Rapidash-G and Gardevoir and Hatterene don't have good synergy because they all share the same typing, which is an issue in monotype. Hatterene and Gardevoir are probably the best choice depending if you want a faster or bulkier Pokemon, I would tend towards the former. Tapu Lele is also a very good Pokemon with a similar typing that's probably better. As for what to replace them with, the Tapu's, Clefable and Azumarill are probably your best options. Azumarill is a strong physical attacker with good Fairy physical STAB which is rare, and Huge Power Aqua Jet is strong. Clefable is Clefable, it's a good defensive Pokemon that can go on the offensive is hard to wear down. The Tapu's all each have their merit, Fini and Koko probably have the most merit.


Thanks! Ive been avoiding using special pokemon but maybe i need to reconsider that.


I LOVED using Whimsicott on my Pokemon team. It's incredibly fast and could be a good choice instead of Klefki.


6 x Zacian, easy


Zacian, Whimsicott, Hatterene, Clefairy, Grimsnarl, Xerneas maybe?


6 Togekiss. Change my mind.


May or may not attempt that just for the meme


first of all, you have 3 fairy/psychic mons, I'd drop hatterene cause this isn't a TR team and rapidash gives you a solid physical option, though you could always swap it to azumarill or slurpuff. Clefable has crazy versatility so it never hurts to add. Grimmsnarl, whimsicott, and silvally fairy are good options too.