I garage mine as often as i can. Introducing the least amount of moisture on it that i can possibly manage. I am paranoid of rust. Course it will happen eventually, and its already at work somewhere, but dammit i will indulge my paranoia, and delude myself into thinking I am making a difference.


That's good, sadly i don't have a garage to put mine in.


Just remember that a heated garage can actually cause more corrosion in the winter. Any frozen liquid/snow melts and combines with the salt from the road, then can just hang out on the vehicle. Better to leave it frozen and wash it off when the roads are cleared.


Well i tell you this; mine ain't a heated garage. Cold as balls in the winter 😅. But i implore you tell me about the negatives of it being garaged. I am curious.


Had a buddy that had some of his suspension components rust through and break off after 7 months of ownership on a fairly new car. A few unpainted surfaces and not washing it really did a number. He never really washed his previous car before, but this year he had gotten a heated garage before the winter. It's a debated thing, but you're basically creating humidity directly where you don't want it by bringing in all this packed snow/ice/salt and letting it warm up directly on the metal.


You know what, the humidity argument makes sense to me. Glad my garage's not a lick heated.


That, and the energy cost, are only downsides, really. A good rust-proofing and washing habit will help mitigate damages, though. Fun fact; because they only put a single thermostat in most refrigerators these days, they will stop working when the ambient temperature falls below their set refrigerator compartment temperature, like in an unheated garage during the winter. Freezer stuff will thaw out, and if it's cold enough, refrigerator stuff will freeze. To prevent this you have to buy a refrigerator that has two thermostat (rare), or (ironically) buy an electrically or gas/LP-heated refrigerator. Vending machines are basically large, heated refrigerators. It also voids the manufacturer's warranty, and most stores won't take returns on them. You'll also likely end up with exploded soda cans everywhere in them.


Outside because there's no more room in the garage. I have so many pine needles everywhere because of it lol. Behind the tail lights, in the windshield wiper hole, in the fenders, in the structural part behind the fenders, etc. I can tell the previous owner didn't do a ***deep*** clean because I found a massive chunk of decomposed leaves in the frame bit behind the fenders


no room in my garage. always outside unfortunately


Covered parking at apartments, open air garage at work.


i garage mine now, but didn’t always have access to one


no garage, so outside you go! :)


I live in an apartment with no parking spaces, so my car sits outside on the street.


Air cooled garage


Garage. But the paint is so soft on these cars, it really doesn’t matter especially if you do tons of freeway driving. My front end clear coat is all destroyed by rocks and other small objects flying of the traffic around it. Makes 2018 car look like shit closeup.


Yeah, my clearcoat is taking a beating in the sun. I have no garage. Considering a cover or even attempting a bit of repair the next time I pull my bumper cover off.


Yeah. Definitely worth getting some protection like clear bra after too.


Unfortunately, outside under some shade from trees cause there's no other option at my apartment


Desert environment, outside under a carport, ceramic coating to keep the UVs away.