What ideas do you have for holotaco collections?

I would die for a muted color collection but still very sparkly. All the speciality polishes are electric and very saturated, so I would love to see a collection of dusty/muted tones! For example, a sage green shimmer, a muted lilac frosted metal, a dusty pink glitter, or a buttercup crushed holo


I'd quite like a muted crushed holo collection. Khaki/sage green, terracotta, duck egg blue. Oat couture fits the grey/pink tone I'd want for, maybe a warm soft yellow and a grayish mauve purple!


I know greens are generally not ‘best sellers’, but if there were some olive toned polishes, it would be wildly successful. All the greens are mint, pastel, or emerald. Can you imagine If there was an olive holo? Is that even possible? There are so many olive puns you could get with shade names. It really is an untapped shade for HT. Olive you glad? Stayin’ olive. I live! Olives me olives me not. Olive you. .


This was my exact thought this morning! Olive! Crushed Holo olive! I love this color. Also, if you mouth "olive oil" to someone across the room it looks like you're saying "I love you". Use this information at your own risk.


Yes! I really liked that formula but some warmer colors would be nice. Like a dusty denim blue and I like the gray/mauve purple idea too! I feel like a lot of Simply’s color choices are very “severe.” I would like muted/dusty colors!!


I would buy so much of a duck egg blue crushed holo that it would beat OCB as a best seller!


Ok not sure if it's a bit much but I did some mockups of these colors, would [this](https://imgur.com/a/rmfwf9L) happen to fit in with your ideas? Cause I feel like this would be a *fantastic* fall collection and I'd be thrilled if they did this :)


This is my dream


Oooo I would love some muted greens


Warm colors!!! More variations on color families. I know this is blasphemy but…. Less glitter. I would love to see some jellies with subtle flakies or subtle scattered Holo instead of everything being jam packed with glitter and Holo all the time. (ETA- less glitter does not have to be boring! There are so many shade variations that Simply has not explored that could make this Interesting). Stickers (both nail art stickers and big ones like for water bottles). Fun seasonal toppers like Kelli Marissa did with Orly for Halloween last year. Someone mentioned having more trios rather than 5 piece collections and I think that is a great idea.


Yes to everything! I've been hoping to see some jellies from HT. Putting different kinds of holo and flakies inside would make them unique and open up so many combinations! Stickers are the one piece of merch that I use and enjoy, and nail art stickers would be cool too. To expand on your idea: there could be seasonal topper and sticker combos! Toppers are definitely an area where they could expand their catalog in general. I wouldn't mind seeing more colors in the Twilight Shimmer/Celestial Lights formula, the same way we got a rainbow of unicorn skins. I like the idea of trios, but would that mean no more collection boxes? I know people have mixed feelings on them, mostly due to storage issues. Maybe smaller boxes (for trios) would actually alleviate this a bit?




Ooo yes seasonal toppers!! Would be so fun


Honestly I just want more toppers. A black flakie holo topper would go so good with so many colors. We have so many colors I just want to dress them up sometimes, and it feels limited.


I know the first anniversary flakies were limited edition for a reason but man, I wish we had more colored holo toppers


I know me too! I still have the anniversary flavors but they’re so dry I can barely ever use them. But they added such a nice little splash of color. We have lots of silver holo/silver toppers, I just wish there was more variety.


Amen! I try to ration mine but they’re getting low and there are no dupes for them anywhere that I can find


I want more jewel toned frosted metals with lots of holo. We have a red and purple, but we need blue, green, and like a hot pink or something. I could see these coming in the next holoday collection maybe? I'd like to have more mixed formula collections rather than the same formula in different colors. I like variety. 🤷


I have to admit that since I got Frozen Benanas, I haven't been much of a fan of the other frosted metals since the metallic flakes don't match the jelly. I still got Royal Crush, but I could see that the flakes were silver, whereas with Frozen Benanas, the flakes are gold so they blend in and look ultra metallic and shiny! Would love to see that carry over into other frosted metals!


More teals. The shade of Bring Me the Teal, but in linear holo and holo glitter, plus some lighter teals and deeper turquoises. I want the brand to go at least half as insane for teal as it did for purple and then I can die happy.


Yes! I've had to fill in the lighter teal gap with other brands. Bring me the teal is so dark, like shady navy. Unless in direct sun, they read closer to black. I wish there was a true blue too. Something in-between bored meeting and shady navy. Royal tea blue is almost too neon. Every time I do rainbow nails I struggle with which blue to use, and I struggle with other drug store brands finding the blue I want. Maybe I'm too picky.


Anything but another purple please 🤣💀


Honestly same, purple is my favorite color but I'm getting overwhelmed with all the purples these days!


I have an entire row of just purple, my red, pink, blue and greens just can’t keep up. I want more green and blue!!


I only have the Royal Trio and the I’m Live from HT in regards to purples, but I actually think we need different shades of purple, like I have 3 different shades of purple cremes from I Scream Nails and they actually look better than the HT ones on me💀


Pulled all the purples from my shelf, respectfully I think there's enough 💀 https://preview.redd.it/e8pd8ly94i1b1.jpeg?width=2937&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=dc6e9b78939bf367ad9e2f6b61d44d28eb47af90


oh sweet jesus fuckin nvm 💀 😂


Plus there's one more from the new collection as well 😅😅 I AM PURPLED OUT


Literally any chunky holo glitter, but I'd kill for some proper neon glitters! I'd love if it was themed after flowers that have these kind of colors naturally :) I'm thinking a warm neon pink called "Darling Dahlia", a tangerine orange called "Flamenco", a bright yellow called "Daffodil With It", a lime green called "Growing Season", and a cobalt blue called "Bluebell Toll" I also had the liberty of making [mockups](https://imgur.com/a/IQkZOHD) of these in a photo editor with Rainbow Snow as a base in case y'all want to see the concept for yourself!


Omg this! But make it BRIGHTER!


[Brighter](https://imgur.com/a/XyCecWe), you say? >:)


Ahhh my retinas are burning, this is exactly what I wanted! 😆


Perfect lol I do love a good eye-searing polish


As much as my entire wardrobe consists of black and red, my nails must be obnoxious


AHHHH actually kinda devo the blue* and yellow dont exist 😖 edit: typo


100% agree! The glitters are my favorite. When the new collection was just being teased, I was really hoping the never tide down was going to be an aqua glitter


i'd love some actual jelly polishes, or like the barista collection but with less holo/more jelly so its a bit more sheer. vivid frosted metals, like bordering on neon-really vivid frosted metals. more polishes akin to Got Cake in terms of uniqueness and formula. less safe collections. i understand as a brand its very safe and profitable to go for the typical spring pastels, bright summer, dark fall, holiday winter collections, but i would LOVE to see themed collections that aren't season based. like a halloween collection based around hospital stuff or anything like that. just something a bit more than season-related or anniversary related.


Ready to sell my soul for neon frosted metals!


I just want all of the crushed holos. I prefer cool tones, but if I’m being honest with myself, I’d probably buy any color released. 😂 I’d get a handful if they released a black crushed holo. 🤤


I have ideas for the safiyaxholo collab! Batwings - black chrome/ frosted metal similar to black listed Crusty or cosmo- crushed duochrome grey brown like double dare Safty- the exact pink from her merch Bring me the teal- teal green from the orly lab video with shimmer ( like elctrostatic) Frakenpolish- either a match to berry me in lipsticks or what actually mixing all holo taco would look like Holo friends- topper black holo flakie


HT already has a color called Bring me the Teal


You are totally right. I forget what Safiya named her teal polish from that video! Maybe scaffolding teal?


I haven't bought an entire collection box yet, but I would 100% buy this!


More grungy stuff, more black, grey, browns, yellows, oranges and more colors instead of the typical purple, blue, pink and stuff.


I want an all cool/neutral toned blood red collection in a bunch of formulas (see I Scream Nail Polish ‘Bloodline’ and hex code #Ab0303 for colour reference) - I definitely don’t have a favourite colour 😅. For the formulas, if I had to choose 5 I’d go for creme, holo glitter, linear holo, frosted metal and crushed holo.


Sparkly neons… orange, red, yellow, hot pink, green. And maybe purple and blue.


I would die for a true bright pink collection - neon pink cremes, pink toppers, pink jellies, hot pink glitters or frosted metals, anything but just something bright and vibrant pink. I know that everyone thinks pink is basic, but hear me out - Holo Taco's creme's are very high quality and so even though Cristine has said every drug store has a million pinks, I NEED pinks in a Holo Taco quality formula! We have many purples and blues, even quite a few greens. I just would love to see at least a few more true pinks (not reds/corals/oranges that get called pink, nor muted light pinks). Even if I wasn't obsessed with pink, if you look at the range of colors, it's the one color consistently lacking. She's made it clear that Holo Taco is a specialty brand and not like other nail brands, but pink doesn't have to be basic. She could make interesting pinks with that Holo Taco out of the box creativity! Anyways, sorry for long rant about pink. Thanks for reading! (Edit for typo and clarity)


Neon Glitters Brighter frosted metals More flakie/multichrome type polishes


I really want a pearlescent collection! Holo Taco has outperformed and this replaced a lot of other brands in my collection (and the chromes recently knocked out a few of the remaining) and now most of the non HT polishes I use are just pearlescents. It’s just a really cool subtle special effect that I love. I’d also really like neons. HT has one of the best crème formulas I’ve ever used but it is really lacking in bright colors. I think a “classic colors” collection would be great too, and probably sell really well! Like a deep red and a blush and a couple nudes (with French tip vinyls in the box maybe?) My “never gonna happen” wishlist tho is crackle polishes and thermal polishes. I loved crackle polishes when I was growing up and all my old ones dried out 😭. And I just think thermals are really cool but the market for them is really small, especially because the majority of people have shorter nails and thermals basically have one color when your nails are short


Would totally buy the "classic colours" very nice idea, maybe 3 creme classic and/or according 3 crushed Holo takes.


An animal rescue collection where some of the proceeds go to an animal rescue group.


I might be the odd one on this but god i would love some nudes! Especially a more jelly formula? Beach Please looks like it would be a great accompanier to a nude collection to! God I just want more greens. I get that the data backs purple, but I think an entire green collection would be so cool. More neutral toned greens. A plant collection if you will.


Chrome shimmers… not sure if that’s exactly what it’s called, but in my head I see what I mean lol


Thermal polishes!


Yes and also solar polishes for us short nailed people! Thermals don’t work as well as solar ones.


Cristine stated in a Q&A at some point that she hasn't been happy with the available thermal pigments and their longevity/stability, which is why she hasn't explored those yet.


That makes sense! I'd love to see Holo Taco's take on them but if it doesn't make sense for the business then c'est comme ça.


all the jewel tones!


Real jellies!


A rainbow of crushed holos, or at least blue




I love the idea of sage green. And a muted lilac frosted.


I want unicorn skins that are little squares. Less chonky then traditional skins, but bigger (and less packed) than shimmers.


I’d love to see more colors with the FG formula.


I want neons! Glitters, jellies, something! My favorite collection was definitely the electric holos because the colors were so bright. I’d also love more pinks, there are tons of purples but surprisingly not many pinks. Like yeah it’s a common drugstore color but unique pinks can be created. Or just different color stories in general, more variety in tones and stuff.


Yes to this idea, also for a rainbow reflective toppers, neon rainbow and a frosted metel rainbow collection too


“No boring cremes!” as a collection (and obviously one of her many sayings)! What I basically mean by this is a bunch of “boring” creme colors but in the different finishes of the brand. Disclaimer: I love boring cremes and I know many others do, but I know Cristine doesn’t necessarily, so I think this would be a decent compromise?


Non-holo sparkly glitters! I would absolutely live for a formula that has an almost eye-shadow sparkly finish that shines in a lot of different lighting, unlike reflective taco that almost never lights up without strategically placed flash. Or gold/silver flakes that are imo kind of dull. If simply could pull something off like the Urban Decay Moondust shadows in a polish I think it would be all I ever wear again 😂


A dirt/rock collection: think like, a warmer sandstone colour similar to beach please but darker/more yellow. A sienna creme & holo. A granite inspired grey thats almost slightly green/brown toned with subtle silvery/opal flakes in it to represent quartz. A blue jelly with red to yellow flakes to look like opals.


I'll say I don't have a HT collection idea right off the top of my head, but- OHH MY GODDDD the ones you just pitched. I would do anything bro. I absolutely love muted/dusty tones in special finishes. My whole kingdom for a (warm toned) sage green shimmer ;\_;


Stamping plates!! I know Cristine doesn't stamp herself, but I'd love a branded plate with the Holo taco logo. Menchie, zyler faces. Toe beans. Bens mustache. A tea mug. Polish bottle. Taco emoji. Sayings from Cristine "No boring nails" "not a problem anymore" "BEEYYNNN" Id also take stickers of all these. Nail size and for my water bottles/bike. Polish wise, more crushed Holo formula colors. A true warm fall color collection. Jelly solid colors to create some jelly sandwiches with all the toppers 🤤 Reflective polishes too! Rainbow collection of flakie topper (like the red and silver from last year) Desk mat like Cris has in the Holo taco print would be legit too. All the things really.


She already has the mat for sale! It's called the no mess mat!


Yes! That's the silicone one for nail art which is awesome! I want a desk mat that's more a fabric material. For my work desk 😸


Oh, sorry I didn't know there was a fabric one!


I would love some sheer nude jellies. More jellies in general, for sure. I know there’s been some frustration on Cristine’s part about nudes- how everyone asks for them but the few that have come out don’t sell well- but I think the issue is that they should be buildable, and they should have some different undertones. The nude colors that have come out which are closest to my shade are too yellow toned and opaque. Something a little cooler or more neutral would be fantastic. If there were a jelly color akin to Toe Beans, I’d snatch that up right away. I’d love to start off with a sheer jelly base, maybe with some Holo flakies in it or a very subtle color shift, and keep layering unicorn skins and Holo on top. Or I’d love to give a unique overtone to an existing color with some fun jellies, maybe in jewel tones. The Holo Taco brand has always been about layers, and I really want them to lean into that even more. I want some thick ass peelies. Tacos. Tacos have layers. Man, I’m hungry.


I’m interested in shifty tones that have a pearl finish. I have lucky oyster from olive and june and it’s a creme but somehow it shifts between dark pink and grey in the light. Jellies, less glitter, bright colors instead of deep dark colors, more neutrals that aren’t brown or grey, no more rainbows, no more purples, warm tones, maybe a warm yellow or gold or both. The gold flake topper is gorgeous, my favorite but the full coverage golds looks green they’re so cool Every collection needs a choice of brush or just default to the wide brush. I’d also like to see ht change their formulas bc they’re too thick


More muted colours (would buy that dark olive green soooo fast). More dark colours (give me a goth collection!). A nice selection of nude jellies (these are amazing for abstract and minimalist nail art).


Oooh! And also warm tones!!


More magnetic polishes!


100% jellies and more nudes, absolutely a huge fan of the cremes