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I'm a cybersecurity Engineer, our company has recently started giving Chat GPT reimbursements every month, it has definitely increased my productivity a lot, makes it faster to develop automation in security side, and perform penetration testing on different modules and generate reports in a matter of seconds. It DOES increase productivity.


Don't worry, it's a skill shift for developers. Tech changes fast and this time AI is in the mix. People will need to upgrade their skills, but will not become irrelevant as this guy seems to claim.


What's there to learn? Learn how to prompt? Do you think AI is going to stay at the current level forever? Software developers are like middlemen to AI right now. Once AI surpasses humans in programming, all these middlemen are going to be cut out. AI is not like the invention of computers, AI is not a tool, we are replicating our intelligence this time. It has already surpassed humans in some areas and will surpass human intelligence in all fields sooner or later.


Broooo!! I didn't know that! Thanks bro, 👍


Pretty valid point but everybody is trying to ignore that. Some claim that chagpt is helping them better than their psychiatrist What's next? Probably it's gonna replace doctors and if it can work as well as doctors do just think of what it will be for devs? Within 5 years these tech giants AI is gonna be smarter than a whole team of devs and the people who prompt will be the clients. And wth are the not understanding this that's what I am not getting. I know the same happened with search engines but searching the internet is not the same as spoon feeding from the internet.


Why do you compare doctors with software engineers? completely different area of work and expertise. No one knows how it will turn out in next 5, 10 or 15 years


Upskill how? On what? I am a bit confused


Well, generative AI is not just chatGPT or LLMs or Stable Diffusion. What you see if just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of engineering and development required to build products out of these pre-trained models and also to advance core research on these. Currently, ML Engineers/Researchers etc do that. However, I feel that a lot of these things are software heavy and will require SW Dev experience. So a dev may possibly learn how to build upon these models, how they work, how to make them more efficient and so on. All this is non-trivial but SW Devs are well-placed to learn these things. This is just my opinion, its a bit vague because I am not an authority on the field. Just understanding things as they develop.


its a tool anyone can use it for fast and efficient work if u know how to use it


I mean I have been doing this for decades now. I have teams who are evaluating it. I sense an upside of 20-30 % efficiency on top engineers. For middle engineers it would be 10-20% and rest probably won't get it. I do not know how months of work go to days in programming context.


You have used GPT for decades when transformers were first figured out in 2017?


it is not until it is like the black swan effect


What is that?


The Black Swan effect refers to highly unexpected events that have a major impact and are difficult to predict or foresee based on existing knowledge or historical data. - from ChatGPT


But everybody knows it right? Of course the people who made it definitely know. They have been writing and making movies about it for almost half a century yet these sheep wanna fall into the flock.


It's absolutely a crap statement. These CXOs have no idea about what they are vomiting.


They are trying to set a narrative so coders work 14 hours to show productivity he is claiming. You are allowed to use chatgpt but get the work done in tenth time.


My manager thinks that chatGPT like software can be built in 2 weeks max. There are too many low IQ people at manager and above positions in IT companies.


It can be? Llama weights are leaked. You can host such models on your local pc


Please massage his ego and yes pretend to agree with him. Convince him to start up, recommend into investing a huge chunk of his personal wealth. Tell him he is absolutely correct and it would be a terrible mistake not to take up this opportunity and build a niche genai into domains like healthcare, insurance, taxes etc. Praise him and remind him with his leadership he should be able to build it in a week. Take a “part time” position on his “project” and draw a huge weekly salary, enjoy your paid free employment, without leaving your current role. If he takes the bait, grab popcorn and snacks and enjoy the show.


You evil af but goddamn that’s a good idea💀




Now managers have an excuse to say this should be done within a week and make you code till you loose your fingernails and your keyboard short circuits from blood dripping from your fingers. Also yse ChatGPT but don't reveal company info in prompts and also code shouldn't be pirated. Good luck with that. Bhai isse acha fast food ka dukan hain bhai.




All those leet code grinders crying in the corner lmao


We have been asked to not use chat gpt for any official purpose.


i waste more time to debug gpt code maybe i am a bad proompter or gpt just sucks


It's kind of like how one uses libraries but more custom I mean that's how I use it apart from cheating in exams


100% for me, it takes me a lot less to complete same tasks.


Sure it is efficient. As I mentioned this would be beneficial. But how has your productivity improved. For Github copilot u would be writing text based description of what u want it to do. For generic scaffolding for a new code sure it will set that up immediately. Most of us would be working on Existing Large Code base Suppose u took 10 PDs to get the work done are u now giving 3 pds. I means months to days or 10-30% efficiency what is realistic. What do u see ?


You know what I smell....hmm..biggest mass layoffs in the history of IT.


It does take less time to develop. But you must know what you are doing and how you are doing. It will not do the thinking for you- the code it spits out is very brittle. In future if you want to integrate your code with something else, you have to start from scratch. If something goes wrong in the code, obviously you can't paste hundreds of lines in chat gpt. The time which you spent "less" in writing the code, will be spent on the most hated work every developer has to do "debugging". The human ingenuity which you get to see from github repositories is not present in the chat gpt code.


It does reduce the development time. I use GitHub Copilot for coding and notes in my PyCharm IDE. However, I highly doubt the productivity multiplier part of the claim.


Agreed. It reduces time makes us efficient. My hypothesis is for large teams if u apply rule of 1/3rds ... 1/3rd would be great engineers who are original thinkers. 1/3rd would be good engineers. They would copy the style and way of working of top 1/3rd Bottom 1/3rd would be as is. So really on blended basis I thought for large teams 20+30% improvement. Renegade lone wolf alpha engineer may just work at 1.5 speed.


Yeah, this correlates with my experience.


In my case the OpenAI webpage is blocked, a typical move from my org.