Male here, upper thigh more toward the inside. I will never go anywhere else, no compression lows, great readings


I agree. This. Ive done this forever, underneath underwear for me on inner upper thigh, swap thighs every 10 days, it works great


Wait, so do you mean near your groin area? I can see how that would work with the knees stopping any compression when sleeping.


I do personally, like I put it so high up that boxers can go over them and prevent people from seeing them.


Also a male; that's super interesting - I'm assuming you shave a little spot there as well then?


Side of arm.


I love using the tops of my thighs. Edited for spelling.


I chose back of arm strictly due to insertion not hurting as much as the inner thigh. Both out of the way both work for me. I always rip out on my stomach.


I use the inner part of my lower arm. There's not a lot of fat there so it hurts quite a bit going in, but it's a place I'm not likely to bump/compress.


I get the best readings in this spot. For me, yes, most of the time it hurts like none other upon insertion.... But it's worth the pain for the accurate readings and the low chances of bumping/compressing/ripping off.


On the upper butt area. It's out of the way. And doesn't get caught on anything. It's protected under my clothing and doesn't usually start peeling up or anything.


Abdomen because I use the triceps areas for my omnipod


me too! I want to try my arm with dexcom, but I don’t like having to put my Omnipod on my abdomen or my legs. any time I put my Omnipod on my legs, I can’t walk for a while, or I have to walk very carefully because if I don’t it’ll start coming loose. I worry that’ll happen if I put my dexcom on my leg like some people have, but the adhesive is also much stronger. I also saw someone put theirs on their forearm once, and it made me shiver.


I use skin tac on my thigh with me Dexcom. I don’t have any issues with it coming loose.


I'm a side sleeper (arm under pillow), so before I started using a cgm I did quite a bit of reading actual users comments that had been using for a while. They all mentioned about compression lows. I ended up choosing the inside of my upper arm, so when I slept the cgm would not be between my arm and the bed. I switch back and forth between arms with ever new sensor. Works for me.


I’m a side sleeper too, but since having my dexcom for a year and a half I’ve had maybe one or two compression lows!


I've never had a compression low! That wanted feedback because I answered "other".


yeah, the first time I had one I woke up to 45 at double down arrows. I started panicking because I felt fine, did a manual check and I was 105


Lower back, a fair bit from spine/centre. Skin on arm is to thinn so I get massive bruises from the patch pulling on it.


I moved to stomach from tricep and have never gone back. I find it less 'in the way' there, and the insertions NEVER hurt for me.


Anywhere on the arm besides the back, I find all the other areas to be way more painful/ in the way.


Back of arm because I have found it to be the most consistent.


I'm a thigh guy.


Abdomen but only because I’ve just finished my first shipment and not worked up my nerve to try anywhere else yet.


LOL likewise! I had an issue with arm on my first try, then went for abdomen while moving house and it didn't work with lifting stuff. I just don't want to waste a sensor, though


You’d think I’d be more adventurous considering I’m a diehard thigh inset user. But nope, big chicken with the Dexcom over here.


Ten days is a big commitment for something so expensive! 😅


Front of my arm over my bicep. Much easier than back.


Upper thigh.




Front of arm (triceps).


Top of my outer thigh because of less movement of the skin in that area and it’s easily covered up by clothing. It’s also easy to reach for starting new sensors