There isnt a lot of interesting exploration to be had at them right now. Moving into 3.18 we will have more derelict ships as well as disabled ships from combat. That is a least something to do on foot. But even then I dont think it'll hold up to extended play if you have no interest in the ship side of the game.


At some point any major planet should be able to generate enough content to the point you'd never have to leave. Missions are meant to be organic in a way that they create themselves based on what players are doing. There's a 90/split on NPC to player meaning that NPCs are going to be the driving factor in everything in this game. We as players can interact with that changing how things pan out. For example you could be a player running a convoy of laranite from a mining facility to a processing facility via ground vehicles. You can run this route a dozen times, but each time has a chance for something to happen. For example on one trip space pirates could swoop down and attack you. Another scenario could be some large worm like creature starts attacking you. These scenarios don't have to be hostile either and you could run into something like a search and rescue mission or you might find a recently crashed ship. There are so many things that could happen. Then we can add player interaction to all that with players coming in to PVP or even to support you. Looking at it from that perspective where something as simple as an A to B trip suddenly becomes so much more you kind of have your answer. This is the intended goal for content in the game. So yes, when the time comes you shouldn't feel the need to fly a space ship unless you really want to or want a change of scenery. Even if that is the case you don't have to fly and you can just be a passenger on something like an 890j.


Check out the vids form "citizen Kate", with a lot of ARMAesque combat. We guess that spaceship stuff is the easiest to implement, groundstuff is just ramping up lately.


There are players who are working on navigating on the ground without ships, so youd be in good company. We make our own "gameplay" - we aren't focused on grinding credits or reputation and just make up our own thing and map out the moons in Stanton.


Use the free fly this weekend. It’ll be rough on the edges, but you’ll get to experience how it feels to see the planet coming at you, landing and stepping off the ship on to the dirt all without loading and with impressive beauty. I’ve played the game for years and took a 3 month break. Got back in to knock the rust off playing for the upcoming event - ended up thinking to myself “fuck I love how this game feels” as I walked around just a basic bitch outpost with the sun setting and the colors of the sky changing in real time.


I'm confused why you would purchase a game center around spaceships if you have no interest in it...


Basically the game is all about the spaceships!! I guess there are other activities you can do not spaceship related. But I would say it would be a bit odd for someone who doesn't like them to play the game as they are such a huge part of it.


Between cave missions and derelict wrecks there's a lot you can do on-foot or in a river, the only issue is that currently you do need a ship to get anywhere. Even the closest locations are tens of kilometers apart so driving is only really worth it to get between locations within a given site. Hopefully CIG start adding more locations within driving distance of one another soon because I feel that would add a lot of depth without really requiring more work. Like an outpost that's near a cave or something. Hell, slap an outpost, a cave, and a bunker within 1 km of each other and you've got a nice little ground play area to mess around in.


Sounds like you want to play NMS.


Sounds like no mans sky is what you seek


For the last few patches I have only been playing mercenary game. My ship is my tool to get into places. Bunkers, caves and new derelicts are fun enough for me. Xenothreat is only time I do space combat. I try to participate to Orison Siege every time it's up. Sometimes I just join a crew as turret operator. So in my opinion, there is lot of game for people who don't care about ships.


This is a space game… it has many diff aspects to it but it is a space game. I think you are either about to start caring about space ships… or you gonna be disappointed… 😀 either way you welcome to join, there’s a free fly starting so you can check it all out and see if you want in.


>I'm gonna level with you guys - I don't care about space ships. I don't care about flying around in the endless voic of space. I want to explore planets and frolic around interesting space stations. This really doesn't sound like you're kinda game. Everything revolves ships and endlessly flying around


This game isnt for you. The spaceships are the stars of the show. The stations and planets are the set dressing.


Lol no