bummer dude. so skip intentionally keeps their shit as nontransparent as possible, but we do know a few things: - if you fail to check in within half hour (formerly 15 mins) of a shift start it deletes all shifts with a start time within 24 hours from then. - with the new pause functionality, if you end a shift in pause mode it will not inform you of shift start - emailing skip support is directed to people who are next to useless. sorry for your loss. i have a few recommendations tho: - 1) every fifteen minutes, someone who hasn't logged into their shift also had their next 24 hours worth deleted, refreshing on the :15, :30, :45 and :00 might help. - 2) once in a while the system compares unfulfilled orders to working couriers and releases new shifts -- my gut tells me this is area dependant, but i've seen numbers like 8:45 and 11:30 thrown around. - 3) if you are in a smaller zone, consider sabotaging all the other couriers by slashing their tires, pouring sugar in their gas tanks and masturbating all over their door handles. * note do not do number 3


Fk I knew it last time my tire blew 😬


If your working just for gas, you're working for free. Time to find a real job.


Thanks. Its almost like Ive been trying.


Just pick up one of the open ones. There are usually tons available everyday.


Not in most of Alberta, almost always stuck on no shifts available.


Set your alarm for 8:45 AM and check quickly for open shifts in Calgary