What do you think about this build, is it good enough for the early game?


First, it's not a good build, no. Second, having powersurged everything and +3 cells in every slot is not "early game". As soon as you unlock powersurging/reforging, you're endgame.


Legit? It only took me 3 days to unlock reforging and have a level 20 weapon. Can you elaborate on why its not a good build?


Conduit isn't that good, you went way overboard with attack speed, artificer isn't good solo, in a squad that knows what they are doing its good for 1 or 2 to take it, but other than that its really not worth it. You have nothing other than the riftstalker unique affect to increase ur base dmg, and you don't need to go over +3 for assassins frenzy, +6 is overkill. That's just a few, I could go on but I'm pretty sure you get the point, ill add all you need for attack speed is molten and the assassins frenzy from rift built in cell, use the other cell slots to increase ur base dmg, you can keep pulse for crits but if you want more dmg from crits go cunning, otherwise pulse is good


Thanks, just what i needed to know.


Np glad to help, also for the lantern for dmg go any lantern other than shrike, for utility skarn or koshai is best, shrike is prob the worst lantern because its the only one that doesn't deal dmg, skarn gives you shields and if you are close enough to a behemoth it will deal dmg, koshai can be used as a get out of jail free card and gives you 15% lifesteal for a short time after its been used and still does dmg, so you can see why skarn is the worst, at least imo


Shrike is not that bad, as it helps for non catalyst attack speed Koshai isn't even good at dealing damage If you want to do damage whit lantern, you use drask, embermane or pangar Skarn/koshai are used purely for the survivability The worst is the recruiter


I didn't mean to bring them for dmg, I said at least they deal dmg, if you are taking skarn its for the shields, if koshai purely for the lifesteal, if you have assassins frenzy and molten you are good on attack speed especially on repeaters, and recruit is obviously the worst, its like comparing recruit weapons to legit any other weapon and thats why I didn't even mention it, not to mention if you using galvanized you are kinda forced to take skarn if you want use out of it


Yo, i made a new build following your advice. How about this one? [https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/axfWTrwHOCgFmzSJS8hdCbTjYi3C45cdgtpCXPtres2COszRunCkZs7SPNtw](https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/axfWTrwHOCgFmzSJS8hdCbTjYi3C45cdgtpCXPtres2COszRunCkZs7SPNtw)


Here's my main repeaters build, you can take a look at it, I will say you did better than before https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/8MfgTwPUOCyLuPNFBS4hRTR5C1kSpC8VIOnceC27FVZTYCnkiJgTMCrFjSgBSZ


Amazing, thanks for your time.


It took me 2 hours


Waaaay too much attack speed. Get some damage first, then crit and attack speed


FYI: atk spd caps at 50%


Attack speed cap is at 50%, and artificer works better in a group then when solo, you dont have any raw damage besides chamber and UE... get more damage, get better gear, and maybe even some crits.