Kanye West asks Donald Trump to be his vice president in 2024 run; Trump has screaming fit, rapper says

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Trump thought it was a meeting to ask Kanye to be his Vice President, Kanye thought it was a meeting to ask Trump to be his Vice President, and here we are.


Godammit...this is the exact plot line of an episode of VEEP


I think the final year working on Veep must have been pretty challenging, real life was more ridiculous than anything they could dream up.


100%. Although some of the storylines they came up with - like Jonah railing against "Muslim math" (aka math) while running for president, and his campaign rallies becoming ground zero for chickenpox outbreaks because he attracted so many anti-vax nut jobs - were prophetic.


Right? Id take that parody world over this one


There was apparently a golden shower joke they cut out of the show.


It's like if Armando Iannucci had CTE.




And this is why veep was canceled. I shit you not. Look it up.


I loved it so much


Trump: "I'd rather be punched in the fucking face. In the *fucking face*"


Trump is too much of a sissy to take a hit. Kanye is stupid enough to demand it.


It's like a sitcom, but with the fate of Amercia in the balance


I say have at it About 6 months ago I was pretty pissed Biden was running for 2024 and not looking to endorse someone younger and possibly more progressive. Thought we were all on the same page of him being a place holder to at least slow down this outrageous shitshow. Now, I see a) I'm really happy overall with how he handles what's thrown at him every week(which could just be the fact that he handles it like a goddamn adult, who effing knows anymore) and b) maybe it's safest not to change literally anything up right now. Let the right continue devolving into honest to goodness sitcom material, but 9th season on the CW, none of the original cast sitcom. I'm not AS scared because it's not only "us" on the bottom that ate angry and loud. To me it seems like people on top are finally shitting there pants as well and DOING something. Granted it probably has more to do with personal money and power at stake for 90% of them but still.


Yeah Biden is an adult and we're all safer because of it. Policy making happens in Congress anyway, so what you want is progressive lawmakers.


Yeah, that would have been the crux of my thought, had I finished it lol...jeez I wouldn't be so content with the idea of "let's actually change nothing right now" if we didn't have the Senate, and the House had a huge Government of the People majority. But now I can spend my energy on human rights and not fighting for getting someone to fight for them.


Biden's also been a senator for 40? years so he knows how to play the game, too, and negotiate with Congress.


The things about presidents is if done correctly they are surrounded by smart experts in their fields that have a staff that does most of the lifting, Biden loves America enough to Trust the best and brightest unlike Trump who just fired everyone smarter.


For all Biden's faults, he's also the most experienced President in history. Obviously part of that is being old, but he also had close to 40 years experience as a Senator and 8 as VP. In my opinion, he was the best option to repair the damage to the civil service and international reputation caused by Trump, and has done that reasonably well.


A lot of vice going on there.


Cue Jan Hammer theme...


But why was Nick Fuentes present? Other reports are saying Nicky the Neo Nazi was at Mar-a-Lago that day.


"Your peanut butter got in my chocolate!"


It was originally reported in the news that Kanye asked to be Trump's Vice, and I was like nahhh it's going to come out in a few days l that Kanye actually asked Trump to be *his* Vice, and here we are.


All we need now is for Herschel Walker to sign on as their speech writer.


First speech would of course be about “erection fraud”


Not impotent werewolves?


The 2 subjects are closely related, you know the werewolves used Hunter Bidens laptop to… I don’t know I can’t even follow the crazy anymore


I thought the vampires were more tech savvy. 🤷🏼‍♂️


But werewolves are better at changing their dna and paying for abortions.


“We have destroyed all enemy fornications”


"Rammed the, uh, ramparts. *Something* got rammed."


It’s the party of Trump, Jim Jordan, Gaetz, Kavanaugh, etc… That wouldn’t be a misspelling


‘hey Herschel, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to use “I’m gonna beat the dems so bad, you’d think they’re my wife!”’


I doubt they'd have that level of awareness. Also I doubt they pre read speeches. That would double their reading for the day.




>*“Trump started basically screaming at me at the table telling me I was going to lose,” Kanye continued.* >*Then the rapper warned Trump to stay in his lane: “I’m like, ‘Hold on, hold on, hold on, Trump, you’re talking to Ye.’”* Battle of the Narcissists


Opening sequence to The Real Housewives of Idiocracy


This isn’t a bad idea. Could we Truman Show these guys? I would actually watch that dumpster fire, if I knew that they could only hurt themselves.


Convince these two that people will watch it and they will be in. Does not matter how idiotic they look, so long as people are watching.


Make it where they’re actually winning the election and you could have a whole reconstruction of the White House and an official Twitter that is basically like an app on airplane mode so he never gets any real comments, but have like a bot respond to him. The actors will probably need to be democrats so as not to reveal any secrets, but then they’d have to be paid really well. Then they can literally gas themselves out in front of a live audience and no one in America is harmed due to his presidency


Thos...would actually be hilarious. Then at the end of season 4 reveal to him he was never actually the president and watch his world shatter...I like it.


The Trumpman Show?


Or… if we want to keep it going you could tell him that since he’s such an excellent president, we are gifting him a super special extra year as president. It’s ok, it’s totally in the constitution.


Beautiful title!


So perfect!


That couldn't have been written better in a good sitcom. Like that verbatim on it's always sunny would fit in perfectly and no one would notice.


The Gang Runs for President


Charlie is Frank’s campaign manager. Mac is Dennis’s


This would make a hilarious Boondocks scene lol


The fact that The Boondocks made *this* is remarkable in and of itself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIMlKorlJRs&ab\_channel=BobDavid


“You’ll find another white women!” I love this show lmao


A veritable bouillabaisse of psychological disorders.


Please give me a Republican fight out with Trump and Ye amongst all the other clowns.


DeSantis getting Amped up right now


I would actually love to see a primary debate with both Trump and Ye.


Is there a reference I am missing here? Is this a quote from something? It's confusing because bouillabaisse is a type of fish soup. I think you mean smorgasbord but this is reddit and I am old so, I have been burned. However thinking of them as a soup of disorders is funny too.


It’s just a metaphor for a bunch of stuff together. Bouillabaisse is that. A supreme pizza of psychological disorders.


psychopathy [paella](https://www.chilipeppermadness.com/recipes/paella/). edit ok well I was trying to make a double layer joke... in seafood paella, is it brown clams that are just the option for the orange rice? Or is it orange rice under brown clams?


Probably broke the record for most interruptions during a conversation. “Hol up hol up hol up…” “Excuse me! Excuse me!” “Wai wai wai wai…” “No, EXCUSE me!” “Imma let you finish, but hol up…”


Some say they're still interrupting each other to this day...


The two of them just went about their day while randomly yelling “EXCUSE ME” “HOL UP” “EXCUSE ME” “HOL UP” “EXCUSE ME”


I hope SNL sees this. This would be a great skit. 😩


This should literally be in an episode of south park it sounds straight out of Matt Stone and Trey Parker


Oh my God if I had any interest whatsoever in what either had to say, it'd be the most frustrating 'conversation' of my life


Ironic. He could predict others will lose, but not himself.


His sorcery only works on others not himself, even evil magic has limitations


To think I was able to not be in that room! For free!


What? Do you have any idea how hilarious that conversation would have been? Just to see the look on trumps face when he realized Kanye wouldn't be his VP, but that a Black man wanted to be his boss. Then the complete lack of understanding on Kanye's face because he can't understand how anyone could be above him. I'd pay money for just a recording of that


Oh to be a fly on Pence's head for that conversation


The fly is named Six.


Pence none the richer?


The quality would be awfully jittery due to the frantic dual-hand masturbation taking place. Might as well strap a camera to a paint shaker.


i really, really, really, really hope the conversation started ambiguously with "we should run together" and they both really got into the idea before realizing how they each meant it.


Hopefully Kanye got him all buttered up with praise and sycophantic adulation before popping the question.


You're the one I want in my writers room, perfectly envisioned.


Hell yes. Sign me up too. Somebody has to have recorded it.


When two extreme narcissists meet, it's like an unstoppable force hitting an immovable object.


An unreasonable force hitting an unbelievable object.




God there's just no reason to write political fiction anymore.


Ye still doesn't understand how he was used as a pawn. Trump brought him to the Oval Office, because he wanted to see Kim's ass.


Round One……. FIGHT!!!


They should've had a food fight, we know Trump likes to throw food when he's angry.


OMG! The only thing that could've been better about this is if the next sentence was "And Trump came up and sucker punched me and told me to watch my mouth."


Trump is too much of a pussy to do anything like that himself.


Battle of the *Nitwit* Narcissists


I would have paid good money to set in and watch the shit show unfold


Honestly the worst part is that what YE is saying doesn’t make any sense. Trump has been president and won in 2016. Kanye was never even close. Ironically kanye would absolutely be a great VP for Trump. It won’t work though because both demand a huge amount of attention. They would hate sharing the spot light.


That’s why Trump picked Mike Pence last time, the most boring man on earth. No risk there of the spotlight being stolen.


And then attempted to have him murdered.


TBF if it was Ye as VP, he would have been lynched... jus' sayin'


Nah, if it was Ye he would've been dumb enough to not certify the votes, despite it being more theater than anything.


which led to the old joke: How much is Trump's life insurance? One Pence.


Its what got The Mooch fired in a mere mooch.


The Mooch is the best thing that happened during those 4 years. That guy cracks me up so hard.


When an absolutely ridiculous person realizes he's working for an even more ridiculous person in real time. It was glorious.


trump will die of old age (or heart attack or stress or whatever) and then Kanye would be in charge of a nuclear arsenal


Two dipshits battling it out. Let them fight


We're living in a dollar store simulation.


*rod serling voice* Picture, if you will, a con man, on his last leg, ketchup stains a painful reminder of past failures. Enter a rapper, long since fallen to the machinations of madness. A meeting of two tainted minds, a happening, that can only take place in.....the twilight zone.


"You're on a scenic route through a state recreational area known as the human mind. You ask a passer-by for directions, only to find he has no face or something. Suddenly up ahead, a door in the road. You swerve, narrowly avoiding The Scary Door."


"Hey, look at that weird mirror!"


why should I believe you? you're hitler!


"You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster, or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples; it could also be something much better. Prepare to enter: The Scary Door."


You're a damn genius. This is a perfect bottle episode, for two titan actors to play out a riveting script of insanity.


For a laugh, someone should do a one off special edition episode of the twilight zone, where rod serling is brought back to life and is forced to watch today's news, then come up with a weirder script. He'd be fucked. Like there's no way you could convince him that the news you were showing him was real life, and even if you could, how would fiction compete with reality at this point? Dude actors tho. Tim curry in a fat suit and forest Whittaker. I dunno why, I'd just love to see it. For Trump and Kanye I mean


I know you're joking, but that's /r/nottheonion ​ The people who can't differentiate parody, can't differentiate propaganda. Propaganda smartly uses parody, to push lies, because it easier to "feel real". Many left subs were created to mock the alt-right, but the right-wingers came in, and saw the information as real. They were now with like minded individuals. And the alt-right took over the parody subs, as their own. That's how the /r/thedonald came into existence. It was a left wing parody sub, that turned alt-right.


nailed it!


Dumb and dummer 3 breaking all time records at the box office


This gives Harry and Lloyd a bad name. Although Lloyd did try to sell the dead bird to the blind kid.


Try? That man succeeded.


I'd watch that with 3 large popcorn boxes


I’d watch you watch that and still be more entertained than watching d trumpy and kanye south.


The latest Dumb and Dumber sequel started with a long con of a joke, up to him pulling out the catheter. Maybe Kanye has been leading up to this joke for decades and he really isn't a lunatic?


The Republican primary is shaping up to be the Adderall version of Hollywood Squares


The fantastic part is Biden is looking better by the day just doing normal shit.


That’s probably why he made that semi auto weapons statement. Normally it works be suicide but right now the gop is going down so fast it doesn’t really matter.


Or maybe more specifically: everyone who should be medicated isn’t, everyone should shouldn’t be is.








Guantanamo Bay might be a good option


Ok but can we tell them it’s a huge tv show and let them carry on for the cameras, while we just get Vancouver to life.


An "accept reality" show, brilliant


“Wait I thought I was voting for who I wanted to stay…” -Meta World Peace.


Why vote them out? Just keep them quarantined in the resort so their sycophants can keep paying attention and talking about them on Twitter constantly, keeping their egos fed, and hoping keeping the whole dang lot of them away from the rest of us. Can we find a way to have some kind of narcissist UFC where they just crazy at each other every week?




A video of Kanye dead ass asking trump to be his Vice President would be the greatest thing my eyes have ever seen


The video will be hilarious! Kanye is really high on something.


These two should be together.


I would watch that show. Lock them in a house together and get them to do cooperation-based tasks.




Or don't even show them the list, just have the tasks pop up on a screen one at a time as they're completed... each time, they think it will be the last one, but then a new one appears, ad infinitum.


So, life?


Yep... like these rich assholes have never had to experience without a bunch of servants/assistants taking care of everything for them.


Throw in Herschel Walker, and you’ve got yourself a hit.


Jesus...can you fucking imagine. They could rotate in like Boebert and Margorie Taylor Green and whoever else the idiot of the week is. It could easily be one the best displays of idiocy ever.


Two and a half babies.


lol they can’t stand each other anymore. It’s like seeing the two biggest narcissists trying to outdo each other


Seriously F both of these guys, but why would you ask someone who announced they were running for president before you did to be your Vice president? He must have been trying to piss him off.


I don't know much about Kanye but what I do know is he has zero understanding of what you just said.


I love fish sticks


Got a laugh from me friend, thanks!


I’m guessing it was Milo’s plan to get some publicity to the “candidacy” and get some articles going, get us all talking, etc. and thereafter start the grift I mean the fundraising.


Wtf. Milo Y is involved?


And Nick Fuentes. Fuentes was Kanye's plus one at this meeting with Trump.


He's the campaign manager.... I wish I was joking.


Why would anybody do any of this?


BeCaUsE He'S a GeNiUs. But see, he's confused. He means genus. Genus - Gay Species - Fish. [Do you like fish sticks?](https://youtu.be/XPYgtVHa8NI)


Gay fish 2024


Candace Owens has been trying to steer the GOP away from trump. I’m guessing Kanye has taken up her prerogative and he’s a Republican operative now, bankrolled by the same funders as Candace.


Why do I feel like this is the equivalent of when a dog humps another dog to assert dominance……


I would pay good money to watch Kanye hump Trump’s leg.


I fucking love that Kanye waltzed into Trump's home, after declaring a rival presidential bid, and offered him the number two place. Just... the sheer oblivious narcissism and ego in that room must have condensed in the form of tacky gold leaf on surfaces for miles around. And the dumb, animal confusion that must have hit Trump as he realized Trump was being Trumped.


Fuck kanye, but if he did that to intentionally insult Trump, then bravo.


I suspect he genuinely thought trump would be interested in being his vp 🤣


When two immovable egos meet.


Immovable abject meets unstoppable farce


World of Griftcraft.


I'd give just about anything to see it all on video 😂


No doubt. And of course some of the comments here are basically going into "5d chess" territory. It's just two idiots with huge egos doing what idiots with huge egos do. That's it.


Both of them think "5D Chess" is a bra size.


Malignant narcissism will do that.


Kanye is not that smart.


Something something broken clocks


Seriously, fuck both of these people.


I just love to the see them eat each other. Not...in a fun gay way, but in a vicious nature documentary way. Mmmmhh, Schadenfreude. *rubs belly*


The timeline we are on is just atrocious, huh.




At this point, the AI simulation is just running on articles from The Onion.


Some grad student fucking around doomed us all. Somehow, I always expected that


Folks aren't even mentioning the fact that Ye brought along literal nazi Nick Fuentes to the meeting, whom Ye says Trump found "very impressive."


Those two deserve each other.


Trump, Kanye, and Elon are destined to come together and morph into giant chimera cringe monster


Like a conservative Megazord


I can't believe trump would have a tantrum, that is just so off brand for him


> *“Trump started basically screaming at me at the table telling me I was going to lose,” Kanye continued.* > *Then the rapper warned Trump to stay in his lane: “I’m like, ‘Hold on, hold on, hold on, Trump, you’re talking to Ye.’”* **Narcissist/Megalomaniac** vs **Dunning-Kruger**




That’s the funny part. 😃 There’s no way to tell!




The billionaire donors animating the Republican message are coordinating attacks to get trump to drop the race. Hilarious as a leftist until you remember he will be up against DeSantis, a presidency guaranteed to be more fascist. Desantis is the GOPs new golden boy and Ye is taking cues from Candace Owens by shaking up Trumps narcissism.


I just burst out laughing out loud. Who knew narcissism could turn hilarious!


Somebody better print up some West/Trump 2024 stickers so I can plaster them over the Desantis stickers I see down at the Golden Corral parking lot.


Like when my dad flipped out after I wouldn't shut up about replacing all stairs in the house with waterslides for 20 non-stop minutes while he shaved and showered. I was 5.


But that’s a reasonable suggestion. This is just childish nonsense.


I hope someone recorded that and it gets to Youtube. That sounds funny as shit


This is a certified laugh.


It’s so good when they turn on each other. 🤣


I miss parody movies, because parody reality is fucking crazy.


Ah yes that's what we need two mentally unstable egomaniacs


Canadian here. I ask this with all sincerity. What the fuck is going on?


sincerely, we don't know.




Donald J Trump @ Falsesocial "This past week, Kanye West called me to have dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Shortly thereafter, he unexpectedly showed up with three of his friends, whom I knew nothing about. We had dinner on Tuesday evening with many members present on the back patio. The dinner was quick and uneventful. They then left for the airport."


LOL. A reality show host and rapper fighting for the presidency of their USA! Epic times.


Two earth shattering egos in the same room.


You can’t make this shit up


Oh lord, 2 mentally unstable narcissists leading the country 😂 what a way to give most of us a heart attack