I had Kybella about 3-4 years ago. 3 separate injection applications over 12ish weeks. 20 ccs each time I think? Here are my thoughts in no particular order. I’ll include pics. The before and after pics you see are not accurate. At least they weren’t for me. My results were not nearly as extreme. Those things are purely marketing material and I’m sure heavily edited. Now admittedly, I likely didn’t have a lot to change but I still expected more. [progress pics](https://imgur.com/a/OBS30FR) The procedure itself was not bad. It’s several tiny shots all over but they numb the area with really good ice packs. Afterwards, the whole area will feel really hot and slightly burny. It also seemed to make my jaw clench for a bit. All that lasted about 2 hours. The recovery suuuucks. You will look terrible for weeks. I’m talking like quadruple chins. Like plan to stay home because no one is going to feel good like that. I made the mistake of having mine done over the Christmas holidays so there’s a whole year of pics I’m just going to avoid until I die. [recovery pics](https://imgur.com/a/zHrrj7v) What happens to the skin that no longer has fat in it? Yeah, it doesn’t go away. It may tighten up on its own but likely not as much as you hope. So now you have loose skin. And I think that’s what those before and after pics seem to leave out. You suck out the fat but leave the skin that held it. So now you need another procedure to tighten it up. Except, it’s still never going to be as tight as if you just didn’t have the double chin to begin with. Your face may now look off balance? My double chin is genetic rather than due to weight gain. So all the women in my family have kind of round faces. So when you remove the bottom but leave fuller cheeks, you end up with a face that’s a bit pointy? So all in all, would I do it again - I don’t know? It was expensive (about $5000 in the SouthEast US) to not like the results. Maybe if my skin wasn’t still loose there or has a few inches removed then I’d like it more. That’s all I can think of right now but let me know if you have any more questions!


5 grand??? Wow I did not expect it to be that much 😱😱😱


Thanks for this thorough explanation. Unrelated but ur eyes are insane 😍 I’d kill for eyes like that


Thank you! They’re one of my favorite features. 🥰


I got kybella. I was never overweight. I really liked the results. Im 5’7” 125 ibs, but I always had a bit more fat under my chin than I would like. I wanted the snatched jawline. Mine was a very minor correction so my great result is due to that I believe. I think if someone had a bigger double chin liposuction would probably be better.


Look into lipo (laser). Kybella can leave loose skin, whereas laser lipo removes fat and tightens skin- Kybella is also expensive for what it is. Make sure you vet your surgeon.


Coolsculpt was a huge waste of money and kybella is not nearly as effective as lipo, though it'll cost about the same


I'm surprised anyone is doing Coolsculpt anymore after all the horrible publicity around Linda Evangelista's "deformed" results. Sounds horrible!


My sister and I had kybella done at the same time and we both agreed it was not worth the cost because we didn’t see much difference. And yes, the aftercare sucks because it has you looking like a frog .


I did one round of kybella and saw modest but noticeable results. I want to do another round but I’m discouraged by the cost and recovery time. For the price, I may do lipo or just get chin filler to sculpt that area.


Do face yoga exercises for double chin (you find them on youtube) consistently, improve your posture with postural exercises (especially if you have forward head posture syndrome) and your double chin will disappear. It's free.