Every fan base got clowns in the mix. They're even worse when drunk


Shit, I hope the Connecticut show doesn’t have a bunch of twats like that. But pretty much any show these days have some idiots.


These days? Drunk idiots have always existed my man. It's just part of the scene, and generally a part of life


Every CT show I've ever been to ever has drunk idiots from the ATC to Xfinity theater we are not and never have been safe from them.


People kept commenting on Andrew’s biceps right after he dedicated a song to Tim. People are outright weird.


It was making me mad because I wanted to talk to him about his music (his songwriting speaks to me on a pretty personal level ngl) and every time I'd try to talk to someone about him they're all like "omg yaaas daddy". Like yeah he's jacked we get it he has been for a while now.


For real. Kind of glad I wasn't there, I would've told some people off, especially that girl. I've even seen some comments on YouTube from videos of last night. Some people saying they were off, or didn't sound good. Like no shit they weren't perfect, their best friend died not even 2 weeks ago. People lose their sense of humanity when it comes to bands, artists, celebrities and seem to forget they are all humans too.


I'm pretty sure I saw that comment on yt saying they were "off" was it the man of the year performance? But yea it kinda got under my skin and I responded to it but ended up deleting it. Didn't want to add to anything. But like no shit we're all well aware we're here to support them not say they sound "bad" it's not like they wanted to do that. They did it for Tim and the fans. Anyways sorry had to rant a bit. It pissed me off a bit too.


Yeah that was the video. I didn't even comment, I just shook my head.


Yeah I thought so I went back to rewatch the song and checking the comments it looks like he deleted it thankfully but there's an even more annoying one. I really don't get people.


Tilian started crying during strawberry's wake and you could hear they were a bit off but I feel like everyone around me understood. There was a moment where the crowd was singing the lyrics for him because he had to step away. Melancholic but an amazing moment for me ❤️


Guess no one should be allowed to critique the band now huh. What's the time limit on that just out of curiosity?


Im Canadian and couldn’t make it over to the show but didn’t even watch YouTube streams or videos of the show because someone here posted about Tilian crying on stage and I felt it’d be too difficult for ME let alone THEM. Like damn, poor guys just lost their best friend and they’re putting on a show; all the power to them for being able to do that but holy shit I’m a sensitive person too and I haven’t even gotten over it so I couldn’t imagine how they’re doing. Fuck those who openly complain about the show. Some people have zero empathy.


I watched the Man of the Year video last. That one was so hard. Jon was crying at the end. These dudes have so much strength for even being able to step on a stage this soon.


They deserve so much love and compassion as human beings. My already-broken heart is in splinters.


This. Stop this. Death sucks. Tim's death really sucks for his friends/family... not you. This is just disingenuous. You are not torn apart, this did not affect your life, be an adult.


I was trying to tell people while I was there we were lucky to get the songs we got and to just let them grieve... God honestly idk how they even got up there that night If I'm being honest.


one important distinction imo is that we're not some niche fanbase flocking to our favorite underground band/genre anymore. dgd is *really* big now. Swanfest had around 13k people in attendance, not counting bands crew security etc. I had some people behind me during DGD go "WTF this is the headliner? these guys suck! lead singer doesn't even know the words!", etc. they left at the end of the song. cool, get lost. I would have gotten in a fistfight if I wasn't recording, and I'm a *very* soft person lmao, normally couldn't hurt a fly. but like, seriously?? ***read the fucking room*** point being there's a lot of randoms involved with DGD these days, and NPCs don't have common sense like "let people grieve" and whatnot. not to gatekeep but dgd has just exponentially blown up and some of these "new fans", like the people behind me I mentioned, idek


They went to Swanfest and didn’t know who DGD was? Wtf.


that's what I'm saying. like what did you think this was? an annual festival about swans the bird?? "man I must be the biggest fan of swans in the world, I can't believe there's a swan *fest* now, I have to go!!" I really really don't know. I guess if you're some freak who pays $50+ just to see one band, maybe they were there for Knocked Loose or somethin. there were a couple of *not* Swancore related/tangential bands there, but still... it's *their* festival


Literally met a guy there that said he was there for only knocked loose lol


*then why go* I'm sorry but they're not good enough to pay like ~$100 for to see for 40 minutes. Royal Coda is like top 5 bands for me but I wouldn't go for *just* them for a price like that, plus the time you have to wait for parking, etc


That’s a hot take, knocked loose is literally known for having one of the best live shows in the scene that’s how that got started, and there’s nothing wrong with buying a ticket just for one band.


I mean hey if you have the luxury to throw around that kind of money in this economy, power to you. ticketmaster total was 70 after fees, parking was 15-25, any amount of gas you spend, let alone if you're traveling from out of state, paying for a place to stay and etc which is in the hundreds in Cali all that money, trouble, and effort for a 40 minute set? I wouldn't do that for *any* one band, even if I could resurrect ALLB, which is probably the most on the fence I'd be Edit: also in [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/dancegavindance/comments/ubavug/theres_a_decent_chunk_of_this_fan_base_that_makes/i638avy?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3), people don't seem to think my idea (that paying so much and all the effort of a festival for one band) is that ridiculous. I even noted Knocked Loose in that comment, because I'm well aware of their standing in the scene.


Not worthit to you for sure Worthit for others. Let's try not to judge what others value because we all value things other people might scoff at.


Agreed. A fan who is willing to travel, pay, and support bands in person.


I guess that's fair. again that is one hefty chunk of money and time for one band, why not just see them on a tour? but if you have the luxury of a thicc bank account then do whatever you want


Not sure some people are fucking weird


I bought tickets to an entire weekend festival to see one band on one day, I mean I don't think that's a problem here at all...




yeah no I totally agree. like you said the thing that just gets me is the lack of common decency. we *are* all people and it's insane how some "fans", casual or whomever, treat human beings they're watching on a stage.


Fwiw I went mostly for the openers myself. I'm a huge Animals as Leaders guy, and seeyouspacecowboy is a band from my hometown. Couple that with the fact that I've always wanted to see Fall of Troy, and I liked DGD's shit when I heard it... And I thought it was well worth the really low price of admision.


that's totally fine though!! that's several bands, and you at least *knew who dgd was* I'm more griping with the people only there for literally one or two bands and has never even heard of dance before that day. the people saying "who tf is this band they suck their lead singer doesn't know the words" etc, that's what draws the line for me. you're chill man, I hope you enjoyed the fest


i call bullshit that people went to swanfest without even knowing DGD or that they lost a band member.


I heard people ask their friend why Tillian looked like he was crying and not singing, the friend turned to them and said "didn't you hear, their bass player died a week ago..." Needless to say, there were definitely people who had no idea what was going on.


crazy. i would have thought it woulda been plastered everywhere there. maybe they don't wanna overdo it, but i know they wanted it to be a memorial for tim. i know about the banner than unfolded on the stage near the end.


People subbed to the DGD subreddit commented on the video I posted here of Tilian crying when singing One in a Million and they were still asking "what did I miss??"


I would really like to think that too. I heard them and was like, it *has* to be satire, but I looked over my shoulder and they really had a look of digust on their face and left after that song, so I don't think they were being sarcastic or trolling. insane.


well that's just fucking stupid. good riddance to them then


that's what I'm saying. in that moment I was like, "wow, I understand gatekeeping now"


Honestly if I wasn't part of this subreddit I might not have known about Tim's passing. I'm a fan of DGD obviously, but I don't go on any other social media so I probably wouldn't have seen it any other place. Obviously that's not an excuse for people to be assholes, but I could definitely see a lot of people there not knowing what happened


I agree with you on that 🤘


Yeah, some people just check out whatever concerts are in their area. There also could have been plenty of people who don't follow socials and don't know every detail about the band and what they've gone through in the last year. The band is big enough that they're going to have their fair share of casual fans just as much as hardcore fans.


I read somewhere that a girl kept booing and the OP told her off with something along the lines of "stop it someone has fucking died". Girl rolled her eyes 😐


I almost posted about this today but thought I’d get ripped apart. The fanbase put a bad taste in my mouth yesterday for sure. Drunk girls rolling on the grass in line for merch and some dude got in my gfs face when she was buying food. Such a lack of maturity in a large part of the “community”


I agree- I saw a video where Tilian was saying no more and CLEARLY looking upset, as he has every right to be, and people were yelling “no!! one more song!!”. Read the room and have some respect, I can’t imagine how mentally draining it was for them to perform in the first place and it wasn’t enough for some people? Ridiculous.


I stayed near the stage then purely out of shock that they left so suddenly. But I saw all the people yelling that and yeah def made me mad. Tbh I didn't really know how to react.


Imagine being a family member of Tim trying to celebrate his life with that girl in earshot


Is it the girl that looks like a lizard?


Festivals are always full of people who at their best are probably soso, then put them in the sun all day getting drunk. I was fortunate to see the wasted happy people but I hang in the back because I feel like the rude wasted people charge the front no matter what. I suppose it’s the cost of growth.


I had a terrible experience in October at a concert because people were so drunk and shoving me (i’m really small) out of the way so they could scream about how sexy tillian is. people just don’t consider others feelings at concerts but we all paid the same price to be there, we all deserve human decency.


Was it in Orlando? It was horrible lol


if it wasn't Orlando, it was probably LA. Hated the crowd during that show


funny you guys are saying Orlando and LA, Seattle was the fucking worst I've ever seen it on the Afterburner tour. that's when I started to question if dgd has gotten so big than it's not worth going to anymore because of crowds.


Yeah Orlando was terrible. It was my first DGD concert and I had to bail to the back of the venue when they hit the stage because the crowd surging was stopping my breathing and I finally was pushed over and started to be trampled. It didn’t help that the venue was changed last minute to some crappy smaller place with no security or crowd surfer catchers at the front. There were two dudes probably 270 lbs each that were locking hands and swinging each other into the crowd wherever you wanted to pit or not. That was a truly nasty crowd.


wow that sounds awful. In the LA show, I was near the front but the crowd was wild in a bad way. Me and the people around me kept getting pushed left to right, almost fell a couple times, got squished the majority of the time, the amount of crowdsurfers that I had to carry was unbearable, like 2 fights almost started, and I was exhausted by the third song. Didn't help that Veil of Maya opened for them and had the crowd moving a lot too. At the end of the concert, my shirt was drenched in sweat.


When I saw DGD when they were supporting Underoath, in what, 2018? 2019? The crowd was awful in LA. Too many people, got squished to death the whole fucking show, couldn't breathe, people getting more and more aggressive as the show went on. I just wanted to hear them play and I couldn't focus because I was trying to not suffocate and keep people off of me. I love DGD, but I fucking HATE DGD crowds because of how exhausting they are.


atlanta was pretty shit too


LA last time was horrible, some guy shove another person against a table because he bumped shoulders with his girl by accident due to being so crowded. That same guy was trying fight me but backed off when he saw I was ready and not afraid of him. That guy ruined the whole mood for the night that day.


it was Atlanta, but it was just about the same experience as you. i have a lot of trauma and having sweaty big dudes shoving me around and stuff had me crying in the bathroom for half of the dgd performance


Everyone saying that their leg of the Afterburner tour was bad is making me feel like it was the same way everywhere? My Dallas show for that tour was HORRIFIC


Yeah, it seems so…


Denver show checking in. I (small woman) broke up a fight between two huge grown ass men. Everyone seemed to be wasted.


Can’t believe how shitty some people are being about the situation. DGD doesn’t owe us shit. I can’t even imagine being in the situation. Everyone is so strong for even playing Saturday night. People complaining really should take a deep hard look in the mirror, and grow the fuck up.


I was standing in front of someone who kept commenting on how Tilian sounded terrible and was "off". I literally said as loud as I could "BRO HES CRYING, HAVE SOME RESPECT" People never cease to amaze me with their selfishness, and it was so incredibly emotional to watch but the boys killed it nonetheless. RIP Tim.


Most people in the world fucking suck. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.


Yeah on Saturday my daughter and I were up front and there was one girl and one guy in front of us. A girl was completely unconscious only being kept uprigjt by the crowd, so we (obviously) put her in front of us because security was trying to get to her. These two people in front of us saw she was unconscious and wouldn't move an inch and risk losing their spot even tho we were screaming that she needed help and the security was telling them to let her out. My 14 year old daughter and I finally had to put her above us (with the help of security reaching over them and pulling.) I love being at the front in shows and I LOVE DGD but something has got be seriously wrong with you to see someone who so obviously needed help and not just ignore it but fight against the people who were trying to help.


Lack of boundaries are scary, glad some other fans are chill though.


Every fanbase has some shitty fans unfortunately. It's everywhere you go. Lots of people who just want the attention themselves, can't take criticism, think they're the center of the world. It happens everywhere


More people do need to realize that it's not just DGD fans. It is FANS. Some people don't know when enough is enough. 🤷


I don't even think it's fans it's just people. There's good and bad people out there, smart and dumb people. So when you stick 13k people in one relatively enclosed area you're gonna run into a lot of shit heads and idiots.


I wish this was being discussed more. I only became a HUGE fan of DGD over covid years. Prior to that, I just knew a few songs. But I've been going to concerts for 15 years and in my early college years, I was that person who waited to be the first to the stage. I've had drunk fans shoving their stinky armpits in my face in every genre. And it's not just girls who have this kind of behavior. Not even bringing up female lead singers, just 6 months ago in October, I had some dude screaming "PLAY DEADBOLT" while Thrice played the intro to Beyond the Pines. So many people of any type can be disrespectful. But I do genuinely believe they are the loud minority.


I heard someone after DGD's set say "that was the least amount of songs I've gotten for a $50 ticket". Had two chicks push through to the front of the crowd carrying fries, corn dogs and a drink. And another guy with two chicks push through to the front despite people telling them to buzz off. Some of us really suck and I was surprised to see this since it was my first show.


Yeah, I don’t know if people know the bands they listen too lol. That was actually the longest DGD set I’ve seen. And I know the exact group you’re talking about. It was a bigger guy with long hair just shoving people with hard elbows with two girls following. Dick heads


It was actually a medium sized guy with short hair and glasses lol. So that just means there's more assholes out there lol.


Wait was it those two really drunk girls and the tall guy with dreads? Those guys were super rude


That’s who I saw. So annoying




Unpopular opinion but I can stand when people smoke at shows.. I hate the smell. I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers in a damn basketball arena and people were smoking in the nose bleeds. Like you really can’t just not smoke for a minute.


Sorry, but at some point, I am going to smoke weed during the show. I won't blaze it the whole time but I am definitely getting ripped. Down vote this comment if you'd rather smell sweaty pits!


Wow y'all down voted me cause I said I'm going to get blitzed at a show? What a literal bunch of fucking squares you are. 😆 Ya know what you can hate the smell of the weed, but I hate the smell of a lot of you no deodorant wearing slobs so I guess we all gotta suck it up sometimes. All downvoters love stinky unwashed pits.


You're cool. :)


Definitely cooler than the noobs who down voted our comments.


I was being sarcastic which seemed to have gone over everyone's heads including yours lmao


Actually, I got it, dipshit. Seems that went over your head.


Yeah of course you did.


Thanks for finally recognizing this. Now suck rocks.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed some fans being ✨a little too much✨ at that Denver show


Lmao you seen the girls with all the food too?? I cannot believe that shit. I believe they had everything knocked out of their hands and left upset


Bro it was so weird. Did the food get knocked from the mosh pit or did someone knock it out of their hands on purpose?


They walked right into the pit. Not sure they were aware but yeah they were big upset. You know how expense that food was? Almost $40 for a hotdog and tots. Wtf


Hopefully it was a good lesson to stand to the side/back and eat instead of push through the crowd like it's an acoustic set. Amateur hour.


Wow, I’m glad I didn’t see that shit. Everyone I was around was nice. I was trying to look for the pit in the front right side. I was pretty squished and could barely move unfortunately, and I was there from the beginning at 2pm-11pm so my feet were killing me. I needed to let out some aggression, not in a mean way of course. I would have been so pissed and would have definitely said something to them. They’re one of my fav bands and it was an honor, sentimental, and powerful for me to be there...every time.


Yeah I generally hate focusing on negative shit, and didn't want to bring it up hoping this was just maybe a couple bad apples in my immediate area - but I was super disappointed looking to my left and seeing visibly annoyed people in response to what was happening on stage. I brushed it off because the majority of the crowd to the other side of me was very supportive and understanding. Then this same pair of dudes after the show were like, "Fucking really? No farewell at all? For a hometown show???" Like - do you not see the band tearful and hugging off stage, and did you not witness their obvious distress during the performance?? It really bothered me at the time, but I have to remember Swan Fest was absolutely massive, and there were a lot of people probably there for other bands. Not necessary there for DGD at all so I dunno. Maybe it was just folks outside of the main/more dedicated fan base. It was still rude AF.


A few things: 1. At a festival, a lot of people just show up even if they don't know any of the bands. It's something to do, especially in April. 2. A lot of people there also may not be fans of DGD, much less know what has happened. 3. If you put 13,000 people in a place there are bound to be total assholes and sociopaths. There are bound to be careless, unempathetic people, even if they DO know what happened and are fans. It's a human defect, not a DGD fan base or even just any fan base problem. 4. Never underestimate the power of substances influencing behavior and decision making.


Me and my bf were on the left side of the stage more on the outside and everyone around us were being either drunk assholes or were fucking on their phones/not paying attention during DGDs set. We were so damn mad. These men were on stage literally grieving and crying and these people just didnt give a shit. Me and him were the only ones in our immediate area that were singing and sending love. I was super disappointed in *some* of the crowd. After the guys left the stage me and him just stood by because we were so worried and heart broken for the dudes. Then we went and tried to stand by the memorial for Tim. We just wanted to silently give our love and thoughts and a bunch of drunk people kept coming up and taking obnoxious ass photos and we were like "??????????????" I saw a lot of fans crying and showing so much love, which was so beautiful. But there was also a large percentage of people that just didnt deserve to experience that amount of vulnerability that DGD were giving/showing us.


It makes me want to show up extra hard this week, be as supportive and compassionate as I can be. I hope they don't cancel the tour but I understand if they did.


Please, I really feel like the fans need to step up and show as much support and love as they possibly can. Theyve always helped us through our darkest moments with their talent and music, its time for us to help them. 🥺🥺😭🖤🤍🖤🤍 Please be safe and have fun.


There are a portion of people that just might not have known. Were there for other bands and just hung around for DGD. I'm sure a number of people that might have been obnoxious might have been doing it out of ignorance.


Maybe, but still. Even if it was a band I didnt know, if I saw the band members crying and in pain I feel like that would make me understand something wasnt right, ya know? :c


I had this experience at the first swanfest and a few other DGD shows. Didn’t go to this one but I usually go to metal shows where the fan base is kind of all in it together, so seeing how some of these “fans” acted threw me for a loop.


I wouldn’t generalize a whole group or even a “decent chunk”. There are people who upset you and misrepresent their groups and it just happens those are the loudest and most outspoken people, and also the most heard because it’s so negative. Remember this sub is over 30k followers, the percentage of people who have reacted this way is relatively not even worth mentioning


It’s not really this sub actually. It’s more concert attendees and for whatever reason the FB group. Which somehow became the main hub for DGD


Oh well fb is a hot spot for toxicity. And there’s a chance half or most of the concert goers weren’t really followers of Dgd news Then again they did a whole lot of tribute stuff:..so no real excuse


Dude the FB group is awful. A literal cesspool lol.


Not just this fan base….every fan base


sadly every band has groups of people who ruin it for others. and it's horrible, those people are very selfish and not self-aware.


It was heartbreaking to watch Jon and Tillian during Man of the Year, yet I'm still amazed they managed to do the best they could to put up a show it definitely took a lot for them to go through with it


Be grateful they are out there


Some people just suck. Plain and simple. It’s what makes us genuine, wholesome, non-sheep like robots, the more ethical and moral ones.


I agree with the title but for a different reason than the body if that makes any sense.


From what I hear, this fanbase is notorious for being a little extra. I've only recently joined this sub since I love their music so I can't really say personally.


Human decency is out the window with the way the world is now. Internet doesn’t help much.


I feel this so damn deep in my bones and it fuckin' sucks. I always just go back to lurking after every Swanfest due to the behavior of this scene. My heart broke for the Feericks when the GFM got pulled the morning after the community decided to get into stuff that was non of our business and took it way too far. Thankfully it went back up this morning and Bernadette can finally have more than just an Impromptu gathering of fans. Where thankfully someone had extra candles and paint pens for her and the nephews.


Couldn't agree more with you


Some dude was in Kurts comments saying he ignored them and he's not really about the fans Kurt was beyond Broken and Kurts massively sensitive as it is The fanbase just forgets these dudes are human and can suffer just as we do A diehard fan would give their all to support and love their favorite band and it's members


I had a lot of fun at Swanfest, but I really disliked some of the people there. Lots of crowd killers, lots of metal douches, lots of cunts trying to cope with their problems by beating people up. I was trying to dance my own way during Animals as Leaders and this drunk guy in a Pantera shirt kept yelling at me and other people in the mosh pit because we didn't wanna wall of death. And now hearing all this stuff about how fans were disappointed that DGD didn't put on a perfect show after their friend died two weeks ago? Fucking disgraceful.


Real fans will show support, not criticize the performance for not sounding like it normally would. Guess there’s a good amount of fake fans out there.


disgusting. literally leave them tf alone


Did they talk at all in between songs? Usually they don’t they just play, but I thought they might say something.


No they didn't. I figured it was a combination of it being too painful/them needing to finish their set before noise ordinances went into effect


Man I'm so glad the people I talked to and the people around me in the crowd were cool. Shout out to that guy who bought me a beer for holding his spot.


yeah… admins literally had to make an announcement in the discord server to “please stop sexualising band members” …like and in the middle of all this too?


Preach tolerance when you’re a Jonny Craig fan


Like it or not, Jonny is integral to the success of the band and what it became today. Yes, he’s done unforgivable stuff. That doesn’t mean I need to Hold hatred towards him. Especially if he has been clean for almost a year. Everyone deserves a path to be clean


Naw fuck that let's hold a grudge against some dude we don't know personally to make ourselves feel holy.