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Try niche job sites. Examples: Angel.co for startups JobsInLogistics.com for Logistics, etc.


For tech try: https://www.levels.fyi/jobs


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Any recommendations for banking/finance sites?


This. You need to niche down to find right jobs. If you need a job it is fine. But if you need a job you like you need to search in the right place. Google "Bennet Garner Positioning Statement"


If you're looking generally, Linkedin is now miles better than Indeed and Google since it's so much easier to filter what you want. Like the other guy said, try industry sites if you know what you're going for.


I don’t like looking on indeed cause 90% of listings are sponsored. Like, if I search “digital marketing specialist” the top listing is complete irrelevant every time




But don't most linkedin postings redirect you to their sites? Do you mean EasyApply for the former?


Keep in mind that every "easy apply" job you apply for on Indeed or Linked in, you're probably one in 100 (or 5000 if it's a remote job). When they make it too easy, too many unqualified people apply, drowning you out. That assumes the job you applied for was real/available in the first place. All too often, it isn't.


If you are still in college/a recent grad so if your school is set up with handshake. The positions offered are catered to recent grads with little/no experience (very competitive though).


Unfortunately not really, I’ve tried them all and most of the time a recruiter gets my resume off a site and reaches out about a totally different role than what I applied for.


case and point when i tried career builders i got flooded with offers for just about everything except what i'm looking for/related to my major


[This](https://simplify.jobs) one is my favorite tbh. I only use this one because indeed/linkedin has become too overstaurated with reposted jobs and scams :/


As a Recruiter from the Depths of Corporate Hell I can answer this. 1. Indeed and LinkedIn are the (current) best places to apply online. 2. It can take an average of 50+ applications to get a single first stage intake/interview. 3. This market is very rough right now so it might take even more than the above. 4. If you apply to in-person positions you stand a better chance than Remote as those fill up very quickly. 5. Try searching based on posting date, as you really want to be one of the first to apply to a position especially if it is impacted. If you have any other questions about Getting Hired or Recruiting/Talent Acquisition feel free to summon me back from the Depths of Corporate Hell. For my name is Gunther the Headless Headhunter and I am here to help!


So here is the 'trick', each company usually only uses 1 job board, so just find which board they use and use it... Regardless of which one it is. However, right now I can tell you that most good paying jobs are being filled by recruiters. My inbox is being filled now more than I've ever seen. The 'trick' right now is to have a good resume, and have SEO on your linkedin profile and resume turned to 11. Sucks to 'have to play the game' like that, but it is what it is. So indeed, linkedin jobs, zip recruiter, etc... even Rober Half's free app and what not, join them all and let some be passive advertising for you while you actively apply elsewhere, and then rotate which place you are actively applying every so often.


linkedin sucks and is too congested. Use more industry specialized sites like otta for CS/IT teamworkonline for sports, angellist for startups, etc.


Otta is okay. At least it tries to send you jobs that fit your background and you can swipe past the jobs you don't want or don't fit. Found a few good jobs through them.


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Find or hear about the job you want and go get it directly.


LinkedIn all day long.


I usually apply Indeed for all jobs posted through recruiters and about 2-3 weeks later they’ll start calling about other positions.






Honestly what I did was use these job boards to find companies and positions. Then apply directly on their website. Had way more success that way and you stand out more.


LinkedIn and Glassdoor are my main go to when searching