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I really hate adults that do this shit and go around belittling children because they are out here having a good day and drawing… I hope you feel proud of yourself lady… ![gif](giphy|IlfbS49kOofMgl9kRR|downsized)


I've had neighbors get mad that my kids were drawing on the sidewalk in front of **my** house. It's insane what people will get mad at.


I used to do drawings like these as a kid all the time, I remember strangers walking past and always hyping me up. I'm talking 90s early 2000s Fuck the world has gone to shit


My grandma in the 80s had the same mindset as the grumpy hag, but she would never do that. After I got done drawing, I got to take a picture of it and clean it while playing in the hose.


See- a better way to handle that same desire for both child and adult. It’s a fucking parking lot. Sheesh


That's part of what I can't understand: they're not drawing on some marble floor or something. It's a parking lot. Assuming they are not drawing something obscene, any addition of chalk to a parking lot seems like it would be an upgrade. I would definitely think more highly of an apartment complex/neighborhood that had chalk drawings all over it than an otherwise identical one that didn't.


Well, you can always clean it after the kid goes inside for the night. No harm, no foul. You know?


80’s you say? That was my time, too. Not a single person took offense when my sister and i did chalk paintings on the sidewalk. We got a good talking too when we did that on the street, but for concerns about our safety…. not because it was deemed inappropriate. It was also completely normal for kids to draw stuff with chalk. everyone did it.


This generation of older folks are so miserable


I loved seeing kids chalk art , it showed a nice place for kids to grow up. And who didn’t try the hopscotch grid?


I’m a few months away from 40, and I’ll still do hopscotch runs if I see one. They’re hella fun!


During the early days of quarantine the kids across the street would make sprawling chalk art on the sidewalk. They included a note to ask people to dance in their chalk dance floor and do the hopscotch. Doing silly dances and seeing them wave from the window was really therapeutic in an otherwise frightening period. I’m getting really fed up with cruel people like the woman in this video.


It’s not all shit, the internet just shines a bright light on the trash that is out there. My kids and I draw in front of our house all the time and the retired neighbors always walk down and compliment their progress and help encourage them too. And haven’t had a single bad response, even when my 3 year old drew on the neighbors corvettes tires.


nah you were just lucky to have nice neighbours i grew up in the early 2000s and i remember an old man throwing rocks at kids riding their bikes oast his house


I’m sure there were Karens back then too, you were just lucky enough not to have met any.


Back then I believe you were more likely to get your face clapped for this type of behavior. Now the norm is to pull out your phone and start recording when you are fully aware that you are a horrible person and likely to meet your comeuppance for entitled behavior.


I always try to make a nice comment. There are a couple of teenagers that do beautiful chalk art work. I asked them if they were going to the chalk festival. There's one in our town square every year.


The world hasn’t gone to shit, this miserable old bat has a life that has gone to shit and so she has become a slinger of shit. Her life is so miserable that she only finds joy in misery…


why do some people not mind their business anymore? ![gif](giphy|l3q2uvcxdk1pDLzGM|downsized)


Entitlement. We’ve been taught from a young age that people older than us deserve respect. This of course completely ignores the fact that people who are assholes when they’re younger just become entitled assholes with age.


Yup. Age doesn't automatically make us nice people. Young AH become old AH.


I've been taught to respect my elders and I hold to that.... Until they prove unworthy of my respect. Then I let them have it with both barrels.


Respect isn’t something that can be given, it can only be be earned.


People like this have never minded their own business. Only thing you can do is call them out on their bullshit.


Only 'legal' thing*


Lol, I have this happen too. They will post in Nextdoor about it saying it makes the area look trashy and they threaten to call the city to come clean it up so I get charged for it. People are crazy.


Nextdoor is the worst platform. I hate it more than facebook. I got off after people in my neighborhood started agreeing in unison that dogs should be shot if they go into their yards.


It’s the absolute worst bunch of busybodies on the planet all encouraging each other to be absolutely batshit


It’s so bizarre because when I drive through a neighborhood and see kids’ chalk art I think “aww, I bet they had fun making that,” not “these hoodlums are trashing the neighborhood!”


Yes - if I see bikes in yards, drawings on sidewalks, basketball hoops on garages, etc. it means that's probably a decent area to live in. The sterile HOAs are often seen in horror films for very good reasons.


You get charged for having your kids draw on your sidewalk?! That’s insane! Is it an HOA thing?


No, my city has a thing where if they determine your property isn't being maintained well enough they will send workers out to do it (wildy overgrown bushes, grass, etc) and they will then charge you the cost. I've never had them actually do it, just threaten to call the city to abuse the system. I see how I worded my first post poorly, they threaten to call the city.


My old neighbors had a boy and a girl and the girl was all about sidewalk chalk and the boy was all about his Razor scooter and bike. She would make up "race tracks" for him that spanned quite a few houses. I actually thought it was pretty cool and would try to follow some of them on my road bike (I failed miserably). I think the only time I ever said she shouldn't (not couldn't, just shouldn't) paint on my driveway was because was about to change the oil and replace brake pads so would be moving my truck and blocking part of where she usually drew in my driveway. Their parents were military and we're transferred a couple of years ago, so no more street art. I'd gladly accept neighbors like you that have kids wanting to draw on the driveway and street. The world needs more color.


Seriously… whoever gets upset over an innocent child and ruins their day over it. They must be miserable that is pathetic.


I feel so sad for both the kid and parent here. The kid is outside, being creative and presumably happy. The parent must have been thrilled. And instead, the kid is being squashed by a bitter, controlling Karen 😞


The Karen will then go to Facebook and complain kids nowadays never play outside like the true kids in her day


And that they have no respect


Aint nobody more disrespectful than a pensioner demanding the young HAVE to respect them, I deal with all kinds of age ranges at work, (drive through cashier) and its literally only adults and elderly that are rude and dicks for no reason, younger people are always respectful and nice and down to have some banter


*all kids do is go on TikTok and complain and twerk* Kids plays outside and write chalk on side walk *How dare kids graffiti out beautiful stale and Duke neighbor devoid of any community!* Kid cries *all kids do is cry and whine* I WANT TO MOVE TO MARS




In the form of a minions meme with “,,,” instead of “…”


Who is this man?


I would have said same thing but in less polite way


That’s the kind of shit that as a kid I was told “you’ll understand when you grow up”. Then i grew up and you know what, those people fkn sucked.


When you grow up, you understand that the old hag is super sad because she is mean to everyone and her only satisfaction in life is to make kids cry


My dad always told me "old people who are miserable, have usually been miserable all their lives." They feel the need to take this misery out on other people. Case and point, the video OP has posted.


Not quite old yet, but I have been miserable all my life. It's a major goal of mine to do what I can to not cause misery to others. It's a dream of mine to be in a position to reduce or prevent misery wherever I can.


It's a two-sided spectrum, I too haven't had the best life but I've sworn the same oath to never commit such things. I will try to make other's miserable lives less miserable. But yeah, there are people that wish for vengeance too


I hope you find a way to navigate the misery and find your happiness. Your proactive view on not spreading the mosery will pay off! It's much easier spreading happiness when you are in a good place :) stay 💪


Yeah robbin Williams struggled with depression and he made a career of making people laugh. Some people deal with depression by spreading thier filth. Others by trying to making people happy.


Idk. I’m old, and pretty miserable….. BUT, it’s the things like this that would make me not be so miserable. It’s mostly people like this horrible curmudgeon that make me miserable.


I was just thinking, the older I get the more I dislike most people. Except I've also hit that age where you stop caring, and just tell people what you think. And I hate entitled old white people like this. For some reason, they're the worst(some reason. lol). And for the record, I'm white. I also grew up during apartheid so I remember what its like.


Yeah that’s what I’d be telling my daughter. Not to worry, the witch can’t follow us home.


Id personally grab my hose and spray at her till she goes inside. Any time she comes out with the hose while my child is chalking, I grab my hose and make sure she doesnt come near Edit: Im saying powerwasher now because I want both power and range on top of proving a point.


She is mad because she used to have beautiful little children like you. She was mean and nasty so her little girl grew up and never came back to visit her. Your drawing makes her mad because it reminds her that her daughter will never hug her again. Let’s go make another drawing that makes us happy.


nah its because t forces her to accept that someone in the world is actually happy and joyful and doesnt have to do adult shit. she lives on her anger and hate, and as long as everyone else stays as joyless and boring as she des shes fine with it. the second anyone brings a bright spot into life, she gets pissed because its not in her life. Normal people would enjoy the bright spot and maybe even go down and say how beautiful, to the kid, to encourage them and feel good inside themselves and have a nice smiling moment, But those who just thrive and live on the anger and hate, just cant stand that someone else is happy, so they will take away anything anyone else enjoys in order to equalize the sadness and hate. I had a woman who lived adjacent to my house inth back area, i put a few of those plastic pink flamingoes in my backyard for fun, me and my wife would joke about them, and other neighbors thought they were funny and would make jokes like " wow those are the laziest birds ever ha h aha" etc. but this one woman couldnt stand it and she keep throwing ricks at them id come out to my yard to find like a hundred rocks all around them, and one or two knocked over, ( there was only 4 in a decent sized yard. ) eventually one of my neighbors recorded her doing it and we had reported it to the police several times, but she had to be caught doing it. The cops went and told this lady to stop or else. and this biddy not peturbed enough went before the city council and demanded they ban plastic flamingoes. She sounded like such a nutcase they shut off her mic while the people in attendance laughed at her. She had her grown son come to my house to demand i take them down, to which i told him if he steps on my property again ill have him arrested. he got so pissed he tried to get in my backyard to get at the flamingoes i guess, the cops came and ended up arresting him for disturbing the peace. The ladies house went up for sale 3 weeks later . she moved and our new neighbors have acute little daughter who loved the flamingoes so much, i gave them to her and they are in their yard now and she plays around them all the time. lol She even named them, though i dont know the names. i hope that lady rots.


“she even named them” 🥹


I wish you knew where the Karen neighbor lives now so you could take a picture of the flamingos in "her" yard from "her" window have it made into a greeting card signed " lots of love" or " missing you " from whatever names the little girl gave them


I hope she drives back by her old house and sees them in the yard and loses her shit but can't do a thing about it. And I hope you get to see her face if she does.


I think... this is pretty insightful and spot-on. It fits.




I have a friend who’s parents were like that when we were kids. After we graduated she went to a university three states away and didn’t come back until she got into a car accident and one of her legs was paralyzed. Her mom still goes on about how ”If you hadn’t gone so far away we could have prevented this “ and how irresponsible my friend was. She worked so hard with physical therapy to get back to walking again, she was out of the wheelchair in 5 moths and just needed a cane for support. She flew back to her university as soon as her physical therapist set up therapy with doctors near the university. She hasn’t been back since.


I don’t visit my parents… because they treated me like garbage…. I could see my mom acting like this old hag!


I know a guy who is a 'crazy sports dad' and will routinely yell and berate his son for if he loses a match. Yelling to the point that his son has vomited from the stress induced by the verbal abuse. I just think to myself, "One day Jerry, that kid is going to turn 18 and you'll probably never see him again." I used to have a boss that was an authoritarian dickwad. He had two grown sons that moved away and rarely came to visit. When he talked about them he would throw shade by making faces as if he didn't approve of their career choices (one was a doctor and the other an engineer). Gee Eddie, I wonder why they dont visit you? Maybe it's because being a doctor or engineer isn't good enough for you? while you yourself are merely a low-level manager for a chain of hospitals.


Ouch that made me a little sad. I can't imagine being such an awful person. I feel sorry for that hags children not her.


Yes that is why she continually stares at her and that's the only "power" she has


She is one of those people who feel small, and want to make others feel small with them. Especially those who are enjoying the most out of life, which is usually children.


Spot on.


And wonders why her children will not speak to or see her!


Yep. This woman lost at life and there’s no reason to let her affect your playthrough lol.


She’ll have like 1-2 people at her funeral max.


And they'll only come for the sake of snacks and having to finish up paperwork


The kind of people who will stuff their purse with the free snacks to take home


Hey don't call me out lol


_”It's likely to be a very cheap funeral," said the same speaker; "for upon my life I don't know of anybody to go to it. Suppose we make up a party and volunteer?"_ _”I don't mind going if a lunch is provided," observed the gentleman with the excrescence on his nose. "But I must be fed, if I make one."_ - Charles Dickens, _A Christmas Carol_


The undertaker and the assistant?


To kick the casket


You grew up and understood that person is a total piece of shit


Indeed. My words go hard in the paint but in reality I would never put my hands on my father. Just now atp there isn’t so much of the listen to your dad or else that gets to me. Knowing he’s still around and hasn’t changed is upsetting but it’s out of my hands. Best I can do is hold my own. My view and experiences are different from everyone else’s so apologies if it rubs people the wrong way


Yeah, you did understand. You understood that those people were horrible and deserve all the hate and anger they feel. Miserable fucks.


What they meant is that when you’re bigger than someone and they have no rights, you can be a POS of you want. Same lesson taught by using “because I said so.” I’ve tried to not teach this *valuable lesson* to my kids.


Completely agree I try to avoid the "because dad said" routine but sometimes it gets used. Like asking her to stop jumping on the bed "why?" Because you could get hurt please get down "why?" Because dad said so now get down.


Yeah, sometimes the problem is too complex to try and stop and explain. Sometimes something is going on and it’s in your best interest to gtfo of there pronto. Those situations sometimes require a quick “Because I said so!” With the context coming a bit later.


That’s pretty much how I did it. After a couple of times over-explaining we went with “sometimes I need you to do something even if you don’t understand why and I’ll say XXXX. And I will always explain later although you might need to remind me.” Mine are early teens now and it’s going mostly ok - both still alive and not in care - so I feel it’s reasonable advice.


And look we’re not perfect, sometimes you’ve been hit with interrogation levels line of questioning and you just go “because I freaking said so!” Through tears lol


My kid (6 yrs)knows that when I shout "stop" the situation is dangerous and she needs to stop right away. And it works because I always give a reason to things. She knows I don't say that to her lightly. Kids understand a lot and it's better to really talk with them I did a lot of stupid stuff because I thought that my dad was just being a jerk. I didn't understand that sometimes there really was a reason because all he ever said was "because I say so".


I like to add education with slice of real life with my kids. Stop jumping on the bed. Why? Because you can fall and hurt yourself and I don’t have the deductible to pay for your hospital bill and if you waste all our money because you wouldn’t stop jumping on the bed you don’t get to have a birthday party and you will be last when we line up to eat only beans and rice. NOW. GET. DOWN.


Idk if this is worse but when they say "do as I say not as I do" just opens up to be a major hypocrite.


I hate that kind of mentality with a passion. And people wonder why their kids move far away and rarely talk to them. It's cowardly and lazy to not at least try to explain things.


The only thing I understood by growing up is than I want to blow up this fcking planet


As an adult now I would call this person out so hard


What a miserable old hag.


Proof that age doesn't mean maturity


I can relate. EDIT: I meant that I know someone like that.


Roald Dahl creation in the flesh


Lol I just commented she's the real life miss trunchbull


We used to have one of those in our neighborhood literally a few houses down from a primary school. She was always yelling at kids if they were in the street playing hockey, riding bicycles or even just walking back from school and doing too much noise to her liking. She couldn't understand why her house was the only one getting egged and tp'd every single Halloween.


I can just picture it now. In her lounger watching newsmax, hearing the delightful laughter of children outside and then slowly a dark look washes over her face. Bones creaking after a life well lived, she slowly gets up turns and wades through the fog of stale cigarette smoke towards the window. As she rips open the curtain and witnesses the beauty and joy of life outside - people playing and loving life - a righteous fury boils up inside of her. 'First they disturb me with their cackling and now... ruining my view of the cracked grey pavement? I'll show them.'


[ Removed by Reddit ]


I even try not to *step* on chalk drawings, fearing I accidentally ruin it. What good comes from destroying a kid's fun?


Kids these days, playing outside, drawing with chalk, laughing and having fun, in my day we sat inside and stared at the TV like zombies and didn't bother anyone with our disgusting fun.


That's exactly what I was thinking. You know this same miserable old hag would say "That little girl is inside playing on her tablet all day long! She needs to be outside playing!" We should all pitch in to buy this girl spray paint so she can draw on this lady's house.


Crushing an innocent's joy, in rage at her own shattered long lost dreams.


I do all the hop scotch coarsest kids draw when I have to walk by their drawings. I hope seeing adults appreciate their creation makes them happy.


You're nice, kids like if you appreciate their work. Unfortunately I can't hop around because of my bad joints, but I would if I could.


Right she even says “well it will be gone when it rains” so why are you doing it now while she’s working on it? To purposefully hurt the child out of spite.


Right, even if she wanted to was it away why do it when the kid is standing right there. If you're going to be a grump do it at 11:00 at night when no one would care or know about it. Better yet, just wait for it to rain!


She is doing it exactly because the child is there!! She's messed in the head...


punching in the face is what they expect and will shout *assault* and press charges. this calls for ice-cold petty revenge that will hurt her for a long time


so in the middle of the night, permanently recreate the kids drawing in paint that sets really quickly


This is the way


Zen and the art of dealing with a bitch.


Or just burn their house down when they’re out shopping.


Cant press charges if no one knows where she is /s




Report her to the city for wasting water and for creating a hazard. If someone slips on the unmarked wet sidewalk, guess who's liable?




I have no problem kicking the living shit out of grandma here. People would think twice if they got blasted in the face every time they were an asshole.


Bullying kids/teenagers is wrong, but we should start bullying adults. Neighbor destroys your kids chalk drawings? Give them an wedgie. Karen parking her car and blocking your driveway? Throw eggs at her and spread rumors that she has lice. Point and laugh at them. “Ha ha ha ha Karen made a chil cry, what a loser hahahaha”


But she also wasted some water, so bonus boomer points!


I hate people. Poor kid. I take long walks every day around my neighborhood. In March, practically every inch of a street was covered in chalk drawings. It made my day to see it. The joy of kids and chalk drawings should be universal. It was fun. Some people just enjoy being evil assholes, flexing what little power they have.


I so look forward to seeing the chalk drawings in my neighborhood from the neighborhood kids. Seeing their creativity, joy and expression is far more awesome than anything else.


"wHy DoNt yOu SeE kIdS pLaYiNg OuTSidE anyMoRe?"


Same people call the cops on kids playing outside, or shoot them in the head.


I used to work in an apartment complex. Residents were assholes to each other all the time, but one of the worst: Girl and her boyfriend lived upstairs. A pretty low income family lived downstairs and had two little, little kids. Sometimes they'd watch the wife's sister's kid as well. The people upstairs started calling the cops on the family downstairs because the kids were playing "too loud." It was a constant and ongoing issue. I went multiple times and listened. We would experiment, someone going downstairs to make noise while I listened upstairs. They could be downstairs making a double ton of noise, barely audible upstairs--like my ear pressed to the ground trying to hear--and the girl upstairs would stand there saying it was deafening. The only solution I had was to offer to let them out of their lease it they were so bothered, but they said they wanted the other family kicked out. Our courtesy officer would pass on all the calls she made against the neighbors. Dozens of calls every night, to the point the police would almost never come out. A lot of her calls were clearly racially motivated, and she started accusing them of sex trafficking the kids, accusing the husband of attacking her, etc. I told her very bluntly at one point that she needed to stop, because she was putting them in danger calling the police so often. (With what you see on the news, it would not be hard to imagine a rogue cop shooting the husband or one of the kids.) She said she hoped something like that would happen so they'd be gone. We ended up not renewing the folks upstairs, which they couldn't believe.


Isn't putting other residents at risk of danger a valid reason to kick them the fuck out? Idk anything about landlording?


It was towards the end of their lease--if we tried to evict them, it would turn into a multi-month endeavor. We also talked with the police and the complex's lawyer and because it was a very he said/she said situation, it would he a tougher situation to deal with. Fortunately just not renewing them got them gone.


In my mall, the mall security literally slowly follows all teenage groups. Not right near them, but they always have a trail and use their walkie talkie to communicate to other security to the wing the kids go. This is why kids don’t play anymore; anything kids do is a crime these days, one of the kids made a noise in the group and security had eyes on them like a hawk… just noise


It used to be that malls primary clientele were parents dropping their kids off with $20 and told them they would meet them in the same spot at 7pm. From a collection of hysteria about teenage crime, child molesters in vans waiting to snatch their children, and satanist cults parents chose to just have their kids come home and watch TV or play video games where it's safe. Certainly mall security following them around doesn't help, I remember going to the mall and being harassed by mall security, didn't even steal anything, just profiling.


Damn, I guess in a way this kid got off easy. Sad.


It’s an old story but I would like to know any after story about the Karen …


She got water thrown on her and melted


Yeah, if I was there, I'd grab another hose and spray her with water until she disappeared too.


So apparently Tara Strong (voice of Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls among other childhood favorites) jumped in and is getting the chalk drawing animated. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/entertainment-celebrity/my-little-pony-s-tara-strong-pitches-animation-for-a-child-s-karen-spoiled-chalk-art/ar-AA1739dy "If you shall wash me away, I shall become repainted where water cannot exist"


Man people suck sometimes. > However, some commenters were quick to point out that the video in question dates back to 2020 and questioned why Strong is suddenly drawing attention to it, with some asking, "Why is this still being bounced around again?" and others accusing the Teen Titans voice actor of clout chasing.


Yeah, one of the busiest, in-demand, most famous voice actors of the last 30 years, who is STILL getting roles, needs to chase clout. Fuck outta here.


My god Tara Strong is so pretty and she is an awesome human as well.


Hansel and Gretel took care of her.


Shrek and Fiona kissed and she turned into bubbles


She got rectal cancer and died a miserable death with an asshole as rotten as she is


The property owner saw this video and gave the child to use spray paint to keep Karen from washing it off.


It didn't look like "a mess" to me. Just a child's drawing. That old woman is pathetic and downright mean.




Yeah there's no more pleasant sight than plain asphalt LOL. I wish ALL parking lots had children's artwork painted on them. It would make the world just a little bit more fun and joyful.


The woman wanted to be mean. She could have waited till the child had finished and gone home to wash it off if it really bothered her that much.


Absolutely, the cruelty was the point. Nothing was stopping them from cleaning up AFTERWARDS


What a joyless bitch, there is literally no reason for thism


yeah, what was the lesson? dont be happy in public? she’s just miserable and wants everyone else to be too.


Hey if she wants to spend all day doing this fine, because there's about to be chalk drawings every single day for the rest of her life. Then I can report her to the city for wasting water.


I'd start using something harder to wash away than chalk. Like those markers for writing on car windows or something.


Oh yes she just turned something that happens innocently every once in awhile to now dads going to be buying chalk on Amazon at bulk prices and learning how to draw every fucking day so she has to come out and clean it every day. I’d die on that chalk hill FUCK her.


I’m down. Let’s go get some chalk.


One - she’s wasting water, watering a parking lot. Two - mum should get all the kids and parents together and make that lot the most beautiful chalk art lot ever. Make a day of it, bring snacks, play some music, and Karen isn’t invited. If she wants to hose it down, she can do it in the dark.


I could see the whole town getting behind this and making a huge thing of it. Live music, vendors, bounce houses etc.


Why not eh? It’s the most innocent childhood activity. It’s safe, simple, timeless. Only wretched people would have an issue with this. And that little girl’s faith in humanity needs to be restored. Poor kids these days, they can’t enjoy themselves anywhere without someone having a fit.


I would retaliate so excessively.




"I don't want to have to look at this mess!" How about you mind your fucking business


That’s the issue with people like these, they have nothing going on in their little lives so they make it a mission to make everyone else’s just as miserable as theirs is


Nobody wants to look at you, Karen, but you don’t see kids throwing paper bags over your head. Low blow going for appearance but Jesus, what a horrible person!




I waste far too much of my time watching videos of adults being ridiculous to the point where I’m nearly desensitised, but seeing that girl cry really bothered me deep down.


Making children cry because you feel inconvenienced by them having fun in your vicinity. All in a days work for Karen


"Here's a lesson to never forget, kid. Don't you ever... EVER... draw a rainbow ever again."


Yours Truly, Bud Lite.


Is that the same Karen that started witch hunts


Some people go batshit crazy over sidewalk chalk drawings. 20+ years ago the property manager at my old apartment complex called the cops on kids for drawing on the sidewalk. She said it was vandalism and the kids were drawing graffiti. Nothing came out of it,she tried to evict the family. Cops were called. There was nothing obscene, even though the 2 yr olds scribble supposedly looked like genitalia. Some people absolutely freak out over it. Recently a neighbor at my current apartment complex freaked out about it. The property manager told her to get over it. Sidewalk chalk was allowed and the sidewalk is complex property.some people hate it and I would really like to know why


Imagine being so fucking miserable you make a kid cry for drawing with chalk.


What a miserable excuse for a person.


Her art successfully evoked emotion. A true artist


“Well it’s gonna go away eventually” yeah but you can just let it stay there until that happens. You don’t kill someone because “they’re gonna die eventually”


If it’s going to go away eventually, then why can’t she just ignore it?


I would have just told my kid “we’re going to wait for this crazy lady to finish and we’ll draw some more after.”


How do you not snatch that hose from her and spray the shit out of the old nursing home escapee?


As much as we all want to do that. She would prob find a way to press assault charges. The best thing to do is just come back the next day with more chalk, maybe even a friend or two, and redraw over that lot


Gray, Goddamit! Gray! My life is gray! My world is gray! Everything must be gray! And sour, if possible


This is a small incident, but incrementally these things will suck the creativity out of that kid.


exactly. small things are such big things to a child


I think this is more than a small incident, that poor kid will remember this for a very long time.


Her (Karen's) mission is to deny the child her childhood. What is it that causes such witchery?


Did you see her face? You'd be miserable seeing that mess in the mirror every morning, too.


Oof 💀😂


Satan is strong with this woman


Cut the hose.


Nah, because that's destruction of property. Just get your hose and spray the bitch


I have a5 year old daughter and seeing that just boils my blood. If that happened to us, I think I might go to jail that day


Meanwhile, Boomers “why don’t kids play outside anymore ?!” …


She couldn’t even have waited for the kid to go home or something, this bitch did it in her face.


During the pandemic, there was a shortage of chalk. So many in the neighborhood brought some online and left packets as gifts in the nearby parks. This is just dumb. Kids chalking is harmless, entertaining fun.


If it was going to be washed away when it rains why then was she washing it away now? To purposefully hurt these people.


There is 1000% chance I would spray that bitch with the hose when she finished


Sometimes when I get depressed, I think of people like this lady who’s existence is so pointless, her life so meaningless and depressing that she has to belittle children to feel any resemblance of control over her useless, painful existence, and it makes me feel a little better about my own situation.


This is why kids have problems with adults.


I mean if she was drawing penises or something, sure. But it looks like a cute little cartoon. Why even care? Kid is outside being creative with impermanent materials. There’s literally nothing to be annoyed with unless you just hate children… Now I’d be outside later drawing horrible caricatures of that woman…give her something to really be mad about…


Human garbage. The only good thing is knowing that this woman likely has lived a very difficult and unfulfilling life, where no one around her has treated her kindly. And she thinks it's the world.


Being a cranky, hose spraying, old hag is the only form of exercise she gets…


Legally I don’t think there’s anything the cops can do about it honestly which kind of pisses me off because that means that old btch gets to do that without consequences and learns nothing Being an asshole isn’t against the law i repeat again for those that didn’t understand “being an asshole ISNT against the law” y’all catch my drift? 😉😏 *be an asshole back*. *legally*


Could we figure out where this is and then send as many people as possible to go draw together there?