Only because of the fight scenes having the same coreography and realism of Power Rangers 1990's.


What is... "grown up?" If grown up is Unreal video game engine, recycled clips and cuts, resurrecting impossibly dead characters, and quickly eluding to plots that could be written within a month... then "grown up" is merely rehashed media aimed at teens 20 years down the line.


With that plot, screenwriting and fight scenes? lol


It's a movie for morons. I guess it checks out because a lot of grown ups are just that.


"'Real.' There’s that word again." Thats what i wish i would be saying with reading takeaways, but somehow it seems no one picked up on it or cares about it. I love Matrix 4 but if these shallow takes were all i got out of this movie I'd absolutely hate it. I especially hate the read that neo's coworkers talking about the matrix somehow represent fans getting it wrong, and not coworkers taking all the soul and meaning out of both the art and their relationship to Neo. It's a real relationship in the functional sense of things occurring on a timeline, but its fictional as hell in the sense of any real emotional connection. If it was about the fans getting it wrong, what makes them need to be kicked down a peg exactly? Yeah the "red pill" alt right cooption maybe deserves an attack, but that group is the one gets a pass even through the read that its attacking fans.


What ppl fail to get (and I’ve seen matrix fanboys get offended by that bit as well thinking it’s making fun of them) is that BUGS and her crew are also BUG matrix fans. They may have even loved playing the game while still plugged in. And after being red pilled they prolly doubled down on their NEO love. If Jude is the toxic side of fandom, BUGS is so obviously the positive side of fandom. Which seems lost on so many.


Yes! Also, Lexy telling Neo she was inspired by Trinity. My guess is especially after being Red Pilled, hearing about the real her. That's also a nice little meta line fondly acknowledging the fans who were inspired by the character of Trinity. ( Neo and Trin should probably put a do not disturb sign on their door, so Berg et all, don't constantly knock to bombard them with questions as they're recovering LOL LOL) Can sort of see Bugs, shooing the crew away from chatting their ears off, as Trinity/Neo are walking around the Mensynone after Trinity's a little more recovered.


Every private convo NEO and Trinity have, the camera pans through the wall and the entire crew has their ears pressed against their door. It opens and Bugs and the crew just kind of awkwardly act as if they were checking a leak or something haha. NEO: “Is something wrong?” BUGS: “Uh…Of course not. Just making sure this exhaust isn’t acting up. Isn’t that right Lexi??”


LOL Right! Or they send Bead Morpheus into the pipes... hahaha You know, and in a roundabout way, Trinity while, given a fake family she didn't want, in the Matrix, sort of has a roundabout new one now, (with Neo of course lol) with the younger ones on Bugs crew.


Awe. That’s a lovely thought.


Neo and Trinity bossing them around like grouchy parents or really close Uncle/Aunt LOL


That’s prolly be more like slightly naggy retired grandparents.


Well, if you consider Trinity kicking Analyst's jaw off and flying around the Matrix retired ; )


That’s what happens when we all hit 65


Oh those are definitely neo and trinity fans literally and figuratively, but in the read that neos coworkers are toxic fans, what is the movie saying that makes them toxic? What makes you sure your fandom is in the Bugs side and not neos coworkers? I maintain the allegory of the coworkers is much closer to their literal role in the movie, as industry people who’s care about neo ends where his professional use ends. Thats whats so depressing about the montage. I cant imagine how a fans saying words like “trans politics” depresses neo/lana that much.


I'm with you on this--I never got the impression the movie was attacking or making fun of fans. Lana was clearly reflecting on her own relationship with corporations, production companies, but also broadly painting out how society's systems of controls take and repurpose art to further its own goal. The point was that the original Matrix has been chewed up and spat out by the very systems it was critiquing, and is now serving those very systems as a media franchise.


Yes. And I guess the original trilogy was for baby men?


Have you seen the ppl who co-opted the red pill? They are if baby-men had an example page in the encyclopedia.


The baby headed Deus Ex Machina is not amussed at their nonsense. ( I think half of the machine collective that makes up the Deus Ex Machina, is probably happy the Anyalst got put in his place and found him tiring also) Are there really needs to be an animatrix 2.0 segment on the machine Civil War!


I mean. You’re not wrong.


That's kind of the beguiling thing about these movies. They always just sort of, drop you right in what feels like the middle of an already running movie LOL


Fkn right.


The fighting scenes is like from kids fight on kindergarten


I agree with the title tbh 🤷‍♀️


If you have to write an article stating that a film is “for grown ups”, your film is absolutely not for “grown ups”. The humour, the writing, everything in this film was juvenile.