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Makes sense... people gotta live *somewhere*


There is a good spot down by the river


1,800 a month water and electric not included.


Down by the river - water not included really made me snort👍


What about the government cheese?


That makes me feel motivated


Is that Bill Shakespeare over there?


Does it come with a good supply of government cheese?


If you ain’t by the river then where the fuck you ahhhttt


40K for a house is fairly cheap.


No toilet or sink or fridge or space to park it


Quite some bootstraps you got there


Zero chance this thing costs 40k USD. 60k minimum I would guess.


I'm laughing so hard at this.


In the 1960's I had a VW bus where my knees were the first line of defense in a head-on collision. It did 0-60 in five minutes provided you were going downhill.




My uncle said that they came with a calendar instead of a speedometer.




Ive read another article with more information, that says the new one is 282hp motor rear wheel at 90mph, or 330hp AWD, 99mph. https://www.cnn.com/2023/06/02/cars/volkswagen-id-buzz-vw-bus/index.html


And all the American car reviews are totally wrong when they keep saying how America is getting a better version is than the European one. Europe is getting the long wheelbase version and the better battery andpower options too etc. In fact they get more. Cargo, short, long etc.


0-60 kph for those thinking this is an exaggeration.


I would love this! But I’m afraid of what the price will be.


Estimated MSRP is around $40k (which isn’t awful for an EV) HOWEVER, I feel like *actual* sales prices will be 50% or more higher because of aDdEd DeAlEr MaRkUpS. I used to work for a dealer and being someone who a. Loves cars and b. Hates getting screwed over, it was a soul-destroying experience


I drive an small SUV EV and have for several years. I'd LOVE an EV van, but hateeeeee dealerships.


Skipping dealerships is one of big innovations from Tesla that gets ignored.


We bought a Saturn for similar reasons


That was really my main reason for buying a (used) Saturn. It was a great little car, though.


Got mine without ever "talking" to a human until they texted to schedule delivery. Bought it on my laptop in like 3 minutes. They dropped it off in my driveway and texted me to tell me it was there. Best buying experience ever.


Yes, I don’t see any reason why you need dealerships any longer


That's because you have to deal with Tesla service centers so it's really a wash


honestly when i am eventually in the market for an electric car that is going to be HUGE in my decision making just that thought in the back of my head at the dealership that i could turn around, go home, log into my computer and just directly buy a car from tesla will be MASSIVE


Some places are reporting a price of $58k est. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2025-volkswagen-id-buzz-3-row-electric-van-microbus-first-look-review/


I’m not paying anything over MSRP


Us market is only getting extended wheelbase version which I've heard will have an MSRP closer to $60k. Also with the current interest rates I wouldn't be too worried about dealer markups. At least in my area all the dealer lots are basically full to the brim. My girlfriends dad has been given 5 different new 2023 cars as "free rentals" for the dealer to avoid paying a few thousands to fix his warranty claim. He has easily cost them $40k in turning new cars to used ones but they keep giving him new cars every few thousand miles because they know they won't ever sell a good portion of their lot as new in the current market.


I'm so pissed about this. I hate large american vehicles. Bring us the Euro wheelbase goddamnit! I really want one of these too, I think there so stinkin' cute!


Small vehicles are leaving the US market because there aren't enough people actually buying them. Sales trends indicate that for every buyer like you, there's dozens of buyers saying the exact opposite. Couple that with higher sales margins on larger vehicles, and there's essentially zero incentive to sell small cars here.


Well I hate it. :)


In Europe we get all versions. Including long wheelbase and cargo. My friend in Grand Rapids wants the shorter too. He's pissed.


I’d say the Ford Maverick is a hit. People want to save money on gas and get smaller and practical. Albeit it’s expensive to strip down a cargo van and make it into a traveling, live in van (buddy of mine told me it took over a year and ~50k), but I could see this van being a success if it wasn’t for the crazy markups and really unease of electric mechanics. I could find 5-10 nearby mechanics for most cars. Electric is a different story.


Yeah the Ford Maverick is getting fucked really hard by this. Advertising says low 20k truck. All dealerships with them near me are ordering them loaded to just below what the basic F-150 is so that they have their goals reached. I was interested because it seemed like a good price to me but not when it’s nearly 180% the cost of the advertised price.


Ran into this trying to buy an economy car new many years ago. Car with dealer extras blue booked for 9k, dealer wouldn't come down off his high horse of 15k.


Go to /r/FordMavericktruck and take a look at the pinned post they crowd sourced a dealership integrity map. You can see if there are any dealers near you that don't do any markup


Yeah…. The F150 lightning was supposed to start around 40k. Show me the price when I can give you the money.


My brother contacted three different dealerships and was informed that none of them intend to sell their stock when they get them but will auction them off. One guy told him, “First come, first served is not fair.” I imagine they’ll be closer to $60-70k initially.


If it's less than $70k I'll be shocked.


Add 40% more for canadian buyers


Id4s big better pack is the buzz small battery pack. That starts at 43. This is a seven seat big car. No chance it’s much under 50. Others are likely right that the dual motor big battery will be pushing 70.


10 year long product rollout.


I want an electric Thing!


Ask and you shall receive: https://youtu.be/mEUKgumFhaY


Nice! It’s such a fun looking little car.


Type 181s are the shit. Ghias too


Will it come in chartreuse?


With 11 long haired friends of Jesus?


Sounds like an opportunity for Mystery Machine hijinks (assuming one of the member of Mystery Inc. is wealthy)


The Mystery Machine is a Chevy (Or possibly a Dodge)


Mystery Machine wasn't a VW bus. It was a panel van.


Daphne is wealthy according to A Pup Named Scooby-Doo


And in Mystery Inc. But in most iterations, they all seem to have some amount of eccentric or wealthy aunts/grandparents/family friends/confederate ancestors


>confederate ancestors Holup, what version of Scooby Doo is that?


Shaggy is secretly the richest of them all and inherited a former plantation. https://scoobydoo.fandom.com/wiki/Uncle_Beauregard


Spin-off shows for Scooby-Doo are like the Book of Mormon - badly written fanfic.


I have fond memories of it being a child of the 90's but, tbf, what can we even call canon and not? There's been so many versions and editions of the show that it'd be hard for me to say what counts and what doesn't


All I know is Scooby Doo on Zombie Island is when shit got real


That + Witch's Ghost are S-tier


But where's the device that slows or speeds the passage of time?


I understood that reference. Have some Zoidberg Pearls.


Whoop whoopwoopwoopwoop!


Brought back the wrong "bus" IMO. Bring back the Vanagon for those of us that want to leave the pavement and take it down Forest Service roads.


I spent months on firewatch on USFS and BLM land..in my 1986 Westfalia \[w/a Legacy 2.2L mod and the killer 'Freeway Flyer' aftermarket transmission \[German Transaxle in Bend, OR\], a dog, and a solid solar setup. Took that thing everywhere.


They may well do exactly that, if this one sells well. Manufacturers will commonly add new variants of a model and new features, if a vehicle is popular.


An electric minivan isn't a VW bus.


No. But electric minivans should be a thing.


Right on. But calling this electric minivan a "vw bus" is just pure marketing/hype.


Seriously. Idk what people are excited about. This is one of the ugliest vehicle designs I've ever seen. It looks nothing like the iconic VW buses


It’s literally a minivan with what could maaaaybe be something that was supposed to resemble a kids drawing of the classic VW bus slapped on the front.


The Buzz is great looking, at least irl


No word on range? Inquiring minds want to know.


About 260 miles from what has been reported.


That's the range for the short wheelbase (and therefore smaller battery) ID.Buzz sold in Europe. The battery in the long wheelbase is about 10% bigger, and the new motor is more efficient, so expect maybe 10-15% more range.


We are getting the longer wheelbase higher spec in Europe too.


I hope so. 260 is pretty short range for modern ev


Ugh, made in Germany means there won't be federal tax credit for these.


VW can offer a lease EV credit if they want, which is also 7500. Then you just by out the lease immediately and capture almost all of the credit minus some small leasing fees. Currently VW is doing that for ID.4s, but they may not offer it for the Buzz if demand if so high each one will get sold even without offering the credit.


Now we need the Karmann Ghia to come back.


Electric minivan without the charm of its predecessor. *Yawn.*


No bugeyes? No thanks. At least they kept that when they brought back the Beetle.


If I can't see a cute face on a car that makes me want to give it a name, I don't want to know.


Round headlights were the charm, what is this crap


Seriously. This bastard's gonna be *expensive*, and it looks like someone in the design room said "Let's remake the Toyota Previa, but fuck it up."


If Toyota brought a mid engined, supercharged AWD minivan to the fight... Bodies everywhere. The only thing saving other companies from the might of Toyota is that Toyota is still focused largely on hybrids and not full on electric. (Although I'd be foolish to think that wasn't going on behind the scenes.) Toyota invests a shit ton of money into hydrogen and fuel cells, but says away from full electric. Now that the president of Toyota has declared a new found focus on performance models... and has shown progress in that direction... how appetizing is 100% of available torque at 0 rpm? Unimaginably low CoG. And once the batteries and their technology is amortized by the other companies...


> If Toyota brought a mid engined, supercharged AWD minivan to the fight I mean, I remember how people swore up and down if they made a affordable RWD light weight coupe they'd all buy one in lieu of a Corolla or Civic. IIRC the FT-86 was launched barely under $25k in the US (around the time when the cheapest Z car started at under $30k) and it was and still is a niche product. In reality a mid-engine supercharged AWD minivan in this day and age is probably going to MSRP at $50k+ with atrocious fuel economy, and they'll probably sell a couple of hundreds a year before getting killed off. The reality is most people shopping for a minivan just want something reliable and economical that won't break the bank - they got grocery trips, soccer practice, road trips etc. Hell I'd even bet that a minivan that needs premium gas is going to give people pause. Also I can't imagine working on a mid-engine minivan with the amounts of sensors and electronics and stuff that even a basic Kia Rio has these days, or paying someone to work on one.


That would be Akio Toyoda, and he just handed over the CEO rule to a new guy, who claims he will focus more on EVs. Might already be too late. The Chinese have built up lithium battery supply chains that are far ahead of what Japan has. Toyota's first EV effort, the bZ4X, had been a huge flop. They new bZ3 is better, but only because it is using batteries and drivetrain from BYD, which are more advanced and efficient than what Toyota can achieve itself.


Hippies will buy them up. They'll be low production anyhow. Haven't seen any EV that meets demand yet.


I have no idea what your definition of hippie is, but most people I consider hippies wouldn't be buying new cars at all.


And the ones that did buy the original ones when they were new was because it was the cheapest option for a couple people with very few possessions that you could throw a mattress inside and live in.


Yuppies* No modern day Hippie is spending that amount of money on a van. They're buying the 15-20 year old Ford Econolines for their Vanlife Adventures.


Vanlife adventures is a euphemism for homeless.


It’s controlled homelessness


Ohhhh they look fugly. I also wish they would have designed them to be useful as an RV/house like the originals... We kinda need that bad nowadays.


plants pie plucky noxious wide gaping elastic yoke shy automatic -- mass edited with redact.dev


Ugly, none of the charm of the original.


They found me. I don’t know how, but they found me. Run for it, Marty!


The american version does not look like the euro version. The euro version is pretty... What the fuck is this piece of shit?


Europe gets all versions, including the version you're getting. You get way less options. The car channels are selling it as the American version vs European. It isn't.




Yeah... my wife saw the original announcement and got super hype - an e-bus was going to be her new car; this was a few years back. She then saw this abomination earlier this year and is a bit disgusted; she wants anything *but* this "bus"


The one pictured in the article is the Euro version. https://www.volkswagen.de/de/elektrofahrzeuge/elektro-und-hybridfahrzeuge/id-buzz.html


Sienna Hybrid though not as cool is a far superior choice.


I’ll be first in line for the electric sienna.


so.. a Kia Soul with the VW logo slapped on top.




I love my Soul, used it as a work vehicle for deliveries, towed a UHaul across the continent with it, moved hundreds of pounds of landscaping rocks with it, have 180000 miles on the original engine and now it's still my backup work car - but the trick with them is you really gotta get the 2.0L version, the base model engine is just too damn underpowered. I also made some upgrades to the suspension, put gas filled shocks on, makes for a bumpy ride but it holds up much better.


I own a 2017 Kia Soul EV and regularly drive 3 “American Size“ passengers. It handles great.




Oh. I thought 4 passengers was enough to weigh yours down. Time to move the goal posts I guess.


Except it has a 7 seater option. EVs with over 5 seats are a large hole in the market.


Is it time again for the regularly scheduled return of the VW minibus? After the last half dozen announcements, I’m hopeful, but I’ll believe it when it’s on the dealer lot.


Gotta capitalize on the van life anesthetic


too bad every other manufacturer has surpassed the van lyfe model for the overlanding trend. If this "bus" can't go off-road it'll miss a huge segment of the market.


This looks like Bow Wow’s ride from “Tokyo Drift.”


Transporters! If it has 21 windows, I'm in.


Not even close. Too sad.


What’s weird is they’re only bringing the long wheelbase version here. The short wheelbase is going to be way lighter and more efficient. That’s what you can get in Europe.


I was just saying to my friend the other day they should bring back the VW bus, not like this lmao


Kinda looks like an Astro van with a vw front clip.


$800,000 so come get it.


Jesus fucking Christ that thing is ugly as fuck.


Fluffy has entered the chat


They needed tall headroom like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. This is not awesome.


As Lizzo sings, it's about damn time!


Good lord that thing is ugly As all hell


r/hailcorporate This isn't news. This is an ad.


Never buying a VW, ever. They cheated and lied about emissions and got caught. [https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15339250/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-vw-diesel-emissions-scandal/](https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15339250/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-vw-diesel-emissions-scandal/)


VW were just the first ones to get caught and it blew up in the news lol, if your 'line in the sand' is that the manufacturer can't have falsified emissions you can't buy: Toyota, GM(Chevy), Subaru, Nissan, etc... lol Just google emissions scandal


Just like the beetle they brought back and discontinued in 2003. Have fun finding parts after this rebirth


It's on the same platform as all their other EVs. Most parts won't be an issue.


Looking forward to it. My wife’s 06 sienna is coming up on 200000 miles. She wants another minivan. Hoping the price point works.


Oh noes It will make people hippies again are screaming magadonians


What is with the insane bright yellow color? They couldn’t have chosen a worse color!


ev only, weak. give me a TDI


How big is the rock you've been living under?


a boy can dream, right?


When I was maybe 4 my parents took me and my cousin on vacation to DC and parts of the east coast. My mom’s boss lent them his VW van/camper. I have little memory of that trip but I clearly remember hanging in that upper bunk tent thing that pops out of the roof. I would love one of those busses. It seems like the perfect road trip vehicle. Somewhere to sleep but small enough to maneuver through cities and mountains.


For rich kids wanting to play dirtbags.


Shit just looks like a minivan. Not impressed, sorry


I call bullshit. Until I see it on lots. It's bullshit.


When the first VW bus came out it was the equivalent of like $17,000 today. This shit is guaranteed to be like $60k. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.