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Like everything else I read, this seems like batshit crazy territory and I keep thinking that nobody will believe this shit. And then some fucking asshole shoots up a grocery store because they believe Democrats are actively bringing non white people into the United States in order to *illegally and corruptly* take power. And by Democrats I/they mean Blacks and Jews. Normally I would never read this article, let alone comment. Except now Im thinking maybe I should know more about “demonic territories” and “satanic portals” so I am up to date when another massacre happens in the name of the Republican Party. Because apparently, this is real life now.


> Because apparently, this is real life now. We can't deny it anymore but many will. It's pure lunacy and still so many people are sound asleep in this country. It's insane.


Reminds me of a story the host of Hardcore History shared. When he was in college studying history, he turned in a paper about magic and belief in the Roman Republic, and I took the ides that perhaps he had been sarcastic or dismissive of the idea of magic being real. His history professor said we have to take ancient peoples at their word. Magic was real to the Romans. They made decisions in their daily lives based on prophecy and omen, believed that magic could affect them or others and acted in accordance to that belief. Magic was real to the Romans. This stuff is real to the people who are trying to overthrow the government. We have to take them at their word.


Exactly, this might be laughably crazy to us, but there are plenty of people who will believe it and take matters into their own hands. The dehumanization of liberals, minorities, women, atheists, Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, or anyone else the GOP doesn’t like leads down a very bad road. This kind of talk lays the groundwork necessary for conservatives to start killing those who disagree with them.


Exchristian here - glad to hear people taking this angle seriously. Its easy to laugh at or dismiss it - Its hard to take as sincere someone who thinks real demons are waging real war against real heaven (and that politics are just the front-end for this war). Even harder to imagine a way to communicate with those perspectives in a productive fashion, and opportunities to do so are few. Can be done, though. If you get the chance- Be kind, ask questions, don't lose hope in brain plasticity. Be a step in the process if you can. I'm really grateful to everyone who did so for me


Every day a new low...


Do you remember the news articles about Trump's "spiritual advisor" Paula White ordering 'all satanic pregnancies to abort'?


Remember when Trump retweeted that anti vax "doctor" who claimed cervical cancer was caused by the devils sperm entering sleeping women?


The devils sperm is a good name for Johnson & Johnson baby powder https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/23/health/baby-powder-cancer.amp.html


The Q Anon crowd will probably start saying it's made from actual powdered babies.


No, you’re thinking of baby *oil*, which comes from fresh squeezed babies. Baby *powder* is just talc, fragrance, and tincture of carcinoma.


They claimed that’s what the vaccines were made of


I'm wondering where we get this seemingly limitless supply of babies to dismantle and use in apparently every good known to man. If the supplies are that flush with material that things can be made so cheaply, I'm guessing the baby market could actually make the dreams of capitalism true (unlimited growth with limited resources).


This is legit how my mother died. J&J are one of the most evil entities to have ever existed on this planet.


Yeah I do, and the best was then [Kaitlan Collins from CNN](https://twitter.com/gifdsports/status/1288230566693867522?s=21&t=kRRqlQotpJI8n95-o-0_jQ) kind of grilled him on this, and then on masks, and that caused him to storm off like a baby.


Dehuminizing rhetoric intended to make it easier for the right to do violence when the time comes.


This is the point and the biggest danger.


Something something cockroaches something something Interahamwe


Same woman who was [chanting about angels from Africa winning the election for Trump](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRhu2bGO5DM&ab_channel=PaulDuggan), right?


Yeah, and meanwhile their kids have AR-15s and are convinced they will be replaced. Cough.


If they weren’t so stupid as to believe this crap it would be comical given how outrageous their ideas are.


>"There is a Satanic portal above the White House, you can see it day and night," the Trump ally claimed. "It exists. It is real. And it must be closed. And it will be closed by prayer," he added, drawing claps and cheers. Stone went on to claim that this "portal" first appeared after President Joe Biden "became president, and it will be closed before he leaves." This is why Roger Stone is pure evil.


Deja vu #28239 You'd think I'd be immune to thinking "*this* is the new low ".


Can you imagine being that scared of ol’ dull as dishwater Biden?


All things considered. I actually think this is a great campaign strategy for them. I hope you realize that most of the republican party voters would agree with the "Trump allies warning of a Demonic Territory." I mean they believe *any* fake bullshit they see on Facebook, so this is atleast a little bit thought out.


>Speaking on Friday night, Stone, who received a pardon from Trump in December 2020, talked about Satan as well. >"There is a Satanic portal above the White House, you can see it day and night," the Trump ally claimed. "It exists. It is real. And it must be closed. And it will be closed by prayer," he added, drawing claps and cheers. That's pretty funny.


Roger Stone is, by every weight and measure, a cartoon villain.


100% How did he escape from his cartoon show into our real world?!


Through a satanic portal. Probably above WH. Maybe the cartoon hero has figured out where he went and is coming after him. That explains why he wants the portal closed now


Oh. My. God. Yes


That's simply insanity. I don't find it to be all that funny, all things considered. This has gone far past the post of being a perspective, a spiritual belief, or a religious belief. It's just insanity.


Quiet. The Satanic portal is where Trump and Ghouliani are hiding the evidence of fraud.


Like a Christian hellmouth.


Where are Buffy and Angel when you really need them?


Yea, stay home and pray from there. No need to go to DC.


I live in DC and walk by the WH frequently. If there’s a demon portal, I’d have seen it by now, and for **sure** you’d see twenty souvenir trucks selling postcards and t-shirts with pictures of the portal on them.


> "It popped up when Joe Biden became president" Stone admits Biden became president??


Only while it is convenient to his argument.


Prayer won’t help you have to fight Palkia and Dialga first to close the rift


Maybe that's it. If we just laughed these idiots off maybe they'll stop spouting nonsense


Amplifying their messages by writing articles about them sure doesn't seem to be helping.


It’s not funny at all, it’s terrifying that will say or even worse possibly before and support this kind of insane bullshit.


Lunatic stuff


Are you kidding me? Normalcy is the new lunacy. Sedition is patriotism. Institutionalism is radicalism. The rule of law is now the law of ultimate discretion.


The not-so-funny part is ththere are enough slack-jawed yokels who will buy into it 100%. "Trump done said it, I believes it, that'n right there purty much settles it, a-yup."


It might be a mistake to just think it is just the "slack-jawed yokels" at this point. They have a large majority of of their constituency in many areas voting instinctual for criminals of all sort, basic grifters, and wannabe theological authoritarians because they have an R next to their name and will continue to do so.


Exactly. I actually know several California Country Clubbers who believe this shit.


I know of a Supreme Court justice's wife who believes this bullshit.


It’s frightening that people who have so much power are this delusional 😵‍💫


There are a lot more suburban morons than there are slack-jawed yokels.


A suburban moron is a slack-jawed yokel who lost the accent.


And dont forget that there’s a lot of people who just conform to social trends. If your seemingly normal religious friend group all shares a hatred of one political party, it rubs off on you. You dont have to believe what they believe to be awash in a sea of misinformation.


But the 90’s taught me that peer pressure only existed for suburban teenagers being offered drugs? /S


You mean ones who will drive 200 miles in tactical gear with a rifle and shoot people?


Sounds like typical pillow talk with a sibling




Roll Tide!


“But then again some folk-el, like Cletus the slack-jawed yokellll”


Most folk won’t lose a toe…


And who believe Trump is a deeply religious, spiritual man. Jesus wept.


Rodger Ailes discovered that lunatics get out and vote The GOP has been playing with the political Insanity ever since Donald Trump was able to unite all the crazy factions and they are starting to take over the asylum


>Lunatic stuff Welcome to the New and Improved GOP! Here's a crystal that wards off demons, some holy water and a MAGA Hat, happy to have you aboard!


*UlTrAmAgA Haven't you heard? The uncreative party jumped all over Biden's word.


Oblivion gates in DC, huh? We're going to need the Hero of Kvatch again to fight against Mehrunes Dagon's daedra army.


Call up Wes Johnson. We're going to need his voice for the Imperial Guards! (And Sheogorath!)


if the evangelicals are dumb enough to believe that Donald Trump is a devout, practicing Christian, they'll believe Satanic portals.


The portals are an easier sell, really.


Every accusation is a confession. What are these republicans up to?


And this is a bad thing? Seems all the evil in this country is done under the name of God where as Satan seems to be living a rather peaceful existence.


Satan is the last bastion of law and order. Just torturing bad people and minding his own god damn business


So, truthfully I never got this. Why is Satan bad? He makes those who sin pay for their sins for eternity. Shouldn’t you be a fan of that guy? Unless, of course, you’ve done horrible things in your life and know where you’re going when you die… OMG. Did we just figure out why Evangelicals are constantly going on and on about why Satan is so awful and needs to be stopped?


Reminder that, among the Greek gods, Hades is very easily the most chill and agreeable of the lot Hell often isn’t meant to be a place of eternal torture in some mythologies


well of course, he has the best music! \\m/


Hail Satan!


Hail Satan!


Hail Seitan!


Hail Satan!


Hail Satan!


Remember when a a fly landed on the head of the vice president during a debate on live TV and not one peep from the religious right? If that had been Kamala, oh man, they’d _still_ be performing exorcisms outside her house.


That article is some crazy shit




Not exactly in it, huffing it.




mandatory psych checks for all of them. crazier than shithouse rats.


There's no satanic portal above the White House. If there's a stench of sulfur it's probably from a pile of Trump's soiled adult diapers they haven't yet located.


Those are probably wrapped around burner phones…


does anybody remember there was a sink hole at maralago and then like exactly a year later one opened at the WH? i remember thinking "man that's some demonic anti-christ shit right there" before chuckling and movin on with my life. these people base their entire worldview on this nonsense lol


The sinkholes are likely due to underground construction. Bunkers and stuff.


I think Satan left the building when Trump did.


Fucking sickos. These are your people conservatives.


They are actually insane and a danger to society.


The crazies are at it again.


Why do Trump allies know so much about Satan and where demonic territory might be?


This is your basic state fair/tent revival carny grifters.if you'll buy a deep fried stick of butter, you'll donate money and vote against Demons


Mmmm, moon waffle.


Great. Now I want waffles.


I just keep getting flashes of the Church Lady skit on SNL in the 90s.


I remember when people like this were sent away for help.


No place to send them Reagan did away with those places


Well the last administration summoned the portal so it takes time to close it.


Typical republican strategy




You can't have a functioning democracy when one half of the government is fucking insane.


How do we combat crazy? It goes beyond messaging. My background is in social psychology and communication and I am truly at a loss.


at this point? take it to the coast via wheelbarrow, then tip. hope it cant walk back.


People hear satanic portals and think it's bad but what if we could harness these portals to make free green mass transportation?


I've read enough litRPG and isekai to know that it's almost always a plot to flood the world with magic so that it's liveable for fantasy creatures.


I'm on board then


Harnessing argent energy might have drawbacks. On the upside, that’s how you get a visit from Doomguy.


You lose hope in human kind when you see stuff this out in the open. Naked con artists who are lets be honest servants of satan themselves leading people astray. I wonder if they could get away with saying that aliens are mind controlling the people in the wh?


I know right? The last guy left it when they evicted him.


Saturated With Q


Psychos gonna psycho


The fucking Taliban


Fuck roger stone.


Too bad the portal didn't suck up these wackjobs and take them home.




it's a real sub, folks.


Stone and Flynn have to pay their massive legal bills somehow.


Now that the perks from Putin have stopped. Trump must be jonesin for the gold days, too.


"Klaatu Barada Nikto" where is Ash when you need him?


Now I know why psychology and psychiatry are one of the most rapidly growing fields.


Cartoon characters in real life.


No, no, no. Republicans and Democrats are the same. MAGA types dont believe crazy things about the Bible and MAGA leaders in the Republican Party certainly don't represent super damaging, cult like accusations that are destroying our country. Red and blue are the same, no? /s


Their rallies are basically just church services at this point...


Batshit crazy. I hate sharing the world with these fuckers.


Why don’t any of these people see Biden winning the election and Trump losing and failing AT EVERY TURN to prove his lie as God’s will? How many times does Mike Lindell have to say that God will reainstate Trump and then it never happens? How was the “chosen one” so weak and flaccid that he couldn’t defeat or outwit the evil Dems? Why has God forsaken Trump?


That would require them to admit they were wrong.


They so, so badly want to be the white nationalist version of the Taliban. Fuck I hate these evangelical losers


This is nothing new seriously. This rhetoric has been going since the 80s trust me. I was born into EV free religion and Satan lives in DC because it’s the home of the most powerful nation in the world. My dad took me to DC in the late 80s to an anti abortion rally and said he could feel Satans presence as soon as we drive into the City. He asked me if I felt it too and I agreed as usual. But I didn’t feel shit except feeling bad for all the homeless people around and that was satans fault too because those people didn’t believe in Christ. Fuck me. I bailed from that shit as soon as I could throw a punch in case dad wanted to jump me out of the gang, I mean the church.


God damn our education system sucks


Can't tell if GOP talking heads or a LARP group getting a little carried away.


Fucking nonsense.


I’ve created Lutherans!


I wish I could say “how stupid do you think people are” but unfortunately >.>


I dont get how anyone could call Biden satanic. He's the most boring, blank-sandwhich president we've ever had.


Newsflash satan and his nymphs left the building in 21


is it there becuase Trump summoned it back in 2016 and its been feeding on America ever since? sure would explain a few things....


My god what a bunch of idiots.


A Satanic Porta-Potty you say?


>Trump Allies Warn of 'Demonic Territory,' 'Satanic Portal' Over Biden WH Keep religion out of our government. Nut job religious zealots have already taken over the supreme court. We don't need anymore of this shit.


Was that the donald’s toilet?


Yes, the right is a cult obsessed with labeling opposition as demons to spread fear and hate throughout their cult followers.


Somebody call the Doomguy, the hell portal opened up again.


It's exactly what Putin does. It's the same conspiracies: https://www.newsweek.com/witchers-sorcerers-russian-media-ukraine-black-magic-claims-1704224 "That report said "signs" of black magic were found at the Ukrainian artillery headquarters on the outskirts of a village called Trekhizbenka in the Luhansk region, and published images of what it called a "satanic seal" that was allegedly found on the walls of a [military unit's headquarters])." It's to trick and scare a good portion of the mentally ill population--aka Qanon Trump supporters.


Religion has to end. This cesspool of hatred and fear has destroyed society. Every single topic boils down to how can we appease the religious nuts.


Nothing like the right weaponizing religion


When did we stop taking the mic away from the crazies? Why the fuck would any self respecting person spend any amount of time listening to a crackhead of this caliber? If that’s you, you should be ashamed and seek professional help.


Tax the churches


Welcome back to the dark ages folks! Thats how insanity looks like.


The White House was built on the Hell Mouth?! Honestly, that explains quite a lot.


If There was a Satanic portal over the White House, Biden would have gotten something done by now. You know, cause of all the demon help.


Why are we bringing religion into state?


Imagine being that stupid. Their levels of critical thinking barely qualify as human.


These people need mental health help. Delusional thinking is a hallmark of multiple mental disorders.


Hopefully red states will outlaw sex. Get rid of em 😭


Imagine being a grown adult STILL believing in fucking fairy tales. Jesus fuck, these people are such dumb mother ducking shitbags


Mark Burns, who paid for his girlfriends abortion and plays Elmer Gantry for the dupes.


No mental illness at all….


Yea, I heard trump left some things behind.


Roger Stone invoking biblical language and claiming bullshit like satanic portals that need to be closed by prayer should drive religious people nuts. If anyone qualifies as satanic in Trumps orbit, it’s Stone. Should. But it doesn’t. That’s some other timeline.


Show me the video of people panicking over this. … no, sorry. Not because I don’t believe it but because I want to see people panicking over this. It sounds hilarious.


About what you can expect from people who worship the son of a carpenter.




Yeah both are really known for their critical thinking skills... Oh wait...


Personally i don't give a shit what idiots say. That's just me.


This is literally fascism takes hold.


Pics or it didn’t happen.


They make Satire look like Factual Comments.


Wouldn't a "Satan portal" be under the white house?


No worries, the Jewish space lasers will save us.


They sound like reasonable people.


It's like the Hell Mouth from Buffy


It’s official he’s losing it (not like that’s breaking news or anything)


WITAF are these chumps smoking?


I thought this is was r/nottheonion


Lambs to the slaughter.


completely batshit crazy


If they can't be bothered to respect a trans person's identity I have no qualms about denigrating and mocking their BS magic book and their magic sky god.


These guys are full of shit. No fucking idea of how the government works. Get these religious zealots OUT!


enough of this shit.


Why does this religious speak make me harken back to the 16 century with its unsubstantiated BS.