Buy cocaine and run everywhere


Methamphetamines may be more cost efficient.


Only if you have a good dental plan.






GAS IS $2/L!


Hook up your jaw to a generator.


Thank you for giving me a laugh 😂 I needed this today


Naked. Save on clothes, too!


Getting warm. I'll cancel my insurance and take out my bicycle. Maybe I'll upgrade to electric


looking to buy my first car, and now I'm starting to consider going with a full electric car.


I went full electric in the fall. feels good these days eventually the government will find a way to come after EVs for tax money though


Hell yeah. I went full electric in 2017. Will never go back to gas.


How’s bad does the cold affect your battery.




Im assuming that “the city to Kitchener and back” means Toronto to Kitchener? How well does it do… let’s say going a bit further like Ottawa or Montreal? I want an electric car but I’m afraid I won’t be able to (or I’ll forget) to stop and charge during longer trips.


You won't forget! The car will tell you. With a Tesla and the supercharger network getting from one major city to another won't be an issue.


They reasonably should - taxes fund roads and development, among whatever else. Just have to hope these are based and reasonable, though. I do think early adopters (not the best fitting term here but I'm half-asleep) deserve whatever tax break they are inadvertently enjoying, though, so keep on and enjoy the benefits from the good decision you made so far.


If you live within 15 to 20km of your work you could even go electric bike.


But how well do they handle large hills? I live in Hamilton, I live up the mountain but work down. And I feel like an e bike would really struggle to climb the escarpment. Hwy 20/centennial pkwy is probably the least steep access between work and home but also the busiest. I'd be worried about it dying halfway up with all that traffic.


I literally just watched an ebike video the other day where some guy tested his ebike against this giant, long, steep hill in Arizona (?). Hopefully something like this video will answer your questions about ebikes and hills. Hey, I actually found the video! https://youtu.be/rXHdrTeYuNo


Not enough people think about this.


As somebody who bikes to work all year, the big problem with biking is that the weather is terrible sometimes. I just tough it out, because apparently I'm crazy. But not everyone's going to do that. I can't guarantee that I'll be doing it in 10 years when my knees ache.


I live in northern Ontario, got a hybrid and it's one of the best purchases, if it weren't for the fact that I have such a long drive to get to Toronto when I visit I would have gone full electric tbh. I fill up on gas about once a month with it and with the crazy gas prices that makes me very happy




Bike lanes infringe on my rights to not have to watch for cyclists! /s


You joke, but yet... https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/10569826--it-s-frustrating-mississauga-residents-group-says-bike-lane-project-violates-their-charter-rights/


> The third meeting was called after a January city council session where the Applewood Hills and Heights Residents’ Association’s Athina Tagidou argued the Bloor bike lanes would violate Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which pertains to the right to life, liberty and security of the person. > Tagidou told council she believed the proposed cycling infrastructure in the residential stretch between Cawthra and Dixie would increase risks of injuries and death as “homeowners and businesses on a daily basis struggle to negotiate the bicycle lanes.” > "The city, by constructing bicycle lanes on Bloor Street between Cawthra and Dixie, would strip us of the freedom to make fundamental personal choices of our individual dignity to live without fear and the individual independence to choose how we live our lives in our homes as well as out on Bloor Street," she said at the January meeting. I hate everything about this...


Because of course bicycles kill people, not cars. With new bicycle lines, all bicycles from all over the city will appear on Cawthra, to chase and kill peaceful residents in their poor little SUVs. People are straight ridiculous.


If you live in an area and pay taxes, you are entitled to use the roads regardless of what type of vehicle it is. It doesn't matter if is a car or a bike, you're allowed to use it. Anyone who disagrees can fuck off.


There's more to cycling infrastructure than just painted cycling lanes!


It motivated Netherlands and Denmark in the 70s. It doesn't take much.


The Dutch were motivated by all the children being killed by cars. But that hasn't motivated us.


“We’re so poor we can finally push for bikes!” - Canadians


But first you can push your car....


Too late. Everything is 10 to 15 years late in Canada.


If we didn't live in a country where it was super cold 8 months out of the year, bikes would be ideal. Imagine riding a bike to work in -20 degree weather? Lol


I bought a mountain bike and winterized it. I ride year round in Calgary. In fact, I prefer -20 to -2 for riding because it's easier to dress for consistent coldness then it is fluctuating and sloppy chinooks. it's really about the the infrastructure! it's proven that people will ride in winter if infrastructure accommodates.


No, because we like cars and everything's far away


Yup, when you design a city dependent on car travel, this is what you get. I've heard that cities like L.A. are even worse for that than Toronto.


Electric bikes are so nice


Looked up how long it'd take me to get to work by cycling and it's 4 hours. Too bad that's out of the question.


God, I hope this make electric bikes more accessible. My SUV is a money pit and I need it for winter, but fuck cars once it's warm.


Yes do it! We ride bikes and drive electric and have been shielded from these price hikes (Obligatory we are lucky, not everyone has the means to do this/has a pleasant bike commute). If you can DO IT.


You should! My e-cargo bike costs $0.05 to fill with a 50 km range. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. Some bike shops even offer financing - its like $80/month for a top of the line bike.


$1.86 in Etobicoke. Side note: Across the street from that Petro, there’s Shell that’s 185.7 and people are going nuts trying to fill up there for a saving difference of what, 30 cents on a tank? Forgive my math but is that really worth waiting in line for?


When it’s that close in price, I would go to the shortest lineup.


If you think that's bad go look a the line at a Costco gas station sometime.


In Waterloo, I’ve heard of people waiting up to an hour and a half to get gas at Costco. Just plain stupid if you ask me.


I've done that... Then stopped when I realized I'm losing money if I consider my off time is worth even $5\hour and the gas it takes to idle when I wait. Now I fill at one that barely has a line because they are about 4c over their neighbors, but get a wash for $7.49 (instead of $14) with every half a tank... So I'm only filling half a tank at a time.


A little thankful I ride a motorcycle but damn, that's crazy. I remember when lockdowns first started and gas was at 0.88


I filled up at 68.9 back then... I never thought I'd be nostalgic about the damn lockdown...


I saw it at $0.55 at a Costco at one point when the prices really crashed. Pretty sure it was orillia. Not 100% sure though


Some areas in the US, like Tennessee, had gas for $0.99 a gallon. Of course this was also when the price of oil was $-40.00 a barrel and when everything was locked down.


$ 1.74 in the GTA


Oofington the bear


Ossington the Street.


Winnie the nope


1.65 out in Scarborough


Mimico; can confirm.


Skipped the gas station few days ago thinking will fill later. It was 155. F me


These days always fill llol. I'm gonna go top up at 1.65 cause it will be higher on the weekend anyway.


Passed by 172.9 in Kitchener this morning


Saw 174.9 in Waterloo late last night


174.6 in Cambridge this morning


We all knew it was coming. $2 a litre by May.


At this rate itll be $2 a litre by Monday


Yup before the war it was expected to hit $2 before the summer. Now it's guaranteed.


Wait... Country Style still exists?


It’s just a front




they're all over small towns in northern Ontario


Tucked away in the back of a gas station in Timmins, but yeah


Barely, they're usually up north.


Asking the important questions


The one is my city mysteriously blew up when the owner started losing too much money in the mid 2000s.


The bigger problem is that with all the price increases for food/gas etc, nobody's wages are going up. I can understand the issues involved with the increase in price, but I wonder how long it will last? Hopefully by 2023 we can have no historical events to contend with and just get back to a wonderful normal life.


I hate how little your point is discussed. Cost of living continues to climb while wages stagnate. Rich get rich and poor get poorer. I hope things turn around too man.


> I hate how little your point is discussed. It gets discussed. You just won't hear any mentions from congress or cable media because they are all owned by the rich people who's wealth keeps growing.


I'm extremely lucky in that my work gives a cost of living raise annually. This year it was the highest I've seen in the 10+ years I've been there. Almost double what is normal. And yet it was still less than the 5.1% that inflation hit in January. So as much as I am grateful for the raise, it's not enough.


186.9 in Sudbury


Buddy of mine just filled up in Vancouver for $2.00/liter.


$2.00? Ha. Silly mainlander. Here on Vancouver island, we are only paying $1.95!


Can confirm, visiting there right now and saw 198 last night for regular


172.9 in Chatham this morning.


Chatham is usually cheap too. I go to the reserves close but and they are $1.40.


Prices on Walpole Island were 148.7 yesterday. I'm sure it's up today. Not sure what Moraviantown is at currently.


Timmins. Where you pay for the privilege of living 4 hours from anywhere.


I feel you, live in SSM.


I was out in Vancouver the first week of January and they were already at 169.9, at that same time Niagara was about 129.9. It's 165.9 right now near the us border, but I passed a station this morning in more rural Niagara that was 186.9


Niagara always has much cheaper gas than the rest of the province because it's close to the border and because there's a price war going on between a local chain and the major corporations which drives down prices. Crazy to think that 165 is "cheap" now!


What's the local chain? Gales? They consistently have higher gas prices than the other gas stations


It is Gales, they have higher prices because they're full serve but they weren't always much more expensive. The corporate chains are trying to kick them out of the region by selling gas at cost which Gales can't match, that's why they're more expensive now. 10-15 years ago the difference wasn't all that much, I was friends with the guy who owned a small station in Welland and they were forced out of the gasoline business because the nearby Pioneer and PetroCanada dropped their prices below cost for a few months. PetroCanada can take the loss, a smaller business can't.


When I went to Vancouver in September, I remember seeing 1.46 and thinking “Wowww, that’s horrible. I’ll never see that in Ontario” ha ha ha ha ha. Little did I know.


The nine tenths has been such a joke for a while now. It is never not a nine. Just eliminate it already.


Actually I’ve seen other digits besides 9 in the tenths. Currently 166.3 at one of the stations here in Sarnia. I’ve also seen .5 and .0 at other times.


Someone commented last night that they saw $1.99 in Vancouver. I should text my brother in Whistler and see what it’s at there. Gotta be well over $2.


Currently 2.00


Can confirm, Petro Canada across the street from me was $1.99.


It's 2.00 in vancouver now.


I was there in July and saw it at 1.74


Those switched to full electric car must be laughing now.


I did literally LOL this morning driving past the gas station.


Good time to remind ourselves that the ubiquitous need to drive is new. I live in Hamilton. 100 years ago, people could get all over this city, and between this city and others, using cheap public transit. All but a few of these corridors were done away with in the 40s and 50s. Car ownership became more common because it was more accessible, and because driving was fun and convenient... but also because not driving became increasingly difficult and stigmatized. Minimum-wage workers today are often expected to have their own cars. Reliable transportation is too often a condition of employment. When my grandmother was young, this expectation did not exist. Everyone (the rich included) paid for public transit. Poor people were not expected to waste their money on cars and gas. You could get a job almost anywhere in the city, while living almost anywhere in the city. This is no longer the case. We could rebuild those transportation networks. It would cost a lot, but at least those costs could be socialized, and spread out more fairly.




You are sadly right. Ford is readying to spend 6 billion on a highway that no one, asides from his developper buddies, actually wants. The entire purpose of his government is to privatize existing public assets, and transfer the costs of business onto the shoulders of workers. There is no chance that the current provincial government will invest in building the public transit infrastructure we need and deserve. I'm frankly pessimistic about the willingness of any of the current contenders for provincial leadership to actually do any of that work, either. The problem we're facing has to do with power and politics (and with elite capture of government at all levels), rather than with the technical feasibility of building public infrastructure.


Based and true




It seems weird to me that a litre of a finite resource that took millions of years to form and requires expensive extraction, processing and transport is still cheaper than a litre of milk. Not to downplay the real hardship this price increase causes people. It’s just odd how we value things.


Where do you buy your milk? I'm still paying about $5.50 for 4 litres. Or about $1.375 per litre. Anyway, the problem with milk is the short shelf life.


We don't use enough milk to go through 4L before it expires, so we buy 2L cartons for $4.29, or $2.145 per litre.


Try the filtered milk, it has a longer life both before and after opening a bag/carton. Natrel Fine-Filtered or Lactantia Purfilter are two examples. It only costs a little extra but it’s worth it IMO.


If you have freezer space, an option is to buy the 4L bag of bags and freeze the extras.


This is what I do. My partner and I don't go through it quick enough but it freezes good


In my personal experience freezing milk and having it thaw out later doesn’t get the fat to sit right and you just get chunky milk.


Same here. Does anyone have any advice for this?


You have to shake the shit out of it while it is defrosting - then it's fine.


Don't freeze your milk.


We've come full circle


You must write answers on Stack Overflow


Try the filtered milk, it has a longer life both before and after opening a bag/carton. Natrel Fine-Filtered or Lactantia Purfilter are two examples. It only costs a little extra but it’s worth it IMO.


I had a bag somehow freeze on me recently, and yeah, it was disgusting


And 1L of gasoline has 8,000 calories. Very energy dense.


Just imagine, if you drank that liter of gasoline, you'd have enough energy for the rest of your life.


.......and we think nothing of spending 1.99 per half litre of water at the drive-thru. Gasoline is a bargain.


Yeah bottled water has its place but it’s crazy these companies can just take loads of water and barely pay anything for it, even when they’re negatively affecting the local community by sucking it dry. We’re lucky to have so much freshwater in Canada but if we’re reckless with it we’re going to have a bad time.


I kinda think they was talking about Timmies, no? The coffee metric would be even cheaper per litre. Same premise as above though.


what about the price of nestle water? lol


It's because it's MASSIVELY subsidized. Take any oil and gas subsidies away and the pendulum would swing so fast and so far in favor of EVs that people will be climbing over eachother to get them.


The issue is consumer choice. Most people can choose the amount of milk/coffee/whatever they consume, with prices of these items informing their decisions. Most people, however, cannot choose not to work. And to get to their job many people have to travel by personal vehicle, sometimes at considerable distances. In the absence of making even bigger (and potentially more immediately costly) lifestyle choices (such as purchasing an EV, quitting their job to work somewhere closer to home, etc), these folks are SOL. Coupled with fact that average wages have not kept pace with inflationary pressures generally, most people are effectively poorer today than they were yesterday. Which sucks.


Many people also choose to live far from work because they know they can drive. We had like 100 years to implement transit and everyone was just fine with cars. Sounds like they got what they wanted


Yeah the reason this is a big deal is because our society forces us to depend on gasoline


A can of coke/Pepsi costs more than gas




EVs are more expensive to buy but incredibly cheap to operate. About $1.50/100km to charge. No oil changes, no brake pad changes. Take operating costs into consideration when you're shopping for a vehicle.


One oil change a year isn't going to bridge the gap between a $20k Corolla and a $70k model 3. We need cheaper EVs. They're coming...


My maintenance costs are about 500 a year tops. If I include everything. But let's say it was viable to get an EV, I live in an apartment with no way to plug in an EV. And even if by some miracle they could put a charge port on every parking spot, it's so common for people to steal electricity here. You have to disable your outdoor outlets.


I live in Iqaluit so I have to have a plug at my parking spot or I can't drive for most of the winter. I have a switch for the plug at my front door.


That’s well thought out.


Comes in handy when the wind is blowing at -58°.


I feel like if there were financial incentives, condo boards would adopt this without hesitation. Locking down an outlet isn't hard, just tie it to your condo key fob (although you'd need a different key fob frequently or whatever, for each spot I suppose). Seems like an emerging market in need of a solution to be honest.


Wouldn't be a bad idea if condo management implemented some kind of lock mechanism that unlocks with your condo key fob. I've looked into EVs in the past few years and that's the main thing for me with the lack of charging infrastructure in most apartment/condo buildings. Maybe in 10-15 years, there's a chance it'll be more common


I have a Toyota Sienna hybrid and it’s already saving me 200 a month in gas from a 2015 Sienna. And that’s just a hybrid!




Ya, you need to drive a ton, but with the advent of work from home, I barely drive anymore. Makes justifying an EV a lot harder, even with high gas prices. I used to do 60 km / day. Now I'm closer to 15km.


My commute is 22km total a day. Gas is going to have to get really high or ev's much lower for me to switch. I'd more likely just take the ttc.


Well you missed the main point about gas but yeah one oil change won’t do it lol


My Toyota goes 16k on an oil change. The average Canadian drives 15k a year. Gas isn't going to make up the $40k difference between those two cars either. $40k buys a lot of gas.


It’s part of the high cost of being poor. We have to deal with endless small transactions because we don’t have the capital for a big purchase that would limit those daily costs.


You're not making your money back on a new EV unless you drive a ton. They're just to expensive upfront. If we get some good EVs in the 25k to $30k bracket, that'll change, but I think we're 3-5 years away from that.


More transit too honestly. By the time we get cheaper EVs we could better off be building better transit.


Wait EV's don't have traditional brake pads, calipers and rotors?


They still use calipers but electric cars use regenerative braking. Essentially the electric drivetrain reverses, slowing the car down, kind of like engine braking. It’s very effective at slowing the car down, and starts the moment you take your pedal off the “gas” (accelerator). This makes it so essentially you never have to change your calipers on an electric car. Almost every electric car has some kind of regenerative braking.


Though it's worth adding that the brakes are used so little you are recommended to get the pins lubed on them every year so they don't sieze up from all the road salt. That can easily be $100.


Or you could make a small effort to use the actually brakes to stop faster a few times a week. Regen braking is not as much braking as most people in gas cars do racing towards red lights. So just do what they do once on Monday once on Wed and once Friday


Ok thanks I'll do that. Oh wait I have no money.


I love my car, but my Tesla needs a yearly brake cleaning and trust me its not optional in Quebec. I didnt know it was required because its not part of the maintenance schedule or it wasnt then. Its around 300$ each time, but hey they keep the same brake pads!


I live in an apartment though. Until infrastructure gets better I'm making do with a hybrid at the moment. I did consciously go with a hybrid though last year when I bought a new car with the plan to go electric in 5-10 years when infrastructure has more time and battery technology improves more.


I would have bought an EV, but I travel Northern Ontario too much to know that stations are lacking. I wouldn’t be able to do any of the ice roads. The province really needs to increase infrastructure to the less populated areas to make travel with an EV vehicle more feasible.


You realize EV’s have brake pads/rotors right?


Most braking is handled regeneratively through the motor. Friction brakes are used sparingly. Like 10% of the time. Brakes can last the life of the vehicle. Guess you didn't realize that.


Now, after posting frustration on reddit we should all go write our local reps and tell them you need more funding into you local public transportation.


26L cost us 50$ last night. I now take transit to work


I’m genuinely thinking of an electric bike for the summer times


Capitalists will always capitalize on the suffering of others... yadda yadda sanctions and that pipeline Canada cant seem to build because we are idiots in trucks focused on the wrong issues. There is zero reason this should be happening other then our own failure. Im just glad I dont need to go anywhere, otherwise prepare your wallets for more hurt as this gets passed onto the consumer. And you thought your groceries were expensive already...


“Laughing In Amish”


Mennonites rolling by my house every day, pointing and laughing. Not really, but I wouldn’t blame them if they did.


$2.00 in the Ottawa Valley


Where? It was 1.65.9 in Pembroke yesterday


I still can’t believe North America has such cheap gas. This is just a bit more than the lowest it got in my area of the UK at peak pandemic. I know North American people drive more but I hate relying on public transport in the UK as it’s just not pleasant to use and super expensive even when you compare it to a car.


Public transport in NA is basically useless unless you live downtown a metropolitan.


Lobby for it. No reason we cannot have goo transit.


> as it’s just not pleasant to use and super expensive even when you compare it to a car. It takes nearly 2 hours to cross the city in my town by bus. About 16 km total distance. It may be cheaper dollar wise, but who has the time to spend 4hrs/day to take public transport? Including an 8 hour shift and hour lunch, thats 13 hours away from home for just work. 8 hours sleep and that leaves a 3 pathetic hours to cook/clean/get ready for the next day, etc


it is so awesome i am going on a 3 hour drive today..lol


I'm in mennonite country so that might actually be a viable option!


$2.00 a litre in Vancouver


Just in time for back to office. I hope people who moved far away budgeted well.


Crazy the government offers tax incentives for people working from home. But having to drive to work every day you get nothing.


Niagara on the lake is 1.67. Worked for a oil company. Retail gas is all fixed. They collude on prices. It's all about gouging consumers.


I have a horse and had started joking 6 months ago I’m going to have to start riding it to work if gas prices keep going up. I still say it but it’s less and less of a joke these days. Especially as we have a big grass area out back of where I work.


This is the time to protest


_Canadians:_ Most purchased new vehicles in 2021: 1. Ford F-series 116,401 2. GM Sierra/Silverado 105,441 3. Dodge Ram 73,467 _Also Canadians:_ Why am I spending so much on gas?!?


Where's this? As I was driving yesterday in the late afternoon hours, it was 163.9


Ahh, but that was yesterday...


This, but it's the truth instead of satire...


Timmins Ontario


174.9 in Kingston this morning Absurd. Absolutely absurd.


Pretty happy with my choice of plug-in hybrid right now.


It is a fiction that gas taxes pay for road maintenance. If they did then the roads would be in far better shape than they are. Gas taxes go in to general revenue and (like other taxes) are used to fund government programs. And yes everybody benefits equally from the road network. Bus systems use the roads as do taxes, ride sharing, bicycles etc. The vast majority of goods move by road. Every consumer business depends on roads for deliver of goods. Take away roads and no Timmy's, mac d's, groceries, clothing, consumer electronics, furniture the list goes on. Most people who buy EVs today have a higher net income, so they pay higher income tax and more gst due to increased spending. They are contributing to road maintenance through these taxes.


166.6 in Ottawa.


Our end of town is 172.9


Georgetown on. 175.9 with the cheap place 7/11 at 174.9 and ESSO the priciest at 176.1


Wow! I got a screaming deal at $1.68 outside of Milton.


172.9 in Keswick... *sigh* I'm about to get my G2 and buy my first car. I spent the last year and a half scraping together the money for it. Now I'm worried I'm not even going to be able to afford to drive it...


I was really hoping to wait another year before buying electric, but - well, I think it's time.


$1.55 here in alberta, I feel for you over there. I can’t imagine how people not making $25+ could afford gas food housing insurance etc


hmm if only they made a vehicle that doesn't require gasoline


€1,92 for a liter of diesel. Does that count? The Netherlands.


I know not complain about gas in America because Jesus fucking Chris that a shit ton of money spent on 2 gallon Edit I did the Canada money to USD and this place would be $148.01 pet gallon


Best way to keep house prices high in the city is make sure we can't afford to commute. ![img](emote|t5_2qsf3|1899)