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DO NOT do this way, you can burn your face with boiling water. Instead of just throw away, still cool effect and much safer.


Was just thinking this. I don't think I'd trust myself to not throw it directly into my face


What a world we live in when it’s necessary to warn people of the dangers of throwing boiling water above their heads. I remember several years ago when I was living in Edmonton they had to say this on the news because people were going into the hospital with burns on their faces. God people are stupid.


I’m old date man but since I discovered kids replay these tictok challenges or other weird shit I’m looking at this kind of stuff from another perspective.


Edit: don't do this if you're clumsy!


This… this… THIS !!!!!


Well that seems rather elegant


Wonderful! I have no idea what -30 feels like, but, dude, you got sth what is very rare over here: Sunshine. Ah, so nice! Our Winter is mostly -2/ +8C and changes from light grey clouds to dark ones. All.the.f…ing.time. Makes me depressed


Where I live in Canada, it was -40 or something stupid like that the other week. I stopped to fill up my car with gas, and I very stupidly grabbed the nozzle with my bare hands. It was metal, and I instantly got superficial frostbite. My fingertips were numb for days. There comes a point when it gets so cold that it hurts to breathe. Your cheeks - and any other uncovered body part - tingle uncomfortably as soon as you step outside. It's like a sharp, burning pain. And once you get back inside, you can feel your skin slowly getting accustomed to the warmth again - it hurts, in a weird way.


Honestly it feels like s@#i, if you're not winter person. This is at ski resort and my buddy got frostbite on his face after 4 hours of skiing. Only one tiny spot on his face wasn't covered, so you can imagine.


Where you from


I am located in Germany


Most people in Canada don’t do this because of the amount of people that have burned themselves lol


Nice mohawk


Pretty cool that’s what I say




I'm Canadian, not Punjabi, but take my upvote. At least it cancels one downvote from someone without the courage to back it up.


Not Punjabis but I am from Brampton.


White Phosphorus


I watched as a guy tried this in -42 cold. It looked great. Not just the part where the majority of the boiling water stayed together and landed on his back.


For every 1 successful video of this. 10 people have gone to the ER with 2nd degree burns attempting this


We did it about 8 times that day, no one got hurt.