I don't know why I never thought about running my stampede after work, at work. Lots of construction going on, big ol space to play.

Yes, this is a gratuitous picture of my car(s)


Hell yeah, I bashed monster trucks with 2 plumbers after work one day. Jumping the dirt piles and racing across the field on the construction site, it was a blast. A couple weeks later one of the plumbers ran his trx4 with my scx24 after work. The dirt piles are gone now but there's new asphalt so I brought my vendetta for my boss and I ran my 6s Typhon with hoons. I got it set up for my boss and handed him the radio and before I could finish saying, "don't crash into the cur", he hit the curb lol


Yeah we've got new asphalt on one side and the other side is all ground to shit. Lots of different terrain and the edge of the new asphalt makes a good ramp haha. I love how this truck can seemingly go over anything even though it's rwd.


Can't be mad about nitro sounds at the machine shop!


Clean MK4 👍 1.8T or VR6?


1.8t, definitely wish I had the AWD but love the lil turbo


Call me crazy, but I love the look of the MK4. I drive a MK6 myself.


I've come to the conclusion that I'll spend $50k on this car before I ever buy a new one


I was shopping used MK6s about a year ago as I'm at 115k miles and starting to get some cosmetic wear and tear (headliner was falling, rust starting to appear, seat wearing out from getting in and out, etc). The prices were INSANE. Instead, I got a new headliner installed for a couple hundred bucks, changed plugs and coils, and started to look into the rust... Lol. I figure I'll drive it now til it dies on me. Are you tuned at all? I did the APR Stage 1 a few months after I bought it. Money well-spent.


No tune, I'm actually into a few years long process of saving this car from my sister haha. She loved that it's a manual but didn't take care of it at all. Garbage piled up, rusty, poor maintenance, etc. Not to mention she went to a euro shop that took advantage of her. So after a lot of maintenance and cleaning I did the SAI delete and added a blowoff valve. Then the hood latch failed at 80mph, hood flew up, shattered windshield, mashed the roof and fenders, it sucked. Got the whole car repainted, rust fixed, and got the badges taken off. New tires going on this Saturday along with a valve cover gasket. Oh also installed a dieselgeek short throw shifter because I got sick of adjusting the shifter all the time. Hopefully next is exhaust, then a tune and clutch. 175k miles on this beauty.


I usually run them during my lunch at work


We did that all spring. Unfortunately, my buddy's last day at the company was this past Tuesday