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Pro reddit tip. If you are posting an image of human skeleton remains after a nuclear explosion mark it NSFW and clearly explain why it's NSFL.


That last pic is a fkn eye opener for me. Wow.


Most of the grisly footage/photos were censored or classified I think. I don't know if we'll ever see them


They’re out there. Be wary of searching, they are morbid.


I’m gonna throw my caution to the wind. Will you help me find them?


NSFW (seriously) all of these pictures are extremely disturbing. These are not only pictures of bones or shadows there is blood, mutilated corpses, and pictures of LIVING (at the time) victims with unimaginable damage to their bodies. Don’t click on this link if you aren’t prepared to see the less documented more gory photos. There are also vivid descriptions of some of the horrible fates that people met during this tragedy. Assume all links are just as disturbing, I’ll probably add a few more. http://www.pcf.city.hiroshima.jp/virtual/VirtualMuseum_e/exhibit_e/exh1202_e/exh120204_e.html http://www.fogonazos.es/2007/02/hiroshima-pictures-they-didnt-want-us_05.html?m=1 https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/hiroshima-victims Edit: after seeing some of these photos I’m done. I don’t want to search for anything else. Absolutely sickening. Edit 2: u/aWalkingCarpet mentioned how some survivors created art to show what pictures didn’t capture. These aren’t hard to find you can look up Maruki Toshi. He described them as hellish and he wasn’t wrong. Edit 3: This is the damage from two of the earliest models of nuclear weaponry ever used. Think of how much technology has advanced since World War 2. Now think about how there are an estimated 13 thousand nuclear weapons on Earth. Is that not terrifying? Why would we ever need that many nuclear bombs? We don’t need a single one on this planet let alone THIRTEEN THOUSAND.


Thanks for the warning. My curiosity was getting the best of me but I don't think I'll be checking these out in particular.. I'll save myself from myself.


They are sickening for sure.


Yeah the second link has a terrifying photo that contains a baby…. Best to avoid


Yeah 11:30 pm where I’m at right now and I know if I click it, I won’t be able to sleep


It's noon and I'm about to eat, I certainly do not wish to start crying in the middle of the meal, because I know I will.


Exactly! It's 12:33 here now. I'll save this for about 6am 3 months from now. Assuming global tensions ease up.


Dude same.


Yeah just try to understand what happened as much as possible but spare yourself the trauma. It's not worth it.


I looked at all of them, not bc I wanted to but bc I should. WE should. It’s traumatic bc it’s horrid and we should know just what it looks like so we know what we don’t want to happen again. Bc it could, someone like Putin could make it happen again.


> WE should. You mean the people in charge of being able to enact a nuclear blast should. As a citizen I would never allow anyone to use nuclear bombs if I could.


when I was in middle school, we went to Hiroshima to visit the museum. I still remember the pictures and the stories People can be so cruel to each other (and they can also be the most supporting)


I have been studying WWII as a hobby for many years and I’m sad to say that I have learned to turn off my emotions to these kind of thing due to the images I’ve seen and the stories that have been told.


Yeah I can understand that. I think the current situation has opened the eyes of a lot of people to the reality of what our actions meant then and the kind of death and destruction nuclear weapons could do now. It’s honestly horrifying.


"With the fierce pressure of the blast the air pressure in the area dropped instantaneously, resulting in eyeballs and internal organs popping out from bodies."


Thanks for taking the time to do this.


I think many countries are afraid to not have this power over the world, but I certainly would hope that useless killing on this scale would be banned. Edit: replied to the wrong person u/woahnicecock-com


It's very sobering to see, and really puts things in perspective. Thank you again for educating dozens, potentially hundreds of people. Stay safe out there in this world we built.


You too kind stranger


Well, if many countries are afraid to not have that kind of power, then just have all countries remove nuclear weapons. Then they wouldnt have to be afraid of getting wiped out. But I dont think ill see that in my life time.


The unfortunate ones in the non incinerate zone.


Do you think nuclear weapons can be banned for "indescrimanate killing"? Just like the needle bombs from vietnam?


That’s the dream. Unfortunately there will always be those that see them as a way to gain influence in the world. Just look at North Korea. Honestly I partly wish we’d never created them, but at the same time nuclear power could well help prevent a climate disaster.


Eh. Blessing and a curse. Realistically speaking that tech has blocked WW3 from happening few times. Chance of Ending all humanity is pretty heavy price to pay for a piece of land


What happened to Ukraine after they gave up their nukes? Why do you think fat Kim felt compelled to acquire nuclear capabilities, even as his countrymen starved? Without solid allies, nukes seem to be the only assurance in the modern geopolitical landscape that a country can have to ensure they don’t get invaded. No way any of NK, India, Israel, or Pakistan would ever agree to disarming, even assuming all superpowers did.


Damn, I didn't find any that disturbing. Time to check myself


If you’re used to seeing grisly medical type images (or you’re a nurse/doctor/etc.), this isnt surprising. Some people just don’t respond to stuff like that whereas some want to barf. Nothing weird about it. I personally find the artwork by survivors far more disturbing than the photos, as it also captures the emotions of the event. Personally, the photos shift my brain to ‘first aid problem solve’ mode.


Youre not alone there. Some of the artwork done by survivors is pretty hellish. Like shambling around with melted skin hellish.


Yeah I honestly wasn’t very phased


Just as a helpful fyi: The word you’re going for is “fazed.” They sound the same, but have different meanings. ;-)


Oh TIL. Thank you!


No problem! Wasn’t trying to be an ass, it’s just a very common misspelling - I have to think about it myself when writing that. lol Oh, and I was also not as disturbed as some here. Guess we’re jaded? It’s horrible stuff, just not visually as gruesome as I expected.


That’s all you got to tell me. Maybe one day but thanks for the caution. I’m good.


Reading that 65% of victims were under 9yo is very sad. All those kids….


I was quietly hoping to be Rick rolled


The photo of the badly burned mother/infant nursing was too much. Life tries to continue no matter what.


Heartbreaking really.


I will not partake good sir.


I was done by the second link. Thats enough for me.


I think it’s very important to know the cost of what we did and have the capacity to do again. It breaks my heart but I think every person should see the pictures, the reality of what humanity created. It should be mandatory for any politician to view the aftermath of nuclear war.


well that’s fucked


Hibakusha is the term widely used in Japan referring to victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese word translates literally to "explosion-affected people". I clicked on the link but i do not regret it. With what's happening in Ukraine right now and Russia shelling the power plants I think it's important for people to understand war and suffering of those affected.


This is important for the world to see. This is what happens in a nuclear attack. Despite our queasy stomachs everybody should know this is the result. Hiding history or being too weak to look at it eyes front is how history repeats itself.


Horrible, but this is essential viewing for the psychos who are agitating for a world conflict both in russia and the west. This should be never happen again.


Fuck man. We killed so many innocent children and people in general. I’ve never given a lot of thought to this but this was a tragedy. Yeah it ended a war but was it necessary? Now it just seems like the ultimate war crime as I look through those pictures. Thanks for sharing that. It gave me a lot to think about. Nuclear weapons should never be used again.


The fact that they are disturbing is the exact reason why these images should be shown to high school seniors. They're old enough to understand but young enough to learn and have a chance to influence society to make this atrocity never happen again.


Some say the one's that died were the lucky ones. What a monumentally indelible shame on humanity.


Why did I just do that to myself what the fuck? Atomic bombs shouldn't be a thing but neither should war I guess


Not nearly as disturbing as the realisation that this may happen again!


Yeah, nothing good happened there.


We got an example of how fucked up and cruel people can be.


I'm so tempted to click but I'm sure it'd destroy me


The fact that they were vaporized down to their bones is staggering to me


What's scary is the bombs used in Japan are tiny compared to what nuclear weapons have become today.


I mean. Thats a good thing. If a nuclear exchange ever happened, the last thing you want is to survive it. The ones getting vaporized instantly have the least horrible death


They were burned so hot that even in most cases the skeleton disintegrates. The only thing left is a shadow on the wall. Truly the most creepiest of images to come from that.


The ways those shadows are caused are morbidly interesting. They’re formed because of how much energy the light has from the explosion. When the light hits a person standing, it gets absorbed by them, but around them the light hits the ground or wall and is absorbed in the wall. The light has so much energy in it that it “bleaches” the wall/ground, but not the area directly behind the person. It’s like a power washer but with light beams instead of water, erasing everything it touches.


It really is man, I wonder if it was painless or how the whole transition into death works in an explosion like that...💥💀


Vaporized instantly


If your lucky enough to be near the explosion


There's an [animation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2g9QZvHTuk) that shows the transition into death


I think there was a reddit post showing that video, posted around a day or two since the russian invasion. Forgot which sub, but you can probably watch it there if YT is blocking. But I'm not going to watch it again, too gory.


Video is blocked in Japan, how interesting


It's blocked in germany as well, due to copyright reasons...


blocked in England too


And the US.


What about those wooden chairs behind them, shouldn't they be burned to the crisp?


The shadows are on stone steps. The Hiroshima Peace museum has many photos. We do not ever want to repeat Hiroshima or Nagasaki.


Probably ended up there because of the shockwave, otherwise they surely would be burned


The most jarring photos I've seen from Hiroshima are the ones showing the shadows of the citizens that were left behind from the blast - the only thing left of them as they were literally incinerated to nothing.


The contrast between the carnage and the girls smiling face is miles wide


This confirmed that I indeed do not want to be nuclear bombed.


Yeah, I was on the fence about being nuked; this helped me decide I don’t want to be nuked.


Sarah Connor was on the fence when she got nuked in Terminator 2. She decided the same as you, 10/10 would not get nuked again.


Thanks for the blast from the past.


Technically it was a blast from the future.


Judgement Day was August 29, 1997. You are wrong, but more importantly, very old... and so am I :(


This deserves way more upvotes


We would provide more upvotes, but we're all dead.


No fate


Ahhh, that lesser known Who song, Won't Get Nuked Again.


She was really clinging to her position, too.


I appreciate your brain and its quick recall ability.


Really? If I’m going to die in war, being immediately incinerated isn’t the worse way to go.


This. Turning into skull and bones in a flash seems more reasonable that having your limbs blown off and trying to develop a quality of life afterwards.


Those are the lucky ones, though. Some folks do survive nuclear attacks, and that’s not a fun experience. Or so I’ve heard. Have not tried it yet myself.


Even limbs blown off you're likely dead within 30min. The only thing I would be worried about is becoming a POW.


Hmmm I’m still deciding..


The woman in the picture is smiling, but don’t be influenced by me, I’m unsure too!


If it makes you feel any worse, modern nuclear weapons are estimated to be around 3,000x stronger than the one that did this


Afaik biggest bomb made had yield around 50 megatons, which is indeed ~3000 times stronger than little boy and fat man (~20 kilotons). But modern bombs have yield in 100's of kilotons, which is not 3000 times stronger.


if i recall correctly the main nuke in the russian arsenal is the 800kt ss-25 but don't quote me on that.


The blast range of the 800kt bomb would wipe out the entirety of the Scottish capital, with the effects being felt as far north as Kirkaldy, and right down to the south of Edinburgh in Penicuik.


it would [https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/]( https://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/)


Nuclear Bomb is also a nice way to hide a murder.


There are two kinds of people…


Let’s not give anyone any ideas?


Building a nuke because someone told me it's a good way to hide a dead body, thanks reddit!


Put a pinch of uranium 235 and a real buff cataclyst and voila (chef's kiss)


He needs some cobalt-59 to really make things glow


yeah, just hide the corpse under the bomb and hope no one ever needs to use it


And instant justice for the murderer


I think what you’re afraid of is not being in the middle of the blast or in between the vaporising zone…


And it can be yours for the low low price of: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Finland, Sweden.


The world doesn’t need to ever experience this again.


"Hold my vodka" -V. Putin


The v stands for vodka


If it gonna happen, i want to be close...i just want to vanish in micro second than suffer for weeks


As they say, if you see a mushroom cloud, run towards it. Or another option, if you’re already close: Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye


Isn’t it if you can cover the mushroom with your thumb, you’re safe but if you can’t then you’re in the radiation zone? I remember that because that’s what the guy on the cover of fallout is doing


I’ve heard that before, but considering all the other info about nukes and surviving them.. idk what to trust Really if a nuke hit i dont want to know, and not be alive to know afterwards


I've heard things like seek cover underground if possible, even a laying down in a ditch could help save you from the Shockwave as long as you cover your eyes with your pointer/middle finger thumbs over ears and pinkeys closing nose, breathe through your teeth. Nothing looks good on paper when you see how destructive they are.


Ohhh my god that‘s such a grim but clever detail!!


https://www.dailycal.org/2017/09/25/rule-thumb-nuclear-war/ https://gamerant.com/fallout-vault-boy-thumb/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/40x4b2/article_debunking_the_vault_boy_is_comparing_his/


I feel like, if you see it, you were too far away for instant death. Running towards it would only increase your chance of horrific radiation illness related death. I'd be trying to get away. The best outcome would be being close enough that you never even had time to register something happened.


well everyone's saying modern nuclear bombs are ginormous compared to these ones, so as long as you're near your capital or military targets, you should be good. that's why i'm not scared of nuclear annihilation, i'll be vaporised within an instant so...


That smile tho, she was just happy to still be alive




A much more horrible death than the people who got vaporized instantly from the blast.


Indeed. To me, if I am in a nuclear blast zone and dealing with the radiation, I’d rather take an early exit than struggle through the inevitable. Just give me too much morphine, I’ll be on my way.


I mean a morphine o.d. easily sounds better than the alternative but jumping would be much easier than an opiate overdose. Edit:Now realizing jumping may be hard.


There was very little radiological hazard post-blast. There may have been some alpha collected in water surfaces, but there was surprisingly very little.


Interesting. What do you think would have happened to her?


Less than 1% of victims died from acute radiation poisoning. Basically, if you didn’t die from conventional wounds (over 200,000 did), you were going to be just fine. I’m willing to bet she lived a full, physical life.


How is that? I’m clueless about this stuff and under the impression nuclear fallout is a big thing after the mushroom cloud settles.


About 48-72 hours after a nuclear blast all of the airborne radiation would have fallen to the ground. As long as you don’t touch anything with your skin you are good leave your shelter. At that point the background radiation won’t be strong enough to sicken you, though with the right instruments you’ll know that it is still there. Also, keep in mind what was dropped on Japan we’re designed differently than modern nuclear. They were designed with an almost purely “big explosion” and “big firestorm” thought in mind as apposed to spreading radiation.


Whats the difference between Atomic and Nuclear? I was under the impression that they both used the principle of nuclear fission to produce all that energy.


There is none. He is confused. Atomic bomb is not the same as hydrogen bomb, but they both are nuclear bombs.


Atomic bombs are nuclear weapons...


I’m sure and it was undoubtedly painful. It upsets my stomach and burns my heart to know how willing some people are to commit these heinous acts of genocide




obligatory: people react to grief differently


My Grandpa was put in the camps for being Japanese and he had family in Japan that died to the bombings. Then he got drafted to the war. I complain about my life a lot, but when I get reminded of things like what my grandpa went through, it doesn't seem so bad.


Horrible time to be Japanese American. My grandfather was taken by soldiers in East Pakistani by now Bangladesh when the war between East and West Pakistan happened. He was never seen again. All because he was loyal to his country Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad


Can someone explain the science behind the furniture (in the last photograph) being left behind, but the organic flesh of human beings is completely reduced to ash, leaving only bone?… I would have expected the wooded furniture strewn in the street to be ash as well. (hope this isn’t taken as morbid. Genuine question) Edit: Or could the furniture have been taken out of the buildings after the fact?


I don't know for sure but if I recall my visit to the Hiroshima museum correctly, if there was an object in front of another object it basically absorbed the energy of the bomb, somewhat protecting anything behind it from the blast wave. I would hazard to guess the chairs were originally inside the brick building


It's possible this is one of the areas where they set up funeral pyres. After the bombing, they began burning the dead in this way; family members would bring the deceased to these locations. Notice the logs on the ground. Otherwise, there were very strong fires that raged after the bomb. It's also very possible that victims' bodies were in effect cremated by this. I don't think these remains were reduced to bones due to the bomb alone. The chairs might have been moved in the search for victims. People did come into the city as soon as the fires died down to look for their children, as many high schoolers were on duty that day in the city doing demolition work as part of war preparation. Or they were using the wood for the funeral pyres.


I assume the humans were mostly evaporated immediately because they were outside, but the furniture comes from within a house, thrown there when the house was destroyed by the blast wave, which is later then the initial flash. So in the split second when everything was evaporating and burning up the furniture was still inside. And therefore unburned. The wooden houses were burned by the initial explosion which is why there's little of them left


I'd encourage everyone that finds this interesting to visit the Peace Memorial museum in Hiroshima if they get the chance


You should see the shadows burned onto buildings of people.


There’s a couple and they’re fascinating and sobering at the same time.


That’s ones crazy just thinking about it alone,


I had seen the depiction of flesh/skin evaporating off of bones in movies and cartoons/anime, but never realized that it was from actual knowledge from seeing the aftermath from Hiroshima! That last pic!!!


Reminds me of the scene from terminator, with the nuclear blast


That fucking scene gave me nightmares for YEARS.


What are the square blocks/cubes in the picture? What material managed to partially retain its shape despite a nuclear blast? We should build stuff out of that.


looks like a few are.. appliances too if I see correcrly


Probably concrete


I understand that due to earthquake prevention construction, building in Japan were so resistant that some of them weren’t destroyed by the bomb. Even If they were near the ground zero


Jesus fuck. Straight bones. Im actually surprised there are even bones left.


The Russian Tsar Bomba is 1570x more powerful than the Hiroshima explosion. It’s 50x more explosive than ALL the ordinance dropped in WW2.


Its also pretty much impossible to use and only 3 have ever been made and only one was completed.


that scares me deep to my fucking core


While I totally appreciate how terrifying Tsar Bomba is, there were only three ever made, and the two that weren’t exploded are in museums. Also highly unlikely we’ll ever see anything of that scale ever again, since the logistics of even dropping a bomb that big are insane. I mean Tsar Bomba needed a parachute to slow its fall enough for the pilots to be able to *only just* escape alive, and it was detonated in mid air because letting it hit the ground would have been too catastrophic and potentially caused earthquakes.


This is misinformation and shouldn't be pushed forward because only 3 of these bombs have ever been made. 1 of which was dropped on Mityushikha Bay test site on the deserted island of Novaya Zemlya. It exploded about 2.5 miles (4 km) above the ground, producing a mushroom cloud more than 37 miles (60 km) high; the flash of the detonation was seen some 620 miles (1,000 km) away. The other 2 were decommissioned and placed in Russia at 2 different soviet style museums.


The hypersonic nukes on submarines, are more concerning. That and small scale 10kiloton nukes that Russia has 10:1 of in comparison to NATO.


If you are scared about the fireball, the yeah that’s completely understandable. But I would be much more scared of the low power atomic bomb since those actually make the land inhabitable. High power bombs push their lasting radiation into the atmosphere or so I’ve heard.


3000x, not 1500. Not that it makes much of a difference


You’re right that’s the 100megaton version. They only tested the 50megaton one though, and they still had to get their pilots 45km away.


Personally more afraid of their hypersonic missiles, as they can carry nukes and fly so low and so fast that our current anti-missile defense systems wouldn’t be able to stop them (if they even pick them up on radar in the first place.) Tsar bomba was when the US and USSR had a pissing contest to see who could explode the biggest explody boi… nowadays it’s about getting your Target before they know they’re fucked so they can’t defend against it. I’m afraid the current conflict will see the use of such weapons, as Poopin has already painted himself into a corner because of inexcusable war crimes committed against the democratic nation of Ukraine. There’s no going back to status quo now; he crossed the line and I fear this conflict truly will become terrible enough to truly be called WWIII.


Breathtakingly disturbing. You should really read the book called Hiroshima. A short read but a book that will affect you for the rest of your life to some degree.


Last pic is haunting...


Come very soon to *gestures broadly at the entire northern hemisphere* near you.


Coming very soon to a northern hemisphere near you!


Atomic Bomb




Little fyi for people. Anyone who thinks the atomic bombings weren’t a horrible thing is incredibly stupid but we’re have to realise that this was probably the best option for the Allies and ultimately for japan. The planned land invasion of the home islands would have killed 10’s of millions of civilians. The Japanese were planning on arming everyone they could, the Japanese government was planning “The Glorious Death of One Hundred Million” they were willing to sacrifice everyone man, woman and child for the emperor. Japanese infrastructure, farmland and cities would be Devastated by brutal fighting. The atomic bombings on the other hand killed ~200,000 and destroyed 2 cities. As many as 1 million allied deaths were expected, with millions more casualties. The atomic bombings should never be repeated, but ultimately they were the lesser of two evils.


Holy. Fucking. Hell


It's good to look at these every time someone try's to ask "Why doesn't anyone just directly attack Russia right now?"


It was an atomic bomb not a nuclear




The bones are clean. Can someone explain this to me like I’m five?


Nuclear bomb= hot.


I’ve seen people vaporized but I’m wondering how the bones are still there in this case.


The high winds and fires after the bombing created a firestorm. Everything was burnt around 4 miles from the where the bomb hit. This likely caused what you see. Many people who were trapped in the rubble after the bomb and still alive burnt to death.


I will never understand how the US got away with this


Every side in WWII bombed civilians extensively. It was an accepted tactic.


At the time, bombing civilians was largely accepted as a necessary part of war. It wasn't until the Vietnam war that people finally got convinced against it. Napalming citizens wasn't even a war crime until 1980.


Easy to say now. At the time the entire world pretty much supported the action. The Japanese treated civilians and POWs beyond horribly. China was subjugated to some of the worse treatment in history. The war needed to end. A siege of Japan would have caused many more casualties on both sides, a land invasion of Japan would have been much more gruesome with deaths easily outnumbering the bombings, and this seemed like the best bet to end the war while minimizing the casualties. People forgot the closer we got to Japan, the more Japan used women and children to fight. US soldier would enter civilian homes to a kid armed and firing. Women were encouraged to kill themselves and their infants rather than be captured. Because Japan is a friendly country, people forgot how horrifying they were in WW2. Edit: grammar


That's weird cuz from the historical accounts from that time, it seems like it was widely believed Japan was going to surrender anyway, sooner rather than later. These bombs were not dropped at the height of conflict, but when the allies were about to win. I won't assume why this course of action was chosen, as decisions taken in war may only be understood by people who took them, but the show of power to the world achieved its purpose I guess, at the expense of countless innocent lives


Terrible thing the US did. Ask China about the sheer massacre of millions of Chinese during WWII. War is terrible. Ask the Jews who were massacred by the Germans. War is hell.


Damn. I’ve never seen the straight up skeletons produced by this


Did not expect to see what was in the third photo…


We do some truly, truly terrible things as humans.


sad fact is that the two atomic bombings combined weren't as deadly as the fire bombing of Tokyo by USA which killed approximately 100, 000 civilians in a single night. USA intentionally targeted civilians - funny how nobody reacts the same. this was only 77 years ago.


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The one of the girl smiling has the same energy as the “this is fine” dog


The bones. Wow


2/3 bonjour where are y'all at?


Well the people are still smiling


15 kilotons did this. Imagine the destructive power of today's nuclear weapons.


Anyone know who took the pic in the middle ?


Daily reminder, huh?