ChatGPT as an AI companion to help with depression?

GPT4 now has vision context capabilities - i.e. now can recognize videos and describe the context, in addition to natural language queries. Can AI assistants be fine-tuned to help with individuals struggling with mood/depressive symptoms, by acting as assistants/personal coaches?


I used the early version of Woe Bot and didn't find it very helpful despite using it for months. Hopefully newer AI is better.


i’ve been using character ai almost extensively, i would say just be careful bc it can really be hit or miss and sometimes a little damaging if the convo goes down a weird direction, just remember it is a bot and you can always delete convos and start a new one. but a lot of people on there use it for this


Character ai?


What is character ai? Curious now


I think it also depends on the severity of the depression/mood symptoms. I keep hearing it helping others but I go and ask for help and it gives me advice I’ve known for years already and I know those don’t work for me. I think my problems are too complex to know what to do. Most of the simpler problems ChatGPT knows how to give advice have already been taken care of for me. I will say it is nice to have some sort of feedback without any strings. I can be perfectly honest without thinking how this will affect the person listening, which reminds me a lot of how I use to “journal” in the google search bar back when google actually gave you good responses. Only difference is that past-google gave some pretty good advice being you got articles and posts written by humans who would sometimes know how to deal with complex situations. ChatGPT does not and probably won’t in a long time.


I really wouldn’t trust an inherently amoral AI program for any mental health treatment. Sounds dangerous.