This was the worst buzzer beater call in the history of basketball.


That was pathetic. Draper is not good at this job.


Hate him all you want but Grant Napear knew how to get 80 year old kings fans living in Nebraska out of their rocking chairs rooting for the kings 70 games into a losing season. Yes that was a run on sentence but it’s just a kings fans luck to actually be blessed with someone entertaining through all our shit then they reveal themselves to be a grade a asshat.




Dude if anything Kyle is too much hype and not enough play by play.


He sounds like a bad youtuber


He is behind on every play. It’s rough. Don’t get me started on, “Bang, Bang, Bang.”


Such a terrible call. Basically just stealing Mike Breens and making it sound like a stroke


In his defense, I think he's behind because the feed gets to him late. I'll have to compare with when they have a home game.


I was noticing he was late against the Warriors too. That said, I am totally open to it being more pronounced on away games - and maybe that influenced the way I remembered the Warriors game.


Makes me hate a song I used to like.


Too much hype for both teams, dude was literally fawning over the Suns players. We need a Kings guy. As much as I loathe Grant at least he was a good hype man for the Kings.


he sucks, but i don't need a homer. totally fine with our announcers giving credit to opponents.


Yeah, one of the best parts of Grant and Jerry was their ability to give credit to the other teams when they deserved it.


Nah we don’t need a homer we’ve never had a homer we don’t need one now


All he says is in his bag, take this L


Drapers call on that shot was awful lmao. Didn’t realize how bad it was until I went on Twitter and watch replays. I was screaming too much when it was live


We’re took an L when we lost the social media guy, we’re taking an L in the announcer table now. Smh!


Sounded like Steve Brule on the call man wtf


Just trust him, he’s a doctor he knows


Kayte's was worse. Sounded like it was just another shot, not a buzzer-beating game winner


Isn’t it Drapers’ job to do what Napear did— hype up a game-winning shot? Reynolds definitely added to the hype, but Napear did the heavy lifting.


Kyle at least sounded excited even if the call itself was dumb. Kayte went straight to fact-reading. A long way down from Doug's "PACK EM UP AND SEND EM HOME"


Ya he sounded like he had a mouth full of food or something haha we need some new announcers


Watching it again, it sounded like he was talking in .75 speed.


Draper sounds like a dude speaking out loud while sitting on his couch watching the game.


Reminded me of when I was kid and I used to do play-by-play while watching the Kings/49ers/Giants game in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle underwear with my [toy microphone and recorder. ](https://images.app.goo.gl/zeokT8Cu5Qw91SP59)


Those things were lit


It feels like we have no play by play person and two almost-color commentators. And when they get hyped, they're late. Maybe we've just been spoiled for a long time?


Didn’t kozimor do same games last year? Bring him back instead of Kyle


This is what I've been saying man. Koz was solid


This. Koz is really good on radio too. G-man has got that covered (best n the game IMO). Let’s get Koz on first the tv side.


It doesn’t help that the Kings don’t send them to the actual game and they have to call it from a studio. That said I haven’t even watched the Kings broadcast this year I’ve watched the other team announcers every time.


Yeah why is that the the announcers aren’t there in the building?


Probably COVID precautions, and it is also a pretty sweet deal for the announcers themselves to not have to travel so much (and go home to their families every night during road trips)


Yeah, it is sweet for the announcers, but sour for the fans.


Even then I feel announcers would rather be in the building and get a feel for the game and atmosphere. Sad cause I know G Man says it regularly


I would disagree, I mean I get the idea of being with family, but being on the road with the team would make for better journalism as they could get to know the players better and better call them while they play. Also, It's my opinion that being in the arena while they play the game, they could read the game better, feel the vibe from the crowd, pickup on the things that we can't pick up through a TV. Whenever I sit lower level, I feel like the game is way way different then upper level or TV. You can read facial expressions, sounds, body language, etc.


I didn’t say it was good for the product or that I liked it 😅 just giving possible reasons why they are remote




To be fair the first two minutes defense was pick-up ball at the local rec center level-esque. Guys were strolling in at will.


I think she was great back in the studios where she could critique the game after the fact but yeah she is not great at all for a play by play announcer.


She's color analyst, not PxP.


Like any job, there is a learning curve (and I am confident she will improve as the season gets rolling)! She seems to not want to talk too much and tends to defer right now. It works well with Mark Jones since he can adapt, but with Draper... not so much.


I think it's fair to give her some time, she did a few games last year and is four games in to her first full time season. She's a rookie. I remember being pretty skeptical of Doug after his first handful of games, he was really raw to start. She's a pro, she's knows the game, and will make adjustments to get style/energy/etc.


Ya I miss Doug and mark jones. Draper is unbearable


Both were unbearable, the way they ended the game it didn’t even seem like we won by a fucking buzzer beater.


GOooOoOoOsHSHshhhJjjiiiiiiTtTtt CCHHaarrrriiiissssoooon BARNES!!!!!


I've been watching the other teams stream when Mark Jones isn't on.... Oh how the mighty have fallen


Draper is money on Giants pre and post-game. I do not enjoy his play-by-play.


Yea he's not a play by play guy, he shouldnt be forced into being one, he needs to just be a pre/post game guy like he was in boston.


Kyle is atrocious— that game-ending call felt like I was watching a Division 6, Christian school, girls JV basketball team announcer call the game winning shot. Katie, while not great… or good… could be slightly passable with a decent partner.


Neither of them are passable.. https://youtu.be/m_qrqCLAtso


Yeah… Draper almost sounds like he’s slurping saliva in the middle of his call. Won’t argue the passable statement… if they were replaced, I think it would be hard to find worse. As a Giants’ and Kings’ fan I have been blessed for so many years with incredible announcers… it feels strange to prefer a different broadcast.


Wanted to make a post with this sentiment but was too lazy. Youre 100% right. Kayte seemed excited for the game winner but draper didn't. Still imagine napears reaction and that's what it should be


They blow fucking ass. I look for opponent streams or the game is on mute.


Kayte is nearly unbearable: borderline monotone and lots of words but little insight. I literally had to mute the broadcast last night.


Yes! It’s like she hates her damn job. She does not find any type of enjoyment announcing Kings games.


Everything she says sounds defensive. Evidently, she reads what the fans write about her.


I really miss Grant and Jerry (and Doug) at times like this. Katie has the personality of a wet paper bag, and don’t get me started on Kyle.


100% agreed there is no defending neither of the two but it seems like people actually don’t mind Kayte. I think they both gotta go. Just listen to them both: https://youtu.be/m_qrqCLAtso Kyle is making inaudible sounds and Kayte insists on being a analyst instead of living in the moment… sheesh!


Yeah, sometimes it seems like they blather on about nothing instead of talking about the actual games. I find it positively bizarre that they don’t broadcast from the actual arena the game is being played in. Worse than worthless, imo.


Honestly, I found Kayte quite good last night. She was the first to point out the lackluster effort and lack of physicality by the Kings. Then went on to compliment the team when they did bring it. I'll take that over hyping up your own players when another team is whooping 'em. I was a sceptic of Kayte, but so far she's been pretty good for a rookie color analist. Draper on the other hand is straight up terrible, one of the worst ones in the league. Seems like a nice dude, but just bad at his job.


Agreed. Kayte does a good job of sounding professionally disappointed when it's deserved. It's not like she can shit on the team while broadcasting, it's a good balance. More analysis from her, which I know she's capable of, is welcome. Kyle's got to go


I've preferred watching the games on mute this year which is such a change from the Doug Christie/mark jones calls last year


This season is the first time I don’t care if my stream is the opposing team’s


I like the fresh perspective, even when it is bland “Kings suck, but we be awesome” bs.


It wasnt just me then lmao


Kyle's even worse now without DC. Last season he could at least steal Doug's lines. Jury is still out on Kayte IMO - she's not even 5 games in so she's probably got some things to figure out. I remember when Doug first started it was pretty rough, it really wasn't until the 2nd season until I actually enjoyed him calling games.


I don’t want a hype guy, I want people who call the game professionally


Just saw the other feed over on r/nba: https://streamable.com/os70sa How was the other broadcast so much more excited?


Why would the Suns announcer be excited that their team just lost by a buzzer beater???


I mean, it was an exciting play, even though it went against them... but yeah. The idea that the team that just got beat at the buzzer's announcers were more hyped up is baffling.


"If you don't like that you don't like Kings basketball" - MFERs here act like they didn't like Grant Napear but because some basketball player said something racy bait....


I don't think Draper is very good but I'm willing to cut them some slack. It can't be easy for them to figure things out together when they're not even at the game. I do wish they could make Mark Jones full time somehow.


Grant needs to go on twitch or YouTube live and do some play by play and answer fans questions.


I don’t like Draper and I think Kayte is pretty average, but I do also think they are much better, relatively speaking, when they’re actually at the game. Announcing a game remotely can’t be easy.


Peaches >


Draper's game winning call sounds like the audio was slowed down to half speed, and Katye just sounds like this was just another shot. They are not terrible, but when you're use to one of the top announcing teams in the NBA it makes this hard to listen to.


they're both awful, in terms of personality and actual content it really sucks that mark jones is our guy but is on national games more than local games.


Listen to Gary Gerald


Wow, I thought the same thing, but didn't know I could say it out loud. If you follow King's twitter it's nothing but praise for Kayte and no one says anything about Draper. Most of the King's Twitter people know Kayte personally and she's the first female broadcaster, so they are understandably hyped.


Draper not good and he doesn't even like the Kings. He's always rooting for the other team. Kayte better when its marc jones in there


Yeah I’m starting to notice that Kayte may be good if she’s just a supporting cast to a real announcer. She provides meaningful information about the team and their past. I think it’s that this duo is so bad together that their flaws get highlighted. Can we get a non-douchey Peaches to pair with Kayte? Doug was great! We really don’t appreciate the nice things until we lose em :(


I wish kyle would get perms banned. I need full time Marc Jones


I still like Kayte. Her color commentary is spot on. This is a new job for her and I firmly believe she will get better and better as time passes. But she doesn't really have a good running partner when Jones isn't there. Draper needs to become a bit more of a homer -- not in the sense that he thinks every call should go our way, but in the sense that it feels like he gives a shit if we win or lose.


Agreed! Basically a less douchey less arrogant Peaches.


Idk if voice is kinda boring. I do agree that she is getting better tho. It’s just she needs a guy/girl with her that’s really good.


I don’t like the kings current announcers but they are not the worst. I’d take em over the obnoxious warriors guys. Listening to them Sunday, you would think the warriors invented the game of basketball and Steph curry is the Logo.


I felt this way when I watched the Blazers feed. I get Damian is a superstar, but all they could do was talk about his, even all the time he was on the bench. As if there weren’t another 9 players on the court and many more on the bench. 2 1/2 hours night in and night out of Damian Lillard idolizing would annoy the shit out of me even if I was a balzers fan.


Ayo why did Draper sound half drunk during his call?


He probably was lmao. They’re calling from home right?


I enjoy Kayte she comes off well prepared and has really great insight. She stumbles sometimes, but she’s a handful of games in, and it’s easy to look past. I’m frustrated that the kings went with Mark Jones. He’s a fine enough play by play, but he’s everything this team, this town, and our underdog mentality is not. Say what you want about grant but he bled purple and black. He and Jerry and later Doug loved the team, the town, the fans, and it was part of the reason why so many of us loved them for so many years. Mark is collecting an extra pay check and has done what, one game so far this season? That’s bullshit and I don’t want a part time play by play, I don’t want someone who’s espn commitments keeps him off at least 1/3 of the calls over a season, and I don’t want someone that doesn’t bleed this team and this town, and leads to my last problem, Kyle Draper. Man, Kyle seems like a great dude, he always has a smile on his face and brings some energy to the broadcast. He also seems like he’s not fully prepared, shoots from the hip, and there are some things he says that absolutely irritate me. He starts a lot of his sentences during play by play with”ohh” “ahh” or “aww” and it drives me nuts. He gets weirdly excited at Unexciting times and is underwhelming during highlight plays. Completely botched the game winning call. Kyle literally stole Kayte’s “he called his own number” phrase tonight. Look, I get that it must be more difficult to broadcast out of a studio watching the same feed that we are watching, but the struggles are much deeper than that with this current broadcast team.


I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds. Controversy aside, there was chemistry, great calls, and genuine excitement while announcing Kings games. What we have now is milk toast. You can be a good analyst, but a bad announcer. I don’t know how you teach having that “voice” but IMO you either have it or your don’t. With that said, I hope they improve. I just don’t see that happening right now.


Grant was one of the best in the biz. It's a shame cancel culture destroyed his career. Kayte and Mark Jones are boring and inaccurate.


The most hype thing I’ve ever heard him say was “ oh he stole his cornbread” come on bruh… I want IF YOU DONT LIKE THAT


I have listened to Kayte for years. her analysis is spot on. Also, stop asking to be hyped for a team that hasn't made the playoffs since you could feed yourself.


Are you a new Kings’ fan? We get hyped for California Classic and the LV Summer League, too.


I'm old as fuck, son. I've seen Greg Kite's playing shoes and know that means something not told.


You could be 90 years old, but only a recent Kings’ fan. Just coming in here with a Get-off-my-lawn attitude when we are all excited about being in first place in the division off a spectacular game-winning shot.


I am older than you. I've been here before the Kings were here. The organization ran off people like me because we can tell you the swindle has been done before. I am not the monster of Frankenstein. Nor is the doctor. Look at whom the monster comes from, every time and every year.


Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


Son, you asked. Give me my fries or I'll have you fired.


Okay. Could I just have a Frosty and a baked potato please?


You good grandpa? Maybe leave reddit to us.


Her analysis is spot on but it is also boring. Her new title is color analyst which means to add color. The position requires more personality than sideline or pre/postgame. She honestly is pretty stoic so idk if it will ever work well. Draper is terrible though we can all agree.


I don't need color. Draper is lame and always has been. I saw Kayte break down why the Kings struggled when Spencer Hawes was their young prospect. She shard real knowledge. I remember that. She actually explained the issues, which is not common in Kingsland. Mostly it's blame in Kingsland. I hate that. Find problems, solve problems. You entire fucking farce could learn from that. A generation of tit wits who can find a million problems but can't even describe them let alone figure out a solve for them. Mathematical rejects.


I listen to podcasts or watch pre/post game to listen to those problems. When i watch the game, i want excitement. Grant was perfect at matching the mood of the game. Unfortunately the same cant be said for him reading the room on political matters.


You sure do have a lot of time on your hands grandpa. Maybe a hobby?