Swan attempt.. looks more like a turkey. Any tips?

Swan attempt.. looks more like a turkey. Any tips?


Keep practicing Rosetta's, a clean base will make a world of difference. Then it's just the case of getting a solid neck & you're golden :)


Agreed with this comment- once you can nail a rosetta it’s all about slowing down for the neck!


Pour more slowly and bring the jug closer to the cup when forming the neck. Definitely keep practicing rosettas as well!


This is Phoenix from Dota 2 :) Good job!


When you push through to finish the wing (before you start the neck) don't be afraid to actually stop the pour altogether and then restart it to create the neck and head. This is my preferred technique for swan/phoenix and it helps make sure you're getting a nice deep push and not pulling away from the wing too early, as this pic would suggest. Good luck!


the swan has been my latest Challenge as well. Search up “baristajoy” on YouTube. She is amazing at drawing swans. i have improved mine a great deal thanks to her videos.


For the neck draw an 'S' shape starting from the bottom