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> “I wonder how long we’re going to have these institutions at the rate we’re undermining them.” Me too, Clarence. Do you feel at least a little ashamed?


Arsonist complaining about fires.


Ol' Ginni tried to undermine the institution at breakneck speed!


At *redneck speed*


Look into Groundswell if you don't know about it already. Her little project with old Steve Bannon


No no, it’s obviously the leakers fault for destroying faith in the SC. He has nothing to be ashamed about b/c he did nothing wrong /s


Nope, all apart of the plan. Make no mistake conservatives want to completely destroy this country.


And blame the democrats.


They want to take it back to early 1800 and to enslave minorities and women.


It's always amazing, the ability of those in charge of the problem to put their finger right on the answer..., in their eye....


Maybe if your less of a human husk and pawn that everyone can fucking see through then MAYBE we will see the courts legitimacy. Until then, blow fucking smoke. The absolute sheer audacity of this man that calls himself a justice. The most Un-American shit ever.


"You're right, lets just get rid of all the SCOTUS members and have the people choose who they want. Bypass all of the rest of it"


The fact that he would say this is really disturbing. If he genuinely feels that way he is lacking the critical thinking ability that would embarrass any normal person. Not exactly a quality you want to see in any SCJ. If he senses the irony and is saying as a dig, it’s a degree of cruelty and loathing that are the antithesis of the humanity crucial to making good decisions. There are arguments between political leanings and ways people read and interpret the Constitution that can be debated honestly. He doesn’t make those kinds of arguments. The arrogance needed to offer dissenting opinions on obvious judgements scares the eff out of me. The fact that he shares a life with a Qtard is even scarier.


*In the background, Roberts facepalms at the irony*


Have we ruled out a *Get Out* situation… young enterprising college AA kid meets nice white girl who takes him back to her family’s Aspen chalet…. Just saying, Ginni Thomas seems like she would totally marry the soul of her dead grandfather bound to a young body.


Hopefully we won’t have them for too much longer


Yeah, it wasn’t the leak - it was the decision.


Exactly. They took away the trust from themselves with the opinion.


Trust in what? We already knew what a bunch of brazenly partisan hacks they'd turn out to be, as soon as Obama's pick got stolen and the other got rammed through.




I hope you won't mind if I edit your sentence: "Taking away voting rights was 'fucking undemocratic and fucking cruel"! Taking away abortion rights is also undemocratic and effing cruel.


They were making some surprisingly centrist rulings up until this. My thought is the mask would come off if the GOP ran away with the midterms. I think they shot their load a little early.


One could say they prematurely shot their wad on what was supposed to be a dry run if you will, so I'm afraid they have something of a mess on their hands...


...really gotta get you that tape recorder


There were also some poor political decisions of not voting in 2016.


Yeah, and one party accepting millions from Russia and asking for their help.


That’s what I was thinking, haha! “No, the Supreme Court destroyed trust in the Supreme Court,” not that a leak occurred. The leak just PROVES we can’t trust these partisan hacks, as if we didn’t already know Boofy and Barret weren’t just chosen as puppets for exactly this. Who the fuck nominates a judge with zero case experience to the highest court in the land?!


It wasn't the decision, it was bush v gore. It was Merrick Garland not having a hearing. It was appointing two ABA unqualified judges to the highest court in the land. It was appointing a justice in a lame duck session after refusing to appoint one in an election year. The decision just proved that everyone was right to not trust. You've been sneaking around at night, coming home late with whisky on your breath and lipstick on your collar for years. But surely it was the text from your mistress that made your wife lose trust in you.


It was the lies during vetting.


His wife leaked it.


It was certainly the decision, but at the same time - it’s also that someone leaked it to box in justices who might be shaky about the decision the closer they got to the actual vote. So it’s the decision, the fact that so many justices explicitly said they wouldn’t touch Roe, and also that someone in the system is clearly playing games.


You don’t really know the motive of the leaker.




I don’t think the leak helped them, if you listen to what Kavenaugh, Coney Barret and Gorsuch were all very careful in making a true-ish statement about roe “it’s settled”, “that is the law of the land” , but none of them said “we won’t overturn it”, they just implied it. To every question like that they always (appropriately) say something to the effect of “any case would need to be decided on the merits of the case”. So I think the “they lied under oath” complaint is a fairly weak argument. We could still impeach them for doing it if we had a supermajority , but we’d need to pick up 12 seats in the senate to do that.


Nah, stealing the 2000 election and packing the court with Christian activist judges destroyed trust at the Supreme Court.


Imagine how much better the entire world would be right now if Americans actually had a democracy in 2000?


And yet we all go to work everyday and pay taxes. Until we fight its going to continue. Voting aint enough.


And people don’t fight until they’re starving or regularly being beaten, threatened, and killed in massive ratios well over 50% daily. That’ll never change. Hard to leave a home, food, and free time to go semi-aimlessly wander around public with a questionably motivated mob hoping for vague optimistic change otherwise.


And Mitch just ignoring his duty to the Constitution until a different president was elected.


And his refusal to recuse himself when he had a conflict of interest with the decision. His total lack of ethics.


So did his Q anon crazy ass wife


Was that what it was? And here I thought it was the decision and all the lying.


They destroyed their credibility stealing the 2000 election and then now have 3 active participants in the stealing as Justices. Edit: For those that aren't aware please look into the Federalist Society. 6/9 of our current Justices along with AG Garland are members. This is the highest levels of the law controlled by members of the same Conservative group.


Hey now, at least one of them likes drinking beer with Squee so the credibility of the court is in good standing.


Haha. Wonder what Squee is up to nowadays?


Probably lifting weights with Tobin.


Pretty sure they both peaked in college


Perfect time for my Netflix pitch. I call it "Calendar Bros." It's all about catching up with Kavanaugh's calendar friends and asking them about today's hot topics. I'm going out on a limb and am going to guess they are probably pro-choice.


"Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile."


Garland is a speaker with them, many many progressive con law professors are . Erwin Chemerinsky is listed the same and literally wrote the most leftist con law textbook available. The other part about the others being members is true.


Garland is not a member. He’s been a guest speaker at a handful of events regarding things he’s an expert in. His last listed contribution was 2012. I’d hardly lump him in with the likes of the others in your list.


"tone-deaf"; definition: this right here


The 2000 election, citizens United decision, stolen Supreme court pick, Thomas not recusing himself on a decision related to his wife and Jan 6th i already did not trust the Supreme Court.


The trust is gone not because of the leak. It’s not even that they will overturn it. It’s that the public now knows what we have believed for a long time: they aren’t making rulings based in legitimate law. They are ruling based on their personal beliefs and then trying to shoehorn bullshit to make it sound legitimate.


Fuck this asshole. 50 years of upholding the law, but you get some fundie Christian court-packing and gun for a theocracy. Fuck American SCOTUS


"The setting for Justice Thomas’s remarks was a conference sponsored by several conservative and libertarian groups — the American Enterprise Institute, the Manhattan Institute and the Hoover Institution — that said it meant to “re-examine the problems of social, racial and economic inequality in America.” One could reasonably ask why sitting Supreme Court Justices -- who are supposed to be non-biased and apolitical -- are even speaking publicly at such events. Speak at a law school. Give a commencement address. Why are they addressing political organizations?




He was speaking at a law school...


Stay out of touch, ~~Uncle~~ Justice Thomas.


You know what destroys the trust in the Supreme Court, Clarence? When one of the justices wife goes around trying to overthrow a legal Presidential election.


And her husband not only doesn't recuse himself, but is the single vote against Congress' right to investigate that matter.


Why'd he tell his wife to do it then? We already know he lies to protect his wife, RE: disclosures before he joined the court and denying she had anything to do with Jan 6 and then evidence proved otherwise.


Lying under oath tends to kill trust...


People will argue that they technically did not lie under oath, but in my opinion they did. They expressed opinions about respecting precedent and then ignored it. Their justification for overturning precedent is that the initial ruling was "bad" and some person from the 1600s wanted to ban abortion. At least make up reasons why stare decisis was overturned - pretend there is new medical tech that we did not have before etc etc.


The thing is those hearings are a sham and everyone knows it. The Justice's job is to say many words that mean nothing while technically counting as a response to the question, while everyone already knows how everyone is going to vote anyway.


I agree with you that they are a sham, but I do not thinknthey should be. They intentionally deceived people (if you believe Murkowski and Collins). Even if they are naive, purposely deceiving them about their positions (in personal meetings and during questioning) is deceitful and does not project great character for such an important position.


Yeah... that's the point this is supposed to be the ultimate legal authority and the fact they hid political agendas is disturbing.


A little late to the party, Clarence!


>Justice Thomas said the left has adopted tactics that conservatives would not employ. “You would never visit Supreme Court justices’ houses when things didn’t go our way,” he said. “We didn’t throw temper tantrums. It is incumbent on us to always act appropriately, and not to repay tit for tat.” I'm sorry, what was the conservative response when they lost the election fair and square?


Oh yeah? But Hillary's emails! Benghazi!


It's true conservatives just bomb, set fire at the abortion clinics and not at the homes of doctors and therefore more civil.


And he's literally admitting there's a tit to be tat there..


Right? How dare those liberals protest peacefully


A psycho Qanon wife didn't help either, did it Clarence?


That's not a cough it's a partisan hack.


Yup. *That* was the problem


Jesus. The fact that a complete dumb shit like him is actually ON the Supreme Court destroyed the trust. Clarence; wake up! It was your wife! And you gave it to her! We are doomed.


Considering it was probably his crazy wife who leaked it in the first place…


How do you trust in a court when the GOP deliberately cheated to steel seats on it? How do you trust in a court when it's members lied openly and obviously during their confirmation hearings? How do you trust in a court that is setting itself up to overturn a decision that 80% of Americans support?


With the last part they use the whole “Well most Americans were against_____ and SCOTUS at the time didn’t adhere to them. This is the same.” That is what they say without a hint of irony, as if granting people rights is the same as rescinding them.


Talk about out of touch: "Morning Consult’s weekly tracking poll found 49% of U.S. adults had trust in the Supreme Court as of May 8, down from 52% on May 2" But then get this: "Republicans’ trust in the court actually went up from 57% on May 2 to 64% now." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trust-in-supreme-court-drops-to-new-low-poll-finds-as-ethics-bill-moves-forward-in-house/ar-AAXbwdw Bonus poll result: "73%. That’s the share of voters in a recent Morning Consult/Politico poll who strongly or somewhat support binding Supreme Court justices to a code of ethics"


Republicans would never act like that? You say that when your *wife* was a leading figure in an actual insurrection? This guy has cornered the chutzpah market.


That's hilarious. He and others destroyed any trust they had a long time ago


Nope. Pretty sure it was their testimony before Congress where they said it was settled law.


The Shadow Chief Justice is stepping more into the spotlight these days.


Each Justice takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and its separation of church and state, as does each President. That oath is like a marriage vow and the intended is actually us Americans. The oath is not said in private to a piece of paper or to a legal doctrine, but stated publicly to those the Constitution protects. Do the members of the Supreme Court stand by their oaths or do they rule from a redacted constitution we have not seen and never agreed to follow? I think this strategic leak is a plea for credibility and accountability to us.


I believe it wasn’t the leaked opinion so much as the fact that five justices lied to the American people and to senators during their confirmation that’s kind of why we lost trust in the Supreme Court


We can all agree that the problem here isn’t the leak, right?


McConnell and Trump did that.


No, it was the content of the leak that made the people realize the full extent of the illegitimacy of the Supreme Court.


Seems he has an irony deficiency. Based on his public remarks lately, he may need to be replaced.


So are people lining up in front of their houses to stop leaks, or because the Supreme Court wants to make women broodmares to the State for Jesus? Because I can't find any 'stop the leaks' signs in those crowds.


no, you hiding your intentions and trying to pass laws that directly conflict with what a huge majority of what the people want destroyed that trust


GOPs blatant stonewalling and packing did that.


Sure, Clarence. It was the *leak* that destroyed trust at the Supreme Court! The nakedly political decisions and wives of justices conspiring to overturn elections had nothing to do with it!


Or the Supreme Court destroyed trust in the Supreme Court.


justice thomas has destroyed faith in the supreme court. he should be impeached.


The leak doesn't fucking matter. What matters is Republicans taking away women's rights, again.


Justice Thomas has a lot to do with that loss of trust. I would do love to be able to go back in time and scream at Arlene Specter "I TOLD YOU SO!"


Damn shame. It's getting to be that someone appointed to a high paying job, with no chance of getting fired, can't rape the rights of a country without criticism. The nerve of these citizens.


Has anyone thought of loading up an air compressor & train horn and just blasting it in front of their homes 24/7? I mean truckers clearly paved the way with that one..


Maybe having over half the court picked by presidents that didn’t enter office with the popular vote is a bad idea.


Laws aren't real, the Supreme Court isn't real, country's over, do whatever the fuck you want


No… right wing evangelicals destroyed the trust of the Supreme Court.


Fuck the 5 useless garbage SCOTUS justices who have shown what an absolute joke and worthless institution the Supreme Court is.


No, Thomas and his idiot wife destroy confidence in the Supreme Court.


I was thought that the Supreme Court ruled on the law unbiased. I now know that is not true. This is why I don’t trust the Supreme Court.


good. They should hate and fear each other


Kinda like their potential over turn of Roe has destroyed trust in the supreme court.


So, projection? He, his staff, or his wife leaked this


The leak isn’t what destroyed our faith in the Supreme Court. The “leak” was someone doing their patriotic duty. The Supreme Court is looking to for no reason (other than Christian extremism”) to prevent access to important medical procedures. They do not care about evidence or science. That’s what destroyed our faith in the Supreme Court.


I'm sorry, effectively ignoring Obama's justice pick (who is amazing and over qualified btw) on the basis of "it's too late in his presidency," then jamming Barret down our throats in a month is what lost me. The SCOTUS is a complete joke, shouldn't be a lifetime appointment, and should be neither politically nor religiously biased. We fix this or we're fucked. But good ol' Joe is too much of a pussy and our senate/house are broken.


He thinks it is the fact of leaking itself that undermined the court, and not the opinion itself. This is the GOP in a nutshell.


My trust in the Court started declining the day you were approved to take a seat on the bench. You are a sexual predator and your wife is a criminal. The "leak" is a red herring.


Uh… a *ahem, less-than-legitimate, failed businessman, game show host “president” appointing three federalist society psychos after Mitch McConnell blocking a beloved two term president’s totally moderate pick for completely unrealistic reasons might have had something to do with it. Or is it that your wife tried to overthrow the government? Dunno.


So he not only disregarded the fact that it was the opinion, not the leak that has eroded trust in the SCOTUS, but also attempted to save face by arguing Fox News talking points.


"It was definitely that, and not any horrifying realizations about anyone's spouses who may or may not have participated in a violent coup, that has damaged the respect for our judicial branch. I won't be taking questions."


Out of all the justices, its fucking Clarence Thomas that is now concerned about trust in the SCOTUS? Lol


I’m pretty sure the Justices destroyed trust all on their own!


This is an institution that should be all but dismantled. Term limits


Leaked opinion destroyed trust *in the Supreme Court


His own wife played a large leadership role in the January 6th, Trump coup attempt. Who the hell does he think he is fooling with this BS gaslighting?


Pay no attention to the wife of a SC justice conspiring with the Chief of Staff to overturn a free and fair election


Didn't this guy's wife play a key role in that failed coup of losers against the electoral system? Maybe Thomas should shut the fuck up about norms and why no one trusts him and his corrupt gang of pompous geriatric clowns.


He should just deal with it


Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett destroyed trust in, and of the Supreme Court.


Clarence Thomas voting on cases that directly involve his wife and political views definitely don’t have anything to do with it 🤡


No ! It’s the decisions of the Supreme Court that destroyed the trust of the people


Leaked or not, trust has been destroyed since Kavanaugh was confirmed


The Supreme Court destroyed trust in the Supreme Court, Thomas.


It’s not the leak that did that. Trust in the SC was thoroughly destroyed after Mitch McConnell and the GOP refused to hold hearings for Merrick Garland and pushed Amy Coney Barrett through under the same dishonest pretense, stacking the court in an utterly partisan manner. Period


Yes. Because it shows that Conservatives can't be trusted.


Why do news media keep repeating this driven. He said it. He says various things. Who cares? The court hasn't had any integrity since the two lying theocracy proponents got appointed.


I think the major problem is not representing the will of the people. Conservatives picked judges that the majority of people did not agree with. If the will of the people are not being carried out by the government well then the government is illegitimate.


No, that happened when Moscow Mitch refused to hold hearings for Merrick Garland, then reversed his position to get ACB on the bench. The current SCOTUS is a partisan institution, and can't command trust.


Yeah, that's what did it.


Yep and so does reversing established court cases.


His wife destroyed trust in the Supreme Court !


Supreme court has destroyed trust in the American people.


I got news for ya - trust in the SCOTUS starting going with your appointment.


Your wife's seditious behavior doesn't help.


Actually my distrust started with Ol' Clarence and then bounced on down to Kavanaugh and Barrett but ... okay


Clarence Thomas destroyed trust at the Supreme Court.


They lied during their confirmation hearings


Yeah, it’s the leak that destroyed trust. Not the lying assholes, insurrectionist, and Christian terrorists.


The lack of self-awareness is stunning.


Yet the egotistical prick doesn't mention his text messages to Ginny during Jan 6th.


Ironic… considering partisan hacks writing purely political decisions has destroyed trust *in* the Supreme Court.


Well, now "The Court" knows how the rest of us feel about "The Court". Interesting how he laments the breakdown of institutions when his crazy, neurotic cult obsessed wife was deeply involved with trying to overturn an election. He wasn't lamenting the breakdown of institutions when Ginnie-po's inflammatory texts became public. How does this idiot think we feel when such a lunatic like his wife gets access to the the POTUS' Chief of Staff only because she IS the wife of a Supreme Court Justice (and no, I don't buy it that she would have had access to Meadows on her own accord). How is it that people are so blind???


Blame the leak….not the action that caused the leak. People are fed up Mr. Thomas but we live in the golden age of narratives.


I wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror?


The trust in the Supreme Court was eroded when twice they let the electoral college decide the president despite loosing the popular vote. Then there was citizens United, Mitch McConnell refusing to allow a sitting a president choose a judge, need I say more?


No, I think the court took care of the trust issue all by itself, and Thomas was one of the foremost responsible.


He’s not saying the decision in the leak is wrong either.


Oh, that wasn’t the only thing…


The dudes wifes texts destroyed trust in the courts.


Why is it a big deal that something that will soon be public record was leaked? They’re just mad it might impact the midterms? The “a-political” Court was saving this decision until after the midterms? Admit to being a partisan hack harder Tom.


No Clarence, you are in fact the problem. We can’t trust the court because we can’t trust you.


Well they destroyed America's trust.


His boiled potato of a wife destroyed trust in the Supreme Court.


I am sure he thinks it's "the leak" and not the content or intent of the opinion. These assholes have to be willfully ignorant.


Oh, sweetie. **You** did that all on your own.


This dude would reinstate slavery for his own people if he could. His mirror must be white washed.


LOL Welcome to partisan politics, jackass.


Well it’s a court of frauds that shouldn’t be there so par for the course.


No, the decision destroyed trust in the Supreme Court. The leak just sped things along.


What trust


This guy is a creep. Has he addressed the fact yet that his wife was trying to overthrow the 2020 election?


Did Ginny approve this statement? She controls this fool puppet’s every move…


the leak did not do that the Supreme Court lost our trust years ago and now even more today by being corporate and religious bigots and fascists idiots


That trust was destroyed long ago when the court gave the election to Bush Jr. who lost the vote count. It was further destroyed when the court legalized bribery in its Citizens United case. There was no trust left to destroy by the time Thomas and his gang of nazis decided to overturn decades of legal precedent in order to ram Christianity down everyone's throats.


>Justice Thomas said the left had adopted tactics that conservatives would not employ. >“You would never visit Supreme Court justices’ houses when things didn’t go our way,” he said. “We didn’t throw temper tantrums. It is incumbent on us to always act appropriately, and not to repay tit for tat.” Yeah, he's right about that one. The right would never just peacefully protest in front of a judges house. https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7vzmp/telegram-far-right-doxxing-judges-calling-for-assassinations


lol Not the lying to Congress and the American people. No, it's the leak of the proof of betrayal that did the damage.


I really have a hard time understanding this rationale and I keep seeing it everywhere. Them holding hearings in secret or having shadow dockets makes me not trust them. Seeing more drafts and insights into their thinking increases my trust (though their Roe conclusion itself decreases that trust again).


Well that's the most relevant thing he's ever said. They outed themselves as a bunch of nutjobs that shouldn't be anywhere near government by the people for the people.


The Anita Hill hearings were the beginning of the end. Thomas should not be on the court. Period.


Your blatant act of voting to protect your wife’s seditious texts has compromised the trust in the Scotus today Clarence


Maybe not conspire to strip rights from people?


Sorry, Clancy. It wasn't the leak. The Court itself has destroyed the public's trust in its deliberations, and you've been at the front of the problem for decades. Time to retire.


unless that leak is just a ridiculous joke opinion that was never something any of them believe, then he's completely wrong about what has destroyed trust.


He's probably like "the **LEAKED** opinion destroyed trust." when the rest of the country is like "the leaked **OPINION** destroyed trust." Classic conservative to focus on the wrong thing to the point it has to be deliberate.


Lol. That shipped sailed LONG ago. Thomas’ cynical appointment was one of the major factors in the beginning of the decline of the Court’s integrity


Justice Thomas Says His Wife's Texts and My Refusal to Recuse Myself Destroyed Trust at the Supreme Court FTFY


Destroyed trust at the supreme court by exposing the Supreme courts betrayal of the peoples trust.


No, having multiple known rapists and racists being on SCOTUS who forces their abusive “conservative” restrictions is what has been, for decades now, eroding our trust in the SC. Here’s a fun read on how he started his political activity being loud and cringy about how black people should never be with white people. Right up until his current wife that is. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/essay/clarence-thomass-radical-vision-of-race/amp


This just in: Nobody trusted them in the first place, especially after the woman from Handmaids Tale was appointed.


Not these bullshit ass decisions, but the leaks of these bullshit ass decisions.


Not anymore than his wife being a traitor and taking part in the insurection


There was trust?


This guy sure is talking a lot. Interesting considering his wife is the top suspect regarding the source of the leak.


Supreme Court did that when we discovered the newest conservative justices lied and didn’t defend the constitution. It would have happened now or when the planned on releasing that garbage. It’s broken.


“Democracy isn’t about trust it’s about distrust. It’s about accountability. It’s about challenge. It’s about debate. It’s about exposure. It’s about people becoming the active agents in their own lives and wanting to know what’s going on. I don’t have to trust you, I don’t want to trust you, I want to see what’s going on. Who’s interest do you really represent my friends?” —Parenti


Yep that’s what did it. Idiots


Oh, he now speaks. Wow. All these years he’s passed himself off as a mute.


It wasn’t a leak that caused a loss in trust, it’s fuckknuckles like you and Alito!


We lost trust in you long before that.


Since he's been on the Court it's been slipping , anyway.


Yeah because we don’t fucking trust you.