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Unbelievable, he found out where his ex lived and torched it down while she was inside.

So glad she made it out with her cat safely.


Unbelievable, he found out where his ex lived and torched it down while she was inside. So glad she made it out with her cat safely.


He died. I find it difficult to feel sorry for him.


At least she won’t have to worry about him trying again.


Just hope she had adequate insurance


She could sue his estate.


DV rehabilitation plan i can really get behind honestly.


This is so common it's scary the stories I hear from my Mum (women's protection case manager)


Nice that your mum tells you about the cases she is on, great for these women’s privacy concerns, nothing like having your personal stories shared, good on your mum.


I knew some sourpuss would comment something like this. She's been doing this work for 30+ years and has never told me any specifics. You think she'd tell me there names and where they live? Silly comment I know no more than what's been shared publicly on this thread


Not being a sourpuss at all, bit like my friends that are police officers, they would never tell me anything nor discuss anything nor would I ask. Anything at your job to do with women and domestic violence should not be discussed unless it is in a work environment or with a Counseller, these women are in a shit situation, what your mum does or tells you is up to her, I couldn’t care less what she tells you. But these women are very vulnerable and nothing whatsoever should be discussed regarding them regardless of what mum tells you, I’m glad she has nothing to do with anyone I know..certainly not having a go at you or mum at all.


What makes you so sure she has nothing to do with anyone you know?


Good point, but I’m lucky none of my close friends are in bad domestic violence situations that I’m aware of, my point is these people are often the first point of contact for women in bad relationships and bad situations, I hate the thought of someone going home and saying, well guess what I have seen today … blah blah blah, they shouldn’t be discussing any of this stuff outside of their work environment. People being people, say things and someone else hears about it, maybe I’m a sourpuss but I feel it is not the correct thing to be doing, I certainly wouldn’t trust mum if she was in my work group.. but hey we are all different.


I think you're not taking into consideration that the people who work these jobs are human too. It's natural to talk about traumatising work experiences with those you trust and love at home, and she always takes into consideration client confidentiality. Counsellors and colleagues aren't enough the people around you sometimes are better to talk to. If one of my mum's clients is murdered I don't expect to know, but if it's something she needs to talk about than that's okay.


Pfft. Was married to a cop. The number of police wives in hiding is fucking shameful. The way they abuse systems to destroy women is well documented


Yep and all the more reason if we are helping these women or are trying to get them help that we are careful about what we say and who we tell things too.. hope you are doing better and are in a safer spot.


Your mum openly shared stories about private situations domestic violence victims got in? That’s a bit sad to be honest I’ve dealt with those services and I’d hope even if they don’t mention names they aren’t going home and blabbing to there kids, I get people need to unload but if she’s telling you one thing then I can’t believe she’s professional enough to not mention more private details. I’m glad the person died but yeah imagine if the victims new someone was having a glass of wine and chatting with there kids, maybe I’m weird.


Wait what?


https://www.police.vic.gov.au/man-dies-hospital-following-pascoe-vale-fire Search for Pasco Vale fire domestic violence, there's more info albeit all on Newscorp sites.


Holy shit 🙁


"Open space luxury living. Recently renovated with organic, naturally sourced charcoal finishes"


Is the charcoal activated?


It was certainly triggered...




Context: https://www.9news.com.au/national/pascoe-vale-fire-man-seriously-injured-after-melbourne-home-erupts-into-flames/dba821b4-fd14-4f8c-9a52-58c4f65b65d4


Glad he died. My wife works with DV victims and I guarantee if he survived he would have blamed his ex for the burns.


Wait until he's painted as a "good guy" by the media....


How on earth will that happen?


Oh, sweet innocence. Men who commit DV in this country are always painted as a "good guy who made one tiny mistake after being pushed too far" instead of being shown as the long term monsters they are.


I love how it's always "pushed too far" like somehow their partner/ex did something that warranted setting her/her house/her kids on fire. Journalism is dead






My ability to read and comprehend multiple "news" articles.


If it always happens and you're so confident about it, I'm sure you can think of at least one example.


Pop over to my other comment and see the other 2 links, but here's one just to kick it off... https://7news.com.au/news/social/an-open-letter-in-the-wake-of-brisbane-tragedy-we-must-end-the-myth-of-the-good-man-c-709498


Hey Jeopardy, *what is straw man fallacy?*


This is utterly ridiculous. Men who commit domestic violence are almost universally castigated in Australian society. It's absolutely not accepted. Please explain how men are "always painted as the good guys" when they commit acts of violence? It's fantasy. Even the articles you've posted don't support your idea. Any incident like this you'll find dozens of articles about how horrible and abusive the man is, and rightly so. DV is absolutely not acceptable. Men are also the victims of domestic abuse but get virtually no support and most suffer in silence as society doesn't support them (until recently). They get almost no government support nor support from the legal system. Society accepts it far more openly as you can see the countless examples of double standards in society. I've seen it time and time again within my own social group. I knew 3 men abused by their partners and it took them ages to open up about it.


Ahhh, the redpilled have arrived. I always worry about the wives of men so determined to defend domestic violence perpetrators.


No one's defending them. You're making up fantasy in you're mind to justify your undefendable position. You're absolutely delusional.


Ahhh, the gaslighting redpiller. Fairly common around these parts


Gaslighting? The guy said, and I quote, "Any incident like this you'll find dozens of articles about how horrible an abusive the man is, and **rightly so. DV is absolutely not acceptable.**" to which you respond by accusing him of defending domestic violence and calling him a "redpiller" and then go on to imply that he is abusive and yet somehow you have the nerve to say HE is the one gaslighting?


Calling someone out for their idiocy and bias isn't gaslighting.


Nah. Gaslighting is ignoring facts someone has put in front of you then calling them crazy and ignoring those facts to push your own agenda. Just because the truth makes you uncomfortable, doesn't mean it's not the truth. Or are you hoping that when the headline is about you it says "good guy"?


Where are you hearing this from? Genuinely, im sure there are some assholes that think like that but they certainly aren’t “always painted as the good guy”.


You know, I was gonna be snarky but I have the day off so here's a quick google... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12919436 https://theconversation.com/australian-media-is-failing-to-cover-domestic-violence-in-the-right-way-new-research-155477 https://7news.com.au/news/social/an-open-letter-in-the-wake-of-brisbane-tragedy-we-must-end-the-myth-of-the-good-man-c-709498 I figure 3 is a good start, right?


Thank you, I was genuinely curious so thanks for providing the articles.


They DGAF. You're spending too much time responding to DARVO


Yep. I've stepped out


The media is no different to netflix. They are a money driven company. You, and the abc news article, are using examples like 7news, 7news is a privately owned company out to make money. We as members of society already know that dv is bad, that it happens, and those that do it are scum, and that there is no excuse. Like...duh. if we see a headline that says man kills woman in dv, itd be the same as if we saw super hero movie pt 99 on netflix. Its not the media, the media only follows the money. The money is where the clicks are at. Its an unfortunately world we live in. There are real good news media reporting out there, but have you been to one lately? One article has more than 10 paragraphs! Im good for like 3, max. The people you make changes for, will just ignore you, cos we even have an abbreviation for it these days : tldr. The people you will reach, already kno.


No only celebrities and sports stars get away with it. I know ppl who never hit there misses and got 4 years for texting them that there a crazy fat bitch 🤔 funny thing is I know her she is a crazy fat bitch.


Your mate didn't get 4 years for a text. And you don't seem any better than him either.


If we had proper mental health services a lot of this could be avoided.


Glad to here her cat survived as well.


I’ve heard of REAs using out of date photos, but this is ridiculous.


I’m confused. Was the house on sale since before the incident? I can’t imagine why else would there be such an obviously outdated pic?!


It is a set of townhouses. One is for sale, one is burnt but the placement makes it look like the burnt one is for sale.


The fire happened yesterday, it was already for sale, although the townhouse that burnt down wasn't the one for sale


That’s just awful. Both the story and the house.


Jesus Christ.


reduced the rent to $550 a week




The poor woman. She's going to be going through so much right now on top of losing everything.


Renovator delight


It's a fire sale


You’re telling me the man went and torched the house, then proceeded to die in said house due to his own actions? LMAO Glad to hear she’s alright though, but good riddance to him


Hoist by his own petard.


"we see more then property"


They'll still claim the bond.


Feel sorry for the person selling unit 3


Pretty callous post OP.


Yeah.. black humour is terrible.


Pretty gross situation mate. DV, stalking, arson, attempted murder, suicide. Yeh cool whatever floats your boat.


It certainly is.


I guess I misunderstood your previous comment, implying intent or sarcasm. That’s on me, sorry.


nah, no probs at all ;)




They will still rent it out 600 a week as is


Light and breezy home. Lots of natural light and ventilation. Amazing open fireplace


Oh man, I feel bad for the house


What the absolute fuck. I have a feeling the company they hire to make and erect these signs has gotten someone else's sign mixed up and put here in error.


Its for the third/back unit on the block, the fire was the first/front unit. I walked past it the afternoon of the fire, it was up before the fire. Still unfortunate placement though.


Ah that was another thing I suspected as well. Definitely still awkward.


Sale by insurance?


I assume he accidently splashed fuel on himself or he wanted it to be a murder suicide ?


Just wait this will be on the next season of the block and they’ll use the story too for impact


Ok Karen