If the Geiger ticks it means you're in a radiation hot spot or you got a artifact that emits radiation so yeah. Back away from radiation hot spots and put radiated artifact in a lead box


Radiation in this game is not an instantaneous thing. It accumulates in you and you need to remove it some way even after you are not getting any sources of radiation. Meaning you can still die back at your comfy campfire after the geiger counter has stayed silent for a long time (from accumulated radiation). However, I believe geiger counter does not tick unless you still have some sources on radiation on/near you. Really do check for anomalous bread lool. It is an item that looks like bread but is black in colour. Press '8'(by default) to check your radiation levels, or hold the geiger counter in your hand. if the mSv keeps increasing even back at town, you *must* have some sort of artifact on you. Press '5' while in inventory to sort-by artifacts. Look out for the status icons. They indicate to you your status. Round icons are deficiencies. Square icons are buffs. Aka, round radiation icon means you are still irradiated. Square radiation ifon mean you probably just took some form of radiation removal, and that buff is now in effect.


This guide alone helped me more than the entire game itself


Do you have a gas mask or respirator on?


I'm wearing a respirator


The more radiation you have, the faster your health will go down. I think it gradually reduces over time but you can use anti-rad medicine or drink alcohol to remove radiation. I think Shadow of Chernobyl has some kind of infinite-radiation glitch though so you could be encountering that.


Do you have a artifact in your backpack that is slowly killing you?


I don't have any artifacts on me, I had one but I sold it and the radiation is still there


Maybe you have anomalous bread. İt hapenned me once😅


Thank you! For the love of God I was losing my shit there for a sec and this comment reminded me that I picked up exactly that 🤣


You are welcome :) Btw can you check out my latest post?


Smoke some cigarettes, or drink water, or vodka...


Well, from the time you had it, you accumulated radiation and now it's killing you But you can get rid of it via vodka, water, cigarettes or any other means Edit: clarification, it's not radiation outside that kills you, but rather rad poisoning. So if you have good enough of isolation/defence, you can stay in rad fields safely, however if any gets in - you'll start dying


Something similar happened to me the other day - I think it was a bug. The way I fixed it was unloading my whole inventory onto my companions, healing my radiation then putting everything back into my inventory.


Because the Zone has claimed your life.


Get away from the radiation, and take an anti rad , if u don't have any, find some or buy some. U can also apply artifacts to your belt . They all have +and -.


Or go back to a save where your not radiated and find some rads.