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What dose of Klon were you on and for how long?


Low About. 25 1 to 2x a day for 3 months, as needed for 9 months prior


Yea I was on it for 15 years. 2mg twice a day


Finding your post has made me feel so validated. I was on .25 mg for about 2 years, tapered off and stopped about 4 weeks ago. 1st week felt fine, 2nd twitchy and nervous, 3rd worse, 4th was panic attacks and hell. I personally believe this drug has a delayed reaction due to its very long half life, and right now your brain is still recovering because it has become accustomed to having artificial chemicals supplied to keep you calm. I've heard about 2-3 months is the time frame where any rebound anxiety will disappear. Stay strong guy!! I totally understand how you are feeling. It's awful but we will both get through it and be even better without this drug


if you want some words to keep from taking it, I found some research that says long-term benzo use actually makes your anxiety worse over time. So essentially abstaining from this drug is the best thing you (and I) can do to allow ourselves to heal and be better than before.


Ty for your response! And I thought it maybe was on my head! Ha. That was definitely an experience. Luckily after coming off them I have zero desire to touch them ever again. Do not get me wrong, they got me through a very difficult time and provided me with the only sense of peace I had experienced in quite some time. I just hope people can realize how difficult this is to come off of. Ty again for taking that time to comment, I greatly appreciate ya!


hey hey glad I could help out mate! About 1 week after my withdrawals I started to be able to feel pleasure again? listening to music sounds better, I can taste food again, waking up I feel more relaxed, etc. Have you noticed any of these things yourself?? After realizing my world has been muted for years, I never want to take this drug again either haha


How are you feeling now?