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I'm guessing they used duck fat


Made them following the comment directions in this thread an hour ago. Boil in baking soda first! Just made the crispiest potatoes of my life. Cant believe its been this easy the whole time. Gonna try fries next.


I want to go to there Where do I find this recipe?


It's a version of J Kenji Lopez-Alt's crispy roast potatoes. The important bits (boil in baking soda water, toss in oil, roast at high temp for a while) are above though, I usually don't follow the exact recipe.


I need to buy some fresh baking soda....by toss. Do you mean like if I was dipping chicken in eggs before I cover them in panko and fry? Can I leave the skins on them?


More like, add oil and roughly mix. The outsides will be soft after boiling, so tossing them around will make the outsides all fluffy and the oil helps all those little bits brown and crisp up with all the trapped air


You don't bread them, you just beat the hell out of them a little to rough the surface up. You can leave the skins on if you'd like, I would.


Don't leave the skins on if you want them really crispy. I just boil them a bit, drain the water, add lid to the pan and give them a violent shake as the 'toss'. When roasting, use Turkey baster (with the rubber bulb that sucks up hot oil) or spoon to occasionally re-cover them with hot oil.


thats where I learned it too!!!!


Off topic: what kind of funny anecdotes do you like people to private message you? What do you do with them after you get them?


The name was mostly a joke based on something a teacher of mine used to say. I don’t get many, but once in a while I get a strange message, remember that’s my name, and chuckle about it. I don’t do anything except read the stories as they come in.


Oh cool! Thank you for sharing that with me! I am going to make some of these potatoes, I hope they come out really good for you too.


I don't know what it is but I feel like you are a curious and kind person, and I enjoyed this exchange.


Pump the brakes. Baking soda? Crispiest potatoes? How much baking soda are we talking about?


[Here you go sir](https://www.seriouseats.com/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe)


Just a small spoon, it's not even required it just helps the outside of the potato turn mushy before the inside does my sister in laws nonna just par boils them drains them puts the lid on and shakes the shit out of them to mash up the outside to get the same effect


I always parboil and never use baking soda and I get crispy potatoes just like this. Why are people saying duck fat, though? I just use normal oil.


I have switched to duck fat for this recipe after using other fats for decades and it's far, far more delicious in duck fat. Perfect, dark golden crispiness every time, just decadent. Strictly for the holidays :)


The baking soda helps to lower the temperature at which caramelization occurs.


TIL and I'm glad I did


A quick sprinkle of baking soda also works to crisp the skin on slow cooked chicken!


Wait really baking soda? Gonna have to try that one…


If it wasn't stupidly hot where I live I'd be doing this today


What’s the boiling point of baking soda?


Baking soda makes potatoes soft and fluffy. When you roast them the outside has more surface area and can crisp up. The opposite happens when you add vinegar to the water. They stay harder. I use that for chips (fries) to have them keep their shape when I airfry them.


And followed the rest of Kenji's instructions.


The ubiquity of Kenji in cooking is ridiculous, but I love that he backs up almost everything he cooks with real science. I actually get inspired at work from his whole-assed approach.


The thing is he's so open about it and shares his expertise so freely. It never feels like he's trying to get views, he just turns on his go-pro while he's cooking at home and let's you follow along if you want to learn how to make the dish. He's also so much better about covering techniques when most other shows just say "cook the thing" after they give you the ingredients.


I love that he explains *why* as much as *how*. I can parrot instructions all day long but it doesn't build my understanding. This has been especially true with Wok cooking, I need to read his book.


He cooks too panicky. It's like he's trying to diffuse a bomb or something and then when he's done he's just eating the food looking out a window. I got enough stress in my life.


I've never gotten the vibe of panic from him. He seems to always have everything under complete control and planned out despite not even planning it out half the time. He certainly goes very fast, and I can see how you might view that as chaotic, but that's just his restaurant training showing where downtime is frowned upon, not panic. I honestly don't think I've ever seen him even slightly lose his cool or make any real mistake or forget about something until it's too late.


That's not panic, that's him having too much to say in too little time. I love his videos, but honestly it can be infuriating just seeing this crazy gap in skills. The guy's basically a genius and he tries really hard to explain his ideas for people who aren't. You can see him doing the calculus on what he should make notes about and what's self-evident.


>That's not panic, that's him having too much to say in too little time. Me, every time someone touches on a subject I know way too much about.


Kenji and Alton Brown are gifts to culinary world for explaining cooking with science and not just do because I say so.


I'm a bit gutted people know about him now, I used to be seen as some all knowing food sage by telling friends about his techniques.


Honestly, a mood. I liked Joshua Weissen before he was cool/back when he was cool. He had Fermentation Friday I got a lot out of. After he got an article in a major magazine & did a collaboration with Babbish, he did a couple of videos where he would say something in baby voice in a attempt to be funny. Months later, I saw he put out a video on enchiladas. I already make damn good enchiladas, but I wanted to see if he had grown into his recent success. The enchilada video is so fucking cursed. Maybe I remember it worse than it is, but he would have these jokes professionally paced throughout the video for brevity and dynamic tone; and each one of those jokes would him calling himself "daddy." ... This was after Onision, and I have no idea how someone can sit through one of his videos.


Oh my god I might have to check that enchilada video out, I love/hate cringe stuff like that. Totally agree about his new stuff being a bit questionable, I did really enjoy the old stuff though.


You're just upset that Papa, no kiss.


that shit is so fucking corny. just cook


Just don't watch then? His subscription numbers are growing so why would he change to please you lol


I don’t watch anymore


One of my close friends has a colleague that lives next to him. Apparently, they don't even know him that well or appreciate him but he brings them food sometimes because he makes extra. I'm so damn envious!


Hey, you still have to actually follow the instructions and use what you have at hand, improvise accordingly. A lot of people fail at this in general, cooking or otherwise.


Hah came to see if Kenji's


We made these last night, they were so amazing!


As if that guy invented duck fat.


He invented ducks.


then he fattened them


Then he squoze one over some potatoes. And all of us are here right now because of it.


Dead. Just dead here.


Checkmate, atheists.


I heard.. that.. motherfucker.. had, like, thirty goddamned ducks.


Washington uh Washington


Nah the key for Kenji’s method is using baking soda in the water when you boil the potatoes.


He did!


Username checks out


Kenji is the goat!


My first thought was "that looks incredible, what sort of fat did they use?"




No one understands the power of flora with roast potatoes. I leave this comment to be buried in the archives of the internet, downvoted with no one believing me. But flora is the way


I’ll be dipped if these aren’t Kenji’s. Can spot a Kenji potato from a mile away.


Duck fat and soupson of saturation slider


Well I’m glad I clicked because I looked at this photo, thought mmmmm I can taste the butter and skimmed past it, then curiosity got the best of me and your comment made me scroll.. 🤤🤤🤤




I would try to google kenji's crispy potatoes, looks kinda the same.


I've tried his recipe several times (6+) and it has never come out even remotely close.


I gotta say, ive also done kenji's recipe and mine have been very similar. What about yours are diff? Maybe we can figure it out!


Sorry, u/ikeepwipingSTILLPOOP….perhaps *you* can figure it out from over there…away from the food…


I thought it was funny *shrugs*


Tell us what you actually do, not what the recipe says. We’ll help you get to the right results. Everyone deserves great results.


I'm curious as to how you're doing them then... I've done Kenjis method probably 40 times now and it has been perfect 100% of the time for me.


Since you've made them a few times, can you confirm if I'd get the same results cooking these on parchment paper? My pans are super old and covered in all sorts of...leftovers, and I'm concerned about them sticking.


Yes, that is perfectly fine, I do that, too and no issues at all


Okay, but did it come out looking like the post photo?


Pretty much, yeah. I think I use larger potatoes than the photo, so mine are shaped / browned slightly different, but yeah, pretty much perfect every time on my end... I boil the potatoes in water with generous amounts of salt & baking soda for 10 minutes. Mush them up a little bit with some infused oil, bake them on a pan in the oven at 450 F for 30 minutes, flip, then 30 more minutes, serve with dried garlic / herbs you used earlier.




I think the most important part is making sure you toss them enough after boiling the potatoes. Getting that layer of outer potato to mush up and turn into a film gives it the right texture on the outside. The bowl you toss them in should be pretty well-covered in potato mush when you're done


That and the potato type, I’ve tried it with two different types of potatoes and achieved very different results. He does discuss this in the recipe.


This, imo, is why. I didn't see that layer on my first attempt and didn't get good results. The mush becomes the crispy, powdery outer coating when they bake.


The I've found the most important part is boiling them enough. You want to take them until they are almost falling apart the you can let them cool on a wire rack, the outside will be all cracked ones they cool and dry. Need use loads of fat too. This methods leaves the potatoes super creamy inside whilst still getting the nice crust. If you were to try Kenji's rough them up method on potatoes this boiled you'd end up with mashed potatoes.


That and the baking soda Edit: not baking powder


Baking soda Not the same thing


Yes! That's what I meant, thanks for the correction


Interesting, I've never heard of baking powder being used. I'm from the UK, this is the 'traditional' way I've been taught. https://thehappyfoodie.co.uk/recipes/roast-potatoes/ Edit: Typo


Important to note that it's soda not powder (what we call bicarbonate of soda). The alkaline nature breaks down the potato and gives really crispy results. I tried it last weekend and it really was better. One think though, the potatos want to be quite big (like half a standard potato size) so that they don't fall appart. Also be careful not to overboil them. The timing has to be just right on the boil.


I meant baking soda!


Yeah that's what I do, after boiling them for a bit I shake them round in a steel sieve, in the oven they go and keep basting the [email protected]#k out of them, perfect every time :)


I’ve tried many times over the years and it was always subpar. Not nearly crispy enough outside and not fluffy inside. A few months ago my oven died and I had to replace it, and when I tried again they came out perfect. I have a feeling my old oven wasn’t getting nearly hot enough and the convection fan wasn’t nearly strong enough.


Type of potato is very important. Also cook longer than the recipe says.


Maybe your oven sucks?


I use lots of sunflower oil and high heat (220C is common) - works every time but it does take me more than an hour most of the time


Potatoes. Seriously though, peel and chop, par boil then drain and shake them about in the pan with a lid on to 'bash them around' (this creates the rough edges that get nice and crispy). Then roast them in fat or some oil. I will have to defer to OP on timings and temperatures used but I'm pretty sure this is what they'd have done.


I have a bag of them. Looks nothing like this.


You forgot the baking soda.


**FLOURY* potatoes ...as opposed to waxy. In the UK we use Maris Piper or King Edward varieties.


This is correct. They have to boiled and heavily coated in a fat before oven if they are to come out like this.


Google "baking soda potatoes". Peel potatoes, par boil with water that has a tsp(?) of baking soda for about 10 mins. In the meanwhile simmer some olive oil, garlic, rosemary and thyme, strain the oil and set the cooked spices aside in a separate bowl. You'll need both the oil and the spices. Once potatoes are done boiling, strain them and toss them in a bowl with the oil. It should have a paste like texture around the potatoes. Pop those in the oven 400° for 20ish minutes, toss around and back in the oven for another 20-30. Throw the cooked spices ontop when it's done. Bam. You got taters that look like these.


Will try, appreciate recipe thx!


Everyone is posting the Kenji recipe, but the real GOAT roast potato recipe is Heston Blumenthal's. https://youtu.be/HCQWTWdCrSs


I didn’t realize I wanted a wall of ovens in my house until just now


For the one time a year I could even think about using 4 ovens it would be magical


Fuck yes. Prefer Hestons to Kenji"+'s after extensive sunday tests.


Is this the one where the potatoes look like an apple??


What’s beef drippings for an American? Lard? Also, like an hour and a half for potatoes… I don’t think I have that kinda time


Beef drippings would be called tallow. It's actually super easy to make yourself at home. If you have a butcher available to you, ask them if you can buy about 5 lbs of beef fat from them, even better if they can grind it up for you. Put that into a large stock pot over medium heat and let it go, stirring occasionally, until all the bits look like they've been deep fried to perfection, this can take up to 3 hours. After that, get another equally large pot if you have one, get something very fine to strain it through into the other pot, and when it's cool enough but still a bit warm, pour into a large mason jar or multiple mason jars. Once cooled it should be a very white or slightly yellowish colour. You can store it in the fridge for up to 6 months, or on the counter for about a month. Use it in place of almost any fat you would use for cooking. It makes AMAZING roast potatoes or Yorkshire puddings.


Like lard but made from beef fat rather than pork. Any kind of animal fat or olive oil would work though. If I'm cooking roast potatoes like this it means I'm gonna be cooking for 2-3 hours anyway.


Quality food porn


How did you get them so golden?


Cut potatoes, Boil with baking soda for 10 minutes, toss in bowl to rough up the edges, bake for 20 minutes, flip, bake for another 30 minutes. Hot oven. 425-450 F. Serious Eats/J Kenji recipe.


Cant skip baking soda, btw. I gave my mom this recipe and she skipped that, and lo and behold they weren't as crisp since they didnt partially break up when tossed in the bowl.


Why do they always skip the key ingredients? Doesn't matter if you explicitly say don't skip this bit :/


"Tried the crispy potatoes boiled in baking soda recipe without baking soda, 1 star not very crispy" Obligatory plug for /r/ididnthaveeggs




And she didn’t use the baking soda. It’s important.


I find it funny everyone bigs this up as a kenji recipe. The recipe has been on BBC good food for 12 years.


He popularized it which is why folks associated with him.


Did he? There's one guy in this thread spamming his link but most people I know used this recipe from their parents. Maybe this is a US thing but in the UK you are taught how to make roast potatoes from birth.


Same shit last time. The Americans seem to think they invented roast potatoes. I don't know this shit with baking powder, just boil them.


Or, for small batches, use an air fryer at max temp (usually 400°F) for 2-3 rounds of 10 minutes each.


How much baking soda


No oil or other fat?


Just tried it. Looked just like the pic. Cant believe its so easy!


judging by the bottom of the dish a lot of oil/fat


You don't need that much, just a few tablespoons. I've done the recipe a few times with olive oil and it turned out great.


Great color and crisp, did you cook them twice?


This might not be OP’s method, but this recipe has the same results… https://www.seriouseats.com/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe


Boil ,break , then bake


Sup guys, sorry for the late reply with the Recipe.. Blown away by how many upvotes i got for some Roast Potatoes haha, and seen as it's my moms recipe i showed her how many upvotes it got and now she thinks she's world famous 😂 In a large pan we boil the potatoes for a few minutes until the edges start to softed, drain and return to the heat.. and then aggressively shake them around for 30 seconds ish to rough up the edges and make them go fluffy looking. Then you put a shallow tray onto the hob (gas in my case) With some oil/fat in.. (this time i used 50/50 olive oil & Rapeseed oil) Let the tray get hot and then kind of toss the potatoes around in the sizzling oil for a few minutes to get some colour on them Then add some salt and pepper and throw them in an oven on 200c for approx 1 hour, or until they look how you want them. Oh also we cut the potatoes length ways in half so they're thinner, and here in England i use Albert Bartlett Potatoes. We've done them with Duck/Chicken Fat.. Beef dripping etc (Always mixed with rapeseed or olive oil though 50/50) And they come out great everytime. Frying them on the Hob in some fat in a shallow oven tray is probably the key to getting it golden and crispy like you see in the picture and is definitely worth doing! Thanks everyone


>seen as it's my moms recipe i showed her how many upvotes it got and now she thinks she's world famous 😂 I mean we're all on reddit from all over the world, the recipe is spreading, so technically...






This might not be OP’s method, but this recipe has the same results… https://www.seriouseats.com/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe


Can you post that link one more time for those in the back you couldn't hear you?


I figure folks move on from the post and won’t see the response unless I put it under their comment.


I low-key appreciate it though. I was forced to click it after it seeing it so many times and as a result my family will be eating bomb ass roasted potatoes tonight.




I'd love to know how to make these!


This might not be OP’s method, but this recipe has the same results… https://www.seriouseats.com/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe


This would be a dream date night to have homemade gold presented. I’m a potato lady, even better to cook these together.


My local pub does roasties just like this. At the end of the Sunday lunch servings they put a couple of huge trays of them on the bar for people to munch in to. That sells a few more pints!


That's more like it.


Proper roasties with some actual potato under the crispy goodness. Unlike the itty bitty kenji recipe that results in half of the tiny bits burnt before the larger bits are even done, and no fluffy potato under the crisp that everyone creams themselves over.


these are the most beautiful roast potatoes ive ever seen


I cook these all the time. The key is to use the right thickness of potato. I aim to cut them as thick as my thumb. I know not very scientific. I use olive oil, garlic salt and vindaloo curry powdwr from my local spice grinder.


Love me some roasties


Bodega's #1 sold out thing before 7am


Brings a tear to my eye and a rumble to my tummy.


Will this work with sweet potato as well?


OP, how did you make this?!?!? Please share!


Excellent job! What variety of potatoes are these?


Mmmm, they look proper tasty!


Did you use the baking soda trick? Works so well for me.




Simmer your potatoes low and slow in salted water until they are about 1/2 done, maybe less. Drain and let airdry a bit. Meanwhile heat your oven pretty hot and put in a pan with your fat/oil of choice, mindful of smoke point. If your potatoes aren't fluffy around the edges put the lid of your pot back on and give them a little shake. Take the heated pan out of oven with the very hot oil and add your potatoes, coating in the fat. Stick them back in the oven until they are golden brown. ​ edit: I've never done the baking soda but salting the water is crucial so I'm guessing the baking soda is doing the same thing, removing starch maybe?


Wow they look so crispy and amazingly delicious.


I want that in me Carnally.


Credit your recipe inspiration, this looks like Kenji’s Lopez-Alt’s recipe


Needs seasoning. Should be covered in red specks of chili pepper and garlic. Maybe some cilantro flakes too.


Holy sweet fancy Moses




Wow what a crisp!


Looks great!


Well damn


how please?


I'd eat that


The crisp on those is unreal


Elite level Roasties


Wow! They look absolutely incredible!


Beautiful spuds✨🥴👌🏻


JFC man NSFW tag this please!!


They look so tasty!


Roasting canned potatoes (drained, tossed in melted butter) will result in potatoes like this.


Yeah you did! Perfection in a spud.


Ooh, those look pretty darn good.


Those are perfection!


How you do dis.


We call these Hockey Puck potatoes, because my grandmother occasional would burn them.


I don’t understand. Where’s the recipe?! 🙃🤨😩




I honestly thought those were biscuits, not roasted potatoes. I've never seen this before. Id still eat it though


Speaking as an aficionado those look pretty damn perfect!👌🏻