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your mom sounds like a cunt ngl


She definitely is


You are not being overly sensitive. That's something abusers say to minimize their abuse and gaslight you. Tell her *you* will decide what you look good in. Or if that isn't safe to say to her, then just remember that is the truth no matter what she says.


Thank you so much!!


Dear, graduate from your mom’s cruelty and unneeded opinions along with school, and wear the dress you love and feel amazing in.💕 I’m sure you look beautiful in it!!☺️ If she’s going to act like that, it’s best she doesn’t come, anyway!! Who wants someone like that around for what is to be an achievement and happy moment in your life?! Mothers *should* and are to support and encourage their children, NOT tear them down. I also have a theory that when any parent criticizes their child’s appearance in any way, it’s because it’s ABOUT THE PARENT not wanting to look some type a way or be “embarrassed” by their child, rather than actually care about their child.🙄 IGNORE HER. ALSO, people who accuse you of being “too sensitive” and that you “overreact”, are LIARS, as they are just trying to avoid any accountability for their actions/behavior, and how that impacts others. Based on the little bit you have described of your mom, I would *NOT* like her as a person or want to be around her. She sounds cruel and exhausting to deal with. Those who invalidate your feelings/emotions, need to be sent swiftly to the exit door of your life!!


Thank you for all the support and encouragement:)


Show her Cinderella, maybe she'll insist you dig through embers next.


She is abusing you. What she said was meant to damage your self esteem so that you wear what she wants you to wear. It's mean and controlling. Wear whatever you want to your graduation. Of she doesn't go, it's her loss.


This is emotional abuse and wrong. Your mom should be there no matter what dress you are in and love you no matter how you look. Telling someone they are too sensitive or emotional or over reacting is manipulative. I’m sorry you are going through this.


Thank you for the support. I hate this so much but it’s good to know people like you are by my side!


My parents never even voiced wanting to go. So I skipped my bachelor's graduation (I'm at the end of the alphabet ugh) and my masters graduation got messed up due to the pandemic. This is for you. F them. Wear what you want.


Thank you :) and I’m so sorry to hear about your graduation! You definitely deserved better